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  1. Try deleting TweakScale completely from gamedata and re-installing. Seems others have had this according to the GitHub issue. https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScale/issues/34 If you have issues in the future, you should upload the whole log to google drive or similar and post a link here.
  2. Need more info than this. How about we start with a screenshot of your GameData folder
  3. Yes all legacy parts were removed with the latest update. It’s in the patch notes.
  4. KIS and KAS have been separate mods for a while now. KIS deals with storing parts and in flight repairs and modifications. KAS deals with connecting two vehicles, towing and the like. KAS link
  5. @Raptor9 I was browsing your hanger links and discovered your base module link goes to the station module hanger.
  6. He wants to know if it’s possible to have the mod block placement of a part, if said part is clipping into another part.
  7. It looks great. It’s one of my favorite planes. Jus so you know though the DC-10 used GE CF6 engines not rolls Royce.
  8. When you click to grab the part hold the mouse button down and drag to inventory.
  9. Could you provide a little context? Are you asking if the mod is 1.3.1 compatible?
  10. You could also use the in game user guide. It’s the part that looks like a blue book
  11. Need a little more info. A pic of your GameData folder and usi folder would be a good start. Also your log.
  12. @Bakkerbaard yes using a touchpad can cause issues. Some computers lock the left click action when the keyboard is in use with a touchpad. I am assuming it’s a laptop you are using?
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