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  1. I found a few more scattered among my vast screenshot archive, some of which have appeared here and there on this forum in the past: "images captured moments before disaster" captioned this one Val stands victorious! Heating bug during a Jool-5 mission a while back. The time I went to Eve and got ganked (I imported the model file for a ship from Eve Online as a KSP part and shopped in an explosion so it's kinda fake sorta). There was an old "what's the biggest ship you've ever launched" thread and I had imported this ship from SpaceEngine to play around. A true favorite - how I used to preferentially land my planes because trying to do a rolling landing with the old wheels and the low framerate my laptop gave me just didn't feel worth it.
  2. Technically it wasn't today, or in KSP, but the day before yesterday I had, for the first time (that I remember) a dream about KSP. It was weird because I've had dreams about Minecraft and Eve Online before but hadn't dreamed about KSP despite playing it more than either of those two.
  3. Today I sat down and actually completed the Elon's Problem Challenge, finally. It was in Sandbox mode so there was no thrill of grabbing loads of Science points or pulling it all off within a budget, but my goal was to get it over with so I can get the badge, and now that is done Gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/q1Gebn1 P.S. It seems there wasn't an actual badge to be found anywhere, so I made one: Slap it on your own signature if you complete the challenge.
  4. Today I seem to have duplicated a Kerbal. Trust no one, not even yourself, I guess. Yes the random name generator did name her Madden Kerman and I do find it amusing.
  5. oh wow look at me coming up with the same idea and blathering about it before clicking the links xP
  6. That sounds like a start, yes, but what we're discussing, mathematically, is data compression, and data can only be compressed so much without significant loss. Imagine an extreme case, for argument's sake, wherein all of the information you described was contained in a single massive data structure and the ship were only one part. The ship would be entirely rigid and unable to detach stages. Perhaps a stage could be detached by procedurally rebuilding all the data about the ship and repacking it into two separate craft, but that sounds like something that would cause a big lag spike, no? That's not even mentioning that yes, we'd have eliminated the physics engine burden of calculating drag cubes and inertia and forces etc. etc. for the parts, but all that data about fuel flow, crew, heat, etc. would still have to be processed, and that single part would have very complex geometry (including colliders and other invisible geometry used for physics calculations) and thus perform far worse than a single part normally does. In short, a lot of the data processing that makes craft lag isn't made simpler by reducing the nominal part count, and there's a big cost associated with aggressive optimizations like this, and with the diminishing returns of one optimization after another, KSP is already pretty close to as good as it is practical to get it. That's part of the motive behind making KSP 2 - to get KSP much more performant than it is would require so many changes to its code base, from bottom to top, that the time and effort involved would be comparable to a big chunk of a whole new game. In the meantime, the existing part welder mod is pretty effective at what it does and might be enough to tide you over until the sequel lands.
  7. Sardaukerbals OMG imagine the backwards Spanish throat singing xD EDIT: I couldn't resist and spent 40 minutes on this terrible joke.
  8. Immortal Jellyfish everyone? I just imagined what would happen if Kerbal death from old age was added but "Lost crews respawn" was left on so after dying of old age Kerbals just respawned xD
  9. Good point! I had deleted them since I personally only had a use for maybe one of them and then totally forgot to put the others back in for the public release. I'll get on that once I have a spare hour or so to dig through my old installations again. The flags from the original mod download (if the old link works) should be fine in the meantime. I'm a fan of GitHub (I preferentially use it for all my mod downloads) but I currently don't have an account and can't spare much time lately so I just threw it somewhere I was used to hosting files xP Also this one mod isn't likely to get any more maintenance (aside from me putting the flags back in) since the KSP code base is expected to be fixed from now on.
  10. Hmmm, seems like a bad idea to make a new year's resolution related to KSP (other than "don't play too much KSP") but if I were to make one, it'd have to be this: FINISH THE JOOL-5 CHALLENGE ALREADY for crying out loud I've been at this for like 7 years now and there's no excuse >.<
  11. Hey so uh I got the "1015 you are being rate limited" error from Cloudflare that was mentioned on page 226 just now ("The owner of the site has temporarily banned you from viewing this page", "all hail Cloudflare our infallible overlords", etc.) I'm having to type this on my phone and didn't have an easy time looking for answers on the forum whilst... banned from viewing the forum xP Hopefully this clears up by tomorrow but I'm sad I've been forced to stop visiting the forum for today and figured it's better to say something than be silent in case others are having issues too. I hope the KSP network is okay!
  12. I've recompiled the "Kerbin Cup" mod from 2014 for the latest version of KSP. No more should we suffer unending log spam about an exception due to the defunct KSPUtils.dll file not being found! DOWNLOAD SOURCE (I changed as little of the code as possible while getting rid of all the errors that cropped up, so this may not be optimized every way it could be but it should be true to the original Kerbin Cup experience).
  13. See I'm glad I asked because I somehow managed to completely miss that even when I went back specifically to reread the post in search of anything about a license. Apparently I'm blind to useful information xP
  14. I've recompiled the "Kerbin Cup" mod from 2014 for the latest version of KSP to eliminate the unending log spam about an exception due to the defunct KSPUtils.dll file not being found: Due to the unique circumstances of this mod though, it being an "official" mod created and originally released by SQUAD, I hesitate to start a release thread and provide downloads of it. Could someone with the authority give me the green light, or could someone direct me to the most painless way to get someone with the authority to do so?
  15. Honestly I hadn't given this any thought but now that you mention it it's so obvious xD Now I hope they consider tethers too. I think following the precedent set by the existing facility upgrade system would be simpler for executing this: start as we do now with no off-Kerbin EVAs, then upgrade a building to unlock tethers, then upgrade again to unlock the EVA pack.
  16. I didn't report on it yesterday, but I started experimenting with Far Future Technologies and drove a ship to Eeloo and back in less than 250 days (though I could have made it a lot shorter had I done a better job with braking burns and not missed Kerbin by half its orbital radius): Today I downloaded the Waterfall effects mod and built this ghastly rig to test its effects on every stock and FFT engine at once:
  17. Judging from the announcment trailer that's already part of the plan ^^
  18. Okay I feel dumb but I couldn't find any answers to this: Do these configurations rescale the orbits in addition to the objects themselves? If not, can someone direct me to the right place to get that handled? Never mind I sussed it out. Had to dig through the GitHub documentation for Sigma Dimensions. For posterity the answer appears to be yes (though I haven't double checked in the game itself yet): https://github.com/Sigma88/Sigma-Dimensions#base-settings-definitions describes what the keywords mean, and the main .cfg files in the ZIP archives on the releases page linked in the OP contain both "Resize" and "Rescale" keywords with identical values.
  19. [snip] All of my launch vehicles for the last several years (since Scott Manley's "Reusable Space Program" series began and influenced me) have been reusable SSTOs, be that planes or rockets similar to the Starship booster. Since doing a SpaceX-style suborbital boost is impractical without the relatively recent specialized mod, I typically lean toward larger launchers than strictly necessary so that they can get their payloads directly into a desired parking orbit. They also usually include a lot of reaction wheels and an ungodly number of parachutes to ensure soft landing even after every last drop of fuel gets burned putting the payloads in space. For very small payloads I use a plane, and if the payload is bigger than my largest single booster can handle (currently around 200 tons) I divide it up and assemble it in space. For very special payloads such as my latest Jool-5 mothership hull, I just assemble engines and whatever tanks are needed along with a huge scaffold of struts into a custom launch cradle thing and then send a series of cleanup ships to parachute the pieces out of orbit afterward.
  20. Banned because because you'll get banned is why not. Banned for being responsible for me clicking on this thread and ending up on some random page in the middle somehow.
  21. This repository doesn't seem to contain any references to "Boom Events" or any information we have about them. What I recall off hand from the videos I've seen is that they will be the primary way off Kerbin colonies will generate new Kerbals.
  22. Has anyone brought up the idea of having mods segregated by saves? Imagine if you could have your vanilla career save and a RSS/RO save and a KSPIE save, etc. all accessible in the menu together, and have the game load the mods each one uses when you select it. Then we wouldn't have to restart the whole KSP executable and watch it overlay a grid onto Bezier curves for two to ten minutes every time we want to switch between save files, and even better we wouldn't have to either uninstall and reinstall mods or have multiple copies of KSP installed to allow the different configurations of mods to exist and be accessible. KSP isn't that big a game at barely 2GB, but KSP2 will surely be significantly larger and even with unlimited drive space, managing a bunch of duplicate installations is a big time sink (and even harder for Steam users and (almost impossible for) console users).
  23. More importantly we have scale to consider. Space fantasy media often portray nebulae (that's the plural for "nebula" btw) as these small, dense things into a which a ship can quickly duck if it needs to hide, but in reality a nebula is a huge, diffuse thing typically many light years across that can contain thousands of entire star systems within itself. Thus, if all of KSP2 is set within a small, close-knit cluster of stars, a single nebula would easily contain the entire playable volume. EVE Online (the MMO, not the KSP mod. Ignore the automatic tooltip) does a relatively good job with nebulae IMO, portraying each major faction's territory as corresponding to a nebula subtly tinted their favorite colors. As you jump between neighboring star systems, you move between slightly different positions near or within one of the nebulae. Technically nebulae do provide drag, but this is all but undetectable unless moving at interstellar speeds and only a major consideration if traveling at relativistic speeds. KSP2 stands a decent chance of providing fusion torches that can do a few percent of light speed, at which point drag becomes a subtle thing that one could understand glossing over. For us to really get concerned about it would imply we're trying to drive around with Kugelblitz engines or photon engines, which I'm not counting on KSP2 having in the stock game (hecc, I haven't even heard of any mod that has ever provided these in all the years KSP has existed). P.S. Also I'm not an expert on this but I would surmise that stellar wind would clear out the space within a system until it's of a similar density to that in our own Solar system, whether the system is surrounded by a nebula or not.
  24. What about sugar? Simple organic molecules like amino acids have been observed in titanic quantities in nebulae, so the idea that a region rich in organics could form a small solid body with a crust rich in monosaccharides is at least tenuously believable. Long term exposure to sunlight and cold nights exposed to space would partially melt and refreeze the surface, perhaps until it resembles a glazed donut. Of course sunlight might also caramelize the surface until Minmus is a sickly brown, but maybe the green color reveals that there's some other chemical mixed in that counters that effect, or it's made of some form of sugar that caramelizes to more of a cyan color.
  25. The JWST won the race, shockingly enough, so there's no pressure now. Could be a while. Late this year or possibly delayed more. There might be another huge world-changing event. Everyone knock on some aluminum.
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