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  1. So I've re-downloaded it several times from the original link and I'm still getting a created timestamp of 03/18/2020 @ 3:57:24 PM. Not sure if I should be trying to pull from a different link, but it appears that I'm not getting the correct dll.
  2. Hmm, are you referring to the most current release, or a private testing build?
  3. Curious if there is any word on the status of an official fix for this in 1.8.1 since its been several months in progress? I consider it to be one of my "must have" mods and this is one of the last that I've been waiting for an update.
  4. Hmm, ok, I can see how that might be an issue, though I'm by no means experienced with Unity. My limited programming experience would tell me that calling something before its been initialized would lead to problems, though. I'll keep an eye out for the new version of Deadly Reentry since that's also on my "must have" list. I can imagine LGG would have had a lot of work on his hands... he's taken on such a critical role in maintaining so many really great mods, I don't know what this community would have done without him. As for my sources, it was just a couple of people who responded on Reddit when I'd asked about which version of KSP I should take, so I can't really be sure what they actually experienced, but my guess is that this is the culprit as it sounds like a respectable collection of commonly used mods suffered from it. Whatever the case, thanks for the detailed info and I'll look forward to the updated RF when you release it.
  5. BTW, @Starwaster, I know this really has nothing to do with RF, but you've been around a long time and I trust your opinion, so I'm going to ask it anyway. A couple of sources have mentioned that 1.8.x is one of the most unstable builds they'd seen and recommended using 1.7.3 even if all my desired mods supported 1.8.x since my goal is to run a very long career mode playthrough (the goal is to have an MKS colony or research base on every planet not only in the stock system, but also OPM and Extrasolar... so something like 30+ colonies or bases). Their experiences were that you're rarely able to play for more than an hour before the game CTDs without warning, causing lots of lost progress, and as such, the recommendation is to use 1.7.3 because its far more stable, even if it doesn't have the performance improvements that came with 1.8.x. Anyway, I'd really like to know what your thoughts would be about this topic. Thanks
  6. That's really great to hear! I'll happily wait for the release then. Thanks!
  7. I'm returning to KSP once again and in the process of trying to decide if I want to run 1.8.1 or 1.7.3 based on the available mod compatibility. I'm curious what RF's current status in regards to 1.8.1 compatibility is as the last mention of this KSP version was several months ago. I consider this one of my must-have mods so its likely that if its not compatible and will remain that way for some time, I'll opt for the older KSP version.
  8. The instant jump to high timewarp is the result of "warp to" commands like what you get from "warp to next morning", but also mods like KAC and KCT will instantly set max timewarp when you use certain functions. That all said, I first noticed the issue around the 1.0 release and persisted through the last time I tried playing around a year ago. I can't rule out mods causing it to be reintroduced, or at least exacerbating it, but if they did work to fix the issue, I'd definitely not seen it as of a year ago.
  9. This specific problem has stopped me from playing for years. I don't have the issue while playing within the Kerbin SOI, but 100% of my attempts over the last few years to launch interplanetary missions have failed because the mid-course corrections have needed hundreds or even thousands of m/s of dV that I could never seem to get ahead of. I even tried building an extra 1.5km/s of dV into one design only to have it need nearly 2km/s at a midway course correction. If this gradual timewarp change actually does fix the issue, I might just come back to play again.
  10. I'm definitely seeing serious improvement. I'm still getting the 1-second interval stutters, but they are markedly shorter (~.1s compared to ~.5s) and thats with my dumpster fire of an install.
  11. I've actually experienced something similar to this a few days ago. I have a Mk-1 pod on top of a rocket and the FASA launch tower as part of the ground equipment. When I went to launch the vehicle, Val was correctly placed in the MK-1 pod which appeared after the launch tower's 16 crew slots. When I loaded into the flight scene, Val was nowhere to be found and I couldn't control the rocket. After several more attempts with the same results just to be sure I wasn't accidentally loading her into the tower, I tried putting her in the first slot, which belonged to the tower and presto, she was magically in the pod when I loaded into the scene. I kinda figured it was a bug with the launch tower since that mod is quite old not officially supported beyond 1.4.2, so I didn't bother to report it here. It's only after reading about your issue that I think something similar might have been happening. I'll try to get some logs relating to this tomorrow as I won't have time tonight.