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  1. I've not messed with it, but it should be things like turning lights on and off. If you disable the event then it wouldn't be an option.
  2. TUFX is basically the replacement for KS3P. KS3P is based on the official v1 unity post processing pack; TUFX is based on v2. v3 uses Unity's all new rendering pipeline, so it will probably never make it into KSP. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/192212-19x-tufx-post-processing/
  3. Where did you find the resolution for the missing AnimatedIntake module?
  4. @DMagic Could you please add a NEEDS[UniversalStorage] to the relevant parts? You have already done so for UniversalStorage2; or perhaps they could just be removed since I don't believe the authors support the first version anymore?
  5. @DMagic It looks like KSPedia stuff needs a recompile. [ERR 08:21:06.529] The AssetBundle 'file://C:\Games\KSP 1.9.1\GameData\SCANsat\Resources\KSPedia\scansat.ksp' can't be loaded because it was not built with the right version or build target.
  6. Near Future Aeronautics: [ERR 08:20:40.560] DDS: DXT3(32x32, MipMap=False) - DXT3 format is NOT supported. Use DXT5 [WRN 08:20:40.560] Texture load error in 'C:\Games\KSP 1.9.1\GameData\WildBlueIndustries\001KerbalActuators\Icons\Gear.dds' [ERR 08:20:40.649] DDS: DXT3(512x512, MipMap=False) - DXT3 format is NOT supported. Use DXT5 [WRN 08:20:40.649] Texture load error in 'C:\Games\KSP 1.9.1\GameData\WildBlueIndustries\001KerbalActuators\Parts\Utility\SampleArm\BaseUnit.dds' [ERR 08:20:40.659] DDS: DXT3(512x512, MipMap=False) - DXT3 format is NOT supported. Use DXT5 [WRN 08:20:40.659] Texture load error in 'C:\Games\KSP 1.9.1\GameData\WildBlueIndustries\001KerbalActuators\Parts\Utility\SampleArm\Mk1StationArm.dds' [ERR 08:20:40.670] DDS: DXT3(512x512, MipMap=False) - DXT3 format is NOT supported. Use DXT5 [WRN 08:20:40.670] Texture load error in 'C:\Games\KSP 1.9.1\GameData\WildBlueIndustries\001KerbalActuators\Parts\Utility\SampleArm\Mk1StationArmEmiss.dds' [ERR 08:20:40.751] DDS: DXT3(512x512, MipMap=False) - DXT3 format is NOT supported. Use DXT5 [WRN 08:20:40.751] Texture load error in 'C:\Games\KSP 1.9.1\GameData\WildBlueIndustries\001KerbalActuators\Parts\Utility\SampleCrane\KonstructionKrane.dds' [LOG 08:21:17.017] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'NearFutureAeronautics/Parts/Nacelle/nfa-intake-largeshock/nfa-intake-largeshock' [ERR 08:21:17.020] Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'AnimatedIntake' The MiniAVC also throws errors on the WildBlueIndustries stuff. Angel-125 does have a newer 1.8.1 version of actuators on github. The missing AnimatedIntake module seems like it might require an additional dependency of B9AnimationModules. Adding B9AnimationModules does not correct it, though. NearFutureSolar: [ERR 08:21:30.948] Material doesn't have a texture property '_SpecMap' *there are a ton of these @Nertea Is there a way to setup the RPM-only internals to fall under MM so they can use NEEDS and only try to load if you have RPM installed? They cause a flood of logs for the missing prop models and such. (MarkIVSystem/Spaces/mk4cockpit/mk4cockpit-internal-rpm/mk4cockpitIVA-rpm, MarkIVSystem/Spaces/mk4cockpit-2/mk4cockpit-2internal-rpm/mk4cockpit-2IVA-rpm) After installing all of your mods (Restock, NearFuture, MkIV, HeatControl, etc), there seems to be 3 B9 resource registrations that duplicate a name somewhere (I would assume this is non-destructive though): [LOG 09:25:02.095] Generating field configuration for type B9PartSwitch.TankResource [ERR 09:25:02.099] B9TankSettings: The tank type OX already exists [ERR 09:25:02.099] B9TankSettings: The tank type LF already exists [ERR 09:25:02.100] B9TankSettings: The tank type LFOX already exists
  7. @Sigma88 Have you noticed if these last couple revisions of PQS actually add any new features or if they're just fiddling with textures and how it shades and such?
  8. Sure. It'd help a ton if you could come up with a list of technology advancement nodes you want to use: things like wood & steel -> aluminum -> composites for structural or whatever. They would encompass countless parts depending on their application. I could try to come up with nodes myself, but it would be unlikely to fall in line with your original thoughts on how to categorize things for ETT. Doing a couple quick tests, I should be able to use the magic of ModuleManager to apply these on a grand scale, covering all parts regardless of stock or mod so long as they fit certain criteria. My first thoughts for stat improvement is: new-50%, improved-80%, advanced-100%; this would provide for a very notable improvement in functionality on existing parts as you progress through the tree, but would need to make sure it doesn't cross any practicality thresholds. Certain types of tech may need more or less than 3 improvements as well, but it seemed to me a good generic starting point. First Thoughts of Improvement Types: Structural Materials (mass, impact tolerance, g-force tolerance, heat tolerance) Thermodynamics (heat tolerance, ablator per mass, heat transfer rate) Charge Density (electric per mass ratio) Combustion (thrust, fuel efficiency) Cryogenics (liquid fuel/oxidizer per volume, mass) Gyroscopics (force per mass of reaction wheels) Software (SAS modes) Hydraulics (gimbal range, piston efficiency and max force) Electromagnetics (servo/rotor efficiency and max force, generator/alternator efficiency, wheel efficiency) Aerodynamics (drag, max lift) Chemistry (ISRU efficiency, fuel efficiency) Analytics (science efficiency)
  9. I just use low 128 most of the time unless I happen to have some parts with large reflections on them, like a giant glass dome.
  10. He means the actual in-game settings. Squad defaults KSP to have the majority of visuals turned off or at low quality.
  11. @Shadowmage Do you intend to include your lightweight atmospheric scattering shader along with the post-process stuff?
  12. @Probus ETT is bar-none my favorite tech tree, although there are quite a few things I'd do a bit differently, the concept is sound. If you're intending to put time into this again, would you be open to the idea of using part upgrades to reflect advancing technology. For example, have battery nodes in the tree to go through Lead Acid, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, etc and have that reflect in the mass and charge of anything that contains battery power.
  13. I'd say you're very near to having this release-worthy. Do you have a to-do list for what needs finished before it moves over? I might suggest you change your deployment method over to github though; this way you can use the issue tracker (which is great for sanity).