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  1. 13 bottles of beer on the wall, 13 bottles of beer, Take one down, pass it around, 12 bottles of beer on the wall.
  2. No, I want my own potato. Why do I have a tomato? I specifically asked for a potato.
  3. Because the broth is thin. Why can't I have a potato?
  4. And now to get back to the topic Of writing Bill Kerman's biopic. He hit the ground With a horrible sound And what's left is now microscopic!
  5. Some users have got a bit closer, But they're not yet a perfect composer. If you want to be perfect You'll just have to work at Your limericks till you're a good proser.
  6. "The first line should have eight or nine syllables to fit the time. The second and fifth- From a clever wordsmith- Should follow the same paradigm. The other two lines of the poem, Have structure too, but you must know'm. And there you should strive To only have five Syllables," said Jeroboam.
  7. This thread's making @Snark quite upset, Because some of the limericks don't get How to follow the pattern (With digressions on Saturn) That A/A/B/B/A preset.
  8. I don't know what website you're on But I don't think it's RhymeZone.com. From what I can see, It's completely free (Unless you are in Vietnam).
  9. 23 bottles of beer on the wall, 23 bottles of beer, Take one down, pass it around, 22 bottles of beer on the wall.
  10. Limericks are a bit tricky, According to my best friend Rickey. But once people are shown The website RhymeZone A tricky turns into a quickie!
  11. I like to post in this thread, But the praise sometimes gets to my head. For instance, ColdJ Had the gumption to say That I should be a poet instead.
  12. Conventional limerick schemes Have three rhymes, with two in between. And if you depart From traditional art You'll get sent into Kerbol by Gene!
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