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  1. The sooner you escape the gravity the better. Just barley not burning up proofed to be the most efficient approach to me. Positive sideffect are that it seems to be pretty efficient too and makes it less tedious. I also do aim for a orbit that is juuust above the 70km mark, you can raise it later at any point but like I said first goal shuld be to escape gravity asap.
  2. Erm.. you can just create a new career, use the console to unlock the techtree, warp a craft with all the science parts in orbit of eeloo and transmitt everyting. Should give you enough oportunities to record a video or screenshot of the problem...
  3. Every clouds mod overdoes it with eve in my opinion. I used to think it is a bug because it looks like a marble. Those clouds need at least some holes and a bit ov different colors to give the ball texture.
  4. @funkheld you could also put a "clearscreen." at the top of your loop if you don't care about other stuff on the display. This will clear the screen every run before it prints your data.
  5. I only have this one wich I turned into a post card^^:
  6. A retro flare would be cool. I played the first version of ksp a few days ago and noticed the orange flare.
  7. @RizzoTheRat Thanks. I didn't know I don't have to lock the steering each loop. PID loop is where I'm heading, but I wanted to do it step by step on my wn as far as I can. I now added the first "damper" to the script that lowers the angle back a tick when passing the hold part. The script allready works as I want it to: toggle cpu locks the altitude and heading and holds it for me. Now I'm just for fun trying to make it a pid loop. But step by step.
  8. If you know full well what this mod does and you're not uneducated and you also researched for your comment you could've come to the conclusion that this mod offers a list with filters to the various szenes. In case you totally missed it I shortend the OP for you to show what the list does:
  9. Okay thanks. I got my stuff on github but I don't really update it *that* frequently Okay so the folder called 1 was an accident I created... who would've thought that.
  10. You could read the description to begin with. It'S not just alerting you, it also let's you browse a list and search with parameters to plan ahead, check, compare etc.
  11. I know. The thing is I noticed a misstake in my script and altered it. Now of course I didn't backup and I'm afraid to have made it worse. So long story short: Thhe original script is running right now on a plane flying arround kerbin, the scrip in 0:/boot is altered and I wanted to copy the unaltered version to a backup, just in case. But there is no folder "1" inside scripts. Edit: I could swear there used to be a folder called "1"....
  12. What happend to the folder for storage "1"?! It's not in my scripts folder.