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  1. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I parked on the street in a long row of cars with SpaceX stickers. Cool as ——.
  2. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Tomorrow around lunch time I will park at Lowe’s in Hawthorne, walk across the street, and see the booster. Woot!
  3. tater

    The Travel Thread

    Haven't made it to Singapore yet, but I really liked Hong Kong. It would be better now, perhaps, since when I was in HK I was doing the backpacker thing, and stayed at Chungking Mansions---which was fine, but budget travel gives you a different view of a place. I remember walking around HK, stunned at the number of Rolls Royce cars I was seeing, and even wearing a shirt with a collar (instead of a tee shirt), I felt like a bum (just as I would in midtown Manhattan). Blending in in a cosmopolitan city is not that hard, but how you dress matters. Shorts, etc, peg you as a tourist in most cities (unless you're actively running/exercising). Never occurred to me as a backpacker to have a jacket and tie with me, but there were times when that would have been pretty useful to experience a different side of a city in Asia...
  4. tater

    Ignition! to be reissued

    $22 on Amazon.
  5. tater

    Has anyone seen a launch?

    Saw Starfire sounding rocket at white sands. Not great, but got to talk to Deke Slayton, so that was cool.
  6. Wow. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Éclaté_fusée_et_vaisseau_Soyouz.svg
  7. tater

    Boring company

    Looks like near the airport or Marina Del Rey, they'd want to check tailings above maybe 9m below the surface. I just scanned the archeological report from the Ballona Wetlands (most LA archeology is there), and there is the odd charcoal deposit at that depth (unsure if it is natural due to ancient wildfires, or proof of human settlement). All the real sites need to be far more shallow, which makes sense, since otherwise discovery is random core samples or excavations related to construction (which is what this would be). I'm not overly concerned about this as a risk, there are extant mechanisms to deal with mitigating those impacts, and minus such drilling, those sites would be lost anyway, no one is ever going to see them under LA unless a tunnel is dug. No one is suggesting they should not do an environmental impact report. Their point is that they don't want to go to the trouble for a short test tunnel that may not look like the final product (which would then require an entirely different, new EIR). Ie: if the public really wants more emergency access points (say stairs every few hundred meters because they are afraid of being under ground), then the EIR has to include extra verticals with that spacing.
  8. tater

    Boring company

    Archeological mitigation will happen if they find something in tailings. The same would be true now for building foundations. The goal is to tunnel in material as solid as possible, not to dig in soils. There is no US archeology in solid rock that I know of. yes, the depth doesn’t matter to them past getting a couple tunnel diameters down. It’s not at all the same as your house analogy. A house analogy would be “we’ve designed a prefab house, and you can place it on any dry, flat spot from below sea level (for example: Death Valley) to the highest flat spot on Earth.” The house doesn’t change if the lot is near a beach, or a few thousand meters above sea level.
  9. tater

    Boring company

    LA is not London. Any archeology would be for cultures that didn't ever have metallurgy. We're talking pot sherds and projectile point flakes. I was mostly referring to existing infrastructure. Water doesn't matter, the tunnels need to be sealed off from water, regardless. (the groundwater level in Hawthorne is already where they are digging, I just DLed the spreadsheet of this for LA, it varies from 6 to 26 m depth in Hawthorne).
  10. tater

    The Travel Thread

    Another thing to see in (southern) NM that is absolutely worth it is Carlsbad Caverns. I had been caving in an "unimproved" cave with a serious caving guy once before, and didn't think I ever needed to visit a cave with an elevator... Then I finally went to Carlsbad Caverns. I can't believe I let anyone I know visit NM without going there, it's spectacular.
  11. tater

    The Travel Thread

    Yep! (Last October) http://www.wsmr.army.mil/Trinity/Pages/Home.aspx
  12. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    True, but that's at a point when fuel starts to dominate launch costs (meaning launch costs are incredibly cheap), which is a long way away.