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  1. Dres has an asteroid system around it now. My proudest KSP moment was getting Jeb to the Mun but not quite making the lander powerful enough to get back. So Jeb had to get out and push - go Jeb!
  2. Ok... now I have a reason to visit Dres. To Dres!
  3. Rock Paper Shotgun has reviewed KSP! They were positive (though found mods necessary to really enjoy the game). The review can be found here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/05/13/kerbal-space-program-review/
  4. You might as well ask 'is space big?' Yes. Yes it is.
  5. There do seem to be problems with the contracts. I've been asked to test those takeoff support beams on an escape trajectory from kerbin...
  6. Those look very non-aircraft like. More like a hot dog with sticks poked through it.
  7. A good, solid review. I agree about career mode.
  8. I saw a ship called Micheal Gove (The very unpopular Ex-Education Secretary in the UK). As a student I felt obligated to shoot him, he even had a bounty His bounty was about 9000 credits. I have also encountered a Kerman Kerbin in Elite, but he was just a trader.
  9. Well, that gives me the oppurtunity to take that contract asking me to test a landing strut on Bop.
  10. Woo! Arbitrary scores! But good arbitrary scores! I await the RPS review, they tend to be a bit more thorough than PC Gamer in my experience.
  11. I prefer to use planes. They are cheaper and more fun to design and test. However the 1.02 drag increases have made them very impractical, not one of my 0.90 or FAR designs can even reack 15k into the sky. Back to slapping on boosters and hoping I get the gravity turn right.
  12. Wha... wha....what? It's finally happened! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED! It took longer than I can remember but Squad dealt with the decoupler bug! Happy days!
  13. I give you the Kraken's Bane: Theoretically this can make a 200k orbit without cargo (and soo deliver pretty much anything to an 80k orbit). Unfortunatly it is very difficult to fly owing to what Bill calls 'problems with explodyness'.
  14. I refer you to The Hammerhead: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/115506-The-Hammerhead-A-10-Wheel-Roving-Base
  15. This is The Hammerhead. This is a go-anywhere roving base. So far tested to destruction many, many times. Top speed of 28m/s with engines and parachutes for any landing necessary*. The chassis has limited suspension and a wheel configuration that allows the weight of the craft to be loaded onto different wheels depending on climb angle, which helps in hilly environments such as 'the area around KSP' and 'the Mun crater I meant to land next to but sort of landed in it'. It has a full science array containing every instrument avaliable in Stock and DMagic Orbital Science. Cupola module allows for maximal visibilty and an increased concern that the front is perhaps too low. Jeb says its fine. There we have it! Thoughts? Opinions? Postulations? *Landing on Tylo, Eeloo, Vall and Moho are not 'necessary' - attempts to do so will void warrenty
  16. This is the Kraken's Bane. FAR says it is unstable - I say 'by George you're right!' as the craft disintegrates from overexposure to air and hypervelocity. The game and its infernal RAM limits along with the SSTO's instabiltiy mean I have (personally) been unable to get it into orbit. But someone with much more flying skill than I has I refer you to HERE for a challenge I made out of this craft.
  17. -Smuggling snacks through customs -Reversing the polarity (Is this already in?) -Amending health and safety forms -Filing for health insurance -Adding boost to boosters -Watching for krakens -Waking Jeb -Applying superglue
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