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  1. I would guess, from a technical standpoint, that the distant view will be a texture on a circular plane map, but when you approach it fades out and fades in a scatter tool similar to how rocks are already generated on the planets. If you think they will have collision detection and you can crash into them, or knock them out of place, I would highly advise you to manage your expectations. It would be great, but as Jimmy mentions, it could cause the devs great pain, performance wise, to try and get it to work on older systems. And as business people, at the end of the day, their goal is to get it to play on as many computers as possible.
  2. The problem is, "Kerbal Space Simulation" is incorrect English for the description. The game is titled Program because you are taking control of Kerbals, who have a space program, deriving from the Space Program NASA had. The title is describing what the Kerbals are doing - and they aren't simulating anything. It is a Space Program run by Kerbals - hence Kerbal Space Program. And no amount of title description altering will change your friend looking at a game, seeing cartoon aliens, and assuming it is for kids. That was his visual takeaway from looking at them, not the title. The original devs chose Kerbals to try and get kids involved in the first place.
  3. Hey @Nate Simpson I would like to say that I don't think there is a single soul on these forums who holds any malice or has a problem with the people physically working on the game, at all. From the start, you and your team have shown you've wanted to bend over backwards and demonstrate your love of the original game, keep its core concepts, and enhance it to the logical next level with KSP2. You, especially, should give yourself a pat on the back for that. What the news does tell us, is that the last few months have been a big upheaval for you guys, and now we understand why it got pushed back to next year. It's really sad to hear what's gone on. The worst thing about the gaming world is the corporate executives, and I can only sympathize - because although people will b**ch and moan on the forums, I doubt any of us can imagine the headache it must've given people like you and the rest of the dev team. So thanks for sticking in there and getting back on the horse. I hope you put the extra 12 months to good use, too! hehe We really, really appreciate the work you guys are doing, and the love you're obviously putting into it.
  4. The only surprise in any of this is that they didn't gut Squad and pull the same trick. Luckily for them, the game had already been out years when they got taken over. You can make excuses for T2 all day long, but the facts are on the table. Private Division's sole purpose for existence was supposedly to support indie game studios. Instead it takes one over, guts it, and discards it like trash because they didn't get the renegotiation they wanted. So in actual practice, Private Division's purpose is to sugar coat Indie devs into working for T2 so they can control them, then do a Star Theory if things dont go precisely how T2 want, instead of supporting them.
  5. Considering the shaky state of the footage so far, combined with the Coronavirus, I wholeheartedly applaud this decision. It would be so easy for them to just take what they've got and churn out a shoddy product this summer or in the fall, now it looks like it'll get the love and attention it deserves. Thumbs up here.
  6. Putting too much stock in a screenshot and assuming information and thinking of it as locked in can be misleading. Seeing the radiation shield in front of an engine is like saying "I saw the pipes above the Skipper engine in a screenshot, so we'll need to do maintenance on rockets." For all we know, the radiation shields could just be the top end of the model for the fusion/nuclear/metallichydrogen/whatever rockets, and are there for asthetic purposes. I'd like to -think- we have to deal with radiation, but taking a screenshot and saying it's so just because you see something doesnt make it true.
  7. Considering Ovin (from the screenshots) looks like a standard planet but with rings, and Glumo looks like a gas giant that you can't land on, I'd go for Ovin too.
  8. Just because they said they're going to continue working on KSP1 though, that doesn't necessarily mean DLC. Patches and updates are all they could mean. I would imagine Private Divison, who own both KSP and KSP2, like most publishers, plan ahead long in advance. It's unlikely they would ask Squad to make a DLC come out during KSP2's launch window, purely in order to maximize sales of KSP2. Considering their initial launch window was around April, it's safe to say Squad hadn't been instructed to create DLC for Q1 or Q2 of 2020 at the time At best, Q3 or Q4 of this year. But now KSP2 has been held back, i imagine whatever DLC they were planning on (if any), would've already been announced if they were going to rush it out sooner (not likely considering KSP2 could be out in the summer) or held back till after KSP2's launch. All in all, considering the launch window for KSP2 is now extremely broad, encompassing now until April 21, then the odds are KSP 1 DLC is unlikely to be coming at all in 2020.
  9. Adding the search for life as part of the science tree might be fun. It would definitely give us more reason to use rovers and pretend we're doing Nasa-esque recon missions for cellular life, or even just FOSSILIZED ancient life. Massive alien giraffes running around on an exoplanet tho? Nah, leave that to No Man's Sky imo.
  10. And it doesn't matter how you define it - early access may or may not be release - the fact is, it doesnt need it is the argument you're avoiding. It does not need playtesting by outsiders when they have their own people doing exactly that right now. People who are also far more reliable than the general public, i might add.
  11. Early Access made sense for KSP1, because the devs were working on next to no budget and needed the exposure. KSP2 clearly doesn't need Early Access. It has exposure, it's working along the lines of the original game in how they're creating it, and it has a large budget by the looks of it, too. (Well for a space sim game) Let the devs release it when they feel its ready, instead of the hassle and mess of involving lots of players who will give mixed feedback regardless of what they do. So nah, pass on said petitition.
  12. What makes me laugh is how these same people don't write to say, Amazon in the same way. "Dear Amazon, I have been watching Star Trek since the 1960s, can I get a discount on your Prime service so I can watch Star Trek Picard, please?"
  13. It's quite simple - when the game goes like and they want to post dev updates, they have somewhere to do it.
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