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  1. Their livestream is pretty crappy. They need to push those notifications better.
  2. tater

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Yesterday's sunset (from the patio):
  3. I showed my wife that video and asked her if that's what surgery looked like... she said it is like that to watch OB/GYN's operate.
  4. Yeah, part of the reason I'm not really interested in this, or in NS, is that I think it's pretty arbitrary. It would be an interesting experience if the cost was on the order of 10-20 times cheaper than what they charge, but for 250k, it's ridiculous (that goes for NS as well).
  5. tater

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    ~11 hours after Falcon 9 leaves FL. Busy day.
  6. tater

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    One thing that is possible/interesting, is that tail to tail docking for refilling operations means that they could theoretically make a "tug" unit that they could dock on the back that has ion engines, and perhaps additional solar panels. For lunar cargo, for example, you send the cargo version, refill it enough for landing on the Moon, and return and landing on Earth, then send it as a slow boat to LLO with ion engines. With a couple hundred tons of props, such a tug could drag a full cargo Starship to LLO, then return to LEO for reuse (propulsively, can be lighter if it aerobrakes).
  7. https://www.flightradar24.com/N348MS/1edb83ed Release. https://www.flightradar24.com/N202VG/1edb9f00