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  1. cantab

    Gas Planet 2? Poll

    Yes. If the game ever cracks axial tilt, a combined Saturn/Uranus analogue would be great to showcase that. Give it spectacular rings, a big Titan-like moon, and a bunch of smaller moons in the Bop and Pol kind of size range with lots of variety in their looks. If we also get fuel switching for the fuel tanks, then give not-Titan an atmosphere that's made of liquid fuel, and make parts that can suck it up and liquefy it ready for burning in rocket engines, with options for either on-the-ground production or inflight fuel-breathing.
  2. Been a while since I used FAR, but I don't think it would make a shuttle that much more difficult. I made a hybrid shuttle/SSTO in FAR a while back, but it did vertical landings so not eligible here. I reckon landing speed for a rolling landing will be the major nuisance with FAR, but then the real Space Shuttle landed fast too. Now SSTOs, those I find a complete pig in FAR, because the lift shifts around with Mach number messing up your plane's balance. In real life Concorde countered this by pumping fuel around.
  3. cantab

    What to do, what to do?

    Relocating an established base isn't something I've seen done before. At least not with a base that (presumably) wasn't designed with that in mind. So, I voted for that.
  4. cantab

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @Stratzenblitz75 No. Freaking. Way. Mind=blown. Three things really stood out. The first, when I saw you driving a fairing on the runway and realised you're about to integrate a payload of that scale "by hand". Second, the mechanism for folding the ring, I was expecting a bunch of dockings but instead you just smoothly bend it into a circle in one operation. And third, spinning up the rings. Oh, and fourth, those comically small boosters on the repair launch. Well, small in comparison, but actually blooming massive by themselves.
  5. cantab

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 5040. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are in a heated argument over something to do with percentages. You wonder if it's possible to skip to floor 302010, but realise you must just continue up one floor at a time.
  6. cantab

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @Martian Emigrant That Twinstar is quite something
  7. cantab

    Slow orbit with mun

    If you are currently orbiting Kerbin, and your orbit intersects or comes near that of the Mun, then it probably is possible to get a gravity assist to drop your Kerbin Pe low enough to re-enter. It'll take a bit of tinkering with manouvre nodes though.
  8. cantab

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Just a run-of-the-mill docking, my space tug did well though, making easy work of the 40-ish tonne fuel module. Though I have noticed both the tug and the module had strut ends left on them, fortunately it didn't stop anything docking but I must be careful in future, I might use autostrut to secure the payload in the launcher next time instead.
  9. cantab

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The station of a thousand parts starts with a single docking. Here's the beginning of Alekhine Station over the Bolivian Andes, the first space station of what I'm calling K Star Line. The upper module is just decoration, the middle plain-looking module is full of TAC Life Support gubbins, and the lower module with the two beams is the Botvinnik Assembly Tug that I'll be using to dock everything together. The tug's capable of handling 3.75 m parts and itself fits in a 5 m fairing. Bonus pics in the imgur album showing how effective the Botvinnik's lights are. I spent a bit of time figuring out the best way to place them, and maybe 30 floodlights and 4 spotlights was overkill, but hopefully it'll make nighttime dockings a breeze.
  10. You don't need your relay satellites to be as powerful as the tracking station. You only need them to be powerful enough. If you equip your relay sats with the biggest relay dish, and the Jool probe with either the same or the equivalent direct dish, then that should do it.
  11. cantab

    Realism in Stock KSP

    My 2 pence: KSP should have realistic physics and mechanics, that's what's made it such a great game. But it should not copy every little detail of real-life hardware. Kerbin is too small, I do think it would be better if it was about twice the size, but I think the chance to fix that flew when it was left unchanged for the 1.0 release. We're stuck with it now, and the heavy parts and underpowered engines that go with it. Real scale makes launches take too long though, and I say that as someone who plays RSS. System scale should definitely be revisited for KSP2. The basic Newtonian physics and the orbital mechanics (using the patched conic approximation) are fine. I also think Squad have done a nice job of the comms system, though I turn it off anyway because lots of vessels makes the game lag. The structural mechanics is awful, it's ridiculous the extent rockets and other stuff can bend and flex. Easily the least realistic aspect of the game I think. Then again this does make it more visually obvious what's caused a failure, and makes for Youtube-friendly RUDs. I wouldn't mind seeing the joint stiffness tweaked though. A more significant overhaul can wait for KSP2. The aerodynamics is still a mess. If you build something simple it's acceptable, but it's so easy to get tripped up by oddities or deliberately make a mockery of it. You can make two identical looking craft that fly very differently thanks to clipping and gizmo tricks. FAR's voxelisation approach makes things much more sensible and intuitive, stuff flies like it looks. Of course anyone who's flown in FAR will have encountered its own problems, high landing speeds and difficulty slowing down, but that comes about simply because the Kerbal parts are so overweight. Build a Cessna-sized plane and the Kerbal cockpit alone weighs more than an entire real-life Cessna. It can be corrected by fudging the exact lift and drag amounts. The OP reaction wheels are an acceptable break from reality I think. Ditto the deep throttling unlimited-restarts engines. That said I think adding a few light-once fixed-throttle liquid fuel engines would be neat, they would "fill the gap" between solids and the existing liquid engines, make them powerful to compensate for the drawbacks. They could fit nicely into a "Moar Boosters" DLC alongside some bigger solids and other new engines. I do think life support should be added to KSP. Not for realism as such, but rather to make time an important factor in your mission planning. Currently you can take as long as you like with Kerbals. Any stock life support should be kept straightforward, it really just needs to be enough that the player thinks about how long a mission will be. (Of course, those who don't want to can just disable life support).
  12. cantab

    Looking for what to do in KSP.

    Any good planet pack will make KSP feel fresh and exciting again. Alternatively, since you're interested in BD Armory, how about creating a Duna or Eve air force? Be interesting designing performance aircraft for such a strange environment. You'll probably want some mod engines of course.
  13. cantab

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @lapis You could probably have saved a part by using a Twin Boar instead of the Mainsail? Still, neat mission, always nice to try and keep the part count down. Got my new RSS lifter, "Pawn", working, my first with the Making History parts. It's unmodified stock parts, she's 1200 tonnes on the pad and will put 36 tonnes to LEO. I decided to take the KISS principle, so the partial reusability I did in my old lifters is out, this is just fully expendable. First stage is 16 Vectors and boosters are 7 each, with fuel crossfeed, second stage is 7 Wolfhounds and third is 9 Nervs. Now to figure out what I can do with 36 tonnes in LEO. Should be enough to get me somewhere interesting.
  14. cantab

    What did you do in KSP today?

    That rover design is quite something @eddiew ! As for me, failed to reach orbit in RSS. I'm out of practice.
  15. So far as I can tell from a 5-minute test, RSS works fine with KSP 1.4.3. The planets all load in map view and I cheated the Kerbal X to orbit and a test re-entry went fine. I used Kopernicus 1.4.3-2 with its included Module Manager and Modular Flight Integrator, RSS 13.1, and the 2048 textures. Are there any known issues or feature omissions with RSS on KSP 1.4.3? The only glitches I noticed were the Making History launch sites are in their Kerbin positions, and the lighting seems a bit dim. (Neither of those being a real problem). On a possibly related note, what does the RealSolarSystem.dll actually do?