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Found 7 results

  1. You must post a meme and the poster after you has to guess the game it's from.
  2. R.I.P. Gabe the Dog, the everlasting meme. Sleep tight, pupper
  3. Meme Uber-Thread 1 Oh! Hello! Looks like you clicked onto this thread! (Hopefully not by accident. Still, you would of left by now if you clicked on here by accident!) Anyways, you do know memes on the internet. Those ideas that spread like wildfire because their unique and original, till their so bland and boring that they have had all their uniqueness and originality sucked out of them, like a spider on a web feeding on a massive juicy fly, sometimes usually the fly could go on for years without running dry. Anyways, im rambling on like a verbose meme (one underneath if you do not know what that is.) And thus lets get this Uber-thread started! Oh wait, forgot to include some memes, give me a sec! Increasingly Verbose of the word `Kerbal` "I identify as an attack helicopter" but Unnecessarily Verbose Lego Meme Something closer to our comfort zones...
  4. ola pessoal. eu não consigo chegar um mun. mas eu uso hyperedit é melhor bem pessoal nos eu uso mod hyperedit é melhor de mod
  5. Here it is! The Meme UBERTHREAD! Post any meme you find funny or informative in this thread. RULES: 1. No GTA at all. 2. No extremely inappropriate content (f**k for instance.) 3. No inappropriate comments (see above for example.) Political stuff is allowed. The main reason I have all of these rules in place is because I don't want all the moderators crawling on my back for anything. Last rule, have a good laugh! I'll start: CATS. The memes...they consume me...I must stop!
  6. So, When i try to launch KSP this happens And it never moves The last thing i did before this happened was launch an Ares I, And then KSP Crashed, So i decided to play sleeping dos, But after 1 day when i wanted to play KSP Again, The bug happens, Please help me fix this, I have tried running as administrator, And this KSP is from steam
  7. EDIT: the below post was originally in last weeks Devnote thread, so thats why it might not make the most sense at first. This is more than a bit off topic, but I am posting it anyway because I found it funny. From the main page, the link to this thread is partially cut off, so all it says is "Devnote Tuesday: Forums, l..." This reminded me of the "Handsome face/ Anon, I..." meme, and I laughed when I saw it. It came from a very strangely animated scene of a Superman cartoon, and the edited template can be used for any character, and usually is posted with the text "_____, I..." the blank being a reference to that character in some way. Gallery here: So the l in letters looked like an I, and not an L, and thusly "Forums, I..." was very funny to me. Thank you for your time.