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  1. Any impact on astronomy will also be greater since the sats will be illuminated by the sun longer after sunset on the surface.
  2. How the unpressurized section deals with max q, lateral aero loads, etc?
  3. Also, that nose cone inside a metal cage is apparently being moved. If t heads to the pad, the purpose is probably fairly destructive. Since it's not pressurized, they must be trying to crush it or something.
  4. It does have aero surfaces, though (whatever you want to call the flaps). How aerobraking with a plain version might or might not be done is a different issue.
  5. It's legitimate to wonder if it will work, and it's not certain it will (though I think it will).
  6. Starship doesn't claim to be stable like a capsule—like Shuttle it will need to be controlled, presumably their models (they've shown simulations (not glossy renders)) show that the flaps provide enough control combined with RCS to maintain the desired nose up attitude. Seems like a very long argument for something we may literally watch live in a few months. Does anyone think it will fail so badly that Elon slaps his forehead and say, "Wings, we need to add wings!" True, but SpaceX just bid against smallsat launchers to launch 5 cubesats using Starship. Presumably the extra 100,0
  7. Mass doesn't matter. Cost/kg is all that matters. If expendable vehicles (or spaceplanes) can get us to 10s of dollars per kg, great. I suppose as Musk said to the Boeing CEO:
  8. On topic, are there any renders of the new station concept?
  9. It's not a sure thing, but I think it is possible. I'll fully admit that I want fully reusable spacecraft to be a thing. It seems possible WRT the physics, so it's just a matter of when it gets done. Under the assumption that full reuse is possible, then the sooner it exists, the better.
  10. The beauty of the current iteration of "Elon time" is that we get to watch interesting stuff happen literally in front of us (since we always have screens), and in real time. If SN15 flies in the next week to 10 days, it will be keeping the pace of around a flight a month. That's a bunch of flights before the end of the year.
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