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  1. I should add to my list: Galaxy Quest It's by far the best Star Trek movie or episode (any version), and it's not ever Star Trek, lol. Possibly a perfect movie—what could you change that wouldn't make it less good?
  2. Yeah, it's pretty point and click, and the amounts are huge off the base, OTOH everyone you see with a red one paid exactly what anyone else did. I always manage to get cars for amounts that are supposedly reasonable deals (per Edmunds and other sites), but it bugs me to know anyone else could have the same vehicle and paid literally anything less. The BMW charges huge amounts for little changes, and there are so many options 20 of the things could be next to each other in the lot, and no 2 exactly the same. I prefer the cybertruck with no color options, lol.
  3. Tesla network outage a thing today. My buddy is driving his Tesla out to Houston (NASA job), then gonna fly back and he and his wife take the other car together (doesn't have autopilot, so better with 2 drivers). Stuck trying to get to next charging station hoping it works... That's a downside to electrics.
  4. I literally mean the one we played with in a web browser they posted before the first crew mission. https://iss-sim.spacex.com/ (still better than the foam core with a color print out computer screen in the Dynetics lander mock up )
  5. They probably can use their own docking sim, what are the chances they don't have a SS version to horse around with?
  6. Looking at all those "pathfinder" nosecones lying around, they should transport (barge?) one to Houston, throw it under a tent at JSC, and provide foam core "equipment" with magnets (assuming it was cold-worked, else double sided tape or velcro). Then they can claim to have done all the hard work National team and Dynetics did on their mockups.
  7. What for? Proof testing SN8? Static fire, then gets nose.
  8. (clipboard didn't take my copy, lol)
  9. 1:30.3 lap. Pretty fast (F1 cars knock almost 30 seconds off that).
  10. SpaceX has, and Blue Origin will have the ability to launch test articles at cost. Dynetics is using Vulcan, so any test is 3 Vulcan launches, making it pretty difficult.
  11. Battery day? Live now... Wow, pretty.
  12. A reasonable take on the flap geometry:
  13. Interesting. Looks slightly swept leeward as the default to me (assuming left is belly).