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  1. It also seems to be happening on the vertical velocity controller mod.....
  2. I looked at my DXDIAG command this morning and noticed that I have DX12 installed. Would this cause any issues running 1.8.0? The altimeter and stack readout bugs are driving me nuts. I do not like having to run the 8-ball so big, as well as the stack readout. Hope this gets addressed soon.
  3. Good morning Kerbalnauts! I have the latest version of CKAN loaded and it is showing the Unmanned Before Manned is compatible with 1.7.3. However, when I load it, the tech tree is not rearranged, and none of my parachutes show up on the default page when first starting career mode. Have tried an uninstall clean sweep and reload and still doesn't work. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Is Kerbalism compatible with 1.3.1? I noticed it is not coming up in CKAN.
  5. I haven't played KSP in a few months and I just came back to it after the upgrade to 1.2.2. I started up the game and was working on a mission. I noticed on the Launchpad that the COMMNET graphics showing antenna power, connectivity and network status were not showing. I thought it might have been something in my game so I did a fresh install and started a new career and it still was not showing up. Am I missing something?
  6. Working on some parts patches after figuring out how to edit things with Module Manager. 

  7. Ike hit here in the Houston area back in 2008 and did alot of damage. Looks like the sub tropical ridge has pulled further north and is blocking any northerly movement for this storm and the one on its heels over the next few days. If that front over the central plains would move in, it would likely pick this storm up and take it north east rapidly. You can clearly see the ridge to the north of the storm blocking any movement up the east coast.... http://www.goes.noaa.gov/GSSLOOPS/ecwv.html
  8. "Is this going to be a stand up fight, or just another bug hunt, sir?"
  9. I sure hope that EA never try to get their hands on this product and development team....straight to the crapper if they do....
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