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  1. tater

    Help identifying animal bone.

    Prepping bones is complex, but that cast I showed you is resin, not bone. Dave Kronen does a great job in his shop (I visited the shop when I was in LA a couple months ago). THat's why I said it looked as if it had been cut. That said, it's an odd place to cut a bone for butchering meat (Or at least I think so, I've never disassembled a large mammal).
  2. tater

    Help identifying animal bone.

    If it was cetacean and it was the US, it would actually be the property of the Federal gov (to prevent trafficking in whales). I think you may be right that it could be a transverse process, but I'm certain it's not a long bone.
  3. tater

    Help identifying animal bone.

    It's not a long bone. It's a vertebra. Not even close. Here's a typical whale vertebra: The hole in the middle is the vertebral foramen. Here is a deer spine: It could be neural spine of a thoracic vert, or it could perhaps be the transverse process as you suggest, the image is less symmetrical than I thought. In that case, it's a lumbar. Here's a dolphin cast: https://boneclones.com/product/articulated-atlantic-bottlenose-dolphin-skeleton-SC-033-A
  4. Looking at the shelves, I'd have to assume it's maybe 1.5 - 2m in diameter.
  5. I probably see at least as many Teslas as Porsches, probably more, actually. Fewer than... Rovers (which are still not hugely common to see).
  6. tater

    Help identifying animal bone.

    It's a vertebra, and it looks like it's been cut through the centrum. If it is a marina mammal, I'd actually say it looks like a whale or porpoise due tot he length of the neural spine (the tall bit). EDIT: I suppose it could have sat on a rough surface and had the centrum eroded away (wave action, sorta like sand paper). It really does look like whale bones I prepped ages ago, though I have some deer bones at home it also resembles and are of a similar size, the small whale bones I prepped (Minke) were still huge by comparison.
  7. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The FSS it is attached to is supposed to be entirely clad when SpaceX is done.
  8. Hmm, stratolaunch needed.
  9. ^^^^Because this thread is about nuclear powered spacecraft fighting wars all around the solar system, with humans living past Earth. Any other presumptions are off topic, which is why this should not have been split from the thread or came from.
  10. This necro starts with my true statement that stealth not being a thing is entirely reasonable (in a science fiction context). It is 100% true. This doesn't mean it is impossible to make detection less likely, stealth has a specific meaning. A stealth aircraft has a signature that is that of a bird. If your sig is distinguishable from a natural object, you're not a "stealth" target, you'd just a less visible target. reducing the ability to direct weapons is only a thing outside ranges where missing is impossible. Directed energy weapons are unlikely to miss out to whatever their max range is, because they can simply raster shots across the possible target cross section. All that said, we can postulate directional radiators, etc, and that's fine, but you need to flesh out the specifics of the SF universe we're talking about. Let's assume that for some reason warfare makes sense at all (a large, marginal assumption, IMO). Reducing signatures is possible via radiators tech, etc. There are none the less a few problems with this. In such a situation, the combatants cannot maneuver without being detected, they only have stealth in the sense that they are visible maneuvering, the they coast. If the maneuvering is detected, then then Newton is doing the driving, and you need not detect them at any given moment, you know exactly where they are (within some cone of uncertainty). Regardless, the militaries in that situation would then have a powerful incentive to place detection systems in a halo around the star system such that any directed radiation is detectable. That is a cheap countermeasure, so it would happen. You're now directing radiation away from some specific enemy, but not from their detection system at large. As I've said above, and in every other thread about this, any arguments need to specifically enumerate the sci fi universe and all the tech available within that universe or they don't mean much. Using current tech, any space battlefield is in Earth orbit, and the sats are literally visible from the ground. No stealth, we even track tiny sat debris. Any battlefield beyond Earth orbit must be predicated on some SF future where there is some reason for such a fight, with all the tech that requires. No idea why this was moved from a thread about a game, with rules that directly relate to this very subject---and indeed the nature of stealth in that game is highly defined because it's about that particular SF setting--to the Science and Spaceflight thread, where it's literally meaningless as discussion, IMO. Every poster will now be talkiing past each other, with a specific SF world in mind, or none at all, but without realizing that it has to have a context... It would be better to just delete this, and presumably ban conversation about the realism of any specific rules of Children of a Dead Earth from the thread about that game (for reasons that entirely escape me, since it seems like this particular stealth discussion very much belongs within the thread about that particular game universe).
  11. tater

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Seeing this put this song (and this particular performance where I was there in the nosebleed seats at Shea):