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  1. I can see a certain similarity.
  2. A feature that might otherwise go easily unnoticed has been added, though as yet only in the new consoleui. It allows you to add mod zip files that you have downloaded using some other tool (eg your browser) to the CKAN cache. To access it, press <F10> to bring up the menu, select "Import downloads...", and then select the directory where your downloaded files are placed (eg, your default "Downloads" directory). Any files not already in the CKAN download cache will be copied over with the correct name for future CKAN use.
  3. Ok, as promised: Pre-Release CKAN Client v1.24.0-PRE1 "McCandless" is now available --- Changes since 1.22.6 ### Features [Core] Add spec/schema to implement mod tags (#2034 by: smattiso; reviewed: ayan4m1, dbent, politas) [Spec] Add CC-BY-ND licence options (#2160 by: MoreRobustThanYou; reviewed: Olympic1, politas) [GUI] Change icon on filter button to something filter-y (#2156 by: politas; reviewed: HebaruSan) [Core] Add include_only fields (#1577, #2170 by: Zane6888, Olympic1; reviewed: politas) [ConsoleUI] Create text UI inspired by Turbo Vision (#2177 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: dbent, Maxzhao, pjf, ProfFan, politas) [Build] Create and release CKAN.app for Mac OS X (#2225 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Build] Debian package build system (#2187 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Core] Prompt to reinstall on change to include_only (No PR by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [GUI] Remember splitter positions and whether the window was maximized (#2234 by: politas; reviewed: HebaruSan) [GUI] Add right-click context menu (#2202 by: Olympic1; reviewed: HebaruSan, politas) ### Bugfixes [Build] Add skip_deploy to GitHub release deploy provider (#2151 by: dbent; reviewed: politas) [Build] Fix build errors for UpdateCol (#2153 by: politas; reviewed: Olympic1) [Auto-updater] Move AskForAutoUpdates dialog to center of screen (#2165 by: politas; reviewed: Olympic1) [Core] Clean up registry lock file after parse failure (#2175 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Core] Purge 6 MB of bloat from `registry.json` (#2179 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Build] Only check first three segments of version in ci (#2192, #2195 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83, Olympic1) [GUI] Initialize checkboxes to desired value at creation (#2184 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: mwerle, politas) [GUI] Avoid crash with unavailable installed mod, improve error messages (#2188 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [CLI] Fix cmdline help text problems (#2197 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [CLI] Dispose registry managers before exit to prevent exceptions (#2203 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [GUI/CLI] Avoid NRE in install-from-ckan (#2205 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [GUI] Avoid NRE in TooManyModsProvide (#2209 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Core] Install version from file when installing from file (#2211 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas, techman83) [GUI] Show mods with incompatible dependencies (#2216 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [GUI] Fix missing entries in dependency graphs (#2226 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Multiple] Add depending mod to missing dependency exception (#2215 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [CLI] Check game version compatibility when installing specific version (#2228 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83, politas) [CLI] Make Cmdline modules case insensitive (#2223 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Build] Provide fresh auto updater in releases (#2212 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [CLI] Don't try to remove autodetected DLLs (#2232 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Core] Use shared installer code in GUI (#2233 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1) [Multiple] Include invalid instances in KSPManager (#2230 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Build] Check version of PowerShell in build script (#2235 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1) [Multiple] Add and change logging to make INFO readable (#2236 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Multiple] Use shared installer code in GUI and fix reinstall problems (#2233 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1, politas) [Multiple] Don't clear available modules till after the new list is ready (#2238 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) ### Internal [Build] Build Update (#2158 by: dbent; reviewed: Olympic1, politas) [Build] Establish a .gitattributes file (#2169 by: Olympic1; reviewed: politas) [Build] Remove unnecessary using directives (#2181 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [Build] Cleanup project (#2182 by: Olympic1; reviewed: HebaruSan, politas, dbent) [Core] Simplify IUser (#2163 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: politas) [NetKAN] Adapt Curse API to new widget (#2189 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1) [Reporting] Improvement of issues template to help with bug reporting (#2201 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1) ### Notes This is a pre-release, so your client will not prompt you to automatically update to it. You don't need to download AutoUpdate.exe. This is used internally by CKAN when a new version is released. Windows users _must_ have .NET 4.5 installed. SImply download the ckan.exe file and either store it in your game directory or somewhere in your filesystem that you have non-admin write access. Never run the CKAN client as Administrator! libcurl is no longer used by CKAN for Linux or Mac. If you experience problems downloading, please contact us Mac/Linux/Mono users: please use the new cert-sync tool, to update mono's certificate store. Mac Users: You should only need to download and install the CKAN.dmg The .deb file is for automated installation on Debian-based Linux distributions - Use dpkg-install/apt-get/apt to install the .deb file and you will then be able to run CKAN with just `ckan` instead of `mono ckan.exe`. All required libraries should be pulled in as dependencies. This release of the CKAN has not been tested on Mono 3.2.8. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest stable release of Mono from mono-project.com. You will need the equivalent of the mono-complete package for your OS. --- Release image public domain, [courtesy NASA](https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BM_II.jpg) As you can see from the Changelog, huge, huge credits to @HebaruSan for tireless efforts making tightly focused small changes that are so easy to test and merge, and also for the massive effort on the new "consoleui" interface option, which is a thing of beauty for all us old-school nerds. Also of note, @Olympic1 has added a right-click menu to the main GUI Mod list. It doesn't do a lot at the moment, but we hope to expand it with additional options. Huge thanks to @techman83 as usual for keeping all our infrastructure running, and @pjf for dealing with the project hosting and finance stuff. Thanks also to @dbent, @ayan4m1, @ProfFan, and @MaxZhao for testing and checking PRs First PR changelog entries by @smattiso and @MoreRobustThanYou (GitHub IDs); we hope they keep contributing. You may notice the "Add spec/schema to implement mod tags" up there - In order to get the client-side implementation of that, we really need to get some tags in our metadata, Adding a tag to a .netkan file is a pretty easy process, though we need to knock out a small set of agreed categories and other useful tags that we can use. If you'd like to get involved in that discussion and/or help out with a bunch of small and easy metadata edits, the relevant issue on GitHub is here. There are a lot of changes in this release, which is why we are putting out a pre-release. We expect there will be some bugs that need ironing out. There's at least one more major PR that I've been working on that I want to include, but that may have to push out to a later release if we don't find many issues in this Pre-release.
  4. CKAN client UI/processing poll

    Not really. At this stage, I'm not even sure how much we _can_ throw this processing into the background, It's all pretty pie-in-the-sky at this stage. What I'm thinking is that with the progressive version, when you select a mod for installation, there may be a period of time when a mod that conflicts with what you just selected or one of its dependencies remains available for selection.
  5. [1.0.4] Scott Manley Head Pack!

    Why, @HebaruSan, why?
  6. I have a question for CKAN users - Please answer this poll At this stage, I'm waiting on one small change to a PR, at which point I will put out a pre-release of the CKAN Client v1.24, which people will need to manually update to. There are a _lot_ of changes in this version, so there's a lot of stuff that could go wrong, and some open testing would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello CKAN users! I've had a bit of an idea in regard to the CKAN client, but I really don't know whether or not it's a good idea. Can you help by answering this poll?
  8. CKAN is really not great at taking over an existing installation with complex dependencies. It's something we're looking into, but for now, CKAN really works best if you start with a fresh game installation. If you've got a lot of mods manually installed, there is a good chance that your installation has something that CKAN believes is conflicting, so CKAN won't do anything until you remove the conflict.
  9. I haven't been able to find any way to adjust the DNS timeout and retries for the C# downloads, though we may be able to add an extra step to resolve the DNS entries prior to starting downloads (which has been requested already for satellite internet connections) The hope was that we wouldn't need to worry about libcurl any more (thus no settings option)
  10. As HebaruSan has noticed, we have moved away from using libcurl in favour of native C# downloads. You can use the environment variable mentioned above (set to any value other than null) to force CKAN to use libcurl as it used to. If you notice an improvement doing that, it would be very useful to try and get some solid data about the downloads that fail, so we can try to tweak things to improve it.
  11. [WIP] [1.3.1] AlphabeticalKerbals

    Well, that's one of your T-do items checked off - AlphabeticalKerbals is now added to CKAN!
  12. Have you looked at the Installing CKAN on OSX page? There are certainly people using CKAN on Macs successfully.
  13. Some mod updates are still getting through because they are triggered by the updates, but the bot is frozen. Our bot expert is at an SF con, so it should be fixed within a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  14. Admittedly, it's not perfect, but you should get every version of a mod in the relevant order, so you can delete the old ones. If you're in the situation where you are having to manage every MB downloaded, it may be worthwhile.
  15. [WIP] Fenrir L(a)uncher Pack

    I have to ask, is "Luncher" an intentional pun, or is it supposed to be "Launcher"?