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  1. @R-T-B do you and @Gameslinx intend to work together to create a singular package for planet creation with all the bells and whistles available?
  2. This might help you: Also, make sure you select one of the shaders that supports normals as several KSP shaders do not.
  3. You'd need a mod that lets you switch out textures for things that are not parts. It'd be pretty simple, but I don't have one made right now. You can check TextureReplacer and with Sigma to see if anything fits the bill. I'm not sure what all they iterate through. I just deleted my KSP texture name db last week when reloading my computer, or I could tell you which names you needed, sorry.
  4. +VARIANT is copy syntax for MM; you just want to use VARIANT if you want to add your own without copying an existing one. If you start with a copy, you'll need to use the @ syntax for editing an existing property instead (like @name = Duna).
  5. @inigma Have you considered adjusting these contracts to allow them to be viable with Luciole as well? It contains both 0.3125 and 0.625 rocket parts.
  6. Would there be a way to arbitrarily set the depth buffer to a much nearer far plane, while still only using a single camera? Or have it prioritize precision nearby? I also wonder if allowDynamicResolution would help. I see that DepthTextureMode.MotionVectors holds 4 times more data than the other modes, but I'm not sure the resultant depth texture would be useful to what needs it.
  7. That looks like your normal map has issues. And if you're not using a normal map, you need to enable the TU_BC5_NRM keyword because the default "bump" that unity assigns has one channel wrong.
  8. @Shadowmage Is there any cfg syntax that can be used to add a reflection probe to the MainMenu? Using my plugin that uses procedural application of TU to everything, the visors of kerbals look very wrong with no reflection probe. Also, could you add a _SpecAlphaInvert property that would apply to either color.a or spec.a maps depending on TU_STOCK_SPEC? The use case is for transparent shader, the alpha channel is generally exactly inverted to what you want for smoothness.
  9. @Shadowmage For transparency, here are the options that stock shaders use: most have _Cutout property default 0.5 Queue: Transparent, RenderType: Transparent Queue: AlphaTest, RenderType: TransparentCutout Queue: AlphaTest, RenderType: Opaque some use alpha:fade some use alpha:_Cutout some have ZWrite On, some don't some have ZTest LEqual, some don't some have a Pass{} with ZWrite On, ColorMask 0, then later only ZTest LEqual I don't think there is a need to cover everything, but the ability to use _Cutout would be most useful ---- I'm also try
  10. The TU transparent shader is locked into zwrite=true, srcblend=alpha, dstblend=oneminusalpha, and doesn't have a cutoff option. This can lead to some cases where it doesn't work.
  11. @Shadowmage It's been mentioned to me that the most likely reason for banding is if the color precision is off, for example blending the depth (16-bits per pixel) into a normal texture (8 bits per pixel).
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