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  1. I honestly completely disagree. Everyone likes to play slightly differently, and having options to choose from like re-entry heating, comms, life support, etc allows both hardcore and casual players to be catered for. Mods are an awful substitute, as on consoles it's difficult/impossible to get mods, and when they're discontinued the people who were forced to use them to get the settings they wanted are out of luck.
  2. I'd like life support, but done in a very simple and friendly way. Have it as a single resource, and if it runs out the kerbals simply hibernate until restocked. Command pods, storage units, and crew modules can contain it, while larger modules such as biodomes and atmo scrubbers can create it. It's noob friendly which fits with KSP's theme, while also at least showing that life support is a consideration in space.
  3. I wonder how they're programming that nuclear pulse engine... If pushing on the pusher makes thrust... New K-Drive technology confirmed!!!
  4. Even though it's due to a bug, I really hope it stays. It's become an important and famous feature with the community.
  5. Trying to get the designs smaller than before. Thanks to Geschosskopf for the inspiration!
  6. Not played in forever so slapped together an autogyro.
  7. The 1.875m ones will be absolutely perfect for shuttle replicas!
  8. I'd like to see a simple life support system. Single resource, and if you run out your kerbals simply go into hibernation, and will wake up when resupplied.
  9. Omg you're back! That's the real news today!
  10. This is probably my only gripe with KSP 2 so far. It just seems not right that HarvesteR wasn't even informed that it was being made, despite being the one who came up with KSP in the first place. I get that he's not on the team anymore, but it just seems like common decency.
  11. I hope not. Yeah we make military replicas, but at heart KSP is not a military game and should stay that way. Weapons are something I never want to see added at all. This is coming from someone who is involved in the KSP naval battle club too.
  12. One thing which I have really enjoyed about KSP is the fact that the devs have been right here with us the entire time. They will talk with us and take community input into consideration. Most games aren't like this and we have been extremely lucky in that regard. Will the community continue to be important in KSP 2, and will the new devs be as open as they have been in KSP? It would be a shame to lose such a great thing about the development of KSP.
  13. They definitely have closely based it off existing KSP assets, and you are probably right they started developing it shortly after Take Two acquired it. Interestingly they seem to have taken the KSP parts directly and updated them. This can be seen with the old poodle model which seems to be in game. Must have been taken from a version before the new one was introduced. Still wondering if the new poodle model will make it in.
  14. So hyped for multiplayer. It's what a lot of us have been wishing for since KSP released!