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  1. Lovely surprise! I am just hoping that there's an in-depth career mode progression and more interactive science, not just a right-click menu option. KSP can teach you orbital mechanics and physics without your realizing. I would love if the same approach was taken to other things like astronomy, chemistry, biology, and planetary sciences. I did notice a strange lack of unmanned vehicles showcased in the trailer and dev video. Looks like I'll be busy
  2. Quick update: Not dead. Just really busy at work, so I haven't been able to mod or like have a life, really. Cheers! I am glad you like them!
  3. The bloom is real How are the Helios solar cells in-game? In the render something looks a little odd, could be just me. Love the antenna
  4. Viking is still a little ways out. If you want to get a head start with the current release, use the Github repo and not the last release. Amazing, thank you!
  5. Do you have the expansions installed? I think there might be a conflict somewhere. "Potentially", still trying to figure these little issues out
  6. What a day to celebrate! Decades ago humanity cemented its place in the solar system with a historic touchdown in another world. On July 20th, 1976, Viking 1 safely landed on Mars at Chryse Planitia; marking the end its dangerous voyage and the beginning of a fruitful scientific mission. Viking 1 returned the first scientific data from the martian surface and performed numerous measurements to investigate the potential habitability and presence of life on Mars. The lander was not alone. Its companion orbiter conducted its own science in orbit above and the Viking 2 duo was fast approaching behind; arriving on Mars in August of the same year. Viking 1 continued to operate on the martian surface for an astonishing six years until it finally shutdown in 1982. Happy 43rd Landing Anniversary to Viking 1! Oh, I guess Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong did a thing too. Whatever. /s ~ZZZzzzz
  7. Some more updates for y'all. A few more tidbits got modeled and some parts on the bus are slowly being tweaked to add more detail to haunt me later. A good bit of time got put into the propulsion system, including finishing up the RCS, although the feed line is wrong, I found a better pic and will fix it eventually. You'll see some orange chewy bits; those are fittings for the wiring harness. This final low shot show off the ventral structure and the newly modeled landing radar stuff. The upside down cake/cheese wheel thing is part of the altimeter system, the big brown square is the TLDR (He he, not it's the TDLR, landing radar). ~Zzzz
  8. All the early parts are UV'd like a texture Atlas. If I am to improve quality, the texture size unfortunately can only go up. They're currently packed as tight as they're ever going to be. For example all the RTGs, batteries, and solar panels up to Juno all share a single texture (and I think it had room for more ). That style works better when you have larger areas that do not have overlapping AO though, like fuel tanks or engine nozzles (Which is why it works so well for LV mods). These dang probes though have too many intricacies. When I started the mod I had no plan to have entire probe part families like I do now, which is a reason why texture usage has changed. I really wanted to keep the mod light for folks with older computers who may already have big part mods installed like NFT, BDB, Tantares, etc. so they barely got room for other mods like mine. You'll actually see that so far the largest texture I have is probably a 1k texture. The recent Mariner probes are on 512px texture sheets (Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, etc), sharing a single 1k sheet for the solar panels. Viking will probably need a 2k texture and will be UV'd differently than my earlier stuff.
  9. Stock texture switcher lacks some functionality that I require for some complex part shenanigans, so I have to use Firespitter or maybe B9 if I can ever get it to work. Otherwise that's pretty much exactly how it is now. I have these materials: Thermal, Carbon, Silver foil 1, Silver foil 2, Gold foil 1, Gold foil 2, Gold foil 3, Coatl Gold Foil, Bare Grey Obviously not all parts use all the variants, but it would be a tremendous amount of work to re-do. Hand tuning the foil to each part does yield a much better result but it increases the texture work since you have to tweak one sheet per variant. It also makes it more difficult to share textures, so the size of the mod's download would increase as would the number of textures that are loaded up with the game since KSP does not dynamically load textures by default. The trade off here was the quality but it allowed new probe parts without adding any new foil texture sheets to the mod except once in a while. So yes, I agree with you, but I don't have a way of fixing it at the moment. If I go back to refit older parts I would probably just slowly remove the texture switching altogether for more mission-specific visuals. Like I can only think of one time I saw a screenshot where someone used the Voyager core *without* the default black thermal blanket. C'est la vie
  10. Maybe. I don't know how much you followed the mod when I did the last foil texture overhaul. The foil textures are using shared generic materials swapped by Firespitter or TU. Restock uses a different way of doing its foil textures which involves doing foil materials per part for as many different types of foil as you want (Restock has roughly three per bus). I don't mind giving it another shot but it will be a lot of work which is best reserved for a refit of the parts since it essentially involves rethinking and redoing the texture layout for all the probes. It also means that I would have to cut back on the number of material options to about three, like Restock, to keep the workload bearable. Right now I have about seven materials, so imagine doing textures for the probe parts seven times for each one that has a foil toggle. That's about 45 different texture sheets just off the top of my head. Now, there is foily shininess on there but the pics don't do it justice; plus I am not using the foiliest of the foils I made . It is using TextureUnlimited's shaders. I have never tried the new stock shader, but I think I will for upcoming soviet parts/remakes
  11. Okay, I think I am going to slowly retrofit parts to use @JadeOfMaar's excellent PlumeParty effects. If anyone wants to help write up configs, I'd appreciate it.
  12. Okay. I was able to replicate it. I am working on a fix
  13. That's odd. All parts do that? What version of KSP are your running, or a log would help.
  14. @macc92 @hieywiey Github Repository appears to be using the new module. I checked Meridiani and Xihe probes config If you don't have Mariner parts, you do not have the latest Git repository