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  1. There is no BDB config. BDB will require that you create a metal map at the very least for nearly every part; and there are a LOT of parts.
  2. One thing to note that may be affecting this is that in 1.8 many of the 'bumped' shaders that used to be fine if you did not specify a bump map, now require that you provide one. If it's blank, it does not render properly.
  3. I've spoken with some authors who have wanted to use custom shaders for things, but couldn't figure out how to get shaders into KSP. When I mentioned that shader import was the whole original purpose of TU, they were surprised it could even be used for that and had thought that by even just installing TU, your whole install would be infected with shiny parts (it seems someone had uploaded a 'TU config' for stock to CKAN a long time ago that is similar to one of my old example patches that just does a mesh blanket for shiny; and this is what everyone knows TU by). I think KSP attracts a lot of new artists to try their hand at modeling, and don't understand that PBR does not mean shiny metal unless you make it so. You may also want a concise summary of what TU does and doesn't do on the Wiki Home. It's an incredibly useful tool that seems to be misunderstood frequently.
  4. @Shadowmage Could you also please add documentation for the uvunwrap and shader loader features to the wiki?
  5. The guides I have on my thread are for variants; there is some forum discussion about TU configs though. The best resource for configs is the wiki section of the github for Textures Unlimited. If you have something specific, just ask in this thread and you'll get help. For the best stock implementation, look at: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174188-textures-unlimited-recolour-depot/
  6. You'll probably want to just use RoverDude's examples in the actual mod to see how to use it. https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/blob/master/For release/Firespitter/Parts/Engine/FS_copterRotorMain/part.cfg There are also a couple links on the wiki page there with documentation, but no idea how valid they are.
  7. The reason ModulePartVariants defaults to run-time drag cubes is in case you specify different models within your variants, so each one would have different drag. Obviously, if you just have color changes, this is unnecessary, and setting it static is fine.
  8. You don't need to create a mod, just learn how to make configs for Kopernicus, Scatterer, and EVE.
  9. A lot of people who make wheels for KSP use KSPWheel as a dependency.
  10. @Shadowmage When you get a moment, would you mind adding the cfg syntax to the github wiki for specifying a custom color group for the recolor GUI? I think I garnered what was needed by looking at the code for definition, but didn't see anywhere to specify the group name to use (like in the GUI PartModule). KSP_COLOR_PRESET { name = A title = color = specular = metallic = } KSP_COLOR_PRESET { name = B title = color = specular = metallic = } KSP_COLOR_PRESET { name = C title = color = specular = metallic = } PRESET_COLOR_GROUP { name = MyColorPresets color = A color = B color = C } You can re-use a textureset on as many things as you want, but not parts of it. If you want everything the same, but have different mesh= or something, then utilize ModuleManager's syntax to copy/edit a generic textureset and then add the needed mesh names to it. +KSP_TEXTURE_SET[templateName] { %name = newName }
  11. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-TextureImporterOverride.html
  12. The 1.8.1 hotfix is out now too, so in theory the major issues with 1.8 should have been addressed now.
  13. I found your issue: The MiniISRU model has textures attached to some the colliders, but they are blank... you could submit this as a bug, but I don't know if they'll bother to fix it.
  14. Try searching for UnityEngine (no extension) within the ksp folder?
  15. KSP_x64_Data is still being used for the managed dlls. The references you need have changed slightly with 1.8 and can be found in the sticky of this same forum.