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  1. Yeah, a bit of a case of overkill. Large parts need lots of detailing (2.5 upwards for example) small parts like this, well; i guess i don't understand why your other new adapters in the other thread are minimalist in detail, but these are busy. Yeah, i can see they need to be "apollo" schemed to make rockets look a bit more on theme when changing sizes, but just a black band and white like the old one was fine. I'm also baffled (again, like other folk) as to why the new 1.25m fuel tanks had their lips removed and these don't. You have a nice chance to use this part in particular to make the transition less harsh from 1.25m to 0.625 by having a tapered edge instead of a lip. That way, just for the same poly count (or less as in the case below), you can have rockets look a bit more like their real world counterparts do when their shapes change.
  2. Adding to that; there are more twitch streamers streaming KSP than ive seen in a good couple years. Compared to other games like Space Engineers, the modding scene here is amazingly strong - just click on spacedock once a day and see that mods get updated or new ones come out -every- day. People love saying "such and such is dying" because they themselves fall out of love with a game, or have a problem. But the objective truth is, Kerbal, as @Lisias says, has a very stable and strong following. One that other indie games would be envious of.
  3. I love how you use Squad's textures (in both this and your Kerbal city building mod). Perfect use of resources, and they look snazzy to boot. Top stuff, Omega. A definite download from me for sure.
  4. Stevie_D

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    You shouldn't listen to anyone on these forums when they give solely negative feedback, Rudolf. Most people who arent modders are thoughtless ungrateful sods towards modders. It's hard to do unless you have a thick skin, but you need to just ignore and tune them out, and pass over their posts. You do great work, and the direction you were going with it was just as great. IR for me is one of the most essential mods for taking this game to the next level. Never forget that.
  5. Stevie_D

    Alternative to Unmanned before manned?

    Yeah i tried UBM in my latest playthrough on 1.5, and i got the russian pods straightaway (which i expected) but i also still got the mk-1 pod, which i thought was odd. I basically forced myself not to use it, heh. Still a great mod, though.
  6. Stevie_D

    RealTime - no more temporal cheating

    But, the first time you try going anywhere other than the Mun or Minmus, you'll be -literally- waiting years for your ships to get to Duna or Eve and back; and thats just the closest planets. For a game which includes many planets and moons much farther out, it would limit the scope of playability to about 1/10th of the places you could go without having a playthough that -literally- lasted years.
  7. If it was, i'd imagine RoverDude would have "[1.5]" in the title of the thread. That's usually a dead giveaway.
  8. Looks bang on! Not one criticism to make of this.
  9. @blackrack Every time i see you come back to this mod it makes my inner child jump with joy. Great to see you wanna continue this onwards.
  10. Stevie_D

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I do miss this mod. It always helped me in so many various ways i lost count. Even though it -technically- works in 1.5, the parts break and move about after launch and i just feel sad about all the great times i had making extending arms and rotating radar dishes heh. The work the various modders did on this down the years was so great. Props to them.
  11. If you stick with the pre-amble, hopefully this might slightly impress as good modelling, and good feedback to Squad for using the part variant system to its fullest when updating old designs and models.
  12. Yeah im really not liking that new front window. The best way i'd describe it, is to say that it's gone from beyond "Kerbal Realism" to "Total Kerbal Cartoon" style. You would never have a structurally unsafe and overly large window like that in a spacecraft of the era this thing is meant to be in. On a rover, yes. On a spacecraft? No. I think the only reason you guys changed it to that is to double it up as a rover cabin. A golden rule you guys might want to consider when making such drastic changes like this is this :- - If adding a part variant changes the original model so much, then maybe just make the variant a separate new model. I honestly feel like the new lander can wouldn't fit into the asthetic of the ships i currently build, and would -only- use it as a rover cockpit (of which there are already better rover cockpits). So, all in all - meh. I think id actually download a legacy patch to turn this back into the old one. And thats the first time ive -ever- considered doing that.
  13. Kopernicus was updated to 1.5, but not to 1.5.1, but should be soon, according to the author. I was scratching my head at first until i noticed it (since Kopernicus updated to 1.5 the -day- Squad hotfixed to 1.5.1, which was super unlucky for the Kopernicus dev.)
  14. Stevie_D

    [1.5.1+] Eva Follower

    Wow, i cant believe i never used nor found this before. You dig up all the best mods, Linux. Thanks so much.