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  1. I really do miss this mod. It was a good one :S Wish it would be updated for the dlcs.
  2. Thats what I noticed too when I fired up KSP today, been a loooooooong time and I had to read the wiki to troubleshoot that misstake -____- Edit: thanks for noting and if everything worked as planned the spacedock download should've been updated today.
  3. I wanted to use your continuation, but it didn't account for the breaking ground experiments so I fixed it. I don't thik withdrawing it is necessary, you din't steal anything and there probably will be a time where I forget about updating it again.
  4. I finally updated this little mod and made it compatible with with the Breaking Ground DLC and its surface experiments! Those are excluded now and will function as intended by the vanilla game! Enjoy.
  5. I'd loce to see this mod beeing continued. But sadly so far there is no sign of life :S
  6. This is withou a doubt my number one must have mod! I hope you'll find the time to put in the new launchsites and experiments from breaking ground! Cheers.
  7. Nice to see my old little mod getting maintained! I've been away for a long time and for me it fine if you keep it.
  8. The sooner you escape the gravity the better. Just barley not burning up proofed to be the most efficient approach to me. Positive sideffect are that it seems to be pretty efficient too and makes it less tedious. I also do aim for a orbit that is juuust above the 70km mark, you can raise it later at any point but like I said first goal shuld be to escape gravity asap.
  9. Erm.. you can just create a new career, use the console to unlock the techtree, warp a craft with all the science parts in orbit of eeloo and transmitt everyting. Should give you enough oportunities to record a video or screenshot of the problem...
  10. Every clouds mod overdoes it with eve in my opinion. I used to think it is a bug because it looks like a marble. Those clouds need at least some holes and a bit ov different colors to give the ball texture.
  11. @funkheld you could also put a "clearscreen." at the top of your loop if you don't care about other stuff on the display. This will clear the screen every run before it prints your data.
  12. I only have this one wich I turned into a post card^^:
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