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  1. Noticed on the trailer the old poodle was being used. Is this just a placeholder, or the actual planned engine? Was hoping to see a more realistic take on the parts appearances this time around.
  2. Squad have done such a good job with KSP 1, over all the generations of team members. Will be sad to see them go.
  3. I hope K-Drives make it over...
  4. Don't think the Kraken is involved here. Just good old fashioned uneven lift/drag values. I'm tempted to make a ship using both though. One to get the thing moving and into their air, and the other for reaching orbit and work in space.
  5. Little trick I copied from pds314. I don't understand it, but once it's got moving this plane can fly without power. Still investigating and trying to learn how it works.
  6. Not sure if this counts, but I've managed to make something spin without electric power. You can adjust the torque using pistons. Not sure if it's useful...
  7. Manged 298m/s but not managed to land the thing or keep it steady enough for the entire 10 seconds yet. Needs some refining still.
  8. Ok here is my entry: The Pr-1C Biplane. Yes it's kind of a joke entry, but that's still first on the LF leaderboard
  9. Got about 150m/s with the Pr-1C Biplane. Was too uncontrollable to keep it steady for long enough to get faster. Will put up the vid tomorrow as taking a few hours to upload.
  10. Playing with the new props. Decided to make a simple biplane. Torque is mapped to the throttle, and it has a simple two blade fixed pitch prop. Top speed is 90m/s.
  11. Nice you've beaten my top speed. 266m/s is as far as I've got.
  12. *Happy K-Drive noises* This. Changes. Everything. Single craft K-Drives are now possible to build, and no longer have to be two different ships. In addition pistons can control their thrust, rather than being a simple on and off landing gear system. I look forward to seeing what people can do with them now!