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  1. Okay so apparently it sometimes filters stuff out and doesn't show me. I turned off textfilters in the config (no its just an empty bracket) and for example baikerbanu shows when I start the game with the window open, but when I enter the VAB or any other building I loose it after exiting. Then the window only shows "0/0". Filters are set to show all and the same happens with other bodies like minmus in my earlier example. Is there anything I can provide to solve this? Edit: here are screenshots to better describe what I mean: 1. After starting the game 2. After going to a vessel, deleting "bai" and typing it again:
  2. Well I don't know nothing about modding internals, but that patch replaces the stock internals with a custom one, so I guess you'll have to do the whole thing (work with a copy?).
  3. @faeryty Inside the download there is a folder for stock patches they look like this: @PART[*]:HAS[@INTERNAL[cupolaInternal]]{ MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitorComputer } @INTERNAL { @name = cupolaInternalRPM } }
  4. The stock IVAs need Module Manager. Module Manager isn't bundled with the download or mentioned in the first post. This can cause confusion.
  5. [1.3.x] Waypoint Manager [v2.7.0] [2017-05-27]

    If somebody is interrested in all the interresting places arround kerbin I visited them all and made waypoints:
  6. I know how it is supposed to work. But Even with "show all" selected I don't get results for other bodies then kerbin. I got a lander on mun and searching from there works just fine, but from the KSC I can't.
  7. Fix the poles!

    I don't mind pointy poles or deep holes. Physics going mad isn't aproblem either I just hate that they're open.
  8. Fix the poles!

    I love exploring the poles but I'd prefer them to be "closed".
  9. This is the third one: I was just curious since they all developped in different directions but seem to have the same UI and symbol, wondered what's "their story". Edit: PA is the basic "hold" option, Kramax has integrated waypoints and profiles and AA has fly by wire and mouse control. I used them all (by accident because I thought they were the same) and each gets the job done.
  10. Fix the poles!

    But in 1.2 I visited the northpole of the mun and it was a pointy pyramid, now its a "thing". This is how it looked a few years back. And now;
  11. Every pole that has some sort of terrain inclination is broken. I don't know since when this is the case, but now they're all "open" (one or two sides are folded up a bit so you can see through the planet. This is annoying and should't happen in a game that has passed early access, alpha and beta status. And it should definitly not happen when it was just fine before! That's a +250m gap. And on a side note my rover and lander in the background jump in the air when I return to them, that also shouldn't happen...
  12. I got a question that I've been asking myself alot. Each time I get this mod for example. There are 3 atmospheric autopilots out there, they all share the same icon and the same ui layout. Why is that? This one is the most "basic" so it's my favorite because all I need is something to hold the course of my plane. But I'd really love to know if they all got some sort of ancient root
  13. I have a problem: It only shows me experiments of a body when I'm in that bodies SOI. So If I for example want to check where my next mun mission should land and what to bring with me I have to go to the tracking station and select a craft allready in orbit arround mun.
  14. Thanks for keeping this up, I really did miss it alot!!!!
  15. It's shocking how few people actually know what trim is. As far as I know the trim keybindings aren't even in the ksp settings.... Anyways if you know what trim is and you like flying planes over a distance this mod is a nice thing to have. Thanks.