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  2. Look's like the "artists' impressions" of Bennu.......
  3. Had the 16" out tonight and it clouded over right as it got dark. I've found a 24" Pyrex blank for sale on Cloudy Nights for a very reasonable price, but it's still a bit outside my budget. Going to have to raise the funds for that thing.
  4. Haven't done a whole lot of observing with the 16" lately thanks to weather and being away for a week - I think I've used it once or twice since my last post. For shorter sessions, I use my Celestron C8. The only thing that I can say wasn't either a repeat or really boring observation is that the Blinking Planetary is a green dot similar in appearance to Uranus. I've knocked out a few boring globulars, but they're nothing to rave about - most of them were unresolved or really dim. I'm building a custom 10" f/5.6 for a friend at the moment, and I'm getting ready to rebuild the 6" in time for Stellafane.
  5. _Augustus_

    Rocket Poster (NOW TAKING REQUESTS)

    All of the serious proposed Saturn variants (Saturn I, Saturn IB, Saturn C-2, Saturn C-3, Saturn V, Saturn INT-21, Saturn V with Shuttle/Titan IV boosters, Saturn C-8) and the Hughes Jarvis would be a neat poster......
  6. _Augustus_

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Bridenstine willing to cancel SLS once commercial alternatives are available http://spacenews.com/bridenstine-emphasizes-partnerships-with-industry-to-achieve-nasa-goals/ So, at this rate, before it flies.........
  7. _Augustus_

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Reprocessed that last pic:
  8. _Augustus_

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Registax Wow, not bad!
  9. Have used this scope a couple more times sporadically over the past month, though not lately due to poor conditions/near-full Moon. Jupiter is really good and shows detail inside the Great Red Spot. Ganymede has an albedo feature or two. M81 shows a spiral arm. M82 is similar to the photographs with lots of mottling/filaments. M51 does show its spiral arms under slightly darker skies/under great conditions at home. Absolutely spectacular. Hamburger Galaxy under slightly darker skies is decent with lots of dust lanes. Theophilus on the Moon has craterlets.
  10. _Augustus_

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    I'm not sure what's most impressive: The fact that you got this shot with a 6" The fact that you got this shot with a T5 The fact that you can use a C6 on a SmartEQ pro Nice work!
  11. _Augustus_

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    It's boring and rather low in the sky.......
  12. _Augustus_

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Jupiter tonight
  13. _Augustus_

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    What equipment are you using? Moon the other night with my new Orange Tube C8 (1981 version, on a CG-5 mount). Afocal shot with a Windows Phone and 17mm Plossl. Stacked video. Compared to my old Meade 2080:
  14. _Augustus_

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Russia says they'll do a lot of things. They don't do many of them.