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  1. This needs so much more documentation, guys. 4 still slides in the KSPedia is not going to cut it. I cant even figure out the damn hinges on a totally different design. I am this close to refunding. ugh
  2. You mean launch clamps? I'll try it. Stay tuned. Edit: Putting it on a launch clamp sees the main rotor spinning at 130rpm with the motor disengaged. Its a Kraken drive, I guess. I have both the tail rotor and the main rotor set to turn on when I press Custom 1, and I can do that, and they'll spin at their preferred, set RPM. When I turn off the engine I get kraken drive on the main rotor. I'm also supremely confused about the next thing I am trying to accomplish. Standby for that too; totally different craft.
  3. No, I just went through and clicked every part, nothing autostrutted automatically. To be clear, thats just pressing launch, and the ship shakes itself apart. I agree, I think its an old classic KSP bug. I gave up on it. Trying something else that might be easier.
  4. Mine just explodes when I spawn it. I'm trying not to give up in frustration. Maybe something simpler to start for me I guess.
  5. So I tried this one and it explodes on the runway as soon as I launch the flight? Shakes itself to Oblivion before I even press a button. I feel oh so noobish here.
  6. I don't see a counter rotor on KerikBalm's? I guess thats why he has so many SAS modules on it?
  7. I must be really unintelligent then. I looked at the KSPedia, and it really didnt help me. I struggled to even figure out how to turn the rotor on; there seems to be no instructions anywhere. What am I doing wrong here? This should be as basic as it gets. When I get this rotor going, everything spins including the rover part bottom.
  8. Are there any stock craft that use any of these parts? I'm having a difficult time figuring out how any of this works.
  9. Thanks. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I checked the KSPedia, but the instructions are pretty scant on how to use these rotors, and some of the screenshots seems to be in Italian. I put some flaps on mine to act as rotor blades and they're freaking out.
  10. Can we get a Breaking Ground entry for the bugtracker, please... I've got some weirdness.
  11. Boy those alligator hinges are way too big to make a foldable Apollo style rover. One half the size of the smallest would be nice.