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  1. NASA conference call about valve issues.
  2. Literally on the last page, posted Wednesday: Thales Alena (who made the US modules) is already manufacturing the first module for them.
  3. Well, it's designed to fly free, so they must have some plan in mind, and I would expect they would not leave it co-orbital with ISS.
  4. They have propulsion on Axiom. Disconnect. Leave ISS sphere like any Soyuz/Dragon/etc. Raise apogee desired number of km (100?) Circularize.
  5. I'm literally nothing if not filled with snark, to be honest.
  6. The "vicinity of the Moon". So inspiring.
  7. NG is a "regular" launch vehicle. The claim is clearly nonsense is SS works at all, so I ignored the crazy SS stuff entirely—and NG can't even justify that claim vs extant SpaceX vehicles.
  8. Yes, but in the BO video posted above, the woman on camera said that their rocket and pad would "put more payload into space than anybody else." In order to do that they need to launch more than F9, anyway. That means they need to make upper stages at a pretty high clip at the very least.
  9. Who mentioned Starship? My answer was in response to F9/FH—quoted in the reply. The point was BO claimed to be able to "put more payload into space than anybody else." Since NG puts less payload into space than FH, the only possible way would be to launch NG at a higher cadence than all existing SpaceX launches.
  10. 11 hours... I'll be asleep
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