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  1. No worries. I updated the download button on the OP
  2. Thank you. Yes, it was! Make sure you install the repository, and not the Download. The release download is very very old
  3. Would you look at that! Happy Birthday, ProbesPlus! Hard to believe FOUR YEARS have passed since the initial release of this mod. I greatly appreciate all who have contributed and supported the mod throughout this time, specially lately that I have not cranked out any real progress. I have pushed everything I have to Github, which should now have updated dependencies, PlumeParty particle FX for all RCS, as well as the latest Barça probe bus. Initial testing in KSP 1.9.1 is good, so long as you have the latest version of all mods.
  4. Update Dmagic Science Animate to the latest version for your KSP install. If that doesn't work, we're going to need your KSP version and logs. Click the faq on my signature for more info
  5. Thank you! Good suggestion. Now is it more useful to have such option on the bus? Or on a science container part
  6. It's called a rocker-bogie mechanism and unless there's some API update I missed it's damn near impossible with the stock wheel code Thank you! On the bright-side my oldest is kinda starting to like KSP so I am going to try and feed that interest as much as I can. He is already fairly curious about astronomy and space travel, so maybe we can work on the mod together ???
  7. I would absolutely love to, just understand that I am a single dad now and my mod time has reduced drastically, so the chances of a lot of new parts to get done is very slim. I am now just trying to get Viking and the part remakes done.
  8. Hello all. I am not the owner of the mod or the licensed IP, but as the original developer I thought I'd chime in with the disclaimer that I do not speak on behalf of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited. At the moment, the mod is not under any official development, at least by me. This is not to say that it won't ever be perhaps even by another artist. You are welcome to continue to post any issues that you have and I will try to help resolve. If needed, I can release an "official" unofficial MM patch fix. I agree that SSTL has been making some fantastic spacecraft recently and there's good things to come from them in the future. If there is a lot of interest in those, remember that unofficial versions of those can be made as part of other mods, such as my own ProbesPlus! mod. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Cheers!
  9. It should already be mostly functional, with updated dependencies. I am running it in 1.8 in my test install I have not done any new foil textures, but will likely have to at some point. I am staying away from all the texture switching, it's too much work to make it look good
  10. Thank you. I do not actively update CKAN but whenever a full new release version of the mod is available, I am sure CKAN will update. For now I am just uploading changes to Github. I have thought about cubesat-type probes but there's just no real purpose for them in KSP at the moment. Their small size also brings the challenge of perhaps not being able to attach surface-mounted parts to them. The compromise would be to unrealistically enlarge them a bit for gameplay reasons. If I ever do any, I would probably go that route so they are easier to deal with in the VAB. That being said, the lack of real functionality in-game as of right now means I am not likely to make any soon unless you guys want to make a case for them. I would like to make a version of the Mars MarCO probes but those were larger cubesats
  11. This particular spacecraft launched as a set of three, and they were all mounted together in that manner on their PSLV payload adapter
  12. I was not aware as I've never used it. Kerbalism does add some additional complexities and compatibility issues even though I saw there's an optional science config.