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  1. what will the space shuttle ODS dock with

  2. soyuz


  3. Пожелание только одно, пусть вернут уровень сложности хотя-бы от первых версий, сейчас KSP выглядит песочницей для детей, хотя бы перегрев от движков пусть вернут.
  4. Hello @Jovzin , glad you're back, welcome again. This is built into the texture in less quality. The last update was related to the probes about air data that are in the nose, as well as a change in the IVA, but this update is under development by Dragon01, and he gone out for an indefinite period.
  5. And the descent? I showed the center of the mass of the ship.
  6. It will be in stock version because it's much easier to check the details but I will not make it balanced. Does this mean I have to make my own cfg? But this also does not cause me enough problems.
  7. Why add and remove mass? There is a line in cfg, its very simple to use CoMOffset = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 If it is lifted then it will not be necessary to suffer from the mass of the ship. By the way, an interesting picture, though I do not know how true it is.
  8. Do not rely on anyone, especially since these cfg are mostly taken from FASA RO, it's not hard to do, and I do not want to see it in stock in the future, it's a complete excrements that does not deserve attention. Now the development of this supplement does not depend on me, I'm waiting for the last update from Dragon01.
  9. I meant RO, of course, nothing can be connected to RSS, sry. Considering that we threw it and spent time on SSS and Soyuz, I think the most time.
  10. Yes, it will have LRV. At the moment, I connect the entire add-on to RSS.
  11. I looked at the Shuttle in RO, COM is completely wrong, it needs to be moved closer to the center.
  12. Dragon01 kindly provided a screenshot of the central control panel connected to ASEP add-on.
  13. Put on the stream add-on KerbalX (SpaceX), I will not work on it on this if you do not like something correct it yourself. The rocket and ships are not a copy of their real counterparts, do not take this work seriously. rocket (analog SpaceX rocket)
  14. I'm waiting for a change from @Dragon01 , as soon as it completes iva then it will be released.