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  1. Ambulance Priorities

    I'm unsure. I would assume they would go tot he target they were called to, with a new ambulance going to the new call. Otherwise, scheduling would get screwed up. I'd think the dispatcher would deal with any edge cases---say they were heading to e fender-bender, and the accident right in front of the ambulance was really serious.
  2. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    LOL. My daughter is older than her brother, who to her is merely an annoyance.
  3. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    Assault has a specific meaning, requiring the use of force. Language is never violence. The answer to language you don't like, is usually more (and better) language. Some guy is hitting on you in a creepy way? Shut him down. Maybe it's because I'm used to women who are smart, and no-nonsense. My wife would switch to surgeon voice, and shut down anyone giving her crap. I'd prevent physical violence, but intervening vs verbal nonsense is a de facto statement to the woman in question that she's a lesser being, incapable of dealing with the world without the help of a man. Hopefully my daughter has been paying attention these years, and realizes that she's the boss of herself (she's sharp-witted, and sharp-tongued, too, I pity the guy who gets in her way).
  4. OK, in the new link I get the truck icon. And WOW. Just wow.
  5. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Just saw them in town tonight with my wife and some friends in a great venue that's basically all dance floor. Still awesome.
  6. PBR doesn't blow up on my Mac. The test tank says "Silver Metallic," but it's the dark, gunmetal color, so the lights in the VAB, and the sun in orbit are the only reflections I see. Also, in the VAB, if the any part is attached to the test tank, and you change the test part texture, the attached parts change texture as well to match (all parts, even stock).
  7. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    True, then it's indeed useful.
  8. It's possible now, but future versions will include more dedicated lander/base parts. There are a few real life concepts like this that leverage parts already in sstu.
  9. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    Other than exploration for its own sake, the only reason to send people to the Moon would likely be if it were a valuable source of propellants or other raw materials for use in orbit. This means that unless a lava tube is someplace useful for that purpose, it's basically just someplace cool that don't need to be used for anything.
  10. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    Wonder what the easiest way to seal such a cave would be? Guys at NM Tech we're messing around with explosively compressing regolith simulant (that's how they roll down there, it's all about the explosives, lol), then they melted more simulant and sprayed it. Wonder what the power requirements would be to spray melted soil on the inside of the lava tube? (really, autocorrect changed "seal" to "deal?")