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  1. The deprecation of KSP1 is not really that certain. Depending on the system requirements, gameplay changes, moddability, the developmemt course and the state of community, it can very well never happen at all. Bannerlord may tried to fix lots of issues of Mount&Blade, and yet the modding community of Bannerlord is utterly demotivated by the updates, and available mods are not as ambitious as they were for original M&B. And don't get me started on Doom. Video games age non-linearily.
  2. Imagine coping and seething so hard that the only thing you can do is just go and try to convince everyone that the extremely wide in scope, detailed, faithful while being stockalike, flexible and, honestly, unique in the taken niche mod is "mid". And your only piece of evidence is, let me check, oh, that the mod is finished. Finishing what you are doing is cringe now, folks.
  3. No, I actually removed them deliberately while making the Kerbin-to-LKO version. But turns out, it wasn't necessary considering the extra trust and Delta-V I've got, so I may as well get them back.
  4. I just wanted to say that replacing engines with one SSME from benjee10's ACK paired with two smallest PhotonCorp boosters and slapping a couple of chutes makes it a very powerful orbital crew shuttle for the stock system. I mean, it has enough Delta V to flyby Mun, decelerate and then land in KSC (tho I misjudged and splashed down nearby instead, and also forgor to close radiators )
  5. Using Orion Lite most of the time, I wanted to ask what's the best placement of solar panels without clipping them into adapter.
  6. If I try to combine adapters together (3.125-3.2 and 3.2-3.75), the game for some reason freezes. It's definetely not the intended use of the adapters, I just like to make frankencrafts, but I don't think this should happen anyway.
  7. I would suggest using 5m tanks and NR-L2 engine cluster mount.
  8. Oh wait, it was already answered, I was not on the last page, my bad.
  9. I usually can reliably land them when the speed has dropped below 50 m/s while being mostly horizontal, but usually braking chutes are still necessary or else I get the ship off the stripe. How steep is your landing?
  10. I found a small oversight. The 3.125m structural adapter's description states that it's size is 2.5m, the same as, wrll, 2.5m adapter.
  11. Right now your options are as follows: 1. Visiting the Astronaut complex before and after the EVA (you can change spacesuits of kerbals that are on missions freely). 2. Preparing the configs for any suit combination you would like to have and assigning those combos to your kerbals. First one is tedious but will cover you. Second one can work if you will have different kerbals for different tasks, for example, you can have an already provided suitcombo with an EMU (and ACES) for Bill to make EVA adjustments while in orbit, and your custom suitcombo with an A7L and ACES for Bob so he can go and do some Mun science. It was also a requested the feature in the Ship Manifest forum thread but right now you kinda limited to just selecting the general type of the suit (you know, the classic, the martian-inspired one woth BG, the retrofuturistic one with MH and the spacex-inspired one)
  12. There is a MRK tho? 4/6 kerbals (crew transfer and rescue variants respectively), 2.5m bottom radius,a set of parts for dedicates service module and ascent protection. Here is a minimal configuration useful for rescue capsule. There is also a cargo variant but i can't remember what's it's cargo capacity exactly, is it limited to crystals or what (my ADHD doesn't letme enjoy career so I usually only make cargo crafts purely for fun)
  13. Wow I didn't know Orion was available on github. Gave her a try yesterday and oh my god. That's the prettiest Orion Ive ever seen. Was a nice ride for original four. Absolutely love the short service module, this will be my go to crew capsule. The inclusion of single parachutes is also very nice. Now I'll go and learn the RCS placement.
  14. What will be the top radius of Orion? 0.9375 for your docking port? Or 1.25 for more standalone approach?
  15. May i suggest having an additional inner hatch prop without the vacuum label? It's okay a couple of times, but seeing the same joke on each and every door gets very old very quickly.
  16. Hey hey what's this beauty and how much kerbals can get inside?
  17. Yes oh my god yes finally inline, small and with both kerbals facing forward! You are my hero. You don't know how much i wanted this. My guess is four. I wouldn't be surprised with six, honestly, but it would be very cramped, and no place for anything except passengers, so four.
  18. This isn't an easy task, and it isn't stated in the way that makes it clear. Do you suggest a mod that allows for the landing of several same-type blocks together, like all the side boosters at once? Or you mean just landing two different stages one after another? In stock you can just balance your rockets the way that the first stage will burn the rocket out of the atmosphere, so you can circularize the central block, while the side boosters are coasting in vacuum, and quickly switch back to them. If my response isn't formulated the best way, hit me up in DMs, I can explain that in Russian.
  19. Damn, this is a beauty! What will be sizes of station parts?
  20. Did you equip it with the right suit type? ACES helmet works with all suit types but EMU headlights assembly is modelled specifically for standard helmet.
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