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  1. On Steam, you can right click the game, click properties, go to the betas tab, and select older versions of the game. Not sure what you can do if you've got the KSP store version.
  2. Does DX11 mess up the gas giants in the Kerbol system, or are they supposed to look like black holes?
  3. That makes sense, I only had TRR because of AVP, and I sort of just figured that since AVP was stated as being up to date, all the dependencies would be too. Seems like they work mostly alright in the base game (helmet visors are purple too, actually), but cause problems with some mods.
  4. I'm sure this isn't the fault of this mod, probably something with AVP, but all the glass and solar panels from this mod specifically are bright purple. I'm mostly curious if the author or anyone else knows what might be causing this. Edit: Remembered the in-game debug console, looks like a TextureReplacerReplaced issue. Specifically, [TRR.TextureReplacerReplaced] Error: Shader not found: ShaderNG/TR_Reflective_Emissive_Alpha Sounds like it's missing something to make the windows reflective?
  5. With a bit of trial and error, I can confirm that either StockVisualTerrain or Kopernicus conflicts with Ven's. Removing the Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator (part of Kopernicus), and SVT folders fixed my solar panels.
  6. Right you are, my bad. There must have been some hiccup during installation, or some kind of mod conflict. It seems to work fine on its own, at least.
  7. Are you sure? Everything seems fine to me to, except for solar panels. None of them can be retracted, and none of them provide any power at all.
  8. Looks awesome, and it's very cool of @RoverDude to give feedback on stream
  9. The KerbalStuff site has a link to a torrent with all mods, you could get that and just download the folder Storage\CoriW13988\ShipEffects-Sound-Mod_Dynamic_Sound_Effects_Maintenance
  10. Mediafire link is dead, as is KerbalStuff. Could you update with a working download?
  11. KerbalStuff has bitten the dust, you'll want to reupload to
  12. Obviously you aren't aware of what the mods do. Texture Replacer doesn't change Kerbal Skins. You have to download more skins and install them for that. It will literally do nothing until you install textures for it to replace.
  13. Windows version, running 32 bit version of KSP 0.25.0, used the launcher, but downloaded with Steam. Curious as to whether or not a MK2 cockpit IVA had been added, I put just the cockpit on the VAB launchpad. Noting that there was still no IVA, I decided I would roll the cockpit over to the flag pole and climb up it. As the cockpit rolled past, I put the Kerbal (Fredfrod Kerman) out on EVA and let the pod keep rolling. He slid along the ground past the flag, and when he stopped and stood up, the screen went black, leaving only the HUD elements. Map view was also entirely black save for the HUD. Going back to the space center screen, it turned out that was also gone except for the HUD. I attempted to load a quicksave from before the event, but it was the same. Screenshot: Save file: Log: System Specs: