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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Inspired by the news of the patch, I fired up KSP today and landed a rover on the Mun. First time using the Making History rover wheels and panels. Launched this in a classic Apollo-style SaturnV.
  2. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    I guess the bugtracker doesn't get updated very well then? I still see the majority of what has been posted there from 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 marked as "New", "Investigating", "Being Worked On", including one of the bugs I posted which the OP confirms will be included as a fix in 1.4.3. That particular one, regarding the orientation of the MH spawnable launchpad, shows a progress of 30%, but we're told here its complete? Either there will be a 1.4.4 or all of those issues are mislabeled, I guess. How does anything get marked as "done" on the bugtracker, when even the stuff that has been fixed is left as "investigating" etc? They must have some method of preventing one another from looking onto bugs that a colleague has fixed, but didn't close down or update the ticket?
  3. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    It says right in the OP where they want bug reports. Hint: its not in this thread.
  4. It looks like we may've lost the ability to mouse over the user list on the main forum index to spy on see what thread someone might be viewing? Edit: hmmm now I am able to. Strange backs and forths. I'll try clearing my browser cache once I figure out how to.
  5. I've been getting this too. At present I can post, but often I click the "add reply" area and it does not react. I use Firefox 64-bit 59.0.2 I did see @ManeTI browsing the forums yesterday, maybe he could shed some light on the subject.
  6. KerbalX Program? Reusablity.

    It really depends on how you like to play and what you enjoy doing. Some players don’t care about their first stages, nor about leaving LKO full of spent upper stages. Some will leave their upper stages in LKO so as to play space cleanup after they research the klaw. Some might not know how to do a recoverable program yet, though its a goal theyre shooting for. Some players will use the best equipment they've unlocked regardless of costs; Vectors and TwinBoars galore! While others with do prelaunch mathematics and launch only the smallest and cheapest and most minimal craft they can, no matter how many funds are available. What is best is whatever you get a kick out of. In terms of the economics behind it, the stategies can be used to adjust the contract payouts to suit your style. Should you be the carefree stage flinger, that playstyle can be paid for by converting some of your reputation gains into extra funds to cover the cost. Should you find landing your first stages to be tedious and not fun, then dont do it. Should you find yourself running out of funds using disposable launchers, then adjust your stategies to yield more funds and make that launch style economical. I personally enjoy recovering my first and second stages, but I reduce the tedium by relying on parachutes and not particularly caring how close I get to the KSC. Closer is better, to be sure. But recovering at 50% is also better than not recovering at all.
  7. Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live!

    Join the club. First time since 0.23 that I've felt the need to let the game get fixed before I invest any time in it. Not what I was expecting for my $15.
  8. An example of some old Squad copyrighted artwork that could have potential use in people's mission banners, what got me thinking about the topic in the first place. Thanks for raising the question, DMan.
  9. Annoying Bug

  10. Anyone willing to confirm this? It takes about 3 seconds to recreate. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/18508
  11. A launch engine with an atmospheric ISP of 70? Really?
  12. I'd give this a test via spawning a kerbal near them via the mission builder, but I have no idea where they are and just scrolling around aint gonna work. The best I can find is this post, but the coordinates aren't the same the mission builder wants.
  13. fix this fairing glitch in ksp 1.4.2

  14. There is nothing in the bugtracker about this supposed stats switch. If you really think its a problem, one of you should post it there.
  15. DeltaVee program for graphing calculator

    I see you looking at this old thread Darth Badie. Please put a DeltaV calculator in the game.