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  1. Those can be ignored. Texture assignment is handled by Firespitter or TU, if installed. It wasn't worth fixing them since it does not make a different in-game. I'll eventually put some time on this. Do let me know if the textures stop working though
  2. @HooHungLow that's pretty incredible! I love it. I really need more landing legs in the mod.
  3. Nice! That's such a nice antenna. @CobaltWolf don't even think about removing it
  4. I actually have yet to figure out tech tree placement. I'll reduce the propellant capacity. There just needs to be enough for the correction plus the rcs. This is not standard scale either. I left it at a realistic size conversion so the size is between 0.625m and 0.9375m. I think the bus diameter is something like 0.72m. It's only going to carry 5-10 units of monoprop. I also realized that since the camera system mounts higher than the lowest part of the bus, placing 2 attachments nodes on each will make it a little more difficult to use. I'd have to see how it goes.
  5. T.T all of the probes? That might take a while. I will keep at it as long as there is interest in the mod but there's a lot left to do. There's a few missions I'd like to get done before I wanna call the mod "done." After that it'll just be whatever is cool to work on. Sorry it takes me so long to get updates out but family stuff keeps me busy. Thank you. Yes, I'm trying to gauge how much dV I should provide on the payload, so that a stack with both our mods is balanced at the 2x-3x scale you recommend. Don't remove your antenna though, the more the merrier!
  6. Made a little more progress. Added detail and finished out some parts. I still need a guiding sensor which will be used as a maneuver part, and tidy up geometry. The solar panel dampers are also still missing from around the dish. It folds up well ~cheers
  7. Got a little frustrated with Viking lander geometry so I did a little bit of Mariner work. Here's Mariner 3-4; first of the series. This will help me start narrowing down the scale and part composition for the eventual Mariner 8, which forms the base for the Viking orbiter
  8. Yes, I definitely may be calling out for help with those. That's another reason to do Lunokhod first. Not only does it need some more recognition, but it also has the simpler wheel setup as far as I can tell. It should be a good way to get me started
  9. Interesting. It may be a configuration mismatch. I run 1.3.1 in my career mode with Textures Unlimited. I'll check what version and let you know Welcome to the forums! Rovers are coming soon after Viking but I am starting with Lunokhod. I'll figure out the other rover parts a little later as I don't want rocker-bogie systems to be the first I try to do.
  10. I will definitely need a log file to help further. Also, please make sure not to update to the latest Github repo if you are using KSP v1.3.1 as the repository is for KSP v1.4+ EDIT: If you did update to the repo, let me know
  11. I can. @Beale take your time so I won't feel the need to start a new career over with the new hotness
  12. I feel the textures still capture a pretty good feel. Rocket detail is fine, the tanks are discarded fairly quickly anyway. If you want to worry about it a bit, I'd save it for the manned parts or those in later stages that may stay up in orbit a while.