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  1. ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Thankyou, @CatastrophicFailure for making the last day and a half a giggle-fest for me with this and Comrade Political Officer. It's making it much easier to deal with a double ear infection and a fever when you can't stop laughing every few minutes...
  2. I, for one, am hoarding large quantities of catnip to ensure my survival in the coming catpocalypse...
  3. Loved the story so far and looking forward to the next installment but take care of your health and feline overlords furry friends first though, k?
  4. Wound up with "Toggle RCS Thrust" and "Abort!" on the LES and "Decouple" on the SM. The BPC doesn't have an option for JUST the motors for me, both "Jettison LES" and "Abort!" are detaching from the capsule. I can get 3km altitude with an abort on launch pad though so my Kereles III works for now
  5. I'm having a slight issue with PEBKAC and the SDHI BPC, when the BPC's "ABORT!" sequence is activated the BPC is detaching from the command module. Do I just need to make sure I remove the BPC from the abort sequence or is that going to foul up anything for me further down the line?
  6. [1.3] Asteroid Recycling Technologies [v0.9.0]

    Is a radial ore tank REQUIRED for the Jaw to begin converting asteroid mass into Rock? Thanks in advance... Edit: after kit-bashing a test rig together, yes you DO need a radial ROCK tank to convert asteroid mass (unlike as shown in the OP video where the asteroid itself was a container for the rock)... unless I have a massive mod collision somewhere that is breaking ART's asteroid changes... Edit 2: I put together a Stock + ART (Version, freshly downloaded today) test install and the behaviour is the same, a separate ROCK tank MUST be attached to the asteroid in order for the system to work. The Rock is NOT being held within the asteroid as @RoverDude's video in the OP shows (Was this an evolution of the mod or is it a bug?).
  7. [1.3.0] ResearchBodies V1.9.5 (14th August 2017)

    I have the exact same issue using the Dev build from the front page.
  8. Sounding Rockets is what gave me the idea for something that would fit in neatly alongside both DERP and Sounding Rockets. I love using SR and DERP to build my CSM internals in the stock Service Bay. Two DERP structurals stack nicely in there and that then takes my monoprop, supply bags and small experiments, plus a DERP monoprop tank and a fuel cell and a stock 200e battery (offset inside a DERP Structure ring). >.> tbh I love every RoverDude mod...
  9. @RoverDude, I'd like to make a part suggestion for DERP. A radial battery pack that can clip onto the DERP structural frames. I was thinking about 40e with the mdoel being two of the batteries from the solar panel / fuel cell parts in an array... either that or the kerbal equivalent of a 9v battery and a cable connector...?
  10. [1.3] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.0 - 14/9/2017]

    Much kudos on that graphic! Where did the base picture come from? I don't think it's a KSP screenshot (and if it is then dear god that is some serious screen archery) and I'm kinda hoping I could get it for a wallpaper so I can weep anew at its beauty every time I turn my computer on!
  11. [1.3] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.0 - 14/9/2017]

    Where does the graphic from the banner image in the OP come from? Every time I see it I want to burst into tears it is so beautiful...
  12. Quick question, is the parachute for the 0.6m nosecone supposed to come out at a 45 degree angle? It almost looks like its one parachute of a twin-chute setup in a way...
  13. Jebediah, Valentina and Bob return from their six day polar expedition during which they thoroughly tested their Bon Voyage auto-drive systems... Their responses? Jeb - "It's awesome! I want one for boats too!" Bob - "Very useful, I was able to spend more time on science as a result!" Valentina - "Out of the way, nobody get between me and the showers! Oh, the BV? Worked a charm, now MOVE!"
  14. [1.3] QuizTech Aero Pack Continued

    Well, if nothing else, the particle effects look good I'll give it a test today and drop my feedback in here. Edit: Two thumbs up! Works great as a souped up pair of Panthers!