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  1. Folding grid fins

    Even if you came up with a mechanism to fold stock fins, that doesn't effect the amount they effect the CoL and so the rocket will still flip if they are placed at the top. The game doesn't simulate something being folded away from the airflow.
  2. Folding grid fins

    Would be nice to see deployable grid fins. Regular fins are a pain on the way up as they don't fold away and so mess with the CoL of the rocket.
  3. Thermal Control Systems and Radiator Panels

    There was one version where nukes overheated so easily to the point of barely being usable. The two suggestions in response were add radiators or turn down the heat they produced. The devs did both. Added radiators and dialed down the heat produced making said radiators pointless.
  4. The K-Drive Science Thread!

    So now that these devices seem to be working again, and more and more are finding their way onto spacecraft, I think it's time to discover how they actually work so that more efficient models can be constructed in the future. Their construction is still mainly based on guesswork and passed down lore. If anyone makes any discoveries about K Drives then putting all the knowledge in one place can help future builders. So far the reddit user hasslehawk has compiled this list of known points about the device: There are two modes of operation. In mode one, it will force a constant linear velocity. In mode two, you will get a very high, constant acceleration. Mode two may destroy your vessel if activated in atmosphere or below a certain altitude. The exact cause is unknown. The transition between modes one and two should NOT be crossed while the drive is active - use conventional propulsion or gravitational acceleration to pass this barrier. This seems to be caused by the sudden deceleration from your current speed to the drive's mode 1 operating speed. The Kraken Drive does not care if it worked flawlessly last time. The Kraken Drive reserves the right to spontaneously fail at any time for any reason. Sometimes the Kraken Drive will fail in such a way that it cannot be repaired, such as a broken joint. Some designs are more prone to this than others. In the past, the only known Kraken Drive models used landing legs, not wheels, as the landing gear of the time didn't have suspension. The presumed cause of the dual-mode functionality of the drive is the Unity workaround wherein the game internally switches between storing your velocity / position relative to other objects, and instead begins to move the world around the player's craft, in order to dodge floating point precision errors that would result in jittery motion and spontaneous destruction of the player's craft. The mode 1 to mode 2 transition velocity and altitude values seem to vary based on what body you are in orbit of. In addition I have made the following observations during testing: Bearing and pusher misalignment creates uneven thrust, and/or, turning forces. The K Drive points where it wants. It will sometimes listen to you, but at other times decides to set a destination of its own and no amount of SAS will save you. Increasing the payload weight on the drive will increase the stress on its parts. This can be mitigated by using structural parts, and good bearing construction, but eventually a point is crossed where even that won't help. Modern K Drives must consist of two parts. Example Drive:
  5. Duna on Spark!

    Never used that one either. I really should as it looks great.
  6. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Powerful, reliable, and all wrapped up into a 1.25m form factor allowing drop in placement on any ship, the X8A K-Drive provides unlimited dV to any ship it can be attached to. It's currently in prototype form undergoing space and reliability trials.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    I made the Kraken my poodle last time, and i'll do it again. True many kerbals were lost developing the technology, but that sums up KSP! On my old account had an entire thread about studying them:
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    It might do. I didn't build it but I have no clue who did. Found it while looking through my old files. I've not been able to get them working since 0.23.5 and every K Drive I've found for download also doesn't work, get by some miracle this one not only functions but is the best I've ever seen. Copious amounts of study will be going into it to learn the theories behind it. Then hopefully beyond that I can fit it in an even smaller housing.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Tested a new and classified payload. After expending 4.5km/s of dV at 8G the test was considered a success and the payload was instructed to burn up in the atmosphere, expending another 5km/s dV directly downwards. No propellant was used by the payload.
  10. Duna on Spark!

    So gonna use that! Thanks
  11. Show me your space shuttles!!

    Been using a stock space shuttle for ages. It's actually the second one I've built as the Mk3 overhaul killed the first one. It's a pretty close replica with pure solid boosters, and engines on the orbiter and not the external tank.
  12. How much of your staged rockets do you recover?

    My standard lifter can take about 10 tons up and recovers the first stage. If I time it right I can boost back to the KSC.
  13. Duna on Spark!

    Symmetry glitch?
  14. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Still doing more work on a proof of concept mothership. It's got several flaws which aren't worth fixing so it will never be a release worthy ship, but it has been valuable as a testbed for several features I've not tried with a capital ship before. I've switched from LV-Ns to Vectors as the nukes have been nerfed so much they just aren't worth it anymore. Though it does take a slight dV hit the TWR is 1.4 allowing the ship to SSTO with a small payload. No launch vehicle needed! The rear end has been designed with landing in mind so it can set itself down on a planets surface to unload cargo directly. A huge rear cargo area allows considerable storage even without the external docking ports. It was also designed to be entirely probe controlled and the crew is unable to fly the ship themselves. This has proven a huge mistake as i'm lazy at setting up comms networks.
  15. Co-XX Capital Ship Series

    Added the Co-122. I've been lazy and having uploaded it despite the ship being quite old at this point. The Co-130 is being uploaded once its testing is complete. Also updated the download of the Co-102 to the newest version: