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  1. Or maybe he did find a way in, and never came back out. This is the Jeb imposter working to infiltrate the space center!
  2. It is amazing how subtle this change is, yet it makes a big difference in overall appearance!
  3. I think that might be my new all-time favorite craft name!
  4. In the middle of 70 right now. Looks like I'm almost out of chapters Not new, just don't post much. Been around since 0.18
  5. The suspense on these last few logs is killing me Starting to get curious how dark this will get before the end.
  6. After following @UnusualAttitude's awesome story for the last few years, I finally decided to give RSS/RO a try. With a Falcon 9 analog it wasn't to bad to get the first few small satellites up for a RT communication network around Earth. My first manned mission didn't go as smooth... The capsule made it home but poor Jeb died due to excessive G's during reentry. Mission control planned a much too steep reentry trajectory
  7. You keep tempting me to try starting an RSS save. I doubt it would be anything close to as fun as reading these though.
  8. Glad to see these still going! This is my favorite reading by far
  9. Camwise plays the long game very well. Glad to see these keep coming! Hopefully you have many more left in you before they stop
  10. That was just for the movie part I dont think its possible to produce the movie version without Squads consent otherwise. They would probably want a high level of control/profits for that to move forward
  11. I am really liking the darker Camwise leaking out around the edges. Some day you need to remove the KSP references and turn this into a miniseries. Lots of action withoht loosing the story elements.
  12. I'm really starting to wonder if they are going to arrive at Mars and open the crew shuttle airlock to find Camwise floating around in a pile of snack wrappers...
  13. Glad to see these keep coming. It has been a great story so far. Thanks for all the work that must go into these!