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  1. Frozen_Heart

    The First SLS Launch- To Man, Or Not To Man?

    Forgot it was going to be launched in 2017. December 2019 atm and I really can't see it hitting that target.
  2. Frozen_Heart

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    I dunno I've pulled off landing in cap points in Warthunder a few times. Only results in death on landing 90% of the time.
  3. Frozen_Heart

    Now Making History is out is Multiplayer next?

    Yes I'd love multiplayer. No it isn't going to happen.
  4. From some angles they don't look great, but sometimes they just look incredible. Who doesn't want their spacecraft to look like a phoenix on re-entry?
  5. We were going to get just that until the stock parts revamp was cancelled...
  6. Frozen_Heart

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Making another capital ship but it's turning out a failure. Hardly any dV and a bad TWR while it's at it. Looks pretty though:
  7. Frozen_Heart

    What is your favourite KSP Engine?

    Vector. Has nice gimbal, reasonably efficient, 1.25m form factor, and absurdly high thrust.
  8. Frozen_Heart

    Docking more difficult since update

    I've been having the same problem since 1.3. Two craft trying to dock into each other at 0.5m/s and they will both go spinning off at high speed. Sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't. It's not even a consistent craft which is doing it.
  9. Frozen_Heart

    New Orange-Tank offset

    Can't unsee.
  10. The Vostok module isn't meant to be a soyuz orbital module. It in itself is a descent module. However at some point I would love to see the parts for making a proper soyuz spacecraft.
  11. Frozen_Heart

    So what's the next DLC going to be about?

    Well if they continue with the history theme the obvious route is parts for Space Stations (ISS), Soyuz, and 1.875m Shuttle SRBs.
  12. Looking forward to seeing what happens here with the new tube parts.
  13. Frozen_Heart

    Store purchase, Steam, and the April 30th date

    Hmm I bought it on store in October 2012, and moved to steam later on. It's saying I have to pay for it.
  14. Frozen_Heart

    Does anyone else feel dirty when using Mobile Research Labs?

    Doesn't seem overpowered at all to me. It's heavy and so expensive to get into orbit. Edit: Where did you did up this thread. It belongs in a museum!
  15. Frozen_Heart

    First time you hear about Kerbal Space Program

    Saw it around mid 2012 and didn't get it as it looked cartoony so I assumed it was for kids. A few months later saw game-play and was hooked. Bought it around October 2012, and then joined the forum with my original account in Nov 2012.