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  1. Not trying to be troublesome, but... The update included old versions of CommunityResourcePack, PatchManager, and TweakScale.
  2. I just got up to building my beamed power network and ran into this same issue. I tried replacing my WarpPlugin directory in gamedata with the one from 1.20.5, but my relays are still not relaying. bratimm, did you revert the WarpPlugin directory alone? or did you remove and install everything that's in the 1.20.5 zip file?
  3. O_o Dev build you say.... <furiously mousing to download page>
  4. Glad to hear you're working on this. As a short term fix, could you split out background EC processing and have that disable-able in the difficulty screen? (That way everything else would still function and you'd only be disabling the function that's at issue)
  5. Still trying to work around this issue. I've been using TAC LS since Scott Manley did his video on Explode-o-Matic staging. It's one of the first mods I add when I re-do my build. I specifically use it in conjunction with things like Remote Tech & Scan Sat to increase difficulty. Unfortunately, KSPIE is also one of those. Although it'll work, I'd really rather not just disable background processing. That disables food, water, oxygen & waste processing as well. Having the mod just for the parts and making it look like it's working seems kind of pointless. The vessels I'm having trouble with are equipped with a two gigawatt reactors. Power shouldn't be a problem, but with the thermal generators being ignored, it turns out to be. Is there some way to shut off background processing of EC without effecting the rest. Short of enough solar panels and batteries to run the vessel, is there something that could be added? (I'd need *a lot* of panels and batteries) Is there something that could be edited in the .pst file to satisfy background EC processing? I'm kinda grasping at straws here. I don't want to delete TAC LS or render it useless, but I'm far enough along in my career game that it's become an issue. Is there something that can be done?
  6. Answering my own questions... Still no idea on what's going on with the 3 hour reset of absorbtion percentage and moisture modifier. It doesn't seem to effect anything, so I'm ignoring it. After some experimentation I can confirm that I'm getting a 50% improvement overall by having seven times as many radiators and what's needed. The numbers shown in the pics I posted show the results. It may look funky, but they're not that costly, so I'll be putting extra radiators on everything. Actinides... I forgot about Actinides. Or, more accurately, I never realized the huge effect they have. After a month Wall to Beam power dropped by 50%. I was down 75% by the end of the first year. Then I remembered you could use a science bay to reprocess Actinides. You can see my new ground station below. I have the science bay with a couple kerbals to run it. In testing I found that the station pictured would generate 770MW Wall to Beam power for six years before running out of fuel. (That's why there's six years worth of TAC supplies listed in the upper left. I'm sure Karelyn & Erbus will find *something* to do to pass the time) I've deployed four of these stations at the West end of the runway, and have a set of four orbital relays to send power around to where it's needed. (still having trouble getting pics to work here) Here's a simple vessel showing my beamed power network in use. Not much more than a probe core, fuel tank, thermal receiver, and engine.
  7. How about an explanation of what you were trying to do and what you were seeing? In your first two pics the only difference I see between the things you could adjust is the electric priority. (set to 4 in the first, giving reasonable source temperatures, and 3 in the second, giving an astronomical value.) What did you do between the two pictures? Was is showing what we see in the first pic, then change to the second when you changed electric priority? Did it change on it's own. Did you exit the VAB/game/reboot system between the two pictures? Pictures alone are not sufficient information.
  8. Gotya... I see there are some larger replacement tanks that'll fit the bill. I went looking for them because I'm just getting back to being far along enough to use them and went looking. I use to like the look of the HexCans and used them often. Like this:
  9. I was noticing that HexCans are still in the parts folder. I'm running a carer game and haven't stumbled across them yet. When I went to check the part.cfg file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\WarpPlugin\Parts\FuelTank\RVUranium2\part.cfg it indicated: name = HexCanUraniumN module = Part author = Vaporlynx & Fractal (snip) TechRequired = none entryCost = 20000 cost = 20000 category = none subcategory = 0 title = RV Uranium Nitride Tank manufacturer = Geomax Plc. description = A resource canister containing a supply of Uranium Nitride pellets sealed up in Pyrolytic Carbon and Zirconium Carbide fuel casings. So, tech required = none. That had me looking at other parts and I found that "tech required=none" is present in most parts. How are parts placed in the tech tree? I went digging through source code and couldn't find how it's happening. I ask because it appears HexCans are not there any more and I wanted to check. Were HexCans deleted, but the parts left in the fueltank sub-directory to avoid killing existing save games?
  10. Hello @FreeThinker, I've been working on my issue with power drop off on my ground based beamed power reactors. Items noted: On my phased array transmitter, absorbtion percentage and moisture modifier seem to gradually climb over a three hour period, resetting to a lower value at 0:00:00 and 3:00:00 every day. Any idea why? Extra radiators seem to provide a greater differential for hot/cold baths in my thermal generators, resulting in greater power output. I that as intended? (I don't mind coughing up extra kerbucks for more radiators resulting in greater output ) Reactor thermal power dropped off rapidly over time. (50% reduction in the first month) Is that as intended? Is there something I should or could be doing that I'm not that would keep that from happening? In years gone by, my usual MO was to deploy a half dozen ground based reactor/transmitters when I started having beamed power available to me. Seeing these reactors are based right at KSP I can easily recover and re-deploy with out loosing much cash. But that doesn't seem to be as intended. Any thoughts??? Here's a photo essay of what I've been doing: (sorry about the link, I've yet to figure out the Imgur imbed button)
  11. Hi Everybody, Some time ago I posted that I finally got beamed power figured out enough to actually start using it. I took a break from that and did an asteroid encounter for some tourists (needed the cash) When I came back, the output on my reactors was way down. Then the upgrade hit and it took a while to get everything working again. Is there something I'm not seeing that's messing with my system? (I noticed the xenon tanks were full. So I dumped them, just in case. Doing that didn't help) For the record, I'm running KSP 1.3.1 with KSPIE 1.16.1 and about 60 other mods. That being said, this problem developed before the last KSP upgrade and the last several versions of KSPIE
  12. Hi Everybody, I *finally* figured out beamed power enough to get something that's at least usable. Pics can be seen Here. I've included my tech tree to show what I had available at the time. I selected long IR in an attempt to maximize the range I could broadcast to from a ground base. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wanna make things as good as possible before expanding the system beyond Kerbin/Mun/Minmus. @Maelstrom Vortex, I'd lake to thank you in particular. Your video showed me the way Tags: thermal infrared microwave beamed power phased array relay
  13. Hi Everybody, I've been playing KSP since just before career mode was added, and running KSPI & KSPIE for ages. (probably since it's inception) I've watched the tutorials multiple times and the one thing I find lacking is examples of actual ships. I've developed a several vessels and come up with some designs that I've used over and over. In my present run through I've reached the point that I'm exhausting the science available from Kerbin and it's moons, and have the tech tree up to having most of the 1000 tier completed. (I'm about to unlock fusion reactors) There have been several improvements since I last reached this point, and I'm a little uncertain as to how to put the parts together. I've been looking, but haven't found a good collection of KSPI example ships. I suspect there's something out there that I just haven't found yet. If there is, could someone post a link? Otherwise, could some of you post examples of the mid to late game ships you've come up with? (I'll try and find some of my old work and post them here tonight) Thanks in advance!
  14. Update... It turns out adjusting difficulty settings wouldn't help. They're saved in the save game. When I disabled them and reloaded my save, it restored background processing and killed everybody again. I had to go into my save and change things like so: TAC_SettingsParms { enabled = False backgroundresources = False UseAppLToolbar = True EditorFilter = True hibernate = Die respawnDelay = 300 vesselUpdateList = 5 } backgroundresources were not enough. I had to disable TAC completely. I'll finish out the mission, then see what I have to do to re-enable TAC.
  15. "From version 0.13.2 TAC LS will consume and produce EC for unloaded vessels. EC Production currently only includes Solar Panels and Generators. You can turn off background resource processing in the Difficulty Settings for TAC LS." Ummmm... Ouch... I just got bit by this rather hard. I use MKS/OKS, Karbonite, and KSP Interstellar Extended . I build an 8 kerbal lander with a nuke reactor and sent it off to Minmus. With their own pet reactor I didn't think they'd need solar panels. That worked fine until I left them there for a while, saved, and exited. I'm unsure if it was a time warp that did it or not, but the next time I loaded the game I lost all four orange suits, plus four more. (good thing I have a resent save game) Aside from turning of EC use for unloaded vessels, is there any other way to add to add other EC sources? TAC LS is one of the mods I always use and It'd be difficult to just remove it. (all my kerbaled vessels and stations have TAC LS modules installed) Edit: I'm running, btw.