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  1. I don't think Lunokhod's retract but they do have a suspension. They should be a good "Toddler's first wheels" so I can learn how to make them before moving to more complex stuff
  2. I think KerbalFoundries might be the better option. It looks like it does a good job adding the right features and setup. A rocker-bogie essentially needs a nested gear within a gear in KSP terms. One for the rocker, and one for the bogie, but then you'd also need to leave the steering to the outer wheels. I don't know, it just will take a lot of doing and I don't think it' worth it for broken KSP driving physics. By the way, this is what I mean for those unfamiliar:
  3. The retractable part is where it gets tricky. It is VERY hard to do a rocker-bogie wheel system in KSP, which is what all Mars rovers use, let alone make it retractable. It will almost certainly mean using a custom plugin. Wheels are difficult as it is and I don't think you get a return investment in the effort since KSP physics are just so bad at them. Regardless, I think my first rover would have to be this beautiful and often forgotten machine:
  4. None yet. But some are planned. I was thinking I might take a stab at one sometime soon-ish just to see if I can get wheels working
  5. Git it on Github For any new people, this is not a release, I upload "checkpoints" to Github every once in a while for testing and folks that like to experiment ahead of release. Repository download instructions are on the Github page. I would not suggest adding this to an active career game. On to the actual update. All the main Cassini "stack" parts are in. No science parts or Huygens have been completed yet although Huygens is pretty well along. The fuel tank is a very complex part so expect some issues. 'Meridiani' is not as RAM-saving as other parts but it was the best way to get decent detail. As usual, please let me know how it performs so I can tweak it. It is currently very roughly balanced. IIRC it came in at about 3400 kg fueled and has close to 20 minutes of main fuel for about 1900 dV. The RCS are balanced to the real craft and eat monoprop very quickly. Here are some other "Real Life" features that you may find odd in KSP (So you won't have to mention them on your feedback): The orientation puts it on its "side." Rotate the bottom parts 90 degrees in the VAB if you gotta have some symmetry RCS are not 3-axis. It will still assist in yaw but it won't be as effective The probe core has no advanced attitude control. It is handled by the "Fuel tank" assembly to simulate the gyros and startrackers mounted there SAS/Reaction wheels are on the bottom of the probe so the probe core won't have powerful wheels built-in Only one engine plume fires! Situation normal: Cassini had redundant engines but only one fired at any given time. Both were operational until EOM as far as I know Here are some know issues: Foil cover is not very good (I think, so does @CobaltWolf and we're all who matter ). I ran into some texture issues so I will try to fix it. This won't be very high on my to-do so if it looks like it will hold me up, I'll release it as-is and fix it later. Attachment colliders on the top part of the fuel tank is wonky. I know what's wrong, to be fixed soon The Huygens structural ring does not currently decouple. I'm still figuring out whether Huygens or Cassini should have the decoupler. Probably Huygens. BYOD Thank you guys for patiently waiting on the release which feels like it's right around the corner. Huge shout out to @Nicome for supporting the mod through Patreon. ~cheers
  6. Tiny update Sorry things have been a bit slow again, things have come up. Mostly just RL stuff as usual, plus I can only avoid so much sleep. I've gotten back to Cassini and the main FT assembly is *almost* done. All the big pieces are textured, I just have to get into the more detailed parts. Since the texture is shared with the engine and equipment skirt, those got done as well. The engine actually made it all the way in-game. The skirt will likely be next since it is textured already. Hopefully I can wrap these up and get you guys a playable release on Git within a couple of days while I finish the science pallets. No promises. I wanted to wait until the parts were further along to say something but I could not help myself. Here is a WIP: No specular or normal maps yet. The thermal blanket will be done last with the colliders (Hopefully, I will not let that be a hold up if I get frustrated with it). And as usual, Meridiani needed a patch... might recolor it once it is done. ~Cheers!
  7. That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Cassini, Surveyor-B, and STEREO parts
  9. It is being worked on simultaneously to the regular mod. "Ground Ops" parts will be included with the normal mod until there are enough of them to separate them as a lander pack. Surveyor, for example, is part of the lander pack.
  10. You can post your logs to see what is going on. I am wondering if the issue is there because you already had the upgrade, and are instead changing the stats mid-save. I'm hoping the save is not corrupted, but it is rather strange. CTT should not really affect the part upgrade progress since it only adds nodes without moving any on its own so ModuleManager is the only I can think of. I could make the upgrade piece an optional thing from now on. I'm not sure.
  11. Module manager creates a temp database inside the GameData folder. If you want, try deleting it (backup if you want ) and the running the game again. I'm curious if it's my mod or if some other conflict already has messed up the antenna configs.
  12. Great to see Tundra Ex. continued!
  13. Thank you for the troubleshooting and then sharing. KSP's upgrade system is a little wonky. I'm not so sure I'll keep using it
  14. It's uh... going. I've got some base textures on the main tank structure, but I haven't done much more past that. I finally have my weekends back so I'll hopefully be able to put more hours in and get back to a weekly stream.
  15. So, those upgrade nodes I made, were not with CTT in mind. In your case, I'd just disable the upgrades altogether. Unless you want to carefully look and see what you can leave enabled. You can just remove "GameData/Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Upgrades/Upgrades.cfg" to disable all upgrades, or look in that cfg and remove those that don't work with CTT, like the antenna one. If it's okay with you, I'll add it to Github on my next upload