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  1. Hello, something goes wrong with your Angara :)

    my URM 1 interstage staging has no funktion , only when i hit the spacebar....


    I use Mechjeb 


    Please Help me :)

  2. I would like to know how to install the saturn v mod

  3. PLEASE, if your getting a response from Bobcat....  Please ask for the American pack.  Man I cant tell you how bad I want the Ares he built.  It was beautiful and came with an incredible pack.  His rovers were cool as hell and I miss him and his work.  Please, maybe a donation to encourage some one to dedicate their time and energy into it.  If you cant tell I am on my knees begging for the American Pack

    Dren, from the Cascades Range Oregon

  4. In this incident, there is one plus, Soyuz again proved that this is the best and safest manned platform for all time, another thing is a drilled ship in orbit, this is idiocy.
  5. Only looks, but does not fly. I'm thinking of putting it for everyone who wants to make it usable.
  6. I was deeply mistaken when I said that the Buran is lost. I found enough working version and launched it in 1.4.5...
  7. Maybe you should open a new forum thread for it? This thread of development is outdated.
  8. If you want to continue work on the shuttle, I will not mind.
  9. Since Radar corrected everything then I will not touch it, but it's very strange that a person simply does not want to put his cfg files here.
  10. I do not understand something, but in my texture switch works without "Making History". I deleted it long ago and still I can change the textures, just now all the shuttle's textures will work with it. The chassis works fine for version 1.4.5, just put the latest version of SSTU KSPWheel. But there is one problem, the texture switch also recolours the wheels.
  11. To be honest, about a month ago I started it on version 1.4.x, but nothing good came of it even after some changes in the balance, I also got the famous problem of black textures, and I do not know how to fix it. Yes, you can easily scold me, I'm not a girl and can calmly take obvious claims, to return the shuttle to life is very difficult, although it is possible, but all very badly spoil the black textures. I'll try to look at him again. It's about replica the real prototype of a spacecraft, not about puppet clones.
  12. Okay, as soon as I find the time I'll try to check for errors. I think that I will not have enough time to revive old additions, but I will not say for sure. Buran is irretrievably lost. As well as morally and physically obsolete...
  13. Anyone who has found errors, please indicate which version you are playing, and if you have RO/RSS installed.
  14. I do not understand why the details disappear, I did not delete anything ... Maybe you are playing a career, then it definitely will not work correctly. As for RCS CM, click on CM and turn on RCS, it is disabled by default, so as not to knock down when docking, same for LEM.