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  1. There's one they fear. In their tongue it is Лунный корабль What are these planets ? Tell us more please, I am always glad to see new planets :3 ps : it's been a while and your mods are better than ever
  2. Thank you, everything is working fine again
  3. Beautiful work ( I like Terminus very much )
  4. It didn't take me long neither to crash it
  5. This project of yours is growing fast Still there are some questions in my mind, I don't know much about astronomy and creation of galaxies and planets, still I wonder if it could be possible that a 2 billion years earlier jool had rings and laythe already ( maybe in formation ? ) What are your thoughts about it ? Also I suggest a new skybox, maybe a more vaporous, with some kind of clustered stars ? And Jool looks splendid
  6. I love the new planets, you Duna is really beautiful
  7. Your textures are getting better and better The capsule still needs polishing and in my opinion the airlock should be carved out of that nut shape You are clearly improving though, keep it up !
  8. A thread worth following I'll be right there waiting for the release o/
  9. Fine tank is it a 1.875m part ? Oh and, any news about the green soyuz ? I am so impatient to play them !
  10. Happy to see this british rocket back ( am I right ? ) Indeed the KSO goes very well with your parts, these shuttles are now underrated unfortunately, most people prefer to play with the stock one, which I respect, but the mk3 doesn't have the charm of the KSO shuttles that are more... kerbalish in my mind.
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