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  1. Operational means launch. It got behind right away, though. I'm not arguing that. Crew Dragon and Starliner are not able to do the mission (they might be able to with modifications (like much larger Service Modules)). Dream Chaser might be able to, as well, actually, but that's even further off (crew version). I'll believe the crew version of Starship when I see one.
  2. The Shuttle workforce would not have been used. SLS was never on schedule to quickly switch over, and the changes meant the Shuttle workforce was basically useless. Shuttle C? That would have used the Shuttle workforce. There is some sense in which NASA fought against the true "Shuttle derived" concept, I think. By making enough changes, they sort of guaranteed that they could be shot of Shuttle. It's my understanding that some of the Marshall people were more in that camp (ie: make a NEW rocket, not a stripped down Shuttle). It was clear from where the money was earmarked (COTS/Commercial Crew, decreases, etc) that Congress wanted SLS, and they write the checks. Nothing NASA did (or could do) was gonna change that.
  3. Mac OS. I don't like their lukewarm non-answer.
  4. How about created by proponents of harvesting money, instead? All those delays guaranteed additions to the program that were out of the initial scope, and hence deserving of more money. No longer Shuttle SRBs, now dev money for 5 segments. Change the external tank entirely---not Shuttle anymore, needs dev money, tooling, etc. RS-25s no longer used as is, they need to be uprated in thrust, etc, ad nauseum. Every single change increased the budget. Coincidence? Who gained by the delays? Certainly not "opponents" of SLS, the money was going to be spent regardless of any opposition. The only people who gained by the delays were in fact the proponents. I'd add that any at NASA centers against SLS knew that nothing in the program would stop it, so delays harm everyone---except those who gain by the delays.
  5. If I had run into him on foot, I would have, but I was driving out of the parking lot, and realized it was him as I drove past.
  6. I saw Jack Schmitt (Apollo 17) at the grocery store yesterday getting into his pickup.
  7. I think the latter is likely the point, they can have safe platforms inside than just having people on cranes and cherry pickers. They also have to apply whatever wings/fins it gets.
  8. Except that they built it outside the tent, lol.
  9. In future maybe Fedor can arrest any criminals at ISS.
  10. This answers my question up the thread about the structure in FL:
  11. It was funded, and required (by that same bill) to fly by the end of 2016. SpaceX isn't working on suborbital flight at all. https://www.nasa.gov/pdf/510449main_SLS_MPCV_90-day_Report.pdf
  12. Can't he EVA and board ISS like a pirate?