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  1. Fix the poles!

    Could this be a result of the terrain seam fix that came with 1.3?
  2. 1.3 Debug Toolbar?

    Nope. PC. Alt+F12 but it defaults to "console", you have to click "cheats" on the left side.
  3. I just checked to be sure, and you can definitely use RCS in map mode on the PC version.
  4. 1.3 Debug Toolbar?

    Hello, welcome to the forums.
  5. Crooked CoL

    Pics of the craft? Its probably some weird symmetry bug, if I had to guess.
  6. Yeah thats a weird logo for sure. Why the kerbal's body is fused to a rocket is strange, and only some of the bottom o the rocket to boot. It also bugs me how the top edge of the words "history pack" are uneven against the red edging. I also think its kind of weird that Sputnik has what appears to be exhaust coming from it in the main MH logo.
  7. Should I buy KSP Enhanced Edition?

    You can just click the .exe to start KSP. It doesn’t require Steam to be open.
  8. How to get early versions

    Maybe try looking in the stickied thread specifically about early versions of the game that are available?
  9. Downloading KSP from the store?

    You don't have to; just clicking the .exe will launch the game, steam free.
  10. My AWESOME Hobby....

    My hobby is not allowed to be discussed on this forum. Nice legos though!
  11. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Punky's Whips is stuck in my head today. He's more fluid then Jeff Beck!
  12. Back when I was a kid

    When I was a kid, being bullied gave you a thick skin and being offended was your own problem.