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  1. 1.4.4 this week! Don't forget to place your bets on whether this will be included! Vegas has it at 7/1 now!
  2. If you want it to be seen by a developer, put it on the bugtracker. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/
  3. klesh

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    TakeTwo is on the left, and Squad is on the right in case you couldn't tell the difference.
  4. So we never got clarification about uploading Squad's copyrighted artwork when sharing missions. I guess Take Two is okay with our distributing their copyrighted materials via Steam then?
  5. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    You get what you pay for I suppose. I wouldn't run a freebie OS and expect some niche game to cater to your joystick needs. You could always, you know, use a keyboard.
  6. Fair enough, just wondered if you had the inside scoop.
  7. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    Its funny how the bug that effects you the most gets top priority in your mind.
  8. I wonder what the design thought behind that is? Seems like exactly the kind of thing an Engineer would do?
  9. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    Thats how Steam Workshop works, 100%.
  10. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    Yup, steam has its own "update broke all my mods!" complaints for various games with Workshop. Game updates, and mod authors take a minute to follow suit, chaos ensues. You can also look on the bright side of: "Logged in today, steam updated KSP and all the mods associated with it automatically." No putting files in wrong folders or messing about. This works with dependent mods as well, providing everything has been brought up to current by their various authors.
  11. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    Indeed, it will be just another place for mods/missions etc, for only Steam people. I would bet $20 that this is a "no". No, it will only fiddle with the installation that Steam knows about. For instance, I cannot use Steam to update copies of the game that I have moved outside of my C/Steam/steamapps/common directory. You would have to move it back into the steamapps/common folder, get the mods (which of course won't be what you want if you wanted to keep that copy of the game in a state other than the latest) and then move the whole shebang back out to wherever you like to keep it. The whole idea of Steam in general is to remove the manual fiddling requirements for games, something the "average" user appreciates, in theory. Your game updates for you, in a correct way, screenshots are uploaded to their own display service, nice and tidy. DLC's added with the touch of a button. It's definitely NOT designed to manage multiple installs over multiple versions in locations outside of Steam's purview. These mods, or missions, or whatever will work only on the version they're uploaded for, and will need to be maintained like anything else. Especially since Stream auto-updates your Workshop content the same way it does with games, automagically.
  12. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    Whomever manages the Steam discussions area will need to alter the ol' Sal Vager sticky about Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/app/220200/discussions/0/494631967660451431/
  13. klesh

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    As someone that uses Steam, its great to see KSP finally taking advantage of some of its built-in features. Thoroughly applaud that. @StrandedonEarth, no, adding a non-steam game to Steam is essntially just putting a link to the .exe in Steam. You can use Steam’s overlay, people can see you playing “Non-Steam Game XYZ” on your profile, but you dont for instance get game updates or any other functionality that comes with Steam ownership of a given title, such as Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/1700542968202017334/
  14. klesh

    The Sticky Notes

    Cant recall if it was a B9 cockpit or vanilla, but I remember one talking about not rolling to the left too much or it will loosen the screws holding the ship together, lol.
  15. An interesting take, what do you find amazing about it?