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  1. What part am I meant to process the rock with? I've looked at all of my MKS industrial parts and at least in the VAB module list, none say anything about rock.
  2. I'm still really confused about resource lodes. They aren't mentioned anywhere in the MKS manual, but I poked around the internet and part definitions to get an idea what to do. I spent the time to make a big rover with a regolith sifter, and drove it to the lode(s). Connected a pipe or grabber to the node, used docked mode, saw the ResourceLode resource. I used the Lode Harvester function on the sifter. All that happened was a lot of energy was used, the ResourceLode resource gradually went down to zero, and then the lode went poof when it was empty. At no point were any resources added. The rover has storage for chemicals, metals, polymers, and recyclables, and none of them gained anything. Could somebody please help me and tell me what on earth (or the Mun ) I'm doing wrong here? I'm trying to do my own research before asking more questions here, but i'm stumped.
  3. First I'll see if I can replicate it when I have the chance.
  4. As far as I can tell from testing, they just need to be on the craft. However, beware physics stuff disconnecting craft docked by kerbitrails and other KAS parts. Recently I had to restore from a backup, because my colonists all died when the part my scientist was in came disconnected from the agriculture module, and they ran out of food while I was time-warping elsewhere.
  5. I also read that moving machinery around requires an engineer. In both cases they aren't available for transfer through local logistics. But I've not yet actually found out _how_, so I'm a little unclear. Having an engineer on the craft doesn't enable the resources in local logistics, and I haven't seen and relevant PAW items. Is there something I'm meant to do to replenish nuclear fuel and machinery other than just use KAS pipes?
  6. Ah, but not just a mining rig; I'd need to throw an mpu in there. Not the worst thing.
  7. I'll see if I can replicate it (which ought to be easy when I have the time) and get logs and perhaps video. I do. Why?
  8. I was just saying that in defense of the realism of hovering, using TCA. Unfortunately, that particular feature has never worked properly for me, though. The status says it's looking for a safe landing space, and it almost 100% of the time fails to find one, even on flat ground, and gives up and just hovers, using all of my fuel.
  9. Regarding hovering: Remember that the final stage of Apollo landings was to hover for a bit, with a bit of horizontal velocity, until they were above a good landing site.
  10. I don't know about the videos, but if it helps, disassembly is pretty simple. When a kerbal is on EVA, the right-click menu for parts (I keep forgetting what it's called) contains a "disassemble" option. If you use that option on a part with no children, the part will go poof in a cloud of smoke, and some amount of MaterialKits and SpecializedParts will appear in nearby storage, if it is available. Unrelated: Sorry if this is a silly question, but... I've just been experimenting with Planetary Logistics. I've mostly figured it out messing about in a sandbox. But as far as I can tell, if I want a remote mining rig to send its spoils back to my main base, I need to have the rig actually have or be attached to a logistics module, even if an unmanned one. That's fine, but am I missing some simpler (and lighter) way to do it?
  11. Thank you guys for being so helpful so far. Err... I have another question. Yes I've been looking around for an answer before posting here. I'm pretty confused about lodes. I get that it's a rock that I need to use a klaw or KAS to hook up to, and then can pull out resources. The discussions I've found about them say either that the regolith sifter can process the lode, or that it will appear as a container full of recyclables. If I look in the VAB, the inputs that the sifter can accept are dirt, and "ResourceLode". That all makes sense so far. But once I actually send a vehicle to the lode and hook up to it, the resource in it is "rock". There's no mention that I can find of rock in the MKS wiki, and as far as I can tell there are no MKS parts that can take rock as an input. So what am I meant to do, exactly? O.o I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction.
  12. I have a largeish mining crawler, driven by the also largeish MoveMax Model XL3, and steering works fine some times, and not at all others. I can't figure out a pattern. I know it steers with differential motor power, since they don't turn. But when I've been testing the thing, in some circumstances I can turn just fine, if slowly. The turning radius is a couple of times the length of the crawler. But in other seemingly identical sitiations I can't get it to deviate more than a degree or two from its course, for kilometers. It can be even or uneven, sloped or flat, it just sometimes does not work. Is there some trick to these guys that I'm missing?
  13. @Tonka Crash That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain!