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  1. klesh

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    Indeed, as someone who has the suit-changing feature I paid extra for, it would be great to be able to choose from all kinds of different suits. I would love the different specializations having their own colors of striping. I made a little pack like that for texture replacer awhile ago. Having to make a choice at all here does seem pretty silly.
  2. klesh

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    I would also like to add that the light on the Making History suits is really nice. Its a warm yellow light that looks alot better in game (to me) than the current old suit lights which is very white and bright. Could these suit revamps possibly use the nice new lighting that the MH suits use?
  3. klesh

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    I like the red + blue suit. Why did you make the poll on a site where you must use a signed-in google account? I am wary of putting this faux noise on helmets. It is hard to tell from your example, but the helmets you included in Making History have a very noticeable seam on their noise texture, and I would definitely not want the same thing on this suit revamp:
  4. klesh


    There is no official ksp merch. Im not sure why TakeTwoInteractive is not capitalizing on this seriously no brainer use of their newly purchased property. There is a thread about the shapeways stuff, apparently it takes well over a year to get some little figurines made of sand and glue produced. Its defnitely baffling.
  5. klesh

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    I like how you've determined your opinion is objective truth.
  6. klesh

    Ground Vehicle Death Shimmy

    Are the other games that use Unity and PhysX that have these same kinds of issues?
  7. klesh

    Ground Vehicle Death Shimmy

    Its weird that they have resort to experimenting years after releasing the game. Like, the wheels keep breaking and they fix them, then they break again. Whats going on? How come other Unity games don't have such atrocious wheel behaviours?
  8. Right on. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Thanks.
  9. My mistake, I was unaware that was a problem. It doesn't cause any issue with my browser. I didn't figure a 95kb text file was considered "ginormous". Why not prevent this with the forum software itself? Character limit etc.
  10. Yeah, I ended up swapping on some better engines for more TWR. Its not meant to be some fantastic recreation, just a Saturday morning quick funtime launch. Thanks for the keen eye on the fuel flow, I could not for the life of me figure out the problem, and I didn't even think of flow priority. Now to figure out how it happens, or doesn't happen, and how to recreate. I need another coffee.
  11. Of course they should be the same... I'll fire it up again. Doesn't that stuff apply via symmetry? My recollection is that it should, no? Edit: quick mockup in vab shows it does respect symmetry. Hmm. So, indeed, symmetric fuel flow priority didn't seem to get applied, or somehow the symmertical boosters don't seem to be on via symmetry. THAT I have never seen before. Flies as expected with manually symmetrical flow priority. Odd. Very odd.
  12. Because steam uses f12 for something else. Not that kind of wobble, the stacks themselves are rock solid. The wobble is in the entire ship, it literally wont fly straight because (I think) lift is being applied randomly in a non-uniform way. Here is the craft if you want to try it, MH required: It certainly use more TWR, but I hadn't even gotten to that phase yet. If you need some more, take out some fuel from the side boosters. [Giant browser-destroying .craft file content removed by moderator]
  13. Those values are not typical of the regular ascent, its because I was trying to keep the thing straight and having it wobble all over, checking the various displays etc. Speed, alt, everything is wildly off from nominal. Everytime I'd control+f12 to toggle displays, it lowers the throttle, etc. It has inexplicable pull to one side though, so there are some manner of forces acting on the ship. There are no structural tubes at all, but the center stack does have an engine plate on stage 2.
  14. klesh

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    It was the 1.4.2 version. It had all kinds of issues: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/18298
  15. So, this morning I decided I'd make a nice Parker Solar Probe recreation, and have a little fun. Made the probe, stuck it on a DeltaIV Heavy, and launched that badboy! To my dismay, I kept having lots of trouble at launch; the thing just wouldn't fly straight. It's not my first launch here, I know how to build a nice KSP rocket, or at least I thought I did. Turning on the Aerodynamics display, I was taken aback to see some tanks having lift displayed, and some not... on parts that are identical, mirrored symmetrically. Take a look at the two side boosters here, and the problem is obvious. This feels like the kind of thing that should not happen in a post-release environment. As much as I love KSP, having crap like this happen years and years after the game's launch just sours me, man. Just look at the randomness of what tanks have decided to have lift for whatever reason, and which don't. I've built rocket like this a bajillion times. What the heck, how am I supposed to fly this? Turns out fuel flow priority didn't apply symmetrically. -> solved. So, I just closed KSP and didn't have fun. Yay?