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  1. I think a couple of people had this same issue before but a while ago. Can you send me your KSP log?
  2. @MaverickSawyer that lander is very cool. I was actually just working on my own lander using that BDB part in my career save but I don't have ion propulsion yet. I gotta finish it and post the pics. I think you just helped me figure out something I needed to do on mine. Well done!
  3. Awesome! Although those Voyager parts need to get re-made and improved! Viking would be coming up next regardless. The whole reason I ended up making all of the Mariner replicas was as a lead up to it anyway since the orbiter is essentially a modified Mariner 9. I probably didn't end up saving as much texture space in the end, but it was very cool to do.
  4. Not currently. But I do have a multi-spectral camera based on New Horizons, of all things, which I use on its behalf. You are welcome! I am glad you like it!
  5. Update I hope you all had a good Christmas! For those brave souls, there is now a push to Github with all completed Mariner parts, as well as the Surveyor update. This has been semi-tested in and should work with KSP 1.4 + but please let me know if you encounter any issues. I have not yet tested anything in the new KSP 1.6. This is not a full release of BETA 17, just a big Github push. Dependencies have not been updated. Here is a recap of the new parts: In other development news, I have been doing some re-work of current SRB parts to unify their meshes and art style. This will include IUE's Star 24C motor, Surveyor's Star 37B retromotor, Voyager's propulsion module (Star 37E), and the new stand-alone Star 37E. I ran into some problems with size discrepancies, but I'll come back to them as I'd like to update these parts. There was a WIP image some pages back if you missed it. I have also pushed on towards the final Mariner planned for this release, Mariner 9. M9 will re-use the Argo Mk4 bus and imaging platform. The biggest addition is the new propulsion module which it used to insert into a martian orbit. My plan is to have the propulsion module modeled and have a thermal cover you can toggle on/off. It is unfortunately a pain in the rear to model and texture, but this was too cool of a part and I did not want to skip that detail. Here's a peek of the progress: ~Cheers
  6. Version 0.16 was the last version to work with 1.3.1 while only requiring the correct dependencies. The current version will technically work with 1.3.1 but some configs will have incorrect syntax. I know TexturesUnlimited won't work, but there may other configs as well. For what's worth, I have a customized version of my mod running in 1.3.1, but I can't remember what were all the changes I had to make.
  7. Speaking of more Mariner stuff, I got most issues with the nodes fixed, and it's now in-game Thinking about changing the silver foil
  8. At this moment the SSTL-300S1 is the only hardware I have contributed, but the option remains for more spacecraft to be added later Parts from Mariners 4-9 and a couple of other tweaks, improvements and fixes. This includes some engine upgrades and updates to Surveyor parts. Viking is next after that, but I don't know if I will include it on this next release. It really is up to what you guys think. Squad has been releasing new versions of KSP in relatively short intervals, which makes the traditional mod "release" model a huge pain to keep up with. I don't have an ETA on release, but as soon as I fix a bunch of issues with these parts, they will be up on Github
  9. @serg1983 Like @Cheesecake mentioned, you have to find an engine for Juno/Hera. It's a big spacecraft, so plenty of engines will fit. My mod actually a pretty good candidate, if you want. Look for an engine called CA-LV10 'Lahar'
  10. Absolutely, yes. But the current Vega-based parts need an overhaul before I'm willing to use them for any other missions
  11. Viking will be part of this release. After this long-winded release is done and out, the plan is to work on some more Russian inspired parts, including my first rover, Lunokhod
  12. I am working on some issues with mesh transforms, but the imaging platform has been completed and all Mariner 6/7 parts are imported in Unity. I just need to fix said transform issue before getting it in-game. Hoping to do so this week. Please ignore Unity's ugly normals. I only use its normal map generator for previews
  13. The Mariner 5+ panels will not have solar vanes. If you absolutely have to have Mariner 4 panels without vanes, I can circle back around and do a mesh toggle setup for it
  14. @Gordon Dry not even quotes work? value = "Coatl Aerospace"
  15. @CobaltWolf I'll have to get with you at some point to see if you can help me figure out what's wrong on my end. I remember someone looking at it with me during one of my early stream and nothing would work. I'd use it for part switching and texture switching, sometimes simultaneously; i.e. texture switch a part you can toggle on/off. There's also the chance of a rotorblade engine at some point in the mod's future, so I may need FS then