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  1. That was just for the movie part I dont think its possible to produce the movie version without Squads consent otherwise. They would probably want a high level of control/profits for that to move forward
  2. I am really liking the darker Camwise leaking out around the edges. Some day you need to remove the KSP references and turn this into a miniseries. Lots of action withoht loosing the story elements.
  3. Glad to see this back up and working!
  4. I'm really starting to wonder if they are going to arrive at Mars and open the crew shuttle airlock to find Camwise floating around in a pile of snack wrappers...
  5. Glad to see these keep coming. It has been a great story so far. Thanks for all the work that must go into these!
  6. Returned from Mun just before sunrise in an new career game.