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  1. DCS World(Digital Combat Simulator) Chat Thread!

    That would work. Went to the site, read through, saw a lot of stuff I liked. M'Lady would flip if I surprised her with this, the map containing most of the Republic of Georgia... she's from Kutaisi. I have an interest in a few of the campaigns I saw; Georgian War, Stone Shield, and a few others. What I didn't like was the needed specifications; My machine is an i7, and it's damn fast, but it lacks the other requirements (memory and *better* graphics card) for me to consider it a worthwhile venture. I bought this machine (this laptop I'm on) for KSP, which runs great, but I'm afraid it would dog on DCS. I would need to rebuild my desktop machine first (it's on the to-do list, but not anytime tomorrow), as flying (keyboard, mouse, stick, laptop sidekick) - I need real estate to work with.
  2. Earth Day

    Today is Earth Day. Can't say it's a 'holiday' I celebrate, but I do make conscience note of it every year. "No man on earth can love the country as I do!" - Beethoven (written to Baroness von Drossdick) I can relate. For you, Beethoven, Happy Earth Day...
  3. DCS World(Digital Combat Simulator) Chat Thread!

    I noticed that when you were pulling positive G's it simulated greyout into blackout, but when you pulled negative G's there was no redout (not that I saw). From my understanding, redout comes on quicker and has more damaging effects. Is this not simulated in the game as well? Does the game simulate full blackout (IE: find yourself waking up with the ground rushing at your face )? Looks interesting. Not familiar with either of the two default craft however. I'll take an F-16 please.
  4. When is a parachute safe to open?

    It's not very scientific, but I usually wait until the velocity drops to about 250m/s or 1000m* (safety margin) for small stuff ... and for 'large' modules, I use multiple drogues deployed in stages of 1000m decreasing altitude starting around 5000m* before opening main chutes at 1000m*. (* above ground level) When all else fails, I watch the when it's safe indicators.
  5. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    @GDJ ... a lil history. Once upon a time, a long long time ago (18 years ago now, lol)... friends and I used to play Half-Life's mod DoD (Day of Defeat), and we had one of the oldest long-lived DoD clans going, Clan FoKKeR. (Yours truly was known as [-FoK-]Gen.LordFerret). Anyway, good friends Stormrider, Lobos, GameDrained, and a host of others, put together game footage during some of the 'friendly' scrims we had with other clans. Thinking about it, this was back before streaming games was a thing. Our inspiration I'll guess game from Jessica of the [I AM] clan, who was also a member on our forums. Jessica and clan made a video, her original video is here... notice the myriad of Steam jokes in there... and I might even be in there somewhere, but I don't know for sure. Anyway. Stormy produced Clan FoK's video, of which I have the original. It was posted on YouTube way back when, but YouTube took it down because of copyright infringement... the soundtrack. This was the soundtrack for our video (crank the volume ) Maybe someday I'll have to dig it up and upload it to YouTube again.
  6. Did y'all see who the new NASA director's gonna be?

    Perhaps he knows better, perhaps he knows something others don't. You don't attain such a position being a crackpot. Peer review groups are to be likened to belonging to a popular school girls group; They have an agenda, they're backed by that agenda, and you're easily thrust out when the others gang up on you because they feel you don't belong (or are told you don't belong), which doesn't make them or what they believe right... and that applies to anything.
  7. Did y'all see who the new NASA director's gonna be?

    Gleaned from Wikipedia... From Ann Arbor, Michigan, High School graduate. Rice University, majors in Economics, Psychology, and Business MBA from Cornell University former executive director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium Naval Aviator in the United States Naval Reserve, flew the E-2C Hawkeye, former Navy / Air Force Lieutenant Commander (active) Oklahoma Air National Guard, Lieutenant Commander is an Eagle Scout State of Oklahoma record holder in the 200M long course freestyle relay Sounds pretty qualified to me. We could do far worse.
  8. (Maybe) Supernova found

    No. There is a round/spherical point light source, more than one pixel, and flare from it. Download the image. View it in Gimp (or whatever), and analyze the image elements. You'll see it.
  9. (Maybe) Supernova found

    Having examined it in Gimp, I would not call it a texture glitch. I would go with that ^. The likes of an Iridium flare. The only other thing not suggested is a sundog, but the location / angle is all off for something like that.
  10. It's wombats!!

    Oh yes, this indeed is my favorite picture of the day. Thank you! Such a happy little fellow! Well, I'm sure the history of various construction materials and methods is an interesting one; The whole Wombat poop thing surely is. But, what I want to know, is who the hell came up with the idea of Kopi Luwak! Talk about brave experimentation and trial and error.

    It won't let me vote in #2 without voting in #1, so I didn't vote. But, closest I've been is 144422k; Or something like that. Happy trails.
  12. It's wombats!!

    A cycling Wombat you say?
  13. Plenty of resource on this out there. Nice design by the way. https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/companion-planting-guide-zmaz81mjzraw
  14. It's wombats!!

    Indeed... ... yes, cow dung.