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  1. Nice. I still find it funny that you had the other antennas up for a while and didn't notice I wanted to have a more structured release plan to keep me on task, and I'm mostly sticking to it. Having to move threw a wrench into things but I'll be done this week. This patch seems to be good to go, I should just put it out there. After this, the focus is Viking and its accompanying Mariner hardware (which means a little bit of overhaul of existing Mariner stuff). Past that set of parts, I am going back to the last poll's results which had Soviet Luna hardware in second place. Depending on how far along I get will dictate whether that Luna pack will include the first planned rover, which is Lunokhod. Probably, but not certainly. I always end up with part creep, so there will likely be some stuff making it in which I did not mean to. If I play the game, I always end up wishing I had made a particular mission (That's how I ended up with IUE). I feel this is a reasonable goal for the year given that I don't work on KSP full-time - KSP update fixes (done) - IUE (needs release) - Viking Lander and Orbiter - Mariners 4+ (To support Viking Orbiter parts) - Luna sample return hardware (Luna 15+) - Luna landing platform and Lunokhod Other stuff is likely to also make it in like a Voyager science boom overhaul, some more DMagic parts, and whatever else. I'll try to do more whenever possible EDIT: I almost forgot the propulsion overhaul. It will be included somewhere. It will be a Fregat resize to 1.875m-ish and a new 1.25m service module/tug
  2. Oh. There's a number of image editors that can resize a DDS file. Gimp, and I think Paint.NET and Kryta. There's always Photoshop if you have access to it
  3. If you're hurting for RAM, you can resize some of the textures a bit. If I recall Benjee went up to 4K with some. It's a bummer to reduce the quality but it's better than not being able to play with the parts at all.