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  1. coldblade2000

    [1.6.1] Realism Overhaul v12.7.0 [23 May 2019]

    I'm having a problem with the most recent RO update (11.5.0) for 1.2.2. Both AIES and KW parts are not being modified by Realism Overhaul. This means I'm left with a severe lack of orbital engines. More specifically, I need my boy Aestus for a mission, but it's asking me for kerosene and LOX, with only one ignition. Parts from both of these modpacks had the prefix "non-RO" as seen here: Here is my list of mods: I downloaded all of them about 3 days ago. Edit: Now that I orbited, I just noticed a massive problem, I can't use RCS at all. Even though I manually enable the thrusters, set it to the same fuel as the tank and even directly attach it to the fuel tanks, I can't use ANY RCS thruster.
  2. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    hey, I'm going to start my first station, and I wanter to ask beforehand. What are the rules for docking ports to connect? in my game there are two APAS-89/95 docking ports. One resembles the normal docking port, and there is an "Apollo docking port" that uses the same model and texture. They also have a bumper that can be deployed. Then there is another APAS-89/95 that looks more like the the passive APAS variant. Here is a picture comparing both: I was wondering this: Would the two be able to dock together? Which should I put on my station and which on the capsules? If I want to add modules to the station, which port should I use?
  3. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    I think KSC switcher or something like that
  4. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    @Jancando You can manually change the width of the fairings, you don't have to have it like that, just make the width lower.
  5. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    Anyone else have a problem with KER? It says my TWR with a Titan II GLV is about 0.03 in the VAB. During flight, the rocket flies normally, but KER says it is 0.00/1.80 TWR
  6. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    I have a problem, the FASA engines seem to have an extremly low TWR Edit: I reinstalled through CKAN this time and it seemed to fix everything
  7. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    ~~Hi, should I bother waiting until tomorrow for CKAN to update or download everything manually?~~ Nvm, ended up doing manual install Also: Huge congratulations on the release Nathan, and everyone else that contributed. I only wish the tiny bits of contributions I did were still used (Limited ignition configs) but I guess one must leave things behind for progress. Anyways, I thank all of the Realism Overhaul/RSS community for releasing V10.0!
  8. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    What mods are compatible with the 1.0 pre-release? If I am running Ubuntu, is the instalation or mod selection different?
  9. coldblade2000

    DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.7.0]

    How do I make the safety bubble smaller? I want to have fights inside KSC but the bubble prevents it, and going far away is a hassle
  10. I have a problem with the newest version. I was using scatterer fine for a while but I updated through CKAN, and a few stock things (a part of the space center and multiple stock parts) became solid pink, in the "texture missing" kind of pink. I removed scatterer and the problem was solved.
  11. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) 0.5.8

    Also have the CPort1 issue. Downloading KIS 1.1.4 (CKAN only has up to 1.1.2) and then I'll try to get the logs Edit: Can confirm that updating to 1.1.4 manually (uninstalling from CKAN and installing from this thread) fixed the CPort1 issue and I have had no other issues
  12. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) 0.5.8

    Damn,I can't wait for pumps. So needed for refueling bases
  13. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    70-80km has a thin atmosphere, it could be an engine burning out, or an unstable center of mass, that becomes more apparent when there is less fuel
  14. coldblade2000

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    My guess is TweakScale related problem. FASA might have changed the file names too