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  1. Its been 7 days and you still have yet to elaborate on what you're on about.
  2. Awesome! Every problem's solution is a learning experience. Now, dig this. You could've done the retrograde flip burn down low in the orbit that you initially posted. Flips the direction, and raise the PE to your current alt and you'd be done. However, that's less efficient fuelwise than raising the AP as high as you can get it, doing the flip etc. Either way is going to cost some deltaV, but especially in satellites where you have a limited budget, raising your AP like that will save you as much as you can.
  3. Best way is to raise your AP way up with a burn at PE. Then at AP retrograde burn till your orbit flips. Match PE on that flip-burn, and when you get back to PE, lower your AP.
  4. Beat me to it! I'd bet the barn farm that's the issue.
  5. Presumably Take-Two Interactive is responsible for the EULA now?
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    "Early next year" Its absolutely ridiculous that the end of September is upon us and still Squad has left their customers high and dry. Some seriously shameful situation here. They never should have attemped the console money grab.
  7. The UI megathread

    They went through big steps to re-create it as is, and then even more big steps to prepare it to handle multiple languages, so probably not.
  8. KSP Making History

    They've not told us the prince, nor the price range. Any answer would be speculation at best.
  9. Need a gamesave guru

    I'd go with deleting the ship, which would kill the kerbals, then edit the save file to make them alive again. I'm by no means a guru however.
  10. How to build bases?

    Yes, good eye! They have a great wide base to them. I believe they are found in the USI suite of mods.
  11. How to build bases?

    Since people have posted examples of the docking port moethod of base construction, here is one which features the Kerbal Attachment System pipe method. Those modules are simply landed next to one another by hand, and the pipes are created when you connect the little pipe-end-pieces that are placed on the craft. The end pieces can be re-oriented by taking them off and putting them back on the craft in a better spot once you've landed. You can also send up a container with several of the pipe ends inside it, for future use. This is a very flexible method but slightly unrealistic. The entire base is now considered one ship and you can transfer Kerbals between the modules in what would be through those small pipes. You can also just EVA them and walk them over to the other modules if you want them realistic feels. One of the benefits to this method is that you can place the base on a more uneven surface, as the pipes needn't be aligned:
  12. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    Pardon me? Its not rude, I am wondering if it is some kind of new rendering method that may be improved, or if perhaps that's as good as Unity can make it.
  13. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    Is the choppiness of the way the terrain is drawn when you zoom in an aspect of it being a work in progress, or is that pretty much how its going to function?
  14. I'd settle for the same procedural crater technique the Mun has being applied to some other planets. Chances of happening: 0
  15. Is this a terrible suggestion or something? Why the radar silence, y'all? Is anyone knowledgeable about the capabilities of mesh switching able to say whether this kind of suggestion is even possible?