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  1. Any space war discussions need to have a set of sci-fi givens added for the author's universe. What tech is available, what physics is broken (compared to current understanding), etc. Also, what the political/cosmographical context is. Near future is what? Within the lifetime of anyone now living? Or their grandchildrens' lives?
  2. 2040? Won't be "futuristic, unless you consider ideas like the SpaceX ITS "futuristic." It can land, then a year or 2 later it can take off if it makes enough propellant.
  3. There is no such thing as a near-futre space battleship. The very idea of it makes no sense at all since nothing about it is near future.
  4. And welcome---soon you'll find you don't use any stock parts.
  5. We see them all the time---but there's like 1 house between me and 38,000 acres of national forest... in town, pretty uncommon . The funny thing is my son was getting the mail and I was going for the trash can, and he stopped with this doe under 10' from him, lol.
  6. The 5 people closest are my son and daughter, and my friend's 2 kids (the dad's took them camping here). I always feel like I'm in Dune once I cross the first high dune, and can't see "colorado" any more.
  7. I should take one of these every day (I took this 30 minutes ago or so)... There was lightning on the left, and if I turned around a few minutes before this... a rainbow.
  8. A friend of mine in contact with someone at Marshall who is intimately involved said that they could fly a NTP testbed in a relatively short time period if they could secure resources for it. They are pretty confident.
  9. Works fine. As @Shadowmage said, there are some possible save breaking things coming up, but start a new save and have at it!