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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    If you’re gonna be pedantic, it has a motor for each wheel, so 4 drive motors.
  2. ULA launch thread

    Liftoff, to meco, centaur functioning nominally.
  3. ULA launch thread

  4. I've seen all the Archer episodes, and I still laugh at them.
  5. No worries, and I did the survey as well. Good luck.
  6. Supercarrier help

    You'd need to flesh out the sci fi universe so we know what laws of physics are broken. Clearly the rocket equation is out the window, so a few questions are: What sort of space opera drive does stuff have that allows for fighters to be useful? What limits fire control such that hitting fighters with directed energy weapons doesn't become a trivial issue, such that it's just a matter of how many unique fighters can be killed per unit time, not if they can be hit at all? What larger weapons are there, what are typical engagement ranges, etc? What can individual small craft do to larger ships, and how does this affect the small craft? All that sort of stuff matters.
  7. STS Shuttle discussion thread

    To maintain an abort to orbit due to engine failures via just a longer burn of fewer engines? No idea.