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  1. ESA encounters boil-off, goes Kerbal

    I didn't even think about this one.
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Barring weather delays, I believe FH will fly before the end of the year.
  3. The Astro-Imaging Thread

    These images' fuzziness even with stacking correspond to your scope being out of collimation. I think you could get a lot better than this if you tried collimating your scope. If you don't have a collimation tool, try defocusing a star at high power and adjusting the primary until the secondary shadow is centered.
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    BFR is big, but it's only a bit bigger than the Shuttle, which visited the ISS all the time.
  5. Russia's new SHLV plan

    Falcon Heavy is literally a month from being on the pad. Angara is too expensive.
  6. Never. Check out my newer mod Outer Reaches; it's similar-ish but moving kinda slow in development.
  7. No. There is similar mod for Kopernicus called Galactic Neighborhood that provides the same features and more.
  8. Russia's new SHLV plan

    Relatively recently, Roscosmos announced the decision to switch PTK-NP/Federatsiya from flying on Angara to flying on Soyuz-5/Sunkar/Fenix (it has a lot of names), basically a slightly upscaled Zenit with new parts. Since the whole point of PTK is to fly beyond Earth orbit at some point, it kind of needs an SHLV to get it there. So they've now proposed this bizarre rocket that uses asymmetric Sunkar first stages clustered in groups of either 3 or 5, and an utterly ridiculous number of upper stages: http://russianspaceweb.com/superheavy-2017.html The smallest version uses a cluster of 3 Sunkar first stages, a URM-2 second stage, and two stacked Block-DMs as third and fourth stages, delivering 50 metric tons to LEO. The medium version uses a cluster of 5 Sunkar first stages, a URM-2 second stage, a KVTK third stage, and a Block-DM fourth stage, delivering 88 metric tons to LEO. The largest version uses a cluster of 5 Sunkar first stages, a TBD hydrolox second stage, a KVTK third stage, and a block-DM fourth stage, delivering 108 metric tons to LEO. Sunkar is planned to fly by 2022 from Baikonur. The first two iterations of the SHLV require little to no new technology to build and are expected to fly by 2028. The 108 metric ton version is expected to fly by 2033, but seeing as it's not necessarily needed for a lunar landing I doubt it'll ever fly. To land on the Moon, two medium version SHLVs would be launched, one carrying the PTK and the other carrying a lunar lander. They'd rendezvous in lunar orbit.
  9. Whats your favourite Launch Vehicle?

    Either UR-700 or BFR.
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    This British guy who normally reviews telescopes says it's a Missile Defense Agency satellite based on the orbit and timing. http://scopeviews.co.uk/SpaceXZuma.htm
  11. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    Europa Clipper will fly first... hopefully. IMO they should really just drop the EUS and continue flying with ICPS. No need for a new mobile launcher, no need to fly Europa Clipper first for safety reasons, and no payload adapter for Orion to fly with DSG parts, so it'd kill DSG. For cargo to LEO they should just fly Block 0 without an upper stage, or build an EDS-like stage. I really, really think POTUS will cancel it in the FY2019 budget. I really hope so, too.
  12. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    Also, because we reached the finish line first, the USSR mothballed N1.
  13. Nope. P9 is at the opposite side of the Sun from Sedna. Nah, it's fine to talk about a Planet 9 probe on here; it's similar in difficulty and technology required.
  14. ULA launch thread

    I kind of want to wake up early because it's probably one of the last Delta II launches.
  15. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    At least the Shuttle flew though.....