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  1. This game just keep giving and giving. Easily the best videogame purchase of my life. Thank you so much to everyone responsible for bringing more KSP to us.
  2. You've got the Show part down, now how about some Tell.
  3. The problem with Cities Skylines and the Paradox model is, if you want to step into that game in its fully fleshed out state its going to run you well over $200. If you just buy the $50 base version, you end up lacking so many should-be core components that you’ll be left feeling like you're playing a shell of the full experience. Want nighttime? Pay up. Want industry, pay up, want shipping, pay up, want more public transportation, pay up. Want eva fuel, pay up. Want parachutes, pay up, want wheels to rove somewhere after you’ve landed, pay up. Want more than one antennae to transmit science, why you need the communications dlc $12.99
  4. Let’s put it this way. I’m glad KSP2 is not an update to KSP1 and that KSP1 will still be around if whomever the devs of KSP2 are manage to blow it. At this point its 50/50 as to whether KSP2 will be terrible. My lack of confidence comes from some no name dev outfit, that was all gobbled up from the last no name dev outfit, thats a minor little indie arm of a dev that I have heard of. At least Flying Tiger had a development history. I wish them luck, their marketing sure looks nice, but I’m not expecting this to be the KSP2 I want so my expectations are muted. If they knock it out of the park and do a great job then it will come up roses for everyone, which would be nice.
  5. OP states the contract said "on board", which might be him being vague or possibly the exact wording of the contract. If the latter, it would seem that being more specific with the wording to explicitly require "a working part installed on the craft" would improve the contract experience. We need to know the exact contract text here to best determine a solution though.
  6. Post a screenshot! We can help you sort this out.
  7. Welcome to the forums! Thats exactly how I got my start in KSP. I have no idea how I got there, but watching Manley led me to buying the game when it came out on Steam circa what, 2013? Still love his channel as he provides information that you just don't get in other KSP channels. His has evolved to be far beyond simply videogames, which I really dig. As soon as something wild happens in space, I know my guy Scott Manley will soon be on the scene to explain it to me properly.
  8. Hi Tony, welcome to the forums! The people here are very friendly and very helpful. I agree that the Spacecraft Exchange part of this forums is a great place for inspiration and design ideas. You can see all sorts of ships your fellow players have come up with.
  9. To get the kind of response you're after you'll want to post that to the bugtracker.
  10. Works great, thank you! Some nice fixes in this one, Dev Team. Thank you. I really appreciate the revamp of the original 2 lights as well.
  11. 2.5 for me. I mostly enjoy unmanned missions, and when I do bring a Kerbal I more often than not wish they were human (and no, not human colored Kerbal shapes), and usually reduce the visible portraits. That being said, when a mishap occurs or the character falls down on the planet's surface, I do get a chuckle out of the hapless green guys. They almost make player mistakes and even bugs in the game more lighthearted and fun and help remind me to have fun in life and stop being a jerk. I've been working on that; it's going pretty good.
  12. I feel like the key to making these not look too wide is to be sure your central booster tapers to 1.25m where the radial boosters attach. You can see the taper at 0:23 in OP's video. Does yours do that?
  13. Hi , welcome to the forums. To alert the developers to bugs in the game, report them on bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com. This bug has already been logged: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26872
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