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  1. Update More pushes to Github. New foil shaders added to several parts. STEREO, Mariner, and a couple of science parts. Again, no new model or textures. B9Part Switch only. I only updated those configs, not Firespitter's and I may deprecate FS altogether
  2. Pushed a very WIP hacky fix for the Cassini magnetometer to address its mesh toggle. Foil textures for it *only* are now using the new KSP semi-PBR shaders. Looks good, IMHO. Cassini foil re-work is next. These are not new models or textures, just literally re-working how they are set up. Now on Github Repo
  3. It has been a while since I've had to make new cfgs and MM patches, but I "think" this would work: @PART[ca_landv_srm]:FOR[CoatlAerospace] { RESOURCE { name = SolidFuel amount = 51 maxAmount = 51 } } 3x the Solid Fuel cap
  4. I think maybe with a MM patch to increase the total propellant capacity. @OrbitalManeuvers is correct in that the Mod is balanced-ish for stock KSP on a stock scale. I never play with scale mods and don't know how to configure parts for those. My apologies!
  5. The grey probe on the left in the replacement version. Yes, it should be live
  6. Depends... Surveyor has a glitch with its engines that I do not know how to fix so I may just have to wait until it's due for a remake. I believe there is a glitch with the Cassini magnetometer foil cover toggle. Other than these visual issues, it should be compatible with 1.12.x Please be sure to download the correct "latest" version from the Github repo:
  7. I forgot to post another part update. Remake of the early tech panels. Any thoughts on having the Cold gas thrusters and/or solar pressure vane on these panels? I may keep those unique to Mariner parts unless you guys would like to use them with these. The main reason for the touch up on these older parts is for art changes to be more compatible with other mods. I don't like that it removes a bit of the identity and uniqueness of them, but I think the trade off pays off. I will probably not be doing any more texture or foil toggles. One more reminder! I am looking for collaboration partners. If you are interested in working with me to either finish the old part refreshes, or complete some of the unfinished projects. Please let me know via PM. It is preferred that you have some experience as I have limited time to be able to show someone how to model/texture, but assistance is welcome even with cfg, balancing, and other mod compatibility. "Beta" testing is open to everyone through Github. ~cheers
  8. WIP Model and basic texture pass on another part remake
  9. Fantastic! Thank you for patiently trying again. Surveyor still has engine part issues, but everything else should be working fine.
  10. So, this is incorrect. Most parts are still not replicated across other mods. Also, I've updated the mod for newer KSP versions. For all that are having issues, please make sure that you have the latest version, which is the latest Github repository, link in OP. If you get the mod anywhere else, it will be out of date. The latest version does not require Firespitter, you can use a B9.
  11. Surveyor? Yeah, this has been seen by a few people. I am going to try and look further using @OrbitalManeuvers findings about the mast node. I may have to use mesh switching for the mast supports instead and let it be a surface attach part. Thanks! This is the new art direction for part remakes
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