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  1. Today I Learned the Mission Builder can do that.
  2. No reverts ramps up the tension a hundred-fold. And it's such a good feeling when you nail the landing.
  3. https://imgur.com/9wFwkhG https://imgur.com/QJXbThw Flies surprisingly well, for a giant multirotor with a rocket hanging under it. The nightmare has been getting it in the water WITHOUT it blowing up. Even though it was descending at about 1 m/s when the main body hits the water that's still enough for a spectacular RUD. I had to use the rotors to very gently and carefully lower it in.
  4. The people were originally called Kermen. "Kerbal" was and still is an adjective to describe something that's over-the-top, crazy, and quite likely to explode. At some point that adjective came to describe the little green men (and later women) themselves.
  5. Though it wasn't used for the final touchdown, I still chuckled at seeing a Rhino-powered Gilly lander! You're also a braver man than me landing in a lander can. After I killed Kerbals doing that I insist on real pods/cockpits for my Kerbin landings.
  6. I don't know the mass. But I built "Jeb's Tylo Lander" which was single stage and powered by four Rhinos. It had additional drop tanks to get it out to Tylo in the first place. I then built a refueller capable of filling up the whole thing in one go, and I think that might still be my mass record.
  7. Working on a heavy lift octocopter. Thought I'd pick people's brains here. Which looks better for the rotor shrouds, the full gold or the silver and gold stripes?
  8. Welll ... it's to look cool (or, arguably, absurd) getting through the atmosphere. I'll try and avoid doing it though. My preliminary tests indicate the design needs loads of work anyway. And not shock heating, though that would have been suitably awesome. It's actually just moody red lighting.
  9. Any rules against clipping? I don't like doing it, but I have a design concept that wants it. (Specifically, five Kickbacks clipped into one.)
  10. I had forgotten about that. Although it's not what I had in mind it's fully within the rules and therefore is allowed. So congratulations on your new record! It's arguably exploiting a game bug but it's still wheel driven. If entries using it overwhelmingly dominate the leaderboards I'll add a class for vehicles that don't use the XL3. You ought to have a post-run photo, but since you say it drove around KSC with no trouble I'll waive the requirement this time.
  11. The Wheel Driven Speed Record Your goal is simple: Reach the fastest possible speed in a vehicle driven by its wheels. No jets, rockets, or propellers here! Vehicle Rules: Unaltered stock parts (DLCs included), physics, and solar system only. The vehicle must be propelled solely by one or more wheels. The use of thrust, aerodynamic forces, or any other force for propulsion is prohibited. - The wheels do not have to be wheel parts. They may be built from any parts in the game. - A vehicle that is solely a rotating wheel is not allowed. A monowheel or unicycle with a
  12. So I guess this actually qualifies as an STS-1a, since it flew to orbit and landed back on Kerbin. Sure, the orbit might have been around the Sun ... and Dres ... and landed there. But details. Diablos standing by for launch by cantab314, on Flickr
  13. They blooming well better be! I'm not reflying the whole dang Drespollo mission because it launched from the runway. Because yes, it's been a while but I've not forgotten about this. Diablos has completed the Drespollo mission. Inspired by Final Fantasy VIII's gravity-elemental summon, I was constrained a bit by the almost complete lack of black and red parts in KSP, but some lights made up for it. The full mission album starts here:: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49460439703/in/album-72157711410945967/ (And sorry if Flickr ads are annoying. They seem to show a lot
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