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  1. Unfortunately, we can't add the RO Patches pack to the CKAN repo the way it is set up at the moment. It is relying on overwriting the Tundra Exploration decals files, and the CKAN client will not overwrite one mod's files with another's. Is it possible to use a ModuleManager patch to use distinct files instead? Also, the AVC .version file for the patch is restricting it to just KSP 1.6.1. If there's no need to update the patches for future RO versions, it might be better to make the patch compatibility match the Tundra Exploration version it is suited for rather than the current RO. That way, if/when RO is updated to support 1.7.x, the patch won't need a compatibility version bump
  2. If KSP 2 is not going to be released for Linux, could some work be put into making it work smoothly on Proton? That should be a much smaller effort than maintaining a full Linux version.
  3. Will/does KSP2 require the same science grind from early rocketry, or will we start from a substantial tech base?
  4. Is there a reason to think the Tundra Exploration RO patches will need to be changed for future RO releases? I'm wondering whether the KSP1.6.1 compatibility note is inherent to the patches, or simply because RO is only supporting KSP 1.6.1?
  5. https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/how-to-set-language-on-a-per-app-basis-in-windows-10/
  6. The CKAN client v1.26.4 "Orion" is released! Changes since 1.26.2 Features [Multiple] Auto-uninstall auto-installed modules (#2753 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Add scrollbars to metadata tab (#2759 by: DasSkelett; reviewed: HebaruSan) [Core] Detect Breaking Ground DLC (#2768 by: dbent; reviewed: Olympic1, HebaruSan) [GUI] Internationalize the GUI (#2749 by: HebaruSan, DasSkelett; reviewed: DasSkelett, Olympic1) [NetKAN] Extract locales from downloads (#2760 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Add menu option to report issues in the CKAN repo (#2801 by: DasSkelett; reviewed: HebaruSan) [Netkan] Migrate Perl validation checks into netkan.exe (#2788 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Open ZIP button, instance name in status bar, description scroll bar (#2813 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Multiple] Support BreakingGround-DLC in instance faking (#2773 by: DasSkelett; reviewed: HebaruSan) [GUI] Queue module version changes in change set (#2821 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1) [Build] Generate RPM packages (#2757 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) Bugfixes [Core] Save registry inside of scan transaction (#2755 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Core] Cache downloads individually upon completion (#2756 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Hide auto-installed checkbox for auto-detected mods (#2758 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Update GUI modlist if scan detects changes (#2762 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Core] Don't assume string params to Install are identifiers (#2764 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Netkan] Don't warn that a raw URL is non-raw (#2767 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Multiple] Don't throw exceptions for dependency conflicts (#2766 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Core] Suppress autostart warning (#2776 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Netkan] Skip comments and allow capital letters in locale extractor (#2783 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Fix UK spelling of licence (#2794 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Mark auto-install correctly when installing from .ckan file (#2793 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Netkan] Ignore locales with no strings (#2805 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Netkan] Fix http kref validation (#2811 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Netkan] Fix Netkan localization parser performance (#2816 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Support newlines in GUI description field (#2818 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Core] Fix comparison of 1.0.0 to 1.0 (#2817 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Improve focus interactions of GUI filters and mod list (#2827 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: Olympic1) [GUI] Fix issues when provides is removed (#2740 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Fix 'ManageKspInstances' dialog logic (#2787 by: DasSkelett; reviewed: HebaruSan) Internal [Build] Update packages (#2775 by: Olympic1; reviewed: DasSkelett, HebaruSan) [Build] Fix fake/clone tests on Windows (#2778 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Reporting] Update issue templates (#2777 by: Olympic1; reviewed: DasSkelett, HebaruSan) [Build] Fix ZipValid test on non-English Windows systems (#2781 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Build] Fix for building with VS 2019 (#2834 by: Olympic1; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Netkan] Refactor Netkan for SQS mode (#2798 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett, techman83) [Build] Add Dockerfile + Deployment for NetKAN Inflator (#2838 by: techman83; reviewed: HebaruSan) [Core] Move config from Windows Registry to JSON file; Make CKAN-core .NET Standard 2.0 compliant (#2820 by: jbrot; reviewed: HebaruSan, Politas, Olympic, DasSkelett) Notes You don't need to download AutoUpdate.exe. This is used internally by CKAN when a new version is released. Windows users must have .NET 4.5 installed. Simply download the ckan.exe file and either store it in your game directory or somewhere in your filesystem where you have non-admin write access. Never run the CKAN client as Administrator! Mac/Linux/Mono users: please use the new cert-sync tool, to update mono's certificate store. Mac Users: You should only need to download and install the CKAN.dmg The .deb file is for automated installation on Debian-based Linux distributions - Use dpkg-install/apt-get/apt to install the .deb file and you will then be able to run CKAN with just ckan instead of mono ckan.exe. All required libraries should be pulled in as dependencies. This release of the CKAN has not been tested on Mono releases prior to 5.0.1. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest stable release of Mono from mono-project.com You will need the equivalent of the mono-complete package for your OS. Comments Welcome to new contributor jbrot, who is planning to create a new MacOS interface for the CKAN client! Mac users, it's worth paying attention to upcoming Pull Requests on our GitHub. Testers will be very welcome! We now have a CKAN Discord thanks to @Olympic1, which largely replaces the old IRC channels, since it does a better job of asynchronous communication. Feel free to hit us up there for questions, though the primary locations for Bug Reports and Metadata Issues remains GitHub. Speaking of asking questions, I've recently started streaming on Twitch, playing KSP (usually fairly badly!). If anyone has questions about the CKAN client and how to make the best use of it, feel free to jump on my stream and ask, and I can demonstrate live! I am humbled and inordinately grateful for the excellent team we have working on the CKAN these days. @HebaruSan, @DasSkelett, @Olympic1, and the incomparable master of infrastructure @techman83 are all doing fabulous work!
  7. If you're having troubles understanding how CKAN works, catch me on Twitch and I'll happily answer questions and demonstrate live -


  8. I've tried several times to use the scanning arms to complete a mission. I have a mission "Do a complex scan of a Mun Crater on the Mun". I get my rover to a Mun Crater, scan it with the right scanning arm, my experiment details appear, "Mun Crater Scan from the Mun's Midlands", I transmit it, no problems all goes through fine, but the contract still shows 0% completion! The same thing happened scanning a Baobab Tree on Kerbin - 0% mission completion, no matter what scanning arm I used.
  9. Hi Bob, any chance you could get the AVC files in your mods updated to show they are compatible with KSP 1.7.*?

    There's a bunch of mods using Community Category Kit or Community Resource Pack, for eg, as dependencies that CKAN is marking as incompatible due to the incompatible dependencies.

    1. RoverDude


      Yep, being worked currently :)

  10. Think I found my problem. My joystick profile had disappeared. Creating a new one has the joystick working again!
  11. You need to make sure that your "Compatible" list includes all the dependencies. Use the KSP Version Compatibility options to get them all showing.
  12. If you mean is the button on the initial AFBW dialog box active, yes. Here's the log from a clean 1.7.2 install with just AFBW for Linux and dependencies installed. Launched a plane, opened AFBW dialog, calibratated joystick, made sure the joystick was active. No control input from any Joystick axes.
  13. Got keyboard control back, thanks, but I'm not getting any control input from my joystick, even though it does calibrate fine. Log here
  14. Got a weird issue. I've unlocked the whole tech tree, but the Gojira fins are not appearing in my parts list. I did have them appearing before the latest TE update. My save file lists the fins under the unlocked HeavierRocketry node.