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  1. Can I get some more details on that process? I've never had to do that before, and a search turns up a lot of different things.
  2. Anyone else getting "Can't be downloaded securely" on Chrome for every download from the site? It's easily fixed on the user end by opening the chrome download page and clicking "keep anyway" on the downloads, but it seems to be doing it for every file on the site. And yes, I know someone is going to answer with "use a different browser", and I don't want to hear it .
  3. I believe atmospheric heating already uses something like that, where your vessel shadows itself from the heat, so it seems at least feasible to have a radiation shadow shield system like you're proposing.
  4. Did you ever figure this out? I got it working almost perfectly by removing every section in every AVP config that had to do with stock bodies, but one problem still remains: Duna is bright purple. If I remove duna1.dds from AVP, nothing has any clouds.
  5. I don't have a fix, but I can confirm I'm seeing the same issue with the clouds. I have scatterer, the latest official build of EVE, the last version of the default EVE configs, and planetshine.
  6. Fairings are completely nonfunctional with ReStock and 1.10, you can place the fairing base down, but there's no way to build the fairing. Unless I'm missing it, the magnetometer boom also isn't showing up in the parts list. Also, the new skin for the original asteroid claw turns the ReStock model a weird gray color, although I assume that was to be expected.
  7. Just so you know, the update coming out on July 1st is 1.10, not 1.1. Version numbers aren't decimals, they just look like them.
  8. The "workaround" barely works for most people. KSP runs like garbage on DX12, even on computers that can run any other DX12 game just fine.
  9. The images for cargo bays and fuel tanks don't seem to be loading, but the panels and adapters look great! I always appreciate your updates.
  10. On Steam, you can right click the game, click properties, go to the betas tab, and select older versions of the game. Not sure what you can do if you've got the KSP store version.
  11. Does DX11 mess up the gas giants in the Kerbol system, or are they supposed to look like black holes?
  12. That makes sense, I only had TRR because of AVP, and I sort of just figured that since AVP was stated as being up to date, all the dependencies would be too. Seems like they work mostly alright in the base game (helmet visors are purple too, actually), but cause problems with some mods.
  13. I'm sure this isn't the fault of this mod, probably something with AVP, but all the glass and solar panels from this mod specifically are bright purple. I'm mostly curious if the author or anyone else knows what might be causing this. Edit: Remembered the in-game debug console, looks like a TextureReplacerReplaced issue. Specifically, [TRR.TextureReplacerReplaced] Error: Shader not found: ShaderNG/TR_Reflective_Emissive_Alpha Sounds like it's missing something to make the windows reflective?
  14. With a bit of trial and error, I can confirm that either StockVisualTerrain or Kopernicus conflicts with Ven's. Removing the Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator (part of Kopernicus), and SVT folders fixed my solar panels.
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