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  1. ResearchBodies should be right, now.
  2. The author of TRR has made it clear that they do not want TRR on CKAN yet. We will respect their wishes. There's not a huge point in updating WindowShine just to make it disappear from CKAN.
  3. Thanks for getting involved! That's mostly pretty good, but it's going to install all of the mutually exclusive options at the same time. We'll need separate NetKAN entries for each option.
  4. Hi Kobymaru, sorry about that. The Netkan robot hasn't been looking at your AVC data. Fixing that now. The file you download is not an installer; it's the program. The prompt you are getting is asking you to tell CKAN where your KSP installation is.
  5. That feature is being worked on. In the meantime, you can get the same result by replacing the "downloads" folder in each KSP instance's CKAN directory a symlink to a single shared location.
  6. The easiest way for a mod author to force a file to be deleted by CKAN is to include a dummy blank file in the distribution. I think an "apt purge" equivalent would require mod authors to meet CKAN specifications in a way that I just don't see happening, or significant levels of effort by CKAN metadata maintainers beyond "does this put all the included files in the right places".
  7. It first deletes all the previously CKAN-installed files, deletes any empty directories, then installs the new files, creating directories as required. If a mod has created any extra files at (game) run-time, they are untouched.
  8. In the GUI, it's File - Select KSP Install, which brings up a dialog box that lets you add, remove and choose KSP instances, including setting a default instance to open on launch. On the command line, you can perform operations on the non-default instance by using the `--ksp` option (as opposed to the `ksp` subcommand), for example: ckan.exe install <modname> --ksp <name> The question of being able to set a download location is one that I'm working on currently (my first attempt was a complete disaster, so it may be a while) Hopefully, that'll be in the next release! Symbolic links are a functional workaround on all platforms, to my understanding. You mean the KSP log files? I suppose we could make an attempt to archive the current log when you launch KSP from within the CKAN GUI client. If you think that would be useful, please raise a feature request on GitHub
  9. No, it doesn't, from my understanding. If you have some code experience, and can think of a way to do it without breaking what it does, we welcome contributions! https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN-bot is the specific repo. I don't know Perl at all, so I only know how it works by what I've been told.
  10. Have you got the latest CKAN 1.22.3? Yep, it would be useful, but given the way that our automatic indexing of new updates works, that information is just not available for the client. We'd need to maintain a whole separate data structure in order to compare the new repo data with past repo data, and then the client would need to spend time comparing every mod's current release with what it last knew as the current release, working out what to do with that information,... We'd basically need to program an AI to do what we do keeping the repo up to date so that it can understand some changes. I know that it seems like an easy thing to do, but trust me, it really isn't. If it was easy, we'd have done it by now. If you have deleted everything in your GameData folder (other than the Squad folder, obviously), then you shouldn't be getting any AD mods. I know I sound like a broken record, but try a Clean & Reinstall. (Or the relevant parts of it) It really does solve most problems in the CKAN client.
  11. Once the mods are fixed on Curse and the CKAN metadata updates, a Clean & reinstall will get the correct versions on all mods installed. (Or you can just uninstall and reinstall the specific mods) If the metadata is controlled by us rather than the mod author, we can also add an override to force the correct mod compatibility util Curse gets around to fixing it, and you can force installation of a particular version of a mod using the command line by saying: ckan.exe install <Modidentifier>=<version> (Make sure you get the full version string and the mod identifier from the mod details)
  12. I'm pretty sure that a Clean & Reinstall will sort that out Ok, I'd closed the PR so it won't get added to CKAN. As far as the TechTree config, I'm not sure where to get help for that, but this thread is probably not the best for it.
  13. You'll have to talk to the Spacedock folks. I believe they can turn it off. What's your mod's name? I'll delete the auto-generated PR if you would rather it is not listed. You mean the Squad mod that is now part of stock? You should just uninstall it. It's in stock, now.
  14. There's a missing comma in the .version file that's holding up CKAN update - https://github.com/CYBUTEK/KerbalEngineer/pull/129
  15. Hi, just popped in to let you know that the current versions of KerbinSide should now be available in the CKAN! If anyone can test the installation and let me know if there are any issues, that would be helpful. I've never used much of KerbinSide other than the Air Race.