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  1. If you end up making it, I would like to humbly suggest the name “3, 2, 1... Contact!” named after that classic educational kids show from the 80’s.
  2. A fix was in 1.4.3, but it didn’t fix it. Pretty much all the MH service modules suffer from these weirdnesses. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/18459
  3. klesh

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So I hopped on KSP for ther first time in awhile and did an quickie Apollo Mun landing to get the rust off of my flying skills. Took a few screenies as the mission went along, and upon reviewing them, a few notables stood out. Thought I would share. Checking the extension and deployment of the landing legs from inside the Command module. Its a classic MEM style lander, you're seeing the side with a rover slapped on it: Mun arch a 30 second drive from the landing site. Probably would've been quicker to jetpack over, but then the screenies aren't as cool. Under Kerbin you can see Duna as well: Upon returning home, a glitch appears; the huge fireball in the background is the Service module as the Command module gently descends under parachutes. I guess the atmosphere stops interacting with the Service module after it gets a certain distance from the focused craft, resulting in it zipping along ahead of me with continual reentry effects blazing away. Those are the stock effects that are usually disabled, the sparks behind the craft and the HUGE jet of plasma or whateveritis.
  4. klesh

    Prioritizing Bugs in the Bugtracker

    Dont you have employees that are paid to work with this software? I’ve already spent my own time to enter bugs into this tool, make screenshots, elaborate on the solutions as suggested. Now you want me to spend more of my free time organizing 1300 entries because no one bothered to triage them as they came in? I’ve got bugs in that tracker I eagerly posted as soon as Making History dropped... 7 months ago, that haven’t even been looked at, confirmed, or anything. Makes me wonder why I even bothered. Now you want more from me on this tool? Sorry, but no thanks.
  5. klesh

    KSP II? KSP Remastered?

    Thats because Take Two handed it over to their Indie branch, Private Division. Its featured prominently there: https://www.privatedivision.com/ Albeit prominently advertising the Making History DLC expansion, whose reception and I presume sales were so poor that it has to factor in to KSP2 discussion plans, no? At least temper sequel intentions with some cold hard sales data. Though, they were obliged to give away that dlc for free to a bunch of game owners that may've otherwise bought it, probably vastly skewing the sales figures.
  6. The whole reason the bells are fat is because its a vacuum specific engine and fat bells work better in space. He briefly directly addresses the Poodle at 7 minutes in.
  7. Interesting to see if the deltav thing will work under all circumstances. For instance, the engine plates from MH still reverse the fuel flow as displayed by the game, and also confuse the Engineers report into thinking they are a decoupler placed upside down. With issues like that lingering, lets just say my confidence will stay reserved for now.
  8. Agreed. While the chutes were a surprising and great addition not to mention the extra effort put in to correct the mistakes on their first rendition, I really feel like having them appear at all times is a bit heavy-handed. We could really use a PAW option to take them off.
  9. Spark is one of my favorite and most-used engines. I really like all 3 variants of the redesign. Looking forward to this one. Well done!
  10. I've never used Poodle as a lander engine either. It was strictly a transfer engine for within the Kerbin system, which has since been completely outclassed by the Wolfhound. I guess my landers are usually always as tiny and light as can be. On the rare occasion I land a mining rig or somesuch, I guess I'd be clustering LV909s so as to be even shorter than a Pooddle. I'm probably inclined to do that even moreso now that Engine Plates make it easier.
  11. I like it! Well done. If you own Making History, then the Poodle revamp makes perfect sense as you've already got an engine that looks very similar in the LV-T91 Cheetah. I can assure you, the engine bell color is not offputting at all when you play with it; it looks great in game to me. This gets bonus marks for staying consistent with the existing "new" artwork from the DLC. In addition, I would love to see a compact or even a "Truss Mount" version for the Poodle like the Bobcat's shown below, as the Engine Plates make using compact versions a joy. Here you could imagine a 2x Poodle for heavier landers: (even though this just duplicates and doesn't mirror then engines like I think it should)
  12. Hmm, my Kerbals are rarely if ever idle. I guess thes are cool. I’d prefer to see a salute button on the PAW, orsome other method to tigger it, because it will be lame to stand your kerbal next to a newly-placed flag, and have to wait for 8 random idle animations to play before you get the salute youre looking for for your screenshot. Why not attach the saluting to the end of the flag placing animation, and hold the salute until the player moves the kerbal?
  13. Everyone pointing out a fueled version of this conical transition piece has played the game before. Its a glaring omission that really needs to be rectified, and now is the perfect time to do it. I agree, the 2.5m side of this part needs to match the other 2.5m parts properly. I agree, the texture looks too busy to me. If I had to choose between an adapter part like this, and a fueled version adapter part, I would prefer and chose the fueled version 100% of the time. If there is only room for one, please put fuel in it.
  14. klesh

    KSP vs Simple Rockets ?

    Bought it last night. Was worth the $12. You can do alot with it already. Its got all the modern shaders and visuals you want. It has a long way to go before it replaces KSP for me, but the potential is absolutely there.
  15. That new MKI Command Pod is missing its internal clickable window view; when the MH pods and the MK1-2 overhaul was released they suffered the same problems.