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  1. hey man, i love your work, quick question tho, i saw you closed off the superluminal thread? could you give an explanation as to why and if you're ever continuing it? I among many others really want to see this amazing mod released

  2. Stevie_D

    Is Autostrut an in-game cheat?

    You dont get wet noodle rockets in real life (well not anymore heh). Auto-strut is there to counter that. So its not a cheat at all, really.
  3. Stevie_D

    Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    @bjornadri If you read the OP, i have a roadmap to the stars image that shows there will be at least 1 engine. I'm infact going to have 2 now. Since no mod can guarantee you are using other mods (unless they are warp rings for example), then i wanted to make sure that folks using the mod can heavy lift all this stuff into space without needing another mod. So a large scale Arca engine will be put in for 5m launches, and an analogue of the Falcon 9 or SLS engines will be made for the 7.5m and possibly 10m fuel tanks. I'm not going to go into engines in any meaningful way, just those two at best. There are plenty of other mod packs that add every engine under the sun (and then many others that arent under the sun heh). Superluminal is about aiding all these other mods by giving you options. Actually, @Spaceception, arguably the most realistic Alcubierre drive is the current one from the IXS Enterprise Warpship. It was designed by Dr.Harold White of the Eagleworks Laboratory at NASA. Dr.White expanded Alcubierre's unrealistic theory, which required the same energy to operate as contained in an object the size of Jupiter. His math postulates that if you fatten the ring, and add a second ring, you bring the energy requirements of the drive down from the mass of Jupiter to an object the size of the voyager probe. Whilst all of this is still far fetched, Dr.White's continuation of Alcubierre's work at least brings it within the realms of physical possibility, however fantastical. Alcubierre's model isn't even feasible. The warp drive in the concept shot posted by Freethinker has even thinner rings than Alcubierre's original concept, and only one at that. It also has the swivel-ring going around it based on the premise that Hawking radiation exists and would cause a problem (which hasn't actually been proven to exist yet, there is only 1 study that emulates its effects.) I would and could debate the merits to the study of hawking radiation on the alcubierre rings by (was it an austalian university?) but for one important factor that makes it all moot anyhow... ...And that is that Dr.White's seminar also explains the very real likely-hood that due to the warping of space-time you do not want anything even remotely close to or outside the warp rings themselves, otherwise they would be destroyed under the effects of spatial distortion when started. So a spinning ring outside the warp ring(s) would most likely end up being spacedust. (since this is all educated theories at the moment). BUT!... even taking into account that all the stuff above may be physically or theoretically correct or incorrect, and im quite happy to compromise on stuff for other mod authors, that concept and all the stuff above may be torpedoed by KSP itself. That concept requires it to spin around the entire ship, and just thinking about it makes my spidey-sense - of colliders bugging, or other ship parts spazzing out due to other complications involved in that process- tingle. heh But what makes all of this even triple-y moot, ... that I've not gotton back to @FreeThinker on the warp rings yet, because (since they're the easiest parts) they're going to be the last parts fully modelled and put into the mod No point wasting the man's time responding to me in PM discussion about all this until i'm closer the time to creating the rings properly.
  4. That is such a great mod idea, Linux. Ive always wanted something like that to record my playthroughs. More power to you, good sir!
  5. Stevie_D

    Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    @theJesuit Mostly the command modules for b9. They have parts and options to them that require mostly cosmetic changes, and aren't involved or detailed enough to warrant the extra templates i would need with WildBlue Tools. So yup, you guessed it WBtools will be most likely used for the centrifuges. However, I'm still tinkering and trying things out, so i'll stick a "Subject to Change" here, heh. @bjornadri Yup, as Maverick said, all ModuleManager patched up. They should work with both Roverdude's and Interstellar.
  6. Stevie_D

    Mother Development Thread

    Aww, i like that nuclear reactor. It's cute in a kerbally way.
  7. Stevie_D

    Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    Well, this weeks weekly update doesn't contain much. But for good reason. I'm in lock-down now. I've only a couple textures left to do and then its on to finalizing the cfg files and testing it a few times in-game for tweaking before i get to Alpha 1. I would post a screenie of the 5m Neidon command module, which is all but fully textured; but i'm still undecided on a few details, so it can wait. I'll most likely twitch stream my testing of all the parts sometime next week, but, that will be the only media (screenshot or otherwise) i'll be putting out until i post the DL link to Alpha 1. I'll be trying to get Superluminal to work in the base game with only b9partswitch as a requirement (for those that dont like mods in their game, but still want a few parts). But that, and WildBlueTools will most likely come bundled. The only part that requires anything really other than that is the VTOL engines of the Priax, which require Infernal Robotics to function. But even for those who dont want a VTOL or use IR, you can then still use the Priax as the most awesome, cool looking rover buggy ever designed heh.
  8. Stevie_D

    KSP Weekly: Docking for peace

    Considering the size constraints imposed by the kerbal dimensions (not only their bodies, but the 1.25m size for the basic landers/starting game equipment) i think the guys at Squad have done a great job on these lander parts. It isn't easy to get the apollo stuff miniturized to that size, and fit more than one kerbal inside. So hats off to them. I cant wait to see more.
  9. Np! Like i say, it's not really a request, just one of the things i thought might be worth putting in your head if you ever go over old parts
  10. Hey @Nils277, I had a search to see if anyone else suggested this, but couldnt find anything so here goes... Whilst i love the central hub (when you first made it, it made such a difference to the pack), if you're ever going to add parts, take suggestions for parts or go over old ones, i'd like to throw in my idea for making a x3 version of the central hub itself. At present its great for x2 (capping off two ends ofcourse) and x4, but i find i really like making x3 bases, because of the extra space you have to expand out into, and it makes the overall base look less rigid and more visually interesting. Like i say, its just the one idea that keeps popping into my head when i play with your pack, and if thats the only thing, then i think that says a lot about how well crafted you made all this stuff to begin with Anyway, keep up the great work on the mod! It's always been my go-to for establishing outposts on planets
  11. Stevie_D


    Yep, you can also find all of Kevin MacLeod's music on his and several other royalty free music sites to use as you see fit as long as you give credit.
  12. Stevie_D

    IXS Warpship Original Series

    Rubbish! This IXS version is 3.75m, and the new one i'm making is 5m. I guarantee there are folks out there who would prefer it being 3.75m and still love this version.
  13. Stevie_D

    Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    Thanks Jack for the kind words! It's appreciated Just today i spoke to Nertea, and he kindly agreed to let me expand the command modules section of the community technology tree. Whilst all the centrispinnials and main hulls and other pieces fit into the CTT with ease under the colonization and other nodes, i felt that with squad bringing in 5m parts as an official thing in the upcoming expansion/update, the command modules would need to be a bit more end-gameish than the current nodes allow. These are parts that are not only big, of course, but incorporate advanced stuff like reverse thrust engines for motherships that you just dont want to spend time turning around when coming in to dock, extra SAS/reaction to handle such large vessels, plus life support, built-in antennas and science and the like. And then there's the lander cans that also are more advanced using similar technologies. So, with that in mind and thinking not only of myself but what other folks might create in the future, i suggested going on from the name of the last node in the current setup - Specialization. Command Modules split into two lines. Landers and Command Centers, and this is mostly what it should look like. Specialized Command Modules - Already in the game and just that, is the point at which mods can diversify their command modules. Kraken (a lander), Polta (A Space Bus for Personnel) and Priax, a VTOL all enter here. Specialized Landers and Heavy Landers - The Tekto and Plock. Specialized modules for getting people from their large ships to and from the surface of planets. (There's another piece or two to go into the two lander nodes (just didnt have the room in this image), Specialized Command Centers and Heavy Command Centers - All the other modules. Where command modules that are likely never to ever again taste hard ground go. Space is their place! These are the icons i came up with. Considering i've not done pixel/clip/icon art in possibly 10 years, im rather chuffed with them EDIT - oops, also forgot to add - I finished fully texturing the 3.75m Tekto Lander. So now i'm on the home straight of texturing the command modules. Only the 5m ones - IXS Rademaker, Urlum and Neidon left. It's getting closer!! DOUBLE EDIT - May as well shove an image of the Tekto here too then.
  14. Stevie_D

    Open Source Full Size Gemini Sim-Pit

    *THUD* *sound of jaw hitting floor*
  15. Stevie_D

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    From the film "The Last Days on Mars"