Eve SSTO: any possible ways?

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2 minutes ago, GoSlash27 said:

Cunjo Carl,

 You wouldn't happen to be from Pittsburgh, would you? "Slippy" is a Pittsburgh thing...

Go Stillers,

Nah, I'm from California, but I have a revolving-door office in a university so I pick up mannerisms from all over without realizing it. Nice to know where 'slippy' came from! Now I just need to track down 'schmutz'.

I love the robot wars avatar by the way- It practically got me into engineering... Or, wait he's too young for that. Smeg! it's nice to see another Red Dwarf fan.

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Okay, let me chime in with something that is likely a dead alley but may be a chance.


The plane linked obviously won't work, but the general concept might: start the nuke at altitude high enough. Keep climb profile flat enough. That tiny plane took nearly 20 minutes to reach orbit on Kerbin - with climb angle of about 3 degrees. Slowly gain altitude, slowly reduce air drag, slowly gain speed, slowly reduce gravitational drag... it would start the nuke from about 20km, and 1000m/s, and cover the whole climb to orbit from there on it and nothing else. It also didn't really need that 1000m/s, but it definitely needed altitude over 10km and speed sufficient to maintain the minimal climb and the minimal acceleration despite hauling the (useless by then) Whiplash to orbit.

In short, a Kerbin orbit on nuke alone from standstill at 10km should be possible.

How about Eve? *shrug* Just tossing an idea.

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