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  1. Great, thank you! What did you do to fix it? So maybe it can help others
  2. Did you ever get that crash log? I really just forgot to, but the has not been a release. I'll go through compatibilities again and add or updates those that are still needed. Thanks for reminding me
  3. Click the link to my FAQ and there's some information to help you there
  4. The contract must be looking for the specific part and not the thermometer experiment then. I'll have to see if/how to work around this
  5. Thank you! I will investigate as to why. Let me also tag @DMagic to ask for his expertise. If not, we may have to post on his thread and provide him some logs. I am not sure other than to just pass the contract on the contract tab of the "cheat" menu. The thermometer uses the stock science system and experiment so it should work Can you provide some logs? If you are not sure how, my FAQ has some links which can help you
  6. Try this: @DMContracts:FOR[CoatlAerospace]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience] { @DMMag { @Magnetometer_Parts ^= :$:,ca_magneto2,ca_vor_mag,mer_mag,ca_stereoBoom @RPWS_Parts ^= :$:,ca_RPWS,ca_RPWS_STEREO } } I may have fumbled the NEEDS parameter
  7. It does not wok too well for the golden foil like on Meridiani. I think it is because the falloff color is just far too dark, meaning it only looks good head-on in sun-light. I don't know if I can tweak that to make it better. Xihe, however, looks damn good with it, despite the black falloff EDIT: PBR configs for TexturesUnlimited are now up on Github. Please report back if you try them out.
  8. I would if I had something to show. I post everything to Github as it is finished and usually will also post a screenshot here. A page or two back I posted a picture of Lunokhod, the soviet rover(s) mission to the moon. This is the first set of rover parts I plan to make.
  9. "Run out of models to make" Inconceivable! TU would make the foil textures actually look decent. I'm just at a loss as to how set them up and optimize them for use with those new shaders. I'll dig through the documentation but it doesn't look like shadowmage has had enough time to finish his wiki. Another roadblock is that my textures are setup to be extremely light weight and sacrifice quality for resource efficiency. This means a lot of UV overlap which prevents proper Ambient Occlusion and bump mapping. It can be fixed so it will work better with TU but it would require a complete over haul of almost every part and it would double the mod's texture footprint
  10. Welcome to the Forums, SpaceFox! The pre-release version of the mod is compatible with the current KSP. What you'll find in Spacedock and CKAN is not the pre-release version. If you want to test out the new parts in KSP 1.3, you can download this pre-release from Github. Instructions are on the bottom of the page. Read back a couple of pages to catch up on the latest dev news and what you can find in the Github repository. Also check out these Frequently asked mod questions to learn more. All of the stuff you can check out on the Github pre-release will become an official release sometime soon, hopefully right before Christmas. Until then, the repository will continue to see frequent updates about every 2 days.
  11. Thank you very much! All of Xihe's (STEREO) parts are done and updated on Github, along with more ScienceDef tweaks and hopefully all changes needed to move DMOS from dependency to a "recommended" mod. If you have both mods, my parts will defer to DMOS' configs via MM
  12. Github has been updated. Magnetometer in-game. Note that I am in the process of re-doing science experiments to remove the DMOS dependency. Only the new magnetometer is set up, which will cause double experiments if you do use DMOS. I'll fix this soon, just be aware. There's also been some texture work done for the fuel tank covers, but it is still WIP.
  13. Stream's over, but I will keep working on the magnetometer offline and will post progress.
  14. Potential Dev live stream on Twitch tonight. Trying to get back to the weekly streams. Shooting for the usual 7pm or so EST. The plan is: Work on Cassini science parts and Huygens, fix foil textures, and possibly some road map talk. Twitch channel link on my sig.