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  1. Could you describe the issue in more detail and maybe include more images? Which planet is that? Which config? In which situations?
  2. You can set the quickStart wait time at the main menu to a few seconds (I set mine to 3 iirc) and it will load correctly, no need to uninstall it.
  3. For those who are wondering why things are quiet here, the forum rules don't permit discussion of content that is not publicly/freely available, so I'm limiting discussion in this thread to what you can download here. If anything I'm seeing a resurgence in KSP1's popularity.
  4. Enable the game's built-in antialiasing from the main menu (it will be auto-disabled outside the editor by scatterer), Scatterer's AA is not used in the editors.
  5. I got nothing based on the log. Make sure you turn down the reflections built into the game, I've seen them tank framerate on an RTX 3070, there is a settings file posted in the Parallax thread which does that (even if you don't use parallax), check the troubleshooting section -> my performance has tanked
  6. Thank you, I fixed this for scatterer eclipses and will add the fix in eve eclipses at some point.
  7. Looks good, now you can think about adding random cumulonimbuses and other interesting vertical formations to spice things up even more, unless you already have
  8. It should work as well as with the 1060 but I haven't heard back from anyone with the rx 570
  9. Yes but what card is it out of curiosity? Lower temporal upscaling https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/wiki/Temporal-upscaling-and-noise-detiling
  10. The wiki gives a short overview of what the raymarching settings do and how to optimize performance, is it not clear enough? For your other questions: Probably simpler if you keep the clouds as cubemaps, generate noise as equirectangular, transform the noise into cubemap faces then overlay those on your cloud cubemaps (test on one face I guess to make sure you like the results) Use the alphacubemap type and select the alphamap_g for green alpha
  11. Glad you're enjoying this. I'd recommend increasing the number of light samples here, or reducing the light sampling distance, the cloud lighting looks a bit flat. You'll also want to break up the repetition in your noise by adding variety/detail to your coveragemap, but that's a lot more work as you said. For RSS consider increasing the max step size to keep performance reasonable.
  12. Can you show what your GameData folder looks like? There is this for the new clouds https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/wiki I don't have a tutorial or documentation on how to use the rest though, but just poking around in the UI is usually enough to figure it out. Thank you, I'm very pleased at how it's all working and how there hasn't been any major issues reported.
  13. @WarriorSabehas an mx150 iirc, not sure how close that is to a gt 1030. It runs at I think 15-20 fps? I personally wouldn't recommend it to you with a gt 1030 (at least until it's in public release) because it has noticeable motion artifacts and some trailing/blurriness at lower framerates.
  14. Feel free to modify the configs. Feel free to share and distribute your config changes as well (preferably as ModuleManager patches) but you just can't distribute any of my textures or modified versions of my textures, other than that, have fun!
  15. Thank you! Both use EVE, you won't be able to mix them with the new clouds though, true volumetrics and the old style clouds don't render correctly together.
  16. Ctrl + alt + f11 in flight, find the thicken buttons for both mie and rayleigh, put a value like 0.75 or 0.5, hit until you're happy then save.
  17. No configs are needed, remove everything and just use what's in the download. If you're referring to the forum thread, these are instructions to use the regular EVE-Redux with the old EVE configs
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