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  1. No worries. Nobody gets to expect free work out of you. If you get to it, you get to it. Stay sane.
  2. That seems like a really handy system, that will get rid of a lot of headache. Especially the fun thing that happens to me sometimes where I go to a base I haven't loaded in a while, supplies drop to zero, all the kerbals die, and then the supplies fill back up again. I turned of kerbal death after that happened a couple times. XD
  3. I believe that the kit has to be resting directly on the ground, not raised up on landing gear. Though those ought to have popped off when you deployed the kit.
  4. I've heard some references to W.O.L.F. What actually is it?
  5. I'm still trying to get MechJeb and TCA to play nicely with each other, and still having a few issues. Or rather, one issue. I don't know if there is workaround, or if this would have to be added, or if I'm just doing something wrong. TCA is an awesome enough mod (Thank you!) that I'm willing to get fiddly if needed. TCA prevents MechJeb from changing the craft's orientation. Most of the time I can solve this by turning off all of the navigation options (Level, Stop, Anchor, etc) and turning off "Stabilizer" and "VTOL Assist" in "Advanced Settings" does the trick, but sometimes MechJeb ju
  6. PBS has support for MKS. I've been using them together. Most of the PBS parts aren't as good for MKS functions as MKS parts, but they do work. The greenhouses grow supplies, the habitats have habitation values, and so on.
  7. I have a small feature request/suggestion, if that's not too presumptuous. I sometimes get in a bad situation by accidentally clicking the "disassemble part" button in the action menu, because it's often right next to the button I want, like "grab connector". Obviously a confirmation prompt or something like that would get really irritating for the user, but would there be any way to do something like put a bit of space between it and the other buttons? Just so you're less likely to move too quickly and derp and click it. Maybe it's just me. If it is, then I guess there would be no point
  8. Oh yeah, I've got that part. What I mean is that if the workshop vessel is not currently loaded, no manufacturing progress seems to take place, and when I return to it, construction is always paused. I guess I'll try making sure there is more EV, and watch it from the KSC panel.
  9. If the glitch is to much of a pain to fix, a workaround would be displaying the maximum capacity of a given module when you are actually in the transfer window, so you can avoid doing that.
  10. Regarding distributing machinery: I've gotten the workaround working, where you use a rover with a container of machinery and a grabber claw to move machinery around. It's cool that there is a workaround, but I'm still trying to determine what I am *supposed* to do. Is MKS just bugged, or is there some other mechanism I haven't found? Again, I know you can work around it, but I am still hoping to find out how the mod was designed for you to deal with machinery, since the "maintenance" option is not present.
  11. This mod is on my essential mod list, because it is so useful. One thing though... when I try to transfer a kerbal to a module that is already full, they tend to disappear and are marked as dead. Is this a known glitch?
  12. Yeah, that's basically what I've been doing. Thank goodness for the cheat menu. And yet here we are, still playing it anyway, because it's fun enough to justify dealing with the jank. I am looking forward to KSP 2 though, which hopefully will have better physics. Though what with the shenanigans from the new owners, I have mixed feelings about buying it.
  13. Question: Construction doesn't seem to happen in the background, like when you are in the KSC, as opposed to, say, mining. Is this by design, or am I doing something wrong? If it's by design, that's fine, obviously.
  14. No worries. You don't owe us anything. We're just lucky to have the cool stuff that you make.
  15. I figured that might be the case, but oh well, it was worth asking. I love Kerbal, but most of the physics (kinematics and otherwise) is... let's say not as polished as it could be.
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