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  1. Playing as the Mecs was fun. Playing as Delphi was even more fun... it totally rocked! Playing as Kabuto was a let-down.
  2. Actually, every time I hear those ambient sounds it reminds me of Giants: Citizen Kabuto ... because they're exactly the same.
  3. Answer: Yes Long time ago when I first started playing. My first "big" space station. It got smashed by an orbiting booster stage that I failed to de-orbit... it only happened because I had switched to the station just before the debris came within the 2km range. Had I not, it would have just passed through 'on rails'.
  4. Humm... as in I have a vessel I built called "Lander", and I rename it "Lander Alpha" on the pad just before launch, and I send it on its way... and then I pull up the same vessel again, and I rename it "Lander Beta" on the pad just before launch, and I send it on its way..... etc. ? If that's what you mean, if that's the case, then it explains part of the problems (behaviors) I've been experiencing... maybe.
  5. I went and grabbed the latest update (v1.12.1), and I'm finding the alarms for a number of things are being skipped as well as some strange behaviors. The strange behaviors are related to time warping. When warping to the next alarm, not the active vessel, I find the warp advancing, and then suddenly I'm back at the start. The behavior is inconsistent. In one instance, not believing my eyes, I clicked on warp three times and was returned to the start all three times. If using the active vessel, warping to next alarm (with default 1 minute advance before the 'target' time, and no other alarms set) I find myself coming in about 10 seconds late. I'm also having alarms being skipped, again, even with the 'add burn time to' deactivated... several maneuver nodes, and a number of SOI changes. I've now got little green guys'n'gals hopping mad, adrift with no way home, wanting answers... I've directed them to you. I've also had alarms go off where I click on the 'jump to ship' (and then close and delete the alarm window), and I'm still at the current vessel - no 'jump to' was performed. My exact words were: "HUH?!?" What I don't have, at the moment, is time to try and track down actions that might be contributing to these things. Sorry guys, but this is still quite broken.
  6. No mods in use here, running plain vanilla.
  7. I'm having an issue with the map view, or rather returning from the map to normal view. I don't seem to recall this being the case with previous versions, or have I forgotten that much?; Out in space, viewing my ship, press the map key... then immediately return to the ship view again and find myself out of view range (typically 8 mouse wheel scrolls back in to the previous viewpoint). Doesn't matter what view mode (chase, free, orbit, etc), the result is the same. It's..... annoying.
  8. @kerbiloid Try Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com). For me, it produced "Design and Analysis of Rocket Motor Casing", which I think maybe you'll find relevant?
  9. No, they don't. But the experience I was having, I had several alarms set for 5 different vessels; 1 had an SOI change (transfer vessel), 2 had Ap/Pe alarms (for which I initiated manual burns, circularization), and the other 2 had set maneuver nodes (positioning)... all relay probes around Mun. I forget which vessel was active, but because of the issue all except the active had their timers go inactive... and were missed / resultin in timing all mucked up. As for djr5899's comments above; I found my Mun manual transfer days earlier and cheaper (time/dV). Maybe I used the app wrong?
  10. Yes, by doing what you've suggested, it is.
  11. I will give this a try right now. I have Ap/Pe alarms that have gone missing, and maneuver nodes, if not focused on the vessel in question. I can confirm this! I will continue using it/testing it as such to see what else goes on with other functions (SOI changes, Ap/Pe, etc). Thanks, good tip.
  12. After 2 years I find myself back here once again, trying out the latest version. Hello to all the old faces, and the new ones too.
  13. Playing on a PC, not console, the new v1.12; I'm also seeing this issue, alarms missed for multiple vessels. I have several probes out with alarms set for Ap/Pe marks, navigational maneuvers, and all of them were missed except for the 'mothership' SOI change which was the active vessel during warp.
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