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  1. Yeah, that's what I figured, but I thought I'd cover my bases. Otherwise, someone would surely step forward and say that it updated just before I posted.
  2. Just a bit of help for some of you, maybe. I just installed this mod with Ckan, with its dependencies, in 1.11.2. At first it didn't work, and I tried a couple of things, to no avail. It was reporting Kopernicus as the problem mod. The game would load, but the stock Kerbal system would load. Anyway, at some point I used the "refresh" function in Ckan, and it showed that Kopernicus had an update available. So, either Kopernicus uploaded a new version in the last 15 minutes, or something weird was going on. Anyway, give that a try.
  3. Me too. The procedural fairings they introduced just never work right, to me. You have to click in some weird, odd place to get it to build. You can still get that old procedural mod, though. I still use it.
  4. Meh... now that you mention it, I probably won't. A big part of KSP is the craft creation experience, so I'll probably want to do it all again anyway.
  5. If it's that good, I'll be glad to do it. but I'll miss my old crafts....
  6. See? I told you! Hehe, I thought of that post when I heard KSP 2 was coming out.
  7. FYI, I cleared out all my other mods and reinstalled RSS from CKAN, and installed the texture pack manually. It all works, amazingly. I'm running RSS on 1.7.3. And the engine ISP values are normal again. I did not, FYI, install any "recommended" mods.
  8. I think the biggest problem with mod development is that they keep updating the game, honestly. Mod developers get sick of having to constantly work on making their mods work with the latest version. I appreciate that they are fixing bugs and all, but there have been so many versions of this game that mod developers just give up. I think Kerbal Engineering is on its third dev team. RSS is several versions behind because the mod developers keep stopping and waiting for the next release. There is a limit to the patience of people who code mods for free.
  9. I'm sorry, I didn't see where KSP 2 would auto-delete all KSP installs.
  10. I don't agree. The original will still be there. I still play Civilization 5 from time to time. A lot of people do. I'm cautiously optimistic that KSP 2 will be better anyway. And KSP does have structural flaws. A lot of the game just doesn't work well together. You really need mods to make it an interesting game any more, although the latest DLC did a lot to fix the game's problems. Anyway, if you don't like KSP 2, play KSP. It's not going anywhere.
  11. I'm having a problem with RSS. I have gotten it working, mostly, in 1.7.3. However, all of the engines have ISPs that are too high. They all seem to be about 30% better than usual. For example, a Terrier has a vac ISP of 586.The improved ISPs are across the board. Every engine is more efficient. I don't like this, it takes the challenge out. It's basically like playing stock, but with a different solar system. The challenge is gone. Does anyone know what setting can be changed to get the original ISP values back?
  12. It didn't used to be this way though. The stock parts all had the same stats in RSS before, which is why I downloaded FASA. Some of the FASA engines are a lot better with ISP, and that made RSS at least doable. It's kind of not much of a challenge now.
  13. I'm using RSS, which I managed to get installed on 1.7.3, and I've also got FASA working. I noticed, however, that the ISP of all the engines is a lot higher than I think it's supposed to be. For example, the ISP of the Swivel engine is 425 ASL and 544 VAC. That's a lot higher than stock. Does anyone know why this would be? Maybe just a compatibility thing, since neither of these mods is really supposed to work in 1.7.3. Is there a setting somewhere I can change to fix it? Thanks.
  14. Is it working for you with 1.7.1? Mine won't load.
  15. I like this expansion a lot better than the last one. In fact I never even bought the last one because I couldn't see any situation where I would use any of it. But this looks like it fills out a lot of the shortcomings of the base game.
  16. That's the great thing about this game. Well, one of them. You don't have to know any physics or orbital mechanics to play it, but you learn about them just by accident, from playing.
  17. I'm not sure what the solution to your impact problem is, but you're doing the opposite of what you should be doing when you come in. If you can't shed enough speed before you impact, you need to make your approach shallower. That leaves you in the air for longer, so the friction can slow you down. If you still aren't slowing down enough, you can burn retrograde to get rid of some speed. It uses fuel, but not as much fuel as the way you're doing it now. In fact burning longer during the launch, to get that trajectory more shallow, would probably be even more efficient. There's a point at
  18. This happens to me also. I have a VTOL spacecraft, and when I'm re-entering, if I try to go to 4x physics... just like you said. Everything disappears and it instantly says you're at 0000 altitude. I was able to re-enter by only going to 3x physics, though. ETA: Also, sometimes in this craft, the IR window will show that I have two sets of bearing rototrons, even though I'm only using one. If I delete the real set, the phantom set is still there, and I have to exit and re-enter the SPH to get rid of it. EATA: Sometimes, the "presets" function doesn't work right. I have both roto
  19. So you've managed to rendezvous with another vehicle, and you want to dock with it. Usually, your speeds/trajectories are slightly different. Here's an easy way to get them really close. Set your target vehicle as a "target". Point toward the target with the SAS "align to target" function. (Helpful Hint: you can set the docking port as your target by right-clicking on it and choosing "select as target".) Now switch to the other vehicle. Do the same thing: point your vehicle to the other vehicle using "select as target" and "align to target." Point to it's docking port if you can
  20. I do that a LOT on YouTube videos of KSP and Eve. And Civilization too, come to think of it.
  21. High ISP makes up for all the others (usually). An engine that is twice as expensive, and has 20% more ISP, is usually a better engine. It depends though, on a lot of factors. First stage engines don't need high ISP for the most part, although it's always nice.
  22. I can almost guarantee you where it's going: KSP 2. They're not updating this one because they're building the next one. Trust me, Take Two didn't buy KSP to let it slowly die, or to update a first generation game while constantly appealing to a smaller and smaller player base. I'd be surprised if they're not building it right now.
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