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  1. You say "no?" and "right?" as if I have any idea what the pipes are for and what direction (other than toward fiery end) they are supposed to point! I presumed the pipes were strictly fuel, and ran only toward the engine but I am probably wrong; it would not be the first time. Noted, center pipe downward.
  2. Yes, its purely visual, and something that can be rectified with the Offset Tool. Its just that attention to detail, I like that they went for it with the added greebled fuel lines, but point them the right way is all.
  3. I was going to say thanks for fixing the drag cubes on the engine plates, but in testing it just now I saw some funkiness in the decouplers' drag cubes. I wish I understood more about them, or the debug menu would have a "visualize drag cubes" function to see them. I'm getting lots of drag behind decouplers where maybe there shouldn't be, but I haven't the time to really dig deep. Someone care to have a look? Put some decouplers in your test stacks and turn on areo in the gui.
  4. Right click the game in library, properties, local files, verify integrity of game cache.
  5. Please allow me to introduce you to it's more RAM friendly cousin, KSP_x64.exe.
  6. Oh, interesting. The playback seems to be just fine for me. I'll keep my eye on the playback speed if it starts to get scratchy. I'll watch it now.
  7. Weird, its unlistenable for me. The advertisement on twitch beforehand was clear as a bell, but there is so much scratchiness whenever someone talks in the stream I can't bear to listen. Oh well!
  8. I'm trying to watch but the audio quality seems awful, like there is something wrong. Just me?
  9. Hey bro, this is some really good content you got here. Well-discussed concepts, great designs, you didn't tell me to smash a like button. Top shelf my man.
  10. I got this one stuck in the dome as of late. This particular live version especially as the tone that the bassist is getting from that Pbass is so excellent. Recently purchased a bass and I have been really paying attention to bass tone.
  11. I messed around with Breaking Ground hinges to achieve more appropriate Soyuz panels. Also discovered a thing about using the KAL editor that makes it alot easier to use. Turned out pretty good:
  12. Do you have Breaking Ground? I just made an upgrade for more Soyuzlike solar panels.