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  1. Unsure. I think I read in the same period the ISS TLEs have been updated a few times.
  2. Undocking is scheduled for Monday evening a little before 6 as I understand things.
  3. Look behind it in the tent: https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=52398.msg2266960#msg2266960 There's a huge pic there (first one). That might be the SN20 nose, and it has tile studs to the nose. Look at the stud pattern, there are intentional gaps vs the usual alignment.
  4. This is cool from RGV: https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/2f4ca179fa6c4ff5a0409037cbe7733d
  5. After it is attached to ISS, will it ever use DKS again, or does it use thrusters?
  6. Wow. Stucky did not leave "on my own timeline." Wonder if he had an issue with changing the planned missions (swapping in Branson since he was supposed to fly on the next flight after this last one)?
  7. That's at least the cost of a single SLS. The lower cost production RS-25s are $99M each. So $396M The Core Stage is a few hundred million anyway. Anyone have a number? A pair of SRBs are $971M (from memory, it's 900-something million for 2 per the OIG report—not dev the first 35 production segments, which is 7 boosters)) The ICPS contract is 65% funded out of a total of $995.6M for 3 units. That's $331M each. So we're basically nearing $2B just with a few parts we know, not counting any associated program and ground costs to support a launch campaign.
  8. I just saw some reporting that said they managed to start DKS. Fingers crossed.
  9. He also reported that they were gonna try firing the DKS 30-60 minutes ago.
  10. Would have to be Oliver, he was the only one that paid… course any brother might wanna kick a brother in the face, too.
  11. Guess the launch tower will need a service arm near the top so they can remove the attachment points that go through the TPS and replace them with a tile cover?
  12. Interesting. Not sure. I mean Christa McCauliffe's job was just education/outreach. Senator Garn became an important unit of measure (the ultimate level of space sickness is "1 Garn.") Filmmakers in space will certainly be doing outreach at a level not seen in a while. <shrug> I still tend to think that if going to space is your job, you're an astronaut. If you happen to go to space as part of your job... it gets more complicated. We don't have a word for people who have been in an airplane, only for the different jobs related to being in aircraft.
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