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  1. Thats not correct. It does show splashed down experiments. And there is only one set of experiments while flying over the ksc.
  2. If I what?! Use it, don't use it, like it? I'm confused... Just kidding thanks for the warning
  3. @Gordon Dry I'd use less mods. Seriously this is offtoppic but in nearly any thread I look there is you posting about something thats not working.
  4. There you go, thats the problem! But serious: mj sometimes screws up landing I always assumed its because he has probleems with the terrain. I just quicksave before I hand over and I usually do the deorbit and approach myself. If you just let him do the final ~1000m he mostly gets it together.
  5. After a first seak peak in theconfigs I'm sure I need some particles too. And a thing I tested and wouldn't recommend to anyone is just ticking the volumetric option... it really needs textures and particles I guess otherwise you'll end up with grey blocks^^
  6. They're the reason I always get back to this mod^^ I just got it installed yesterday and built my first few ships with them, on a first glanced they seem to be really really usefull because of verry high isp. I'll keep playing and comparing them and if I really think theyre op I guess I'll patch them a bit.
  7. I'd love to have this with volumetric clouds. Is there a way to do it? This is not true. I can confirm that it does work! KSP 1.2.2 and latest EVE + This configs pack works just fine!
  8. Is this mod actually actively maintained? The balance of the monoprop engines is a bit "off" theyre extremly usefull. I don't mind usefull engines but it feels almost like cheating.
  9. The Patch for the FG90 adresses ModuleEngines but the part only has a ModuleEnginesFX. And one of the capsules misses a } in the Module Ablator. Edit: Uh looks like stuff is going to be fully adopted, glad to see this is going places.
  10. This points to a archive with just a bunch patches, is this intended? The other downloads below have the pack. Now I got confused because above the link it says to delete previous versions. I guess you get it from curse or spacedock below and then apply the patch?
  11. It shouldn't change anything, And you really don't have to delete anything. Just reloading the database causes it. Edit: Well didn't know reloading the database isn't a good thing. This limits the use of janitors closet a bit but its stil the best tool to check out and compare part ods.
  12. The *expected* behavior is to work like nothing happend. Because *reloading* the database lets the game *reload* its database.
  13. Premium Bug Report: Situation: Testing partmods in a clean install. Squad "mod" hidden only Modular Rocket System showing Mods: Janitors Closet, ModuleManager (idle - no patches in this test), Modular rocket system (only parts folder in correct subfolder -> GameData/ModRocketSys/Parts) Bug: When selecting a part from the list it places it as root and pins a copy to the mouse wich is placeable but after that no part in the list is selectable. Renders game unplayable without restart. How to reproduce: Alt+Tab out of KSP, delete a few parts from the ModRocketSys folder, back to game, leave VAB, Reload database via console, enter VAB and it happens. Log:
  14. Just want to step by and say thank you all who made/maintain this mod! For me - a person that tests out almost every mods in soe save but in his career uses just a handfull - this mod is just pure gold. I would say you can't get closer to stock as this mod. And while staying 99.3% stock it really makes monoprop usefull again instead of beeing just useless weight. Thank you!!!
  15. Thank you. And I just noticed this is the dev thread, sorry The Link in Community Mods and Plugins thread points here, didn't notice.