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  1. Not looking at my game, but if I recall doesn’t one have to specifically click to allow crossfeed on engine plates within the VAB prior to launch? I could be mistaken and that option is not available.
  2. Unfortunately, no it's gone-gone now... https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/175447-is-the-mk1-2-command-pod-gone-no/
  3. Well that bug was just recently set to Confirmed by Squad 14 days ago, so I guess they're officially aware of it now if they weren't already. Quite surprised this wasn't fixed in 1.8.
  4. They're diversifying into jewelry as well: Its obvious there is interest in these sorts of items. I wonder what the hold up is?
  5. https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspedia/
  6. Thanks fellas. Gonna block all that nonsense straight away.
  7. I've not used that mod, so I don't know anything about how you were able to get it to stick to the bay. Usually, parts dont stick together like that unless its docking ports or by radially attaching them in the VAB/SPH. While you can sort of trap a recovery part inside a cargo bay by closing the doors and letting it bounce around, its not the ideal solution as your ship and the recovery target will be 2 separate crafts. The cockpit could blow up if it bangs against your cargo bay at a speed greater than it's impact tolerance. Its a dicey, last resort kind of solution, but it certainly can work if done carefully. The standard use of a cargo bay is on launch when you want to bring some detachable cargo to space, like perhaps a satellite or probe you're sending out. The payload is attached to the cargo bay internally, you open the doors once you reach the vacuum of space, detach the payload and now you've got 2 separate crafts: The advanced grabbing unit I mentioned above is a part that lets you grab another craft, be it a one-part recovery contract craft or a larger ship, and when a proper connection is made, the two crafts become one. Often times, you can send a small craft with propulsion, the advanced grabbing unit, some batteries, and a bunch of parachutes which will attach itself to the contact target and deorbit it, landing safely on parachutes. Here is Scott Manley doing exactly this: Further, you can put that advanced grabbing unit inside a cargo bay, maneuver such that it grabs the contract target, and then close the bay doors and the contract target part then becomes part of your ship and wont be rattling around inside the cargo bay. Like almost everything in KSP there are a few ways to tackle the problem you're trying to solve. Have fun trying all the methods.
  8. The only time I know that a free floating part will slide through closed doors is during time warp. That's odd that you're experiencing that. Do you have access to the Advanced Grabbing Unit? It's the best way to get a part thats floating around like that and secure it.
  9. [snip] I didn't say I proved the OP is running mods, I used a question mark which denotes a question, suggesting perhaps he is running a mod that is causing it the same way Streetwind did. A huge number of reported bugs after an update are inevitably from the reporter running a modded install with conflicts. FYI, I tested first with a probe core with several deployable antennae on it, then again with my own Soyuz replica which has a larger fairing on it, and used all 5 fairing sizes. All 5 went to space just fine with extended antennae in the fairings, probe core or Soyuz. I then reran the tests popping the fairings off in the atmosphere and all 5 tests resulted in the antennae breaking immediately. [snip]