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  1. 2.5 for me. I mostly enjoy unmanned missions, and when I do bring a Kerbal I more often than not wish they were human (and no, not human colored Kerbal shapes), and usually reduce the visible portraits. That being said, when a mishap occurs or the character falls down on the planet's surface, I do get a chuckle out of the hapless green guys. They almost make player mistakes and even bugs in the game more lighthearted and fun and help remind me to have fun in life and stop being a jerk. I've been working on that; it's going pretty good.
  2. I feel like the key to making these not look too wide is to be sure your central booster tapers to 1.25m where the radial boosters attach. You can see the taper at 0:23 in OP's video. Does yours do that?
  3. Hi , welcome to the forums. To alert the developers to bugs in the game, report them on bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com. This bug has already been logged: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26872
  4. I like the emotion in the Kerbal faces, especially the look of wonderment and awe. I think pilots, or perhaps pilots of a certain tier or experience level should lean into the turns while all other passengers, scientists, tourists, engineers et al should get tossed around. I like the arm flailing, and the general enhanced range of emotion but the screaming is a turn off to me. I generally turn off Kerbal portraits in the corner, and send mostly probes and un-kerbaled craft around so none of this is particularly important to me.
  5. The EVA Science animation is an absolute riot. EVA Construction seems solid so far. The addition of the visor is great! The inventory system is user friendly. Loving the look and function of the new lights. RCS additions oh so welcome, especially the tiny one. I'm having some shadow flickering, but enjoying too much to care right now. This seems really fun so far, I hope its a solid release. Thank you. Happy Holidays everyone.
  6. Is that what this texture-morphing-into-another-texture effect is called? I first saw it on the Mun revamp, and its completely disorienting and distracting but didn't know how best to describe it to bring up its shortcomings. On the Mun textures, you'll see big boulders below you as you descend that eventually fade away to something totally different. Really makes aiming for a nice landing spot disorienting and immersion breaking when whats below you changes visually 4 times as you near it. It also feels like it presents textures as perpetually hi res, which also makes it disorienting
  7. Now this is an excellent bit of news. Great little details like lights really make your creations come alive. Glad to see them interfacing with the BG deployment tech too. This is really good, Squad. Thank you.
  8. You say "no?" and "right?" as if I have any idea what the pipes are for and what direction (other than toward fiery end) they are supposed to point! I presumed the pipes were strictly fuel, and ran only toward the engine but I am probably wrong; it would not be the first time. Noted, center pipe downward.
  9. Yes, its purely visual, and something that can be rectified with the Offset Tool. Its just that attention to detail, I like that they went for it with the added greebled fuel lines, but point them the right way is all.
  10. I was going to say thanks for fixing the drag cubes on the engine plates, but in testing it just now I saw some funkiness in the decouplers' drag cubes. I wish I understood more about them, or the debug menu would have a "visualize drag cubes" function to see them. I'm getting lots of drag behind decouplers where maybe there shouldn't be, but I haven't the time to really dig deep. Someone care to have a look? Put some decouplers in your test stacks and turn on areo in the gui.
  11. Right click the game in library, properties, local files, verify integrity of game cache.
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