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  1. What makes me laugh is how these same people don't write to say, Amazon in the same way. "Dear Amazon, I have been watching Star Trek since the 1960s, can I get a discount on your Prime service so I can watch Star Trek Picard, please?"
  2. It's quite simple - when the game goes like and they want to post dev updates, they have somewhere to do it.
  3. I didn't hear anyone complaining or worrying about what was happening in the 2 years prior that they worked on the game and it hadn't been announced. Oh yeah, because you didn't know about it. And if they hadn't announced it, you still wouldn't know about it. Delays in games happen. It's part of the process to ANY creative work. Just be glad they delayed it and aren't rushing it out the door. I'd be FAR more worried by that.
  4. I've tried that myself (with only the current version of KAS, not the dev build igor mentioned). Currently it either rips the ground plate out of the ground or makes the entire base jump up and explode. But that might also be down to other mods. I only tested it on my current playthough, though, not specifically to root out what was at fault. It's great to hear igor has a fix for the corridors though, it's one of KPBS' and USIs best features. The work all three of you guys do on these mods is great.
  5. I think you dont realize, @LatiMacciato saying things like and comes off as extremely passive-aggressive. I think all RoverDude is asking, is that you converse in a way that doesn't have you hinting at him being a un-co-operative meglomaniac. Text is a very difficult medium to convey yourself in sometimes, so it might not be your intention, but thats obviously how it is coming across to him (and me).
  6. Actually, each design change they make is to bring it closer to its design goals. Thats why you change a design. The problem lies in the fact that they know what the goals are, but -because- it is a new design, they dont know how best to achieve those goals. The point im making - is designing new technology is a messy, ever changing process. It always has been, always will be.
  7. Well, its not surprising the BFR keeps getting redesigned. It is basically new technology, a new space vehicle designed from the ground up for a new specific purpose. It took the folks in the 50s a decade or so to come up with the type of rocket design we've been using for the last 60 years. I imagine the BFR will probably go through at least another 2 major noticeable changes before they get to a design that just requires tweaks.
  8. Yeah, a bit of a case of overkill. Large parts need lots of detailing (2.5 upwards for example) small parts like this, well; i guess i don't understand why your other new adapters in the other thread are minimalist in detail, but these are busy. Yeah, i can see they need to be "apollo" schemed to make rockets look a bit more on theme when changing sizes, but just a black band and white like the old one was fine. I'm also baffled (again, like other folk) as to why the new 1.25m fuel tanks had their lips removed and these don't. You have a nice chance to use this part in particular to make the transition less harsh from 1.25m to 0.625 by having a tapered edge instead of a lip. That way, just for the same poly count (or less as in the case below), you can have rockets look a bit more like their real world counterparts do when their shapes change.
  9. Adding to that; there are more twitch streamers streaming KSP than ive seen in a good couple years. Compared to other games like Space Engineers, the modding scene here is amazingly strong - just click on spacedock once a day and see that mods get updated or new ones come out -every- day. People love saying "such and such is dying" because they themselves fall out of love with a game, or have a problem. But the objective truth is, Kerbal, as @Lisias says, has a very stable and strong following. One that other indie games would be envious of.
  10. I love how you use Squad's textures (in both this and your Kerbal city building mod). Perfect use of resources, and they look snazzy to boot. Top stuff, Omega. A definite download from me for sure.
  11. You shouldn't listen to anyone on these forums when they give solely negative feedback, Rudolf. Most people who arent modders are thoughtless ungrateful sods towards modders. It's hard to do unless you have a thick skin, but you need to just ignore and tune them out, and pass over their posts. You do great work, and the direction you were going with it was just as great. IR for me is one of the most essential mods for taking this game to the next level. Never forget that.
  12. Yeah i tried UBM in my latest playthrough on 1.5, and i got the russian pods straightaway (which i expected) but i also still got the mk-1 pod, which i thought was odd. I basically forced myself not to use it, heh. Still a great mod, though.
  13. But, the first time you try going anywhere other than the Mun or Minmus, you'll be -literally- waiting years for your ships to get to Duna or Eve and back; and thats just the closest planets. For a game which includes many planets and moons much farther out, it would limit the scope of playability to about 1/10th of the places you could go without having a playthough that -literally- lasted years.
  14. If it was, i'd imagine RoverDude would have "[1.5]" in the title of the thread. That's usually a dead giveaway.