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  1. I also like the atmosphere control system! But instead how relying solely on nitrogen, there's a bunch of other breathable mixes that could be used (real-life diving breathing mixes). There could also be another malfunction event tied to using a pure oxygen atmosphere (for example probability of having a fire hazard goes up with time and crew size).
  2. The fuel cell is set up to work with the "Hydrogen" resource, whereas mods featuring cryogenic rocket fuel use the "LiquidHydrogen" resource. I don't think there are lots of hydrogen containers (I've seen one in Planetary Base system though), maybe adding some sort of gasification module is easier and realistic?
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply any of this was "your fault" at all, just an FYI because it seems this bug was only occuring on linux. In retrospect should've posted that on kopernicus thread first Anyway I'm testing Thomas' new build right now, everything seems to work so back to the VAB! Also, thanks a lot for all the efforts you put into your mods! Sigma Dimension makes KSP so much more rewarding compared to stock-sized solar system.
  4. Just so you know, I'm also getting the exact same bug on a fresh install (kopernicus & Sigma only) except I'm on windows... As mentioned by the others, there are errors on loading Kerbin & Mun in the kopernicus cache. Having sigma dimension installed but without any resizing & scaling works. Rescaling only seems to work, however modifying anything else gives the dreaded black screen after loading.
  5. Hi all! I'm trying to make this awesome mod work along with Planetary base system (using the TAC profile), however I'm having trouble dealing with the life support system. Aside from the air filter (that extracts gases from the atmosphere), the Sabatier, carbon extractor, Elektron and Water Purifier are broken, only displaying some storage space. Looking at the cfg files it seems that these parts rely on a TacGenericConverter (thought that the Kerbalism TAC profile would replace/alter it) so at this point I'm starting to think that I've messed up my install or that I'm missing something. Is there any patch file to make these parts work with the recyclers from Kerbalism? Or Am I gonna have to get my hands dirty ?
  6. Nice ship! Does the Mk.II KIS Kontainer come standard? Can't find them on my new FTT / Core install...
  7. Awesome mod! Can't wait to see the final result and the crew floating around Here's a small suggestion: throwing around some semotic standard icons around IVA hatches would be nice!