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  1. The rules have the simple intent of creating a level playing field for comparison of reusable spaceplane designs. As far as I can see, clipping and alignment wouldn't break any of the K-Prize rules as long as they do not produce a kraken drive effect. The stipulation about horizontal takeoff is to encourage spaceplane development as opposed to rocket (as is the no decoupling rule). With gantries, re decoupling, its much the same case as loading kerbals into a flight chair prior to lift off and dropping the command pod, they do not count as part of the craft and if you can find a way to launch horizontally using a gantry then fair is fair and ingenuity is always interesting. @EliteGuy3 @Fulgora
  2. Congratulations to... @JoeNapalm JoeNapalm Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Vampire Mk1 SSTO. @JYNg JYNg Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Kaiser 4. @Skylon Skylon Advanced Pilot Precision Award with STP-2 'Javelin' Trainer Spaceplane. @EliteGuy3- with Corinthians I. ... for completing the K-Prize mission succesfully. Thankyou for your mission reports and welcome to the roll of honour aka the very exclusive K-Prize party guest list. @Joseph Kerman nice looking craft but you need to make a mission report of some kind for us to know that you did the mission. Same goes for your report @ccoel which does not state that your craft completed a mission and given the objections above I will wait for your reply. @Fulgora If you think about it using infinite fuel does count as refuelling so its a gatecrasher without a doubt but thanks for your honest report and if you are OK with it I will link it on the front page among other gatecrashers and other missions of infamy. Though I should also add that launching from a gantry has been done before and that was also a gatecrasher because the launch trajectory was not horizontal, as due to physics the craft dips on release no matter how powerful the engine if it is launched horizontally in mid air and not angled up. If you want to use that launch method then it has to meet the rules and plausibly launch horizontally, which would be all the more plausible if there was some graphical evidence to show how it works. You can expunge your gatecrasher if you so choose by completing the mission successfully.
  3. Can anyone tell me why my kerbals keep changing frame of reference and orientation in mid space? It almost looks like they collide with something invisible, e.g. as a rescued kerbal leaves the vicinity of their capsule, the RCS thrusters suddenly fire and they spin around and are suddenly facing a different direction and will not align to the camera and I have to steer them via 6dof rules. Then if they grab and release the rescue ship ladder they reorient to camera normally again. Feels a bit buggy.
  4. I took a little license there, glad you like it goes without saying that if you would prefer a different name you need only say so. PS @JoeNapalm I am sorry to say procedural wings comes under gatecrashing because it is a modified lifting surface. FYI it will be a week or two until my next update so if you want to avoid the gatecrasher listing you can complete the mission or if you say so I will ignore it else I will set about finding a suitable quip!
  5. Congratulations to the following intrepid space pioneers... voicey99 Expeditionary Utilitarial Distinction (Duna) with Yate Haugan. @voicey99 Mr. Me Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Freebird SSTO. ForScience6686 Pilot proficiency meda with Convertible. @NoobTool - maximalist record holder (1325t), Utilitarial Commendation (476.8t), Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Czar Galactica MK 5. @Thor Wotansen - Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Utilitarial Commendation (36t) with Róta. Scarecrow Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Jeb's Limo. @Scarecrow ... for completing the K-Prize with respective kudos. Thanks all for your mission reports and welcome to the roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list. @Mr. Me Notification seems like a worthwhile innovation. I guessed your entry had qualified for the K-Prize and did reach orbit because it looked like it did, also your linked page did discuss the capability, but FYI your report did not state that orbit was achieved during the mission or provide any screenshot evidence of this. So I have assumed this, please let me know if this was not in fact the case and I will give the mission a gatecrasher listing instead. @ForScience6686 kudos for multipart craft missions counts while the craft is entire, anything achieved by a lander etc like your dropship does not count as a capability of the entire ship, though it is very interesting as a method and certainly slick and good looking in the case of Convertible.
  6. Hi voicey99, understood, you can fly what you like and good luck, though I have to admit there is something old school about your prototype biplane! dare I mention Dick Dastardly's contraptions from Stop The Pigeon ? So today congratulations are in order for ... Mjp1050 Utilitarial Commendation with Excelsior. Something - Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Erwin. overkill13 Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class, Utilitarial Commendation with Panter II cargo SSTO. ... for completing the K-Prize mission with flying colours. Thankyou for your mission reports and welcome to the roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list. PS Mjp1050 you gave no landing location for Excelsior so I did not presume anything other than a safe landing from your description. That is the √64,000 question!
  7. Fairings would definitely be allowed if they stay intact for the entire mission. Technically they contribute to lift / drag reduction, so ejecting a fairing qualifies as decoupling. If they are decoupled after lift off then it counts as a gatecrasher; and they cannot be considered payload as payload is not allowed to contribute to flight. Hope that makes sense There isnt a currently valid altitudinalist record for this version. Refuelling is gatecrashing, see rules page 1, provisos B & C. So no you cannot get the record that way as gatecrashers cannot qualify as record holders as they don't complete the K-Prize mission.
  8. Reloading is fine Ozelui, refuelling is out though. Pinolallo nice ship but did you fly an actual K-Prize mission ? Andetch a K-Prize mission flight is necessary to get a front page listing, but its a nice looking ship. FYI we had a minimalist throw down a while ago and tseitsei89 won @ 0.836 t. See front page listing. Thinking Potato Gamer feel free to start a challenge. Congratulations to ... Space Yorkie with X-13 Greyhound II Spaceplane. Numerlor Utilitarial Commendation with SSTO2. Ozelui Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class, Utilitarial Commendation with Beluga mk5. Luizopiloto Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Utilitarial Commendation (Mün) with X-98L BlueJay (video). Special homemade IVA dashboard award. ... for completing the K-Prize mission with flying colours. Thankyou for your mission reports and welcome to the K-Prize roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list. Special awards for excellence are ocasionally made by the K-Prize committee and Luizopiloto certainly earned one with an incredibly detailed "homemade" IVA dashboard, I think they should give you a job Luizopiloto but I do hope they pay you more than the last lot , missing you guys. So the good news is that the expansion will contain a mission maker, which in the right hands might turn dreams of a K-Prize in game mission into a reality. I have no idea what that will look like so am waiting to see, offers of collaboration welcome.
  9. That is because the BB migration broke all the links Jestersage and there were too many to fix. Considering how that went there was no knowing when they might all get broken again, so I decided to live in the now and link new missions as they were were reported. SpaceYorkie, thanks for your mission report, nice to have some business again after a new year's break. Can I take it the orbit PE was more than 70km and X-13 Greyhound II Spaceplane landed on the runway? It is a question of awarding the appropriate kudos
  10. Thanks for the plug mate I think the idea of a one stop shop for popular challenges is a good idea. Which is why I vote a sticky for this thread ! What do you reckon @sal_vager ? My guiding principle is what makes sense for KSP as a game and to that end I wonder if it would be an idea to incorporate some challenges into KSP via the mission system. I will keep going with the K-Prize challenge thread as long as people are interested but would be only too happy to hang up the tape measure, put my feet up in the Dog and Booster and let the AI take the strain! What could possibly go wrong...?
  11. With v I saved a couple of kerbals and took them on a grand tour of Kerbin SOI including exit of the SOI into Kerbol orbit and back and a landing on Minmus and orbit of Mun and orbit of Kerbin. Previously this used to be enough to earn 3 stars. Now they have two stars and are two points short of the third. When I look at their accomplishments I see they have flyby Kerbol (4pts) and not orbit Kerbol (6pts) like previous grand tourists, so I thought maybe I had not noticed an intercept on exit of the SOI. But then I saw one kerbal, picked up on Minmus' surface, who had not orbited Kerbin before being rescued. He also has flyby Kerbin and not orbit Kerbin, but I know for a fact that their craft was in a free and clear orbit of Kerbin out of atmo with AP = PE =~ 100km just prior to reentry ie not intersecting any other SOI, so he should have got a straight orbit of Kerbin but he didn't and got a flyby. So what is going on here? Am I missing something? Is it a bug with orbits not being recognised properly for astrokerbal experience? Anyeon else noticed this? Has it been reported? EDIT I can add an observation which is that the first time the Kerbal rescued on Minmus entered Kerbin SOI he was already on an escape trajectory as the craft was heading out into Kerbol orbit via a trajectory plotted inside Minmus SOI, maybe that was why he was tagged with flyby, but it doesnt explain not updating to orbit.
  12. doesnt look a whole lot like it hmmm back of envelope statistics suggests @munlander1
  13. Congratulations to ... Samniss Arandeen Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Project Crossbow. qzgy Pilot Proficiency Medal, Utilitarial Commendation with Swedish Fish. Suicidal Insanity Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Utilitarial Commendation with Atlas. Thor Wotansen Utilitarial Commendation with craft with no name. ... for completing the K-Prize mission successfully. Welcome to the roll of honour aka K-Prize party guest list. Huzzah! Thor if you want to add a name for the ship and further description of the landing location I can adjust your listing.
  14. tosha, thanks for your several videos which make interesting viewing. You have done well to persevere and overcome obstacles to achieve a successful mission outcome. Congratulations, the K-Prize is undeniably yours, along with the highly regarded advanced pilot precision award, you've earned it Harry Seaward, your east & west missions do qualify, see below. Speeding Mullet, thanks for the mission report of your accomplished mission, just so you know FYI the Exploratory prefix only applies outside Kerbin's SOI so not Mün and Minmus I am afraid and also Kerbals don't count as payload because they have no mass... at the moment... but your mission did earn praiseworthy kudos for orbital docking with a runway landing also placing a satellite in orbit and passing through Mün and Minmus SOIs. So without further ado (< correct phrase btw), congratulations to... Harry Seaward Advanced Pilot Precision Award x2 (east and west) with SSTO. Speeding Mullet Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class, Utilitarial Commendation (Mün), Kosmokerbal Commendation (Mün & Minmus) with Mullet Dyne Crosswing (Variant 5). tosha Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Pheonix 1.4. ... on completing the K-Prize mission successfully, welcome to the roll of honour aka the guest list for the K-Prize party at the Dog & Booster.
  15. luke5521 I noticed your lightweight K-Prize Minimalist craft came to a rest in an inverted attitude and a slightly lower wheel count than it started out with! So do you want the infamy of a gatecrasher listing or will you try to complete the mission with a safe landing? Thor Wotansen, likewise, still hoping for a landing. However in the competition to miniaturise the spaceplane, advances have been made with several successful K-Prize missions. So congratulations are due to ... tseitsei89 with Kolibri (5.200t). - with Kolibri II (4.277t). - with Kärbä III (1.295t). - with SpecialSpeckofDust (minimalist record holder 0.836t) EliteGuy3 - with Binoree I (1.910t). ...Hold up I missed a page... Eidahlil Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Bulbous (0.920t). Hodari Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with X-1. Major Tom Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Full-of-Stars Mk1. ... for completing the K-Prize mission with the minimum of fuss (and mass in some cases since the minimalist record holder has changed from EliteGuy3 and is currently tseitsei89, for now..). Thankyou for your mission reports and welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour. Merry Christmas everyone