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  1. On the lander it went docking port - separator - rest of lander. After the lander redocked to the orbiter, I fired the separator. This meant the lander's docking port, that had landed on Minmus, was attached to the orbiter. The idea is that when the orbiter then returns to Kerbin, I get credit and science for recovery of a vessel that landed on Minmus, not merely that orbited it. This didn't work. The docking port alone doesn't count. I think it has to be a command module. Since probe cores on the lander are banned taking advantage of this isn't straightforward, but I may look into it again in future.
  2. And here's the documentation of Minpollo. The spacecraft are being named after summons in the Final Fantasy series. The first two were very much in name only, but now I have more parts I'm looking to take some more inspiration design-wise. Madeen is in no way a replica of its namesake from Final Fantasy IX, but I think it gave a little character to the lander - I was trying to avoid it ending up boring. Shame I didn't have the round small tank, I had to use the baguette instead for the pom-pom. The lifter is much more "new KSP", a simple stack with boosters. Two Bobcats in the core stage, the TWR is below 1 when the boosters jettison but it's manageable, and a Poodle for the upper stage. Quickly and simply built but it does the job. Screenshots start from here in the album: Highlights: Madeen liftoff by cantab314, on Flickr 29 km mapping orbit by cantab314, on Flickr Kupo! by cantab314, on Flickr Madeen landing site. Shores I think by cantab314, on Flickr
  3. Unity Analytics, as far as I know, only covers in-game actions. But a future KSP update (or, speaking more generally, other games) could include something more snoopy. Anti-cheat software for multiplayer games is invariably quite intrusive (it has to be to work), and I can easily imagine Squad carelessly putting something like that in KSP even though it's single-player. EDIT: I know it's a bit hypothetical, maybe bordering on paranoid. But I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think I would prefer a generic approach that can limit what a program can "phone home", rather than something that's very specifically tailored and could easily be rendered useless by an update.
  4. A VM's problematic for gaming. But I think katateochi's studies a few pages back were instructive. Many have focussed on what KSP is sending, he studied what it is reading. Nothing concerning when he tested, but that for me is the real privacy concern - that KSP might, by accident or design, send information from my computer that's totally unrelated to the game. Sandboxing an application to prevent that shouldn't be hard conceptually, but I don't know any particular tools to do it. KSP should be a fairly easy one - it only needs to read its install folder (though it writes to some other locations too) as far as I know.
  5. Nicely done! I've done an uneventful Minpollo myself, and likewise will be uploading screenshots later. I chose the (north) Poles as the landing site and the new textures and the low Sun really gave a different look to the place. It might be the first time I've landed on the poles of Minmus. The mission gained me about 1350 science, so very similar to my Mun mission - Minmus having fewer biomes offsets its higher multiplier. I took all four orange suits, Jeb got orbit duty and the other three landed, and that's brought everyone up to level 2. I'll be able to unlock all but 2 of the 160-point nodes now. I don't really want to "waste" a high-science mission like Dunpollo when I'm still missing a lot of the science experiments, and I'm wondering about trying something ambitious (and unnecessary) for Dres, so I might actually go to Moho next. It'll give me a chance to test KSP 1.8 with a big ship, since I don't have the Nerv. Since it's about to become relevant to me, a question: Can we use functions of the MPL other than the science generation? In stock that's resetting goo/materials without EVAing, and leveling up Kerbals. Some mods give the MPL more functions such as for life support.
  6. It helps. But even the biggest of the new SRBs isn't really long enough in proportion to its width. Having gimbal on the SRBs is more important than their overall size. There's been some debate over it, but I think a Mk2 shuttle wants 2.5m boosters and a 5m ET to be to scale, and It'll be around 2/3rds the size of the real thing. It won't be a perfect finescale replica but you can get close. As mentioned short-fuelling the ET is probably needed. That will also help with mass distribution - the real ET had the dense liquid oxygen up front meaning its full centre of mass was well towards the nose. For players with Breaking Ground, the KAL controller can control the thrust limiter on SRBs in flight. This allows you to make realistic thrust curves/tailoff.
  7. If you were someone else, no-one would be you, so you wouldn't exist. But what if I can't imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?
  8. Granted. I'm struggling to imagine an interpretation of that wish that won't end badly for you. I wish for unlimited.
  9. KSP's Kodiak is based not on the RD-170 that powered Energia, but on the RD-107/RD-108 family of engines that have powered the R-7 missile family including Sputnik, Vostok, Luna, and even the current day Soyuz.
  10. A space station. For space trains. With space rails and space platforms and a space ticket office and a space coffee shop that charges ripoff prices.
  11. In the event I didn't need it. Moomba has completed the Munpollo mission in one piece. A real old-school Kerbal rocket this time. Stacks of tanks, girders, lots of struts. A throwback to some of the first stuff I did in KSP. Because I have Kerbal experience on, I wanted to send Jeb, Val, and Bob all to the Mun. I need a scientist to reset the science experiments obviously, and I want both pilots to get experience ready for the future orbital rendezvous missions. I also wanted to land back on Kerbin with the Science Jr to conduct more research. I thus built a winged re-entry vehicle, thinking this would be ideal for the role. (It really wasn't). Now that I actually have struts, and tanks that are bigger than a pancake, the launch, transfer, and orbital EVA reports were fairly uneventful. I did have one quirk though: with no solars, and terriers for engines, electricity management became important. I used the main engines, in short bursts on low throttle, to turn the ship for my orbital manouvres, saving the electricity for the Mun landing and the re-entry. Landing, on the other hand ... my excuse is I'm out of practice. Took about 5 goes to not tip over. Had to touch down real gently, under 1 m/s. I never learn not to build tall landers. I found and played around with a Mun Stone, but Breaking Ground science isn't allowed, so I made sure to discard the experiment result. Re-entry. Oh man re-entry. So it was supposed to enter and descend like a space shuttle. I knew when I built it that the Science Jr has bad heat tolerance, so the idea was the front wings would be underneath it and shield it. Yeah ... that didn't work. Whatever periapsis and angle I tried, it burned up. Even a 55 km periapsis was too much heating. I know other players have reported re-entry heating has become much harsher in 1.8. (Actually, OK so a 65 km periapsis was survivable. It was also about as effective as a fart at decelerating the spacecraft.) Now for weight and balance reasons, the Science Jr is between the command pod holding one Kerbal, and the crew cabin holding the other two. And on at least one of my attempts, the ship broke apart and the two pieces exited the atmosphere again on quite different orbits. If I'd kept going with that, they would have ultimately landed in completely different places and times! (Or they might just have burnt up anyway.) That's why I was asking about landing separately. But in the end I took a different approach - I used the landing stage as an improvised heatshield. Its bulk protected the spacecraft, and I used its engine to provide extra control to keep things stable. This still took a few attempts to find the right periapsis, but eventually it got down. I did have plans of gliding around, maybe hitting some extra biomes. The vehicle actually flies quite nicely as a glider. But after how fraught re-entry was, none of this came to pass, I was just glad to be down. The mission brought me the science to complete the 45 and 90 point tiers, and get two nodes in the 160 point tier. Having the command pod, crew cabin, and an experiment storage unit helped me get extra science from my Mun mission. I opted for the node with the 2.5m fairing, and the one with all the command pods. I was tempted by the big engines, but I think I won't need them for Minmus. I also considered extendable solars, but I'll make do with OX-STATs for now. The first two missions have leapt me through the low parts of the tech tree, but it looks like things might slow down a bit now. Normally I'd rush the science experiments but the challenge rules disallow that, so Minmus probably won't be an awful lot better than Mun science-wise. Moomba by cantab314, on Flickr Life's a beach ... one made of grey Mun dust by cantab314, on Flickr The engine is for control, not braking by cantab314, on Flickr Main science return from the Mun by cantab314, on Flickr OUTTAKE: This is what happens if I re-enter like I planned to by cantab314, on Flickr Full pics in the challenge album linked above.