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  1. That was epic. But remember, there's another escape velocity ...
  2. Granted. It's so full featured it literally shoots out of your computer screen. And all the enemies have them. I wish I could turn back time.
  3. M83 'Outro' and the ITS video

    It's the same piece of music that was used in Build Fly Dream.
  4. How effective would the "rocket ship" be?

    The closest thing I've done to it in KSP. Stock parts and stock Kerbin, built with FAR. Using a combination of whiplashes and rapiers it will SSTO with no payload, but I normally used it with a lifter akin to a shuttle. Landing it is tricky but obviously possible. Of course making an SSTO is a lot harder on Earth. I don't think it could be done with current engines, but an advanced jet/rocket hybrid or nuclear thermal engine would probably do it.
  5. Grnated. Teh geney cant spel. Enjuy yuor millon ducks. I wish I was a human with the radiation resistance of a cockroach.
  6. [1.2.2] RSSVE-Lite: Visual Enhancements for Potatoes v0.1.0

    Thanks for this mod. Seems to work fine with KSP 1.3 and now my Venus and Earth look realistic, and touch wood framerates will be good.
  7. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    You need to get Kopernicus for KSP 1.3 and use that, not the Kopernicus version in the RSS download. Same for ModularFlightIntegrator and Module Manager, which are both included with Kopernicus.
  8. New Shepard is reusable just like Falcon 9.
  9. Just got term'd on Roblox.

    Yeah, my guess is you're screwed. Making excuses will get your appeal trashed. Not knowing what you supposedly did wrong will get your appeal trashed. The only slight chance of getting unbanned on appeal in these sort of things is to admit what you did wrong and promise not to do it again. Even then, 99% chance your appeal gets trashed.
  10. Please help! What do I do?!

    If the laptop is yours, police report, then insurance claim if possible. Hopefully the bus has CCTV.
  11. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    Between Galileo's patch and the official release, is anything likely to break in a basic RSS install besides ships getting moved to different planets? (Which I know how to fix my saves for.)
  12. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    Nuclear bombs
  13. Cantab Learns Python with KSP and kRPC.

    Ahem, I've been a bit of a slowpoke. Rossum 3 Rocket: Modified "Science Jr". Extra science, chutes, batteries, and windproof antenna added. Boosters removed and upper stage short-fuelled. This time we'll be making a series of suborbital flights in a multistage rocket and conducting science experiments automatically during the flight. The code demonstrates the use of a function to perform a series of actions. It also shows the use of kRPC's built-in autopilot feature. And there are a bunch of print() functions to put diagnostic information on the command line. The flight path is crude, it's controlled by manually changing the hardcoded numbers in the script between flights, and the way science is handled is not ideal. But it works. Up to nearly 250 science in the save now. I don't fully understand why returns a list. That was the tricky bit of the API to understand for me, doesn't an experiment only have one piece of data? Or are there some that contain multiple? To the extent possible under law, I waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Python code in this post. This work is published from the United Kingdom. import time import krpc # First we check the science we have and decide if it wants transmitting or dumping # THEN we run experiments # This might seem backwards but there's a simple reason - returns instantly # but the experiment actually takes time to run # and I don't wish to do a guesswork sleep command def doscience(vessel): for part in'ModuleScienceExperiment'): # it throws an exception if the experiment already has data for data in print("Handling", part.title) if data.transmit_value > 0.1: print("Transmitting", part.title, "for", data.transmit_value) part.experiment.transmit() elif data.science_value < 0.1: print("Dumping", part.title, "for", data.science_value) part.experiment.dump() if part.experiment.has_data == False and part.experiment.inoperable == False: print("Running", part.title) #basic setup stuff conn = krpc.connect(name='Rossum 3') vessel = conn.space_center.active_vessel = True vessel.control.throttle = 1 prevbiome = vessel.biome prevsituation = vessel.situation #can't hurt to see what there is on the pad :) doscience(vessel) # launch! vessel.control.activate_next_stage() # go straight up for a bit while vessel.flight().mean_altitude < 2500: time.sleep(1) # set autopilot to pitch over = False vessel.auto_pilot.target_pitch_and_heading(60, 270) vessel.auto_pilot.engage() # 'main loop' # first fly the rocket! Just stage when thrust is zero. # that only works for simple serial staged rockets # Then do the science if the biome or situation have changed while True: if vessel.thrust == 0 and vessel.control.current_stage != 0: vessel.control.activate_next_stage() if vessel.biome != prevbiome or vessel.situation != prevsituation: print(vessel.biome, vessel.situation) doscience(vessel) prevbiome = vessel.biome prevsituation = vessel.situation time.sleep(1) Next time will be a big milestone - I'll be writing my first script to launch to orbit.
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot about jets, since Titanus has oxygen.
  15. Playability. Old Leouch had about 20 atm pressure at datum and descending into its rift was slow. Epic, but slow. Also too much pressure and rockets won't lift you back off. You can use propellers but again it'll be a slow ascent.