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  1. I've added it to my save, where I'm using USILS on an Orion-powered mission. Thanks.
  2. You can tell CKAN to allow mods from newer versions, which you can easily do to install a parts pack that's likely to work anyway. Then you can report a github issue to CKAN so they can update the metadata. You need to follow the instructions at - a screenshot tells the mod author very little.
  3. I spent a lot of time on Minmus, well, not actually on Minmus. The almost complete lack of traction means once you eventually are up to speed, there is no prospect of braking. My later low-g rovers mounted nose thrusters.
  4. Second the motion. I find that setting a target altitude normally results in a very aggressive climb, and often the plane limps upwards in a series of near-stall events.
  5. FWIW, this isn't dead, just resting. I'm likely to get a significantly faster CPU in the next few months, so I'm not playing KSP until it turns up.
  6. If I had known the answer, I would have posted it. Since I didn't, I posted how to find it. Given a choice between me rummaging through the thread and the person who actually needs to know doing it, I declined to do it myself. What's odd about that?
  7. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/196855-campaign-for-real-electriccharge/ may prove useful. I have been tangling with MM seriously for the first time, and most of what I want to do there is apply a patch to all objects of a given type. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~damerell/games/ksp/CAMREC/CAMREC.cfg is the actual MM file buried in the walls of text.
  8. Manual installation is a last resort; CKAN metadata gets dependencies and conflicts right for you (if it's right, but if it's not, at least it only has to be fixed once to help everyone). You'll need in any event to go back up the thread to find the fix for the light globe part.
  9. Surely the obvious answer is to stop exploiting the bug where the converters work when uninflated. Inflate them when you get to space and see if there is any unexpected behaviour after that.
  10. It's kind of you to say so, but I'm not sure there is much left to be done (one or two things) until release and (if anyone else uses it) thinking about mod parts that it doesn't play nice with. Progress is kind of limited by me being too lazy to do anything about it unless my current in-game objectives need a particular kind of part's EC usage looked at.
  11. If I understand it correctly, the MedBay can cure Kerbals; the KModule cannot. This matters if a detached expedition's planning is incorrect and it manages to return or be rescued anyway. Otherwise, yes, prevention is better than cure.
  12. I suppose given he's American we should be grateful he doesn't think in BTUs or something. :-/
  13. Oh, I didn't read it as criticism, just as a straightforward suggestion. While I'm here: Russian RITM-200 icebreaker power plant: 175MW/1100 tonnes = 160 W/kg. USI 0.625m nuclear power plant: 190 W/kg (@ 1EC = 1 kJ) USI 3.75m nuclear power plant: 180 W/kg. I guess I can leave those alone.
  14. I'm not sure if you mean "why are you writing rules for specific mods?" or "why are you writing generic rules which will edit any part with a given function, rather than explicitly naming stock parts for conversion?" The answer to the first question is I'm writing the mod I want to use; since I use Kerbal Foundries, ODFC, and Universal Storage (for example), I'm writing configuration to handle those parts. The order in which I'm doing things reflects what I'm trying to get done in my current game; I wrote the KSPWheel rebalancing bit before the ion engine bit because I'm building big rovers not tiny high-dV probes. Also, since this is my first nontrivial use of Module Manager, I've been doing things I do know how to do while hoping to get advice on things I don't. The answer to the second question is that it's less work, and these generic rules naturally work on parts with stockalike balance, which I think the majority of mods out there try for. For example, "Hangar" hangars incorporate EC storage, solar generation, and ex nihilo EC generation representing RTGs, and their mass and cost is intended to partly reflect the mass and cost you'd otherwise have to bring in batteries, panels, and RTGs - saving part count, but nothing else. After CAMREC edits those hangars, they're still balanced relative to bringing CAMREC batteries, panels, and RTGs. (Also, at least until I think of something else, radiators are the only stock part category I plan to address and haven't yet...)
  15. I hit on a better approach; rewrite ion engines as multimodes, with "Accelerated" (realistic EC/s, unrealistic thrust) and "Realistic" (realistic EC/s and thrust) modes, with the default being "Accelerated" to minimise user surprise.
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