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  1. If you're on Linux and don't want to dive straight into vi or EMACS, Mousepad and Geany are two fairly lightweight packages your distro might have available. Geany is available for Windows and Mac PCs, too (as are vi and EMACS, afaik ; ) )
  2. clone specific directory No reason to hate git. If you're learning how to use any new tool, it's normal to not know everything you can do with it. I didn't know how to extract a specific file or directory using git until right now, but I looked and found new knowledge. Thank you, @steve_v for expanding my horizon. EDIT: Well, so much for that. While the searching brought about ways to select individual files and directories, it appears as if in order to do that, git actually does have to download the entire repository regardless. Guess I still have a lot more to learn about git. Just the more so, my sincere thanks.
  3. Here's the original documentation from way back when: This project has changed hands a few times, and apparently not all parts were carried over, documentation being one of those. Best take it with a grain of salt, I don't know if anything has changed under the hood.
  4. Thanks. I don't think it makes sense from a gameplay perspective, unless KSP gets multiplayer and my team of hundreds of minions friends does all the station keeping so I can concentrate on the interesting stuff : ) There's certainly an audience for that, but in the meantime it might be a better idea to try and revive, or rewrite that old mod. Also, Principia may be a worth a look if you're after even more realism, although I don't recall off the top of my head whether they model gravitational anomalies. Atmospheric decay is almost certainly out of their scope though.
  5. Yes, I'm still figuring it out, like I said I have yet to find any... that snippet was just to answer your question of whether and how it is possible to patch the ROCs.
  6. IMO heat shields leaking ablator is a fair approximation of general failures; just think of John Glenn's Friendship 7, or Shuttle tiles dropping off during flight. Maybe there should be a way to limit the amount or rate, but I think there needs to be some way of heat shields failing. The same goes for food; that's another resource where I think of "leaking" as a stand-in for spoil, or in fact actual loss overboard. I've always removed them from being blacklisted in my installs.
  7. Have yet to find any on the surface, but the syntax is valid, and ConfigCache shows it as proper node.
  8. By the same associative logic, - red = fire/rocket exhaust; also Shuttle LES/ACES suits (orange, granted…) = pilots/redshirts - blue = dungarees = engineers/technicians - green = plants, chlorine, radioluminescence = biologists/chemists/physicists As I said, standards… ; )
  9. As an even longer user of Final Frontier, before there even were IVA icons, I prefer red for pilots, green for scientists, and blue for engineers. It's all about standards – to each their own...
  10. It looks like the download page requires JavaScript. If you have a script blocker, try disabling it for
  11. No such file in the or archive available on Spacedock, as linked in the OP.
  12. This here is likely the issue; I'd be surprised if the Surface Lights parts had any of those elements, and the plugin wouldn't know where to apply the light effects. If you can find out the proper transform names, my guess is that it might just work.
  13. Instead of copying the deprecated part or editing the config file directly, may I suggest creating a Module Manager patch in a separate directory under GameData. That way, even if you need to reinstall or update RPM, your changes are preserved. Since RPM requires Module Manager anyway, no additional dependencies are created. It's as simple as putting @PART[JSIPrimitiveExternalCamera]:AFTER[RasterPropMonitor]{ @MODEL{ @model = Squad/Parts/Utility/linearVernorRCS/Assets/linearRCS } %bulkheadProfiles = srf } into a text file ending with .cfg; for example, I use ./GameData/Corax/ModuleManager_RPM.cfg for – you guessed it – RPM related patches. The patch updates the model, just as @Stone Blue suggested; 'bulkheadProfiles' fixes part sorting in the SPH/VAB extended panel.
  14. I'm happy to report this is still working perfectly in 1.7. Any chance to update the CKAN and/or Spacedock info to reflect this? May I humbly request this brilliant mod to eventually be incorporated in vanilla KSP? I know it's not as simple as "Just give us a checkbox", but please, please... the stock cursor literally makes my eyes hurt.