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  1. tater

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    We wanted the snow, we were supposed to get 3-13 inches. Later that day we got maybe 2 inches, then it quit, and this being NM, within a couple hours it was gone.
  2. tater

    Farewell, father.

    I'm so sorry. There's nothing good to say, and it will always hurt, but it will get better with time. I still miss my mom, and my brother, but I also got to have them longer than you got to have your dad. Don't be afraid to talk to people about it, particularly you mom/family, as they certainly understand. Friends can also help. Why so soon? It's a fate we all share as humans, we just don't know when. When my mom had her cancer it made us all realize that we have to be more up front about letting the people we care about around us know that we care about them. That's at least a plus. Also, and I say this as a dad myself, your dad loved you more than you can even understand. You'll know this is true one day when you have your own kids, because it was a sort of stark realization I had when I realized my own parents must love me as much as I love my kids. Something I knew I guess, but never really internalized.
  3. tater

    ULA launch and discussion thread

  4. tater

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    The image above is looking towards the mountains from an area a few miles south of my house. This is looking back towards where my house is. You can see a couple houses on the extreme left, mine if to the right of that, but behind that middle-ground ridge someplace close to the middle of the frame.
  5. Seems the MEM is still borked in terms of the RCS. It should be able to function as an ascent stage. Not so much.
  6. I should have tried that last night, I thought about it, but I was sorta beat.
  7. So they might fly tomorrow.
  8. tater

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    My house is in the foothills. If we get a foot of snow, town might get dusted, or nothing. No street in town is worse than my driveway/street. The problem is my kids' school copies whatever the public schools do. There are routinely not snow days when we have half a foot on the driveway since heading down the hill to a main road sheds several hundred feet altitude, and often 100% of the snow (it's funny to drive out of a cloud to find the rest of town is sunny and dry).