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  1. @Tokamak as @DStaal said above Situation 2 is how it will work due to the 2.3 km physics bubble that KSP has. the default Logistics range is 150m but putting a rover in the middle simulates using that rover to travel between the bases.
  2. @Smurfalot, i think the issue is probably parent = 0, which i think means that the docking port is the ROOT part of the craft that you are attaching to the station. you can't weld a root part because from memory the welding is more than graphical, it deletes the docking ports and directly attaches the parts on either side of the docking ports. the way to fix it is the launch a new module where the docking port isn't ROOT or use KAS(Kerbal Attachment System) to detach the part and re-attach it.
  3. @HebaruSan @DMagic any idea when the CKAN issue will be fixed? as the new version still isn't showing up.
  4. @DMagic is this update backwards compatible to previous KSP version or is it 1.9.1+ ?
  5. would it be possible to bind the throttle on the rover wheels to a KAL controler or even just the new action groups? would something need to added via Module manager patch or would it require a custom plugin?
  6. @linuxgurugamer, that might be Kopernicus with the ocean fix from a few versions back.
  7. @Nertea, question regarding Near Future Construction. is there a reason why there isn't a 3.75 Truss "Family"?
  8. ty @OhioBob @PART[InlineBallute*] { @MODULE[ModuleParachute] { @minAirPressureToOpen = 0.000001 @clampMinAirPressure = 0.000001 } } Would the above MM patch work? sorry for the thread derail also.
  9. how would i go about removing the TweakChutes module from Inline Ballutes? i have tried this: @PART[InlineBallute*]:HAS[MODULE[TweakChute]]:FINAL { !MODULE[TweakChute] } but it doesn't seem to be working. i want the ballutes to deploy in the upper Atmo at the moment they only deploy @ ~ 10km AGL on Duna (atmo presure ~ 1kN/m2 (according to KER))
  10. getting major log spam with latest release KSP 1.8.1 Part Commander 1.1.6
  11. @RoverDude, is that video that dropped at Gamescon the reason that the Dome parts aren't in MKS yet?