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  1. The wiki gives a short overview of what the raymarching settings do and how to optimize performance, is it not clear enough? For your other questions: Probably simpler if you keep the clouds as cubemaps, generate noise as equirectangular, transform the noise into cubemap faces then overlay those on your cloud cubemaps (test on one face I guess to make sure you like the results) Use the alphacubemap type and select the alphamap_g for green alpha
  2. Glad you're enjoying this. I'd recommend increasing the number of light samples here, or reducing the light sampling distance, the cloud lighting looks a bit flat. You'll also want to break up the repetition in your noise by adding variety/detail to your coveragemap, but that's a lot more work as you said. For RSS consider increasing the max step size to keep performance reasonable.
  3. Can you show what your GameData folder looks like? There is this for the new clouds https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/wiki I don't have a tutorial or documentation on how to use the rest though, but just poking around in the UI is usually enough to figure it out. Thank you, I'm very pleased at how it's all working and how there hasn't been any major issues reported.
  4. @WarriorSabehas an mx150 iirc, not sure how close that is to a gt 1030. It runs at I think 15-20 fps? I personally wouldn't recommend it to you with a gt 1030 (at least until it's in public release) because it has noticeable motion artifacts and some trailing/blurriness at lower framerates.
  5. Feel free to modify the configs. Feel free to share and distribute your config changes as well (preferably as ModuleManager patches) but you just can't distribute any of my textures or modified versions of my textures, other than that, have fun!
  6. Thank you! Both use EVE, you won't be able to mix them with the new clouds though, true volumetrics and the old style clouds don't render correctly together.
  7. Ctrl + alt + f11 in flight, find the thicken buttons for both mie and rayleigh, put a value like 0.75 or 0.5, hit until you're happy then save.
  8. No configs are needed, remove everything and just use what's in the download. If you're referring to the forum thread, these are instructions to use the regular EVE-Redux with the old EVE configs
  9. The way this works it uses some tools which I have already set up in Scatterer, so only Scatterer for now and later on will add it to EVE.
  10. Got some much-needed eclipse improvements in, they now apply to the rest of the atmosphere, the ocean and the new clouds, but also they don't affect the player/ship lights like the EVE eclipses do: I kept the ambient light near the camera for gameplay reasons but longer distances won't be visible This is a known issue on integrated graphics, see here for solutions you can try https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/issues/192
  11. I want to go with what feels right to me for every planet, while also having a few memorable "landmarks" on every planet. Rain on Kerbin and sandstorms on Duna just feel like natural extensions that do just that. Many of the existing visual packs are a bit overstaturated with flashy layers and effects to my taste (and this is not a diss against anyone) and it feels like they lose that natural feeling.
  12. Just uninstall the existing mods via ckan (Scatterer, EVE, BoulderCO, AVP or other configs if you use them) then the manual install is just a drag and drop.
  13. Make sure you have the textures and everything? I saw some users running the city lights with the new clouds.
  14. City lights still work, I didn't include configs (because personal preference) but you can copy them over from the old configs.
  15. x16 is what flight simulator and many other titles use, I do find it more distracting than the performance increase is worth over x8 (at least for me and my setup), but the option is there if you need it.
  16. Probably just wait for better configs, that looks really weird and even looks rescaled, is it?
  17. You can just disable TUFX's TAA btw, you don't have to remove it. No, it's retrocompatible, the old configs will all continue to work exactly as they do now, with the old volumetrics and everything. And they can coexist with other planets using the new effects.
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