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  1. klesh

    KSP Weekly: Thrusting into the future

    Monoprop SRB's?
  2. The poll was recently edited to prevent people that dont own the dlc from voting as though it were a funtime joke activity. You can add a close poll date in the OP editing process. I feel like the poll was open long enough, and enough serious participatory answers were given that a reasonable community consensus can be gleaned from the data, though 68 respondants is a paltry, statistically insignificant sample size.
  3. klesh

    Feedback on missions of the week.

    Where exactly did I dump on any of the mission creator's work? Point that out, please?
  4. These missions of the week... They've consistently been missions from literally 5 months ago. The last several MotW have had cobwebs in their forum posts, no replies to these MotW threads, 2 thumbs up by the same Squad employees, and no further posts to their dead forum threads after the MotW is posted. Are we just pretending these missions are being played and enjoyed? This one hasn't had a post to it since March. One before that hadn't had a post to it's thread since July. One before that hadn't had a post to it since March. One before that hadn't had a post to it since July, and has just one post not from the author saying "wow this looks neat, I'll try it". One before that hadn't had a post to it since May. One before that hadn't had a post to it since April. They're all from ~ a month after the DLC was released, and have had nearly zero activity since being originally posted, yet they are featured in August and still get no activity. It seems like no one is playing these missions whatsoever. Even the crickets have moved out of these ghost towns. It would appear that the criterion for being selected as a Mission of the Week is simply a mission that exists. Pretty soon, they're going to run out of those. If this doesn't tell you, Squad, that practically no one thinks this mission builder is cool, or fun, or worth buying your DLC for, then I don't know what does. Next time you make a DLC, how about you ask us what we want, instead of guessing and delivering something no one is interested in. It makes me sad to think how much development time was wasted on this mission builder. I've been wondering where the best place to even post an idea like this is. Anywhere else and it would just get moved to the Making History subforums, where there is even less activity.
  5. klesh

    KSP Weekly: Closer to Bennu

    I do no like the revamped HECSII. It looks like the interns have been given the keys to photoshop again. I know you guys featured some of those new artists on your Making History launch stream, I think you need more or better artists. That plain black circle on the end is not pretty.
  6. "Enhanced" is a euphemism for "working" these days it seems. But don't pretend its not part of the discussion for Squad and TakeTwo. They voluntarily began selling their product to a line of consumers that "just use a mod" is no longer a viable suggestion/ crutch for the developers. Whether that impacts you is of no concern to the people making the decisions.
  7. klesh

    Interesting rockets and mission tales

    There are entire sections of this forum dedicated to both posting your ships, and stories about your cool missions. You should go those places.
  8. At least Squad is really committed... to not fixing their broken patcher. Very professional, guys.
  9. No, you have to create a new login for yourself. Its completely separate from the forums or any other account ksp type account. When reporting a bug, you are given the ability to choose the playform you’re experiencing it on.
  10. Nothing will be done about it unless you post it as a bug on Squad's official bugtracker. I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to find that particular web address for the bugtracker.
  11. klesh


    Correct, and I am referring to how it took Squad 3 full months to patch an entire two lines of text in the part’s .cfg file so it would work as intended.
  12. klesh

    Time for KSP 2.0

    I very much disagree. KSP could be built by a dev team with thousands of employees very easily. It is in the hands of a goliath publisher, Take Two Interactive, they have more money than they know what to do with. For whatever reason, they've chosen to keep the scrappy little Squad on as a devteam, and I'm not so sure I agree with that decision as a consumer of KSP-related things. Its holding back KSP1, as evidenced by Making History's lacklustre quality and sales. Several new faces are making parts and art and the quality shows. Did you see them on the MH release stream? Who knows what TTI have up their sleeve for KSP 2 and beyond? For all we know, its secretly being worked on right now by a traditional big development studio hired by TTI, while Squad is contracted to maintain and slowly inch KSP(1) forward. That's pure speculation, mind you. Don't confuse your idea of what KSP was "meant to be" with the reality that it was made as a side project for a marketing company on what all signs point to as a shoestring budget. Don't forget the console version had a year-long false start; I'm sure you needn't be reminded. If Squad hadn't hired a fly by night port company the first time around and didn't need to pay to have the entire thing done all over again, the console version would be closer to the PC version than it is today. Take Two bought it because they thought they could make money from it. So far, it doesn't appear they have done very much with their new acquisition. I mean, people have been clamoring for kerbal merch for months and months and Squad can only say "soon". You'd think TTI, were they trying to squeeze every last drop out of KSP, would've had all sorts of ways to milk extra dollars from the playerbase. So far we haven't seen much at all. Either they're sitting on a hush hush KSP2, some other "franchise game" like kerbal XYZ program, or something else. It makes no sense for them to have bought it and do nothing which is what it appears to be the case now as a consumer.
  13. klesh

    KSP Weekly: Lunar Water

    Orange suits for EVA for the big 4 - Agreed! We seriously need colors for the kerbal specializations. Give everybody the suit-changing function from MH. Retain MH suits for MH owners only, but give us new colored specialization version of those MH suits too. Mercury and Gemini capsule noseparts - agreed; sorely lacking from MH parts list for Capsule MkII (1.875m). Letting us look at artwork, critique them, and then letting your artists have the time to go back and make tweaks based on our feedback - Agreed! This tete-a-tete is nice, but only if you give your artists a chance to put our feedback to use. It needs to be part of their time budget per part. I am looking forward to checking out more new parts. There are some that really need an overhaul. Thanks for doing this!
  14. klesh

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    We can take the specific discussion of it to the other thread so as to not derail this one if you like. No, I haven't blocked it via firewall, but I'm past that now. At this point having been given the address that that link is supposed to go to, going to it and finding nothing about opting opting out of KSP data collection, I am more concerned with how to navigate the Unity portal Squad has told us to go to to opt out. To be honest, I'm taking a break from all videogames at present, so it's not high on my motivational list anyway. I just wanted to chime in on my lunchbreak about how the "opt out from analytics" thing is less than user-friendly, even when you get to the portal thing Squad intends you to be at.