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  1. @JadeOfMaar, Thank you, i was going to do them (or at least attempt to)
  2. @Poodmund, would it be possible to get a set of Rational Resources Configs for OPM?
  3. in the right click in editor this shows as having an "effective base speed" of 15m/s but it won't produce any reasonable inputs (Gaseous Carbon Di-oxode, Methane) unless the craft is moving. is this correct? there is resource storage for the liquid forms of CO2, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Methane, are they meant to be the Liquid forms or the Gaseous Forms? Suggestion: have you though about using the Pre-cooler as a combination intake/filter/compressor part? as a possible balance have it that it can only be one resource that has to be pre-set in editor.
  4. it might be that what your seeing is that up to that point the cooling is enough to stall boiloff. after that point the tank temp is greater than what cooling can cool.
  5. would it be possible to write a mod that does that if one doesn't already exist?
  6. Can you rename tourists that are created by a contract and still complete that contract? I'm going to be streaming soon and part of my channel you will be (hopefully) able to use the loyalty points to buy a "ticket" on a craft
  7. @Paul Kingtiger, any update on when the 1.875m straight faring will be included?
  8. tweak your decoupler force. when you decouple from a stage the decoupler imparts force to separate the parts, this added force will alter your trajectory.
  9. I'm Getting some serious Log Spam with the current version. Logs are Here also the kerbal health window is throwing InvalidOperationException when trying to open it in flight opened an issue on github
  10. that will make life easier, Thank you. side note: when updating will it be another 1.6Gb download?