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  1. Been checking this mod out in sandbox in preparation for a new career. I cheated craft out to Lint/Mikey, Zore, Geito and Ervo and landed on all of them and they are all pretty rad. Made sure to land in a lake on Ervo. I'm really glad a mod like this exists. Combining this with Outer Planets really makes the Kerbol system feel complete, plus I'm a huge fan of Gilly so a mod full of objects as small or smaller than it is all the way my jam, and Sedna is my favorite real-life solar system object so a Sedna analogue also rules. I'm looking forward to how much a nightmare it will be to actually reach these places (especially Geito) in career mode.
  2. Tested this with Outer Planets and Minor Planets Expansion, landed on several bodies (Nissee and Hale from OPM, Lint/Mikey and Zore from MPE) without any issue at all. Thanks for getting it up and running~
  3. With all due respect, this has not seemed to be the case from what I can tell. And in my case, I was suggesting that perhaps one of the authors of a planet pack that relies on Kopernicus could take over the mod since their hard work is currently not being enjoyed by people on 1.9; I was absolutely NOT suggesting that Thomas P. had to update it, but I did not feel it was an argument worth having and so edited my post out. Without meaning to sound confrontational, I feel that a lot of the tension in this thread has been caused by you not necessarily communicating well with the people posting here. The way you were framing things seemed to suggest that the mod being updated was only up to the current author and that nobody else could have any say, up to and including making a fork themselves, and that any alternatives to that would be shot down.
  4. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for fixing the IVAs! My kerbals are very happy and comfortable on their long-duration mission to Jool now~
  5. I accepted the contracts a while ago as a way to basically make the large cost of the ship pay for itself on arrival to Eve. Good to know that I should be OK - I'll test what you suggested (ie docking and undocking a satellite) before setting off for Eve as well, just to be safe. Thanks~
  6. I am about to send a large ship to Gilly and was going to launch a trio of satellites to dock with that ship and bring to Gilly and Eve to fulfill some satellite contracts. However, I've never attempted to fulfill a satellite contract with satellites I've docked with another ship for transport to their destination, so I wanted to know if docking those satellites with the mothership and then undocking in Eve orbit and flying them to their designated orbits will still fulfill the contract requirements. I assume it will, but I'd be pretty bummed if it didn't and I had to send them separately, especially as I'm playing a career mode with a set minimum launch schedule and it'll be many hours (prolly 20+ of game time) before that ship even arrives at Eve for me to find this out on my own.
  7. This mod is pretty rad, been using it for stations and for large interplanetary ships. However, I am having a couple issues with where Kerbals are seated in some of the modules. First, with the Bagel inflatable centrifuge: Second, with the Blimp inflatable habitat: I deleted the mod and re-installed the latest version, it made no difference. The only other mods I have installed are Stockalike Surface Lights and Planetary Base Systems, neither of which should interfere; just for safety, I removed both when I re-installed this mod just to be sure and the issue is still present. Is anyone else having this problem, or is there weirdness with my specific install?
  8. I don't have a concrete plan when I design my stations. Or anything, really. I just kinda come up with things as I think of them. The only real plan I have when making a station is to have at least one 'hub' for which I can add additional station modules to later. This is an older screenshot, but I most often use some variant of the station below, with different modules in the central hub depending on where the station is and what purpose it serves, and occasionally additional docking hubs if it's going to be a major station with high traffic (i.e. an LKO "gateway" station). I usually reserve the top docking port (can't really see it here) for refueling ships, the four horizontal docking ports on the bottom for rockets and the vertical docking port on the bottom for spaceplanes. The four Mk1 inline cockpits are my 'control tower' (really just an excuse to get cool views of docked ships, but, y'know, gotta have a canon functionality or somethin').
  9. Nothing about how you build your craft or how you approach your landings should ever make this a possibility. Ever. Period. Fix the landing legs. And being accusatory in suggesting that the problem is actually me is both unhelpful and flat-out insulting, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since people have done that repeatedly in this thread.
  10. Landing legs are still absolutely terrible. Landing gear is still absolutely terrible. I really don't understand, this used to not be a problem at all. It's totally killing my will to play. This should be #1 on the priority list for 1.7.
  11. I don't use MechJeb or even KER, in fact the only mod I use is Stockalike Surface Lights. I also don't hold it against anyone who does use MechJeb or KER or anything else, because as long as they're having fun, how does that affect me? That said, I always do implore MechJeb users to try the game without it. I did used to use MechJeb myself, years and years and years ago, and the game became a lot more fulfilling to me when I stopped. I'm a lot more proud of my accomplishments now than I was back then, and the screw-ups that happen are just a way for me to mount a fun rescue mission. So if you do use MechJeb, try a new save without it some time, you might like the game even more.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for maintaining this mod, I never play without it.
  13. We've already established that mods don't have any effect, like do I need to make a video of my bone-stock spaceplane sitting at a standstill on Minmus, bouncing around so badly that taking back off is virtually impossible without quickload abuse? I don't understand why people are being incredulous about this being an issue in the game itself, entirely separate from mods, when Squad themselves have both tried to address it in the past and are attempting to address it again in the next update. I just want the damn game to work correctly, and I sure as hell don't appreciate people implying that this problem is somehow even remotely my fault when I'm playing the game the same damn way I've played it since twenty freakin' eleven.
  14. I can guarantee you that this is not being caused by a bad design choice. This is a design I've used for years with no issue, and furthermore there is no design choice one could make with standard aircraft landing gear that would cause the ship to bounce around at a standstill if it weren't for this bug. My only mods are Outer Planets and the associated Kopernicus, but by all means keep handwaving this away as an isolated problem caused by bad design choices or heavily modded installs if you must.