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  1. Maybe if you'd just update the "Game Version" info on Spacedock, that might be enough for CKAN to pick it up.
  2. Thanks, I didn't think to check the github issue tracker again before I posted. I had looked there when I first noticed the issue over the weekend, but apparently that was before got created.
  3. Is anybody else seeing Kopernicus 1.2.1-1 ( spamming the logs with NullReferenceExceptions? NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Kopernicus.RuntimeUtility.LateUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 KSP_linux x86_64, fresh install, fresh game, no mods besides what's in the Kopernicus archive, extracted and installed manually into GameData/Kopernicus/, GameData/ModularFlightIntegrator/, and GameData/ModuleManager.2.7.2.dll. Also tried with ModuleManager manually updated to 2.7.4, same results. I've first noticed the NREs in my heavily modded branch so at first I suspected some other mod misbehaviour, but the NREs definitely originate from plain KSP with just Kopernicus and its dependencies.
  4. Corax

    Mods in Stock

    CursorDeleter, at least an option to disable the clunky blob.
  5. I've definitely seen those in 1.2 as well. EDIT: It appears the seams are more pronounced in 1.2.1 though; I'm having a hard time using the airstrips at KSC and the Island especially with retractable landing gears (the fixed gears seem to take it better), that wasn't a problem in 1.2 before. I don't have a vanilla KSP install right now to compare to, but I suspect it isn't a mod issue.
  6. Corax

    [1.5.1+] Bolt-On Screenshot System (BOSS) Continued

    How about ALT+<TakeScreenshot>?
  7. Corax


    And still working in KSP 1.2 Edit: I just wish I could like this more than once.
  8. Corax

    Devnotes are moved to Friday

    Plus they have a whole week to write up some devnotes. Oh wait...
  9. Corax (Mod Hosting Site)

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for getting the email RSS notifications sorted out - good job!
  10. Corax


    FYI, CursorDeleter is still working with current KSP
  11. It's not so much the time running, as having to repeat certain steps again and again before getting to the actual point of the simulation. It simply would help immensely to start the sim, set up all that needs setting up (that may or may not include launching and flying to a certain situation), and then be able to revert to that point to test different approaches, which IMO is the point of a simulation. Nothing stops me from "simulating" with the default KSP facilities of putting a craft on the pad, quicksaving, and returning to that quicksave at will. I do like KCT's, and now your mod's, idea of having "proper" simulations within the framework of career mode, and would love to have the ability to "simulate" whatever initial conditions I need to set up. As it is now, neither KCT nor KRASH can provide that, and I understand the technical challenge. It doesn't break the mod for me if that isn't feasible, but it would be immensely helpful and in my opinion, realistic to be able to set initial parameters beyond what the editor provides.
  12. What I was thinking of was configuring parts that you can't do in the editor, like setting up kOS, Remote Tech, Infernal Robotics etc., or getting to a certain state in the flight from where you start the interesting part; merely starting in flight wouldn't necessarily help with that. Maybe if KRASH would keep track outside the game state, in its own data file, it could "remember" the running cost regardless of a reload. Of course that would completely contradict the approach of keeping all relevant information inside the .sfs file. I'm not convinced that would be worth it, but on the other hand, I'd like to see an option to allow quick-saves; I mean, who defines what constitutes "cheating"... if I decide I'm fine with that, I'd like to at least have the option to conscientiously do so. EDIT: Just a thought... if it were possible to intercept the quick load function, it might be possible to manipulate the previous quicksave with updated information, and keep it all inside the sfs. Not saying it would be easy, or even worth the effort.
  13. Not necessarily. Sometimes there is quite a setup process involved before you get to the point where the actual mission simulation launches; it would at times be helpful to be able to revert to that state, instead of having to set up everything anew. I'm not entirely certain how KCT handles the financial side of restarting the simulation, i.e. whether costs are additive, or a one time, up-front flat fee regardless of how many times you rerun the simulation. I suspect the latter, but I think both methods have their pros and cons. I wouldn't mind an initial, fixed setup cost, and if there's a time based cost too, I don't see how repeated re-running of any phase of the sim would contradict the idea of simulating the running costs of a mainframe... the tricky part would be to keep the running total in memory while reverting the rest of the game.