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  1. For those wanting a slightly easier way to add their own flags/decals, I made up a little MM config that will update all 4 models at once. I also added my own tweak to the positioning to get the decals a bit closer to the parts (it's a bit too close in a few very specific angles but fiddling the cursor a bit before placing fixes it) as well as to make double sized of the A and B types to get larger logos on rockets. The double sized ones only step the size point down one (1=2, 2=3) and really only work for size 1 and 2, barely, but it satisfied my needs.
  2. I'm trying to add a recycler to a part from Station Parts Expansion. The part already has a habitation module on it, added by that mod's own patch. My own additional patch is adding a new bay and the additional recycler module. However, when adding the part in game, both bays always start with only the habitation module, despite being set for different indices. I've read the wiki, and it says they're added in order discovered, so I'm wondering if the fact that one is being added, and then another is what's throwing it off. The end result as seen by MM looks like this, while all of the exa
  3. It's unable to hide any. But they still show up in the JC list when I click the button. I can provide some screenshots tonight, I should have the other day.
  4. I've found a repeatable issue with this mod and Crew R&R. Having Crew R&R installed causes Janitor's Closet to be unable to hide icons. It will still generate the its own versions, but will not remove them from the app launcher. Installed mods: BetterTimeWarpContinued Crew R&R MechJeb Janitor's Closet Transfer Window Planner Tested by first installing everything but Crew R&R. Hid everything with JC and then relaunched the game to confirm that they remained hidden. Installed Crew R&R and launched game, app launcher buttons no longer hid
  5. I've looked and didn't see it, but might have missed whether or not there is an option to enable full probe control with limited connectivity. I sort of get the reason, but I played with Antenna Range specifically because it allowed me to fully control my probes and only use antenna for science. This needs to be an option please
  6. Yep. I took a while to clean it up a little more, but I think I've finally got it to a releasable point. I just get kind of nervous about releases because as soon as it's out there will be bugs found I've gotta fix
  7. As there's no good way to detect what textures/models are shared between parts, yes, it just moves the .cfg files into another directory, so the textures and meshes would still load I suppose. I think there might be some mods that unload unused assets after launch, but I'm not sure. I've worked on and I think fixed up a CKAN plugin version of part pruner. Uses the same files in the same locations, just provides a GUI to work with them directly in CKAN, with an easy one click run all button, as well as the ability to make new ones and easily modify old ones in a drag and drop text interfac
  8. Well add it as an extra option I guess. MM config to add it if CRP exists. I am also not at home or I'd have tested it already.
  9. Would it not be possible to use the standard resource converter module and make one of the inputs be Intake Atmosphere. That way it'll work on any planet with atmo. Then you just need an intake either built in or attached to the ship to get the resource, no mining required. It wouldn't be limited to any single planet though.
  10. Yeah, I figured that when I saw it. I looked and looked for a number that made pretry in-gsme values but the config value was awful! I'll just learn to use the window.
  11. Yeah,I've experimented with various numbers. One problem of course is that changing it too much requires a change on all the other recylcers and producers and I'm lazy and that's a lot of math. Also I'm not sure how small a value ksp will accept without rounding, because you can get very precise amounts if you go out enough decimal places.
  12. OK thanks. The crp thing is what I was missing in that thought process. I'm still a fan of simpler numbers (it's why I was a fan of Snacks), because it makes doing head math quicker. We do have the LS window that helps a lot, so it's not a huge issue, I just like round numbers and 16.2 annoys me
  13. Personally I'd prefer to see a reworking of the resource density instead of resources used, in order to keep resource units used perday at 1. It makes eyeballing the amounts needed easier IMO. Unless I'm missing something.
  14. Yay a mod that supports both toolbars and exists only in the correct scene on the app launcher! Also, this looks awesome. I'm in the design/testing phase of a nuke powered interplanetary ship that has lousy TWR and the super long 25 min burns suck when you get so far away from optimal burn times and you can just feel the dv being wasted. Totally a part of my mod installs now.
  15. No offense to your excellently modeled Martian wheels, which look fantastic, but I think it actually looks better with the stock wheels. I also agree with whoever said to wait for 1.1, since HarvestR has said that wheels got completely redone. Will most likely break all existing mod wheels anyway. Edit to add that this is by far the best looking rover I've seen made for KSP, I would definitely use this on all my bases.
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