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  1. Not sure if accurate, but the old propellant/pressurizer tanks looked a lot nicer. Good metalic-ness tho. I really like that and Atlas
  2. Dr. Strangelove comes to mind. Now I'm wondering what a "Manned" Cassini will look like
  3. The Cassini RTGs are a slight modification of the default "high-tech" Coatl RTG and will become the new default Coatl RTG for that tech level. The old version will be removed on BETA 17 to give players plenty of time to transition. EDIT: The modified RTG is alreadyon Github
  4. Thank you very much! I am definitely trying to get it done as soon as possible. By the way, there's another push to Github with the Cassini core. If you guys recall from my earlier WIPs, the probe is actually semi-hollow on the bottom and you can put stuff in there for your custom builds so they're not poking on the outside. I'm surprised how much stuff fits! Not exactly Cassini-accurate, but I figured it'd be useful for something. It does not function as a cargo bay so beware of heating, but who's using Cassini for aerobraking anyway? *glares at NASA* One more part done-ish, hurray! Let me know if there's issues
  5. You have to have the latest version if you're running KSP v1.3. Check out my FAQ for links
  6. @drtedastro @ChickenBot448 Thank you guys! The dish is up on Github along with some other tweaks. I started working on the probe core but I got called in to work. I'll finish that and start on the FT later today
  7. Farewell Cassini! I got the Antenna dish finished late last night but forgot to upload a pic. I'm doing some experimenting with attachment nodes and I'll put it on github this evening. You'll see parts trickle in as they are done, just beware it's all very WIP EDIT: I forgot I uploaded them to the DevHole. NOTE, it looks much brighter in-game
  8. @Three_Pounds Yes, you are correct. The cover is missing primarily because the animation would take time to do as I've not done animations using bone-deformers in Unity yet. I was pressed for time trying to get it done by tomorrow. The cover would also not really serve a purpose in KSP other than to be more accurate. To make it open on engine activation would also require a new module and I just didn't think it was worth the trouble now. It can always be added later As a status, 3 days without power have put me pretty behind as to where I wanted to be, so Cassini won't be ready by EOM. Maybe I can put more work in to complete this weekend. No promises though.
  9. I will do what I can but I am unfortunately without electricity due to the hurricane
  10. Every little bit helps. RT configs should be good enough. If you can, we'd need 2 antenna. The High Gain Dish, which acts as a relay for Huygens (with range out to Jool/Sarnus), and one omni low gain antenna mounted on the LEU. Cassini technically has 2 low gain antenna but one is mounted on the the HGA, so I am abstracting it as part of the dish. Thanks! Correction: Technically, the Huygens and Cassini probe cores will also need RT config. The lander would need enough range to reach orbit
  11. Thank you. I hope it still looks good after the textures go on it. Does anyone want to preemptively write some configs for the parts? RT, RO, RealPlume, etc. It would be a huge help getting it ready in time. The antenna will also be SCANsat Radar compatible. The magnetometer will use DMOS configs, along with the "Multispectral" Optical sensor pallet. Not sure if there is enough time to write custom scienceDefs for the Fields and Particle pallet experiments.
  12. I think this is just a limitation of KER/MechJeb and the like. I could have sworn KER has an option for including RCS in its calculations though. Check the settings menu. So, here is what I've been working on again. I wanted to save it for later until it was further along, but meh/youonlysinkitintosaturnonce. Who wants a preview?