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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Having the correct dependencies will fix the majority of compatibility problems in the mod since I do not use more complex settings or custom code -yet-. I don't think you will have any issues is you want to add the solar panels to your 1.2.2 install as the solar panel config has not changed. The only major config change that I remember is for the RCS which, at one point, needed each part's node be re-oriented. If you move parts with RCS from a new install to an old one there *may* be some problems. This is not the case with those solar panels. Let me know if it works! I think all you will needs is: GameData\Coatl Aerospace\ProbesPlus\Parts\Electrical: sp_juno.cfg, sp_juno_mag.cfg GameData\Coatl Aerospace\ProbesPlus\Assets\Electrical: sp_hera_panel.mu, sp_hera_mag.mu, electrical_a_D.dds, mat_fsilver_NA.dds GameData\Coatl Aerospace\ProbesPlus\Compatibility: DMagicContracts.cfg (If you use DMagic's mods) It might get more complex if you use TexturesUnlimited
  2. You must have a newer version of KSP. The log has been moved. If you use a Windows OS, go here: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\ P.S. AppData is a hidden system folder, you will have to unhide it if you want to navigate to it using Windows Explorer
  3. I do not have a cause identified for this as it is just not widespread. Please go ahead and post your logs and I'll check them
  4. Github issue created, I will investigate. You can certainly try. You'll need your appropriate version of Firespitter and DM Science Animate. I do not foresee any issues, but, however, this is not supported as I cannot maintain 2 versions of the mod.
  5. The border for "high orbit" is 250 Km. That's why it didn't work. Like I mentioned, there's a bug with the Solar Wind science and it is not running in "low-orbit"
  6. Yes! I have reference from very similar antenna. Just not specifically Telstar
  7. If you have SCANsat installed it is both It is not a biome SCANsat scanner. I think we are getting confused on the terminology. KerbNet is the stock KSP map system that they added a little bit ago. All stock probes were given KerbNet access to give them additional functionality separate from what SCANsat already gave through its parts. Similar to SCANsat, KerbNet provides terrain and biome maps, plus anomaly detection. All my parts that do scanning and imaging will provide KerbNet access for those that do not use SCANsat. If you have SCANsat, some of those will be configured to work with it, but they do NOT lose KerbNet access. The parts I felt really needed it do have description of functionality, but I only do it on ones with complex or strange setups like optional right-click meshes. I did not want to have big wall of text explaining how each works or what they do because ,to be perfectly honest, I don't think people read them. I'd have to have a description for each mod that changes their functions, so I only do it when it's really needed. For example, the Meridiani dish has a descriptive one that changes if you have SCANsat installed to describe its radar functionality. That being said, I'll try to use more descriptive tool tips in the future along with funny and weird ones You found a bug! The situation mask was set to "high orbit" only, I will correct it on the next patch and review all the rest. Good feedback, thank you. This is why I like keeping the mod as an interactive "work in progress"
  8. @JoE Smash Ok, lots of questions! I apologize for your confusion, these questions have not come up before, despite some the parts being available for quite some time. SAR15 - Functions exactly as the stock M700 scanner. If you have SCANsat installed, it adds a high-res altimeter module to it, and converts it into an Orbital Surveyor for resource scanning. The antenna on the SAR15 are just normal short range communication antenna unrelated to the altimeter. KLIR - Gives you 3 things: A biome KerbNet map, a new Infrared science experiment that you can run at any time in space, and stock Ore detection. The 60 Km max altitude is probably a typo and supposed to be 600 Km. I will check and test. SWIS (Solar Wind Science) - Adds a new experiment that you can run anywhere in space Gravity Wave Detector - Functions EXACTLY like the stock one, just a different name and fancier looks H2RS - I think this is the second SAR you unlocked. This one also adds High-res SCANsat altimeter scans along with a high angle range KerbNet map. It does not do any resource detection There is another SCANsat Radar, mounted on Meridiani dish antenna (Cassini). This one is a low-res altimeter and KerbNet access Most of my scanners still give you KerbNet map access, as you can see. So far, my part do not have the ability to unlock contracts. It's never come up. It should allow for contract completion though. @DMagic do I need anything other than this code to complete and terminate DMagic contracts? SCANsat contracts so far seem to complete on percentage of the map, independent of the part. @DMContracts:FOR[CoatlAerospace]:NEEDS[DMagic] { @DMMag { @Magnetometer_Parts ^= :$:,ca_magneto2,ca_vor_mag,mer_mag,ca_stereoBoom,sp_juno_mag @RPWS_Parts ^= :$:,ca_RPWS,ca_RPWS_STEREO } }
  9. Has it ever worked for you before? Sorry, you just have a lot of mods installed. I don't know what might cause this just yet
  10. I can confirm that ProbesPlus does not add or modify functionality on the golf club
  11. It's no big deal. I hope you get it figured out!
  12. Means it's your mods and not the savegame. Sorry we couldn't help. I'd keep posting info at your other post here and wait for someone to have an answer as my thread won't get you the right visibility. In the meantime, if it bothers you that much, there's nothing short of nuking it. Re-install the game from scratch along with all mods. I do mean from scratch: Delete all folders! (Backup your save if you want). You can also just do a second install to test. I usually have like 3-4 KSP installs simultaneously to test and play my own career save
  13. Correct I haven't used CKAN since before KSP 1.0 so I don't run into these issues. There could very well be conflicting configs, though I still encourage checking for mods that change fuels
  14. @JoE Smash Legit no clue what it could be. I just tried it on my test install, which has KSP, Expansion, DMOS, and my mod and the fuel tanks sort correctly. Do you have any custom fuel mods or something? That could be it. I believe that the ModuleManager log will tell you all the modifications done to a part or fuel type