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  1. If I had known the answer, I would have posted it. Since I didn't, I posted how to find it. Given a choice between me rummaging through the thread and the person who actually needs to know doing it, I declined to do it myself. What's odd about that?
  2. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/196855-campaign-for-real-electriccharge/ may prove useful. I have been tangling with MM seriously for the first time, and most of what I want to do there is apply a patch to all objects of a given type. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~damerell/games/ksp/CAMREC/CAMREC.cfg is the actual MM file buried in the walls of text.
  3. Manual installation is a last resort; CKAN metadata gets dependencies and conflicts right for you (if it's right, but if it's not, at least it only has to be fixed once to help everyone). You'll need in any event to go back up the thread to find the fix for the light globe part.
  4. Surely the obvious answer is to stop exploiting the bug where the converters work when uninflated. Inflate them when you get to space and see if there is any unexpected behaviour after that.
  5. It's kind of you to say so, but I'm not sure there is much left to be done (one or two things) until release and (if anyone else uses it) thinking about mod parts that it doesn't play nice with. Progress is kind of limited by me being too lazy to do anything about it unless my current in-game objectives need a particular kind of part's EC usage looked at.
  6. If I understand it correctly, the MedBay can cure Kerbals; the KModule cannot. This matters if a detached expedition's planning is incorrect and it manages to return or be rescued anyway. Otherwise, yes, prevention is better than cure.
  7. I suppose given he's American we should be grateful he doesn't think in BTUs or something. :-/
  8. Oh, I didn't read it as criticism, just as a straightforward suggestion. While I'm here: Russian RITM-200 icebreaker power plant: 175MW/1100 tonnes = 160 W/kg. USI 0.625m nuclear power plant: 190 W/kg (@ 1EC = 1 kJ) USI 3.75m nuclear power plant: 180 W/kg. I guess I can leave those alone.
  9. I'm not sure if you mean "why are you writing rules for specific mods?" or "why are you writing generic rules which will edit any part with a given function, rather than explicitly naming stock parts for conversion?" The answer to the first question is I'm writing the mod I want to use; since I use Kerbal Foundries, ODFC, and Universal Storage (for example), I'm writing configuration to handle those parts. The order in which I'm doing things reflects what I'm trying to get done in my current game; I wrote the KSPWheel rebalancing bit before the ion engine bit because I'm building big rove
  10. I hit on a better approach; rewrite ion engines as multimodes, with "Accelerated" (realistic EC/s, unrealistic thrust) and "Realistic" (realistic EC/s and thrust) modes, with the default being "Accelerated" to minimise user surprise.
  11. Ah! That makes sense of oddballs like the Ranger Agricultural Module. Thanks.
  12. You're not wrong. It doesn't help that the most up-to-date documentation is in KSPedia... except some bug makes it not appear in KSPedia. Some of this may be wrong, but it reflects my best understanding. "Agronomics" makes Supplies from Mulch and Fertilizer. "Cultivate" is used to produce Supplies from Fertilizer, Water, and Substrate/Dirt. The (to me, rather niche) use case is if you want to produce excess Supplies above and beyond the available Mulch - perhaps because you are sending an expedition from your base that will not carry Agroponics. "Agriculture" makes Organics from
  13. I've posted a new version of the Module Manager config using some help from the MM thread, and which gives more realistic (high!) power requirements for Kerbal Foundries and stock wheels. However, I've run into the first real tangle. IRL, the NSTAR uses 2.1kW for 92 mN thrust. The KSP Dawn uses 8.74EC/s for 2kN thrust. If the thrust isn't adjusted, the electricity requirement will be enormous (ie, circa 40 _MW_), but if the thrust is adjusted, first of all I'm stepping outside my remit of just correcting EC usage and not worrying about parts like reaction wheels that do the impossible wit
  14. I don't wish to be the voice of cynicism (actually, I do) but if you examine their post history you will find the answer to that is almost certainly "no".
  15. I play with FAR, so this may not help with stock aero, but that looks far more convincing to me than those stubby little wings and tiny control surfaces. The other craft just looks very short of control authority.
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