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  1. A quick heads up, everyone. I'm stepping down as CKAN Mission Director, and the wonderful @DasSkelettwill be taking over. We should have a new forum thread soon for ongoing conversations. It's been wonderful seeing this team go from strength to strength, and I'm really proud of where the CKAN system has gotten to. I'm sure under @DasSkelett's tenure, we will only see further improvements! I'd especially like to thank @HebaruSan and @techman83 for all the stellar work they've been putting in over the years to keep the CKAN running and improving.
  2. Assuming you aren't getting that exception every time you launch the CKAN, running the Clean and Re-install process should get your missing mods back in control.
  3. We're all very hopeful that this release will be relatively bug-free! Massive thanks to @HebaruSanand @DasSkelett for smashing those bugs so rapidly! And now the tag feature is properly considered a full-fledged feature! I hope y'all are enjoying it!
  4. Our standard process is to build our executables on Linux, which makes any infection by a Windows-focused virus extremely unlikely. This was a massive load of work, which I think I failed to adequately praise in my release notice.
  5. Beetlecat, can you run ckan.exe ksp list on a command line?
  6. Can you post the full error info? Run it from Powershell to stop it disappearing.
  7. The CKAN client v1.26.8 "Kodiak" is released! Changes since 1.26.6 Features [Multiple] Custom mod labels, favorites, hiding (#2936 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Add "supports" relationships to recommendations screen (#2960 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Multiple] Prompt user to delete non-empty folders after uninstall (#2962 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [GUI] Edit modpack before export (#2971 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) Bugfixes [GUI] Don't launch KSP 1.8 with -single-instance (#2931 by: HebaruSan; revi
  8. The CKAN client v1.26.6 "Leonov" is released! Changes since 1.26.4 Features [GUI] Default to consoleui on MacOSX Catalina (#2911 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: pfFredd, DasSkelett) [GUI] Add language selection option to settings (#2925 by: DasSkelett; reviewed: HebaruSan) Bugfixes [Build] Use Debian machine-readable copyright format (#2853 by: bfrobin446; reviewed: HebaruSan) [GUI] Don't invalidate invisible rows (#2854 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Multiple] Speed up autoremove search (#2855 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: DasSkelett) [Core] Fi
  9. Yeah, it would be nice if Squad could bump the priority of the splash screen display.
  10. Or even better, to have it operate with different SAS levels as the relevant tech nodes are unlocked.
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