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  1. Any idea why? Also, shirts seem the obvious thing, and thier absence in particular seems odd.
  2. I bought KSP back in beta. I honestly cannot even count the hours of enjoyment (and frustration) I have gotten out of it. Well more than the $30 or so I paid for it. Also I like shirts and plastic tat to put on my shelves. So... At the risk of complaining about the most first-world problem ever... Where is the merch? I'd like to support future development and whatnot by buying so.e stuff, but the game itself is literally the only thing in the KSP store. Are there plans to give me an outlet for excess disposable income any time soon? Maybe through or even caffeepress or something?
  3. @linuxgurugamerWhoops, sorry for dropping the ball with this. How would you prefer me to share the files with you?
  4. I think this mod already has what you are looking for:
  5. As I said, I'm still learning what I'm doing with texturing, but here is an attempt. The textures are 2k, so obviously I can scale them down if needed, and I need to fix the weird normal artifacts on the chassis. Sketchfab
  6. Sketchfab Something like this? I'll deal with texturing tomorrow. Is there a style/theme I should stick to? I don't see any other Engine Igniter parts to match to.
  7. Can do. I wasn't sure how large you were thinking of it being, and the very small parts tend to have flat backs. I should ask what size I should aim for. As for the colours: yeah, I'm just showing it with a matcap material now. I'll colour/texture once the model itself is done.
  8. Any thoughts on this direction? It'd be too high poly for game use as it is, but obviously I'd bake normals onto a simpler mesh. Sketchfab
  9. I'll see if I can come up with something small and greebly. I imagine there isn't really any real-world equivalent of that.
  10. If I'm not getting back to people quickly, because because this has shown me that my texturing sucks, so I'm learning substance painter
  11. To be fair, 3d modelling is fairly involved to learn. But yeah, I'm not a fan of Unity either. The application I mean, not the engine.
  12. Thanks! I'll keep working on it then. As far as tutorials... the thing is that the KSP end of things is where I'm fuzzy myself. I did make some parts a while ago, but I've forgotten the procedure for getting them to work in KSP, and would have to look it up again myself. I'm just a mildly obsessive 3d modeller