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  1. Ha! We were both just literally working on versions of essentially the same part (I did 37E) . I even modeled some of the gimbal bits for later use as the FMV version. lol
  2. Still chugging along with Mariner parts, but I did take a little break from them to work on this old unfinished part: I'll try to make a pass at the Star 37 used in the Voyager/Torekka propulsion module as well since it's supposed to be the same engine, but it's not high on the priority list EDIT: Referring to this guy
  3. Glad you enjoyed Cassini! I see it used a lot, specially on the KSP subreddit I do have plans for something related to Parker/Solar Probe Plus, but I am not going for a replica. My plan is to make a new bus and then make standalone parts to convert it into a Parker Solar Probe inspired craft. The bus will be primarily used for something else though
  4. So Commnet extension adds the RT antenna models ONLY *without* the functionality? Oh, it probably needs to have the models in its own folder, then. I believe the issue is in the Commnet extension mod, but from reading, it looks like the fix has already been suggested.
  5. I am not sure I understand the issue. I am not a RemoteTech expert so I do not know any possible causes. I have not had any complaints from other RT users about antenna problems so it may be something to do with the Antenna Extension mod, which also does not make sense at it seems to add new antenna, not modify others. You can try @CobaltWolf's suggestion but that's only going to REMOVE my RT configs, so you'll have to rely on another mod adding them, or you yourself. If you want to troubleshoot with me, can you get some logs so we can investigate further? Good luck
  6. I understand the functional part of the ScienceDef, I was just highlighting the fact that my mod has no considerations for other solar system mods. Only Outer Planets Mod, actually. The Argo camera is not yet done and that's why it is broken. These values are all new to me and I have never given it any thought as it never comes up in Stock KSP. I still have an open Github ticket to re-visit this, and I plan to. Let me know if you tweak any numbers in your testing to see if 10500 kPa is enough or not. I'll try to better understand RSS support to add a MM patch for things that need it, but I'll rely on you guys to help test the changes. Is there anything else that would need attention?
  7. That's partly my bad. I have never used RSS or realism mods so I do not understand their setup and use. I didn't think you could use RSS without RO (Or something similar)because, otherwise, how can parts be setup for it? For example, none of my scienceDefs even have rules or results for RSS. This is why I think doing patches for RSS will be more involved than just fixing the Fomalhaut probe. I'm sure the Draco lander might need some tweaking as well, along with a number of other parts.
  8. @Gordon Dry @Kerbas_ad_astra It may very well be Pressure/Temperature tweaks needed for RSS. I unfortunately have no experience at all with RSS or realism mods. ProbesPlus parts are balanced to stock KSP, which is why they fail to meet the greater difficulty demanded in RSS. Kerbas, I'd suggest bringing those changes to the RSS team. I am not sure another way to apply the changes without writing an entire new RSS config for every part in my mod and I just do not have the experience or the time to do so. EDIT: Nevermind. It looks like RSS has no part configs at all. Just goes to show what I know. Realism Overhaul would be the best place to have those pressure configs without having to write RSS configs for my mod. If anyone want to help write some, that would be awesome!
  9. Thank you! As @GrubbyZebra mentioned, NASA's Surveyor provided reference and inspiration for Landvermesser. Here's a cool pic of Surveyor 3 getting vandalized by the Apollo 12 crew: One of my favorite Apollo pictures. I hope when we return to the moon we go snap photos of more lunar residents like LEM descent stages, Yutu and Lunokhod
  10. It has been a while since the last rover trip but I took a Buffalo out for a drive and it reminded me again what a great vehicle it is. It handled jumps, swerves, turns, and bumps, uphill and down, all over 60 mph. I even hit 83 mph with nothing exploding. Thank you, again, for making this.
  11. Yes, both are. Lunokhod will be up first. I'll use it to figure out the whole rover thing; specially the wheels.
  12. Thank you very much. Happy to see you like it! I don't know. While I have some missions still on the to-do, I am fairly open to player suggestions. Just keep in mind I don't release updates as often as other modders. My thought process for early Venera was that other missions already would cover the early tech tree, namely Mariner which I am working on now. The same thought applied to early Luna (later ones are on the list, about Luna 16 or so). So it was a gameplay and convenience decision, rather than a historical decision. I honestly did not see this mod becoming a historical mod as others already exist for that. That being said, if you guys want me to do early Venera/Mars, I can, but I think the general consensus is that I need to get to more landers and rovers soon.
  13. akron

    [1.3.1] Cacteye Optics Community Takeover

    Cheers for the compliment! I'd say @CobaltWolf has done a brilliant job with it. Keep in mind that his telescope is based on the original CactEye telescope with inspiration from Hubble, rather than a more historical replica, like I tend to do.
  14. As I recall, Textures Unlimited changed syntax a while. I think the TEXTURE tag got renamed to MATERIAL or something relatively simple like that. Unfortunately once I changed the tags in my config to match the new usage, it broke any installs that use the previous one. I believe this is the issue he's having. A mismatch of TU version to my configs. One of the two is either too new. or too old. The way my texture/material switching works is that it is handled by Firespitter as long as you don't have TU installed. Once TU is detected, it handles it instead and all references of Firespitter are removed from the parts using: @PART[*]:HAS[#author[Akron]:HAS[@MODULE[FStextureSwitch2]]]:FOR[CoatlAerospace]:NEEDS[TexturesUnlimited] { !MODULE[FStextureSwitch2] {} } This is a basic sample of a material configs used by v0.16 of my mod: KSP_TEXTURE_SET { name = Silver title = Silver recolorable = false TEXTURE { shader = SSTU/PBR/Metallic texture = _MainTex, Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Assets/mat_fsilver texture = _BumpMap, Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Assets/mat_foil_N PROPERTY { name = _Metallic float = 250 } PROPERTY { name = _Smoothness float = 0.7 } } COLORS { mainColor = white secondColor = orange detailColor = white } } And this is one using the new syntax in v0.16.1: KSP_TEXTURE_SET { name = Silver title = Silver recolorable = false MATERIAL { shader = SSTU/PBR/StockMetallicBumped texture = _MainTex, Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Assets/mat_fsilver texture = _MetallicGlossMap, Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Assets/mat_fsilver texture = _BumpMap, Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Assets/mat_foil_N PROPERTY { name = _Metal float = 1 } PROPERTY { name = _Smoothness float = 0.9 } } } @Pointblank66 Hopefully this helps you figure out exactly which version of TexturesUnlimited you need. If there is no version of TU using the new syntax available for KSP 1.3.1, you may have to use version 0.16 of my mod instead, or we can follow the other troubleshooting step I suggested back in my thread