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  1. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Firstly, most people aren't going to be very interested in helping you sort through a "crapton" of mods to find the culprit. I know first hand that running a heavily modded install means that I have to keep a 100% stock install as well to test individual mods to see where the conflict is because showing up in a thread with an issue an letting people see that I have 200+ mods immediately results in responses of "most likely a mod conflict somewhere else" or "try it on a clean install and see if you have the same problem". That said, your best bet is to search for the part and / or file name of the part (in this case something with reaction wheels) in the KSP.log and output_log.txt files after starting your game, loading everything, and the closing it again. By doing this, you can see each config file that makes changes to them which will help you track down the source of the "nerf". One thing I would point out is that SETI is a couple of years old at this point and many of its tweaks have been adopted by other mod authors (including some of the authors of the mods SETI rebalances), so you can't just assume that the result you're seeing is SETI's fault.
  2. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Won't have time to look at it myself for a couple of days, but after having fixed the recyclers recently, my best suggestion is to look at the way the TacGenericConverter module is written for the part. At some point in the past, TAC-LS changed the way it is structured and none of the SETI parts got the update, breaking pretty much all of them. If you need an example of how it should look, open up the configs for the converters that came with TAC-LS.
  3. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Hmmm, strange, at that level you shouldn't be worried about EC hardly at all thanks to larger solar panels.
  4. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Are you just starting out with your first few probes, or have you unlocked a lot of tech nodes and are launching more advanced missions? The reason I ask is because I've never had a problem with how much power communication takes except for the first few launches before I've managed to unlock any decent solar panels or RTGs since those launches are operating only on batteries so every EC counts. Once you've got a few solar panels to work with, comms could take hundreds of EC per transmission and it wouldn't matter because it would be replaced in a matter of seconds or at most minutes. That said, unfortunately since you're using the stock communication system the only ways I know off the top of my head to change the amount of EC that transmission uses are either to go into each antenna's config and manually change it or to write a module manager file that uses math to adjust them all at the same time. If you were using RT, there is a slider right in the settings window in-game that would allow you to adjust consumption to taste.
  5. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Are you using remote tech or the stock system? EDIT: Also, what stage of the game are you on?
  6. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Strange. Might be a 3rd mod causing the issue, but to figure that out you'd need to work through each of your 90+ mods to see if there was a conflict.
  7. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    That's gotta be something you did by accident at some point because that is not behavior that I've ever seen.
  8. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    No need really, just go into the RT settings config through the in-game menu button and enable it there. For a long time now RT has kept a per-save config file, so editing the settings for RT while in-game changes that config and leaves the others as-is.
  9. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Could be. I just booted up my current career save to check and can confirm that the stock comm network is disabled.
  10. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    No, I use RT instead of stock comms. I haven't touched them at all.
  11. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    And I can tell you that this is probably wrong because I have RT, SETI, OPM, and several antenna mods installed and my game is working fine. Which antenna mod are you using? Please provide a link to the release thread.
  12. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Sounds to me more like an antenna issue or incorrectly modded SPU syntax. Something to try would be to build a crewed vehicle and try to transmit science with an omni antenna from the pad. This would at least rule out the ground stations. The reason I suggest this is that I've had it happen in the past where mods tried to change the SPU status of probe cores and borked it up royally so they wouldn't work anymore at all. Another thing you should probably try is installing just RT and SETI on a clean install of KSP to see if they are working together correctly. If they are, you'll need to start adding your mods back in one at a time until it breaks again and you can identify exactly where things are going wrong.
  13. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    Where exactly are you experiencing things breaking? Are you unable to control probes at all, or is it just in certain circumstances?
  14. [1.3.x] SETI, Unmanned before Manned [Patreon]

    I run nearly 200 mods, though the only one you've listed that I don't have is kerbinside. EDT: What is SVT?