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  1. 5 years today. Time to give it a rest. Wish you all the best.
  2. Of all the things I've ever lost, it's my mind I miss the most.
  3. Things Chernobyl; This was on the news recently, a new 'video game' if you want to call it that. You remotely drive real RC cars through a Chernobyl city creation, post catastrophe. Of what I saw on the news, you pay for an hour's worth of real-time drive time. Pretty interesting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/remotegames/game-with-remote-controlled-robots-over-internet Edit: The site also mentions their next goal, which is a Mars environment of the same idea... driving rovers real-time in a simulated Mars environment.
  4. Hovercar! The seatbelt on the bed is over the top. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Could be worse, a wife could have cleaned it for you.
  6. I just had another thought; Is it a Honda? If so, you could always donate it to Bubba's Honda Drop.
  7. Body rolls? lol There's still one more option, just in case you lay awake nights hearing that bolt laughing at you...
  8. Being spring has sprung, I went and got my wife a new bike (Specialized: Ariel) so she can get rolling with me. We were all set and ready and psyched for a ride today, but it's raining.
  9. Still playing Elite Dangerous. Currently finishing up an exploration jaunt, about 20000ly so far, with another 6000ly left to go to get home... I'm currently parked out on a world in NGC 3576 (Statue Of Liberty nebula). Anyone else out there exploring?
  10. The 'age related thing' is in reference to the VA giving the vaccine, not to getting Shingles. If you've ever had chicken pox, you have the virus (shingles / zoster) inside you; It resides in (various) neural ganglia and can surface and manifest when your immune system is of low resistance - typically faced by the elderly (60+ years). It takes the same neural pathway to the surface each time, so repeat episodes will always start in the same place (on the skin surface). I've not had it (yet), and from what I've seen I don't want it. My neighbor's wife had it on her face, really terr
  11. I experienced the same when I got a Pneumonia vaccine shot a few months back. And now, this past week, again (left arm), as the VA (Veterans Administration) felt it prudent I receive the Shingles vaccine. It's an age related thing, once you hit 60.
  12. They told him "Comb your hair and you can have the part." All kidding aside, RIP Chewy.
  13. Tell dad that if things go wrong, he can always make a cool looking belt out of it. Tell mom the thing eats spiders and other creepy crawlers.
  14. You can eliminate all of those problems... and more... with "feggs" (fake eggs). And if that strikes your fancy, there's also futter, facon, filk, ficken, falt & fepper ... and a host of other such products to be discovered!
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