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  1. Been wanting a mod like this for ages - and including OPM is icing on the cake stuff. Feels like another candidate for the "this should be in the stock game" list.
  2. Thats gorgeous work. That texture is a work of art.
  3. This is intriguing, but can you give us a little more idea of how it works? Screenshots always helpful. How does it work? Does it require a specific save file with pre-loaded space stations, etc?
  4. I really like those flags. Understated.
  5. LOVE this mod. The Octosat components are beautifully designed. I fancied playing around with the A330 and S3, so downloaded them from Spacedock (The CKAN download doesn't include them) but not sure if they work in 1.1.2 yet. I can take off fine, but something goes wrong as you pick up speed and it auto-stages leaving you clamped to the A330, unable to control anything at all. (If they are compatible, any idea what I'm doing wrong? Haven't changed the craft file. (The A330 on it's own is fine) The Octostat parts seem fine in 1.1.2 though - apart from comments already made on this forum.
  6. I've twigged what the issue is with ScanSat. Once you've targeted a planet, it does appear in the Settings % scanned table - it's just that it doesn't list them all right away. To be honest, I think that's better, gameplay-wise than what I was expecting. I'd not consider it a problem, now I understand it. (Still loving the mod, btw. Permanent install now. Will spend hundreds of hours in it.)
  7. FInally got around to downloading this, and wow. It's amazing. The modelling and textures are superb. Going to check out all the other ones you do now. One odd thing, I can't get the Molniya to launch. EVerything fine, till about 2 miles out, then I lose all control. Cant control via Remote Tech, or Mechjeb, or manually. Game doesn't crash, but craft becomes complety unresponsive. Not had the problem with any other craft. Rather perplexed by it. Anyone encountered it?
  8. Update - I've found the culprit for the KSC location issue. I still had KSC Switcher mod installed. Removed that, and now the KSC is back to the peninsula that RT thought it was located at. This does explain why the KSC was in a huge quarry, and the Island Runway was down a massive pit. I thought it was intentional... ScanSat still not picking up the bodies though.
  9. When I bring up the SCANsat settings menu, you get an overview of all the bodies in the system, and what % they have been scanned, but in the latest version I'm only seing Kerbin, Minmus and Jool as potential places to scan. No sign of the rest. Though they are there in the rest of game, so far. Seen this happen with Kerbol Origins too. I've had a go at fixing the Remote Tech issue, but as far as I can see the mod has got the right info - but the big red blob you get in Map view with RT stubbornly shows the mission control located on the peninsula where the KSC used to be. So your theory
  10. Great to see this mod updated - easily my favourite System mod. Anyway, I'm playing with Remote Tech and it looks like RT thinks mission control is where the KSC used to be, in the previous version, but not where it actually is. This means my unmanned craft lose connection soon after takeoff. Any idea how to fix it? (Also, noticed ScanSat doesn't seem to detect most of the planetary bodies.)
  11. Of course. *slaps forehead*. I'm using a mod to embed Mechjeb, so I had forgotten about the parts, but testing it with them, everything returns to normal. That's presumably the culprit as the 1.1.2 broke it. Thanks for the help!
  12. Are you using Blizzy's Toolbar? I'm having the same issue since 1.1.2. There has been a Toolbar update since, but still got the problem so I assume Mechjeb has an issue. Expect it will be fixed soon, but open to suggestions. I've amended the Mechjeb config file so the menu is set to SHOW rather than HIDDEN, which I had before, but still no luck.
  13. Excited to hear NH2 is being plotted. I loved the first one. Made visiting the planets way more interesting. Will keep keen eye out for this...
  14. I am finding that my frame rate really drops when on the surface of the bodies I've visited so far (Minmus, Mun, Duna). Even with low part ships. I'm running KSP on 64 bit Linux, normally with 80 or so mods before hitting issues like this, but I've cleared out about 20 mods (getting rid of the bigger parts packs) and the fame rate is an issue. Anything we can do to mitigate it? (Appreciate that I should really try a complete clean install to be fair) But my enthusiasm for the mod is undimmed. It looks eye-wateringly gorgeous and I've had some amazing fun exploring. Will avidly track it's prog
  15. I'm loving this mod. Even just a trip to Minmus (not easy, as it has a tiny SOI) is spectacular. I've tried several planet packs, but none have quite stirred me to the extent this one has. http://imgur.com/gallery/dyq6V
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