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  1. Frozen_Heart

    Should the Skipper remain unchanged?

    Her style was heavily based on Nova's, and designed to match it perfectly.
  2. Frozen_Heart

    Should the Skipper remain unchanged?

    If the entire game was still in the Nova style parts then it would be fine. As it's clear KSP is not going for that aesthetic anymore i'd rather it got an overhaul.
  3. Frozen_Heart

    Realism in Stock KSP

    KSP walks the line between being realistic enough to educate people about spaceflight, while being easy and game like enough for anyone to just pick up and play in an instant. It's this that has made it so successful. Making it full realism would make the game too difficult and unenjoyable for the average person to play and would be bad for KSP overall. I'm happy with where the realism/game aspect sits currently.
  4. Frozen_Heart

    1.7 Airplane Part Redesigns

    The porkjet parts look new and fit with the stock style. There are plenty of old parts from 0.18 or something like that which could still be redone.
  5. A wild Nova appears. Good to see you're still here!
  6. I've noticed that when porkjet was going to replace the old poodle with the multi nozzle one, everyone was singing praises about it. Now it's happened everyone is saying a multi nozzle poodle is wrong. Edit: Still hoping engines which fill the role of the LV-T15 and LV-303 make it into the game.
  7. Love it. The old poodle made no sense having a tiny nozzle for a high efficiency vacuum engine.
  8. Frozen_Heart

    Engines you wish were added.

    Yep 100% agree there. Even if they used new models and textures rather than Porkjets, they would still both fill really important roles. LV-T15 would be perfect for clustering on 1.875m rockets, which would be great for Falcon 9 replicas. Meanwhile the LV-303 would be a nice second stage for 1.25m rockets as the current Terrier engine is stupidly overpowered for it. Also who is the downvote fairy on the suggestions forum? Every post I see on here is always at 1 star.
  9. Technically I prefer these new textures for these two parts.... But that's a very low bar to stumble over. Doesn't matter what you do to these, they will always look downright awful.
  10. Perfect for clustering! Are the stats staying the same? Or being tweaked?
  11. Frozen_Heart

    Gyrocoptor MkVI (Actually controllable this time)

    Only as part of the DLC sadly. Trying to rework the bearing to not need it while still keeping its reliability.
  12. Frozen_Heart

    A "KSP Loading..." Preview: the Mk2 Lander Can

    Love the idea of it doubling as a rover cockpit. That new front window is hideous on the lander can though.
  13. Frozen_Heart

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Just looking at those screenshots kills my framerate. They look great though!
  14. Frozen_Heart

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I found the thermometers just weren't working. The cubic struts were what i found worked best after that.
  15. So I've been continuing my little adventure into stock bearings, and in the process have managed to come up with this: Link: Requirments: Making History (I'm working on finding a stock part which will do the job) The autogyro MkVI is massivly improved compared to its earlier iterations. Contra-rotating rotors mean that it's easy to control, and the rebuilt bearing keeps it spinning smoothly at all times (warranty void if 10G turns are attempted). The unique nature of an autogyro means that the aircraft essentially can't stall, as the spinning blades just cause it to gradually sink while full control is retained. This allows great low speed handling and near VTOL landings with some practice. The tolerances on the bearing are extremely tight, which is what allows it to spin with such precision. However due to the high amounts of force on the lower section of the bearing i've been forced to use the making history plates (good colliders, autostrut capable, and light). I'm going to try to find an alternate part in later versions. Here is a video of it in action to demonstrate the low speed handling: