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  1. Who cares? Its a good thing I don't validate my opinions by comparing with those who feel the same way. I'm far too old for hyyyyyyyyyyype from a videogame, lol.
  2. This next gen future tech is what I am looking forward to the least about this game. I'm totally not interested in Orion drives and science fiction. I just want a KSP 1 to not look like it is a decade old.
  3. No technical reason they haven't yet. Would also appreciate a Shuttle Nosecone Variant of the 5m Nosecone.
  4. I wish the official merchandise being linked on the Main Menu used the KSP 1 logo and not the KSP 2 redesign of it. Sell us KSP2 stuff once you've finished the game.
  5. So we now have an official merch link on the game's main menu. It takes you to the store page on Private Division's webpage. Unfortunately, there are no shapeways figurines on offer. Its basically 3 t-shirts and a flag. Unfortunately they all seem to sport the KSP2 redesign of the classic KSP logo. However, it does look like Shapeways is involved in selling some potentially bootleg, copyright infringing items here and here.
  6. When we first started receiving these planet revamps I noticed something jarring with LOD changes. An example might be descending onto the surface of the Mun where as you descend and the LOD's change, you see giant boulders disappear and craters appear where there was nothing before. It almost feels like each LOD was created without the transitions between them being taken into consideration, or perhaps this is a consequence of stretching 2d over 3d or something technical. Here is an example of the LOD changes that I think don't look that great: Does that look weird to anyone besides me?
  7. I'd also like to say thank you for including those new stock craft, particularly the Breaking Ground ones like the Arrow-E, as their throttle usage is the most intuitive setup I've seen yet for propeller planes. Hopefully I'll be able to reverse engineer them and finally be able to make something useful with the Robotics. I wish they had been included at the DLC's release.
  8. I guess its the line between a near and a far camera... the game apparently renders what appears to be a normal scene using 2 cameras. Over the years, the line where the two cameras meet has varied between visible and not visible and various serveries of each. Let me try to take an example screenie. Okay here are two examples I just made real quick. https://imgur.com/a/vDQ7vw0 You should be able to see a horizontal line clearly running the width of the screen. The severity of its appearance changes. For example, on the launchpad no line was visible at all.
  9. Thank you. I posted that to the bug tracker a year ago, and it got absolutely no traction with a lowly 2 upvotes (pretty sure 1 of those is mine). I didn't expect it to receive any attention, but I am very thankful that it did. It gives me hope that indeed posting to the bugtracker is a good thing to do. Every patch you guys have fixed one of my posted bugs. Thanks again. Now to give the update a try! Edit: Okay, I really like dual Skippers: I just took a craft to orbit to check out Ultra Kerbin and I have to say the camera line on the way up is back and looks worse than ever. It looks quite a bit thicker than usual and very unaliased. In orbit its not there and Kerbin does indeed look gorgeous. Also, the "Official KSP Merchandise" link on the main menu is new right? For those wondering, it directs the user to here: https://store.privatedivision.com/en_US/merchandise Experienced some interesting LOD transition between new Kerbin textures. Gian squares of higher res terrain on top of what should've been there. I'll see if it keeps happening. This is with new Kerbin Ultra shader.
  10. Star Theory should start selling locomotive brakes.
  11. Yes. Annie, are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?
  12. Presumably they would have fixed this for 1.9 so it doesn't spoil the Kerbin revamp, though I suppose it spoiled whatever revamps that were in 1.8 when it was included in the build seemingly unnoticed. Technicalfool, who is on the QA staff, is active in the official bug report so rest assured they at least know about it. Of course, please upvote if you are so inclined. At least it feels like you're contributing. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24061
  13. Slap an inflatable docking port on top of the MK Lander can, inflate it, and put a kerbal inside for the ride to the surface. Or for a more budget solution, slap a folding chair on top and make him sit out in the vacuum for the ride down.
  14. Thanks for the preview! I always really appreciate getting to see these. I will add my opinions: Nice to see Kerbin getting it's turn at being revamped. I have issues with the way these revamped textures transition from one another as LOD changes. Something doesn't look right. You can see a picture taken from 5,000m up and see the same patterns that you do from .5m off the surface. Its very strange and to me jarring. Perhaps the same effect was used on the old textures, perhaps there were less transitions or the resolutions were so low that it wasn't easily seen. I don't know. What I do know is that while the new textures look great in a static scene, and I totally use them on my game, they are very jarring to play with in various scenarios where many LOD changes occur. I'm probably not describing what I'm seeing very well. Drain valve seems nice. Not alot of applications for me, but not something to complain about the addition of. Some color variants are in order though: an orange, and a dark to go along with the white. You've gone to the trouble of letting us decorate and change our entire rocket with the variant color system, and you're going to force us to put a white drain valve on everything? Let us match the tanks we're putting it on, please. Thanks for listening and doing variants for the Skipper and Mainsail. The results you've posted is exactly the type of modification to the originals I was looking for. I do agree with someone that perhaps an orange stripe (maybe the middle ring of the tankbutt?) could be added to call back to the classic Mainsail. In general I know the variant system means your job now is 2x harder because we demand all the new parts make use of the variant system, but really the flexibility it brings to the player makes your extra effort so very worth it. I really love it when a part has variant options and your game is so much better when they do. Nice looking Thumper! It looks both new and at the same time has callbacks to a classic KSP look. The Quality of Life features sound good, especially the screenshot-pause function. Being able to plop ourselves on a planet's surface via the cheat menu with be great too. Rather than asking us to type in coordinates, I will be really impressed if it uses the Making History Mission Builder's zoomable surface picker tool. One can always dream. Blade improvements sound good. Helicopter aficionados have been asking for cyclic and collective deflection controls since day 1 of the dlc; I'll certainly see what its all about. I'm still hoping any of the robotics content will be updated to make some kind of sound. The silence is eerie and not impressive. The new stock craft for expansions. I am torn on this. I mean, on the one hand of course new crafts are great and I am surely glad to have them. I am looking forward to seeing what craft might have robotics on it and reverse engineering them. I still have no clue how half of the Breaking Ground content is supposed to function, as there was zero instruction. What I am torn on is the fact that this is the type of polish I expect on release of a product, not 684 and 241 days after a dlc is sold to me. I appreciate that they are giving them to us, but I can't help but feel like it highlights how much we should already have had them. The 2 DLC's were missing alot of polish to them, but I suppose a little shine later is better than never. I realize Squad delivers as much as they can in good faith, and I appreciate what they can and have delivered.
  15. @DunaManiac @AHHans Seems to work fine for me here: https://v.redd.it/cmj40mygsdb41 Seems okay. Its certainly a niche functionality that is fantastic to have when you need it. The video doesn't show, are there any color variants, dark, orange, and white?