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  1. tater

    ULA launch thread

  2. Saw First Man. I liked it. A few technical nitpicks, but all and all nicely done.
  3. Just bought tickets for First Man (IMAX). Gonna go around lunchtime. Woot!
  4. tater

    New York Times - Earthrise Documentary on YouTube

    This is great. Thanks!
  5. tater

    ULA launch thread

    If they want commercial customers, they have to deliver value, or they won't have any. That means competitive cost, or something the customers want that is worth any extra cost.
  6. tater

    2mm hole in ISS

    Duct tape would hold it from undocking with the ISS to the point where they cute it loose for reentry, anyway.
  7. The Apollo CSM was only ~15 tonnes. Less mass is good, considering that they said their LV is ultimately supposed to put 130t in LEO. Lower than Apollo, this would require lighter craft for a crewed mission to the surface. That or maybe 2 launches.
  8. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    ^^^ Yeah, NASA has always been just an extremely involved customer. Sort of like annoying clients of an architect and builder, constantly making change orders, etc (anyone who has had remodeling done knows what this does to cost, as well). No. The issue is that the usual suspects would have been the ones to make the F-1N(n for new). They'd have charged more than the "bargain" we're getting on reusing Shuttle engines.
  9. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    All those people at Stennis need to keep testing the same RS-25s over and over so that they look busy, I guess.
  10. Yeah, the space pen vs pencil myth needs to die.
  11. NASA spent nothing at all on the space pen. Fisher Pen Company spent a million or so of their own money developing it. NASA paid $2.39 for each pen (they had been paying over $100 each for mechanical pencils). BTW, the Soviets ended up buying Fisher pens starting in the late '60s. It sounds like they have a decent idea what caused the failure. Looks like a pyro failed to fire. I reckon they get back to business pretty quickly.