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  1. Cat meme thread

    Thread locked, we already have a thread for this (which @0111narwhalz posted above).
  2. What computer do you have?!?

    I don't believe you can resubmit poll answers. Also, questions like that are better in the ATMQATF thread, so everyone can see their answer.
  3. Help with Buran Style shuttle

    Moved to Spacecraft Exchange.
  4. Hi, @badjass, and welcome aboard! I've moved your question about gameplay to the Gameplay Questions subforum. You'll get more relevant answers there.
  5. Possible bug

    Moved to Console Support.
  6. Please keep this thread on topic, namely, what happens to NASA operations during a shutdown. It's too easy to get sidetracked into a political discussion.

    Since the OP has been removed by the poster, I'm locking this thread.
  8. Some posts have been removed because of flamebaiting and personal attacks. Please, I understand that we have many new forum users, but it is important that we treat each other respectfully and follow the forum rules.
  9. Command pod moves?

    No problem! We all love to help new players here, so feel free to ask as many questions as your heart desires. Welcome aboard!
  10. Command pod moves?

    That would be the SAS system. Basically, so long as you have electricity, the hugely powerful reaction wheels in the pod can change your orientation, even on land.
  11. Vanishing threads.

    Thread pinned for more visibility. I dunno, I just ban them.
  12. Is there a way to download kerbalizer?

    As for the topic, I don't think Kerbalizer is a thing anymore. Or maybe I'm wrong? This is on the Google Play store, from the makers of KSP:
  13. Is there a way to download kerbalizer?

    No, but I want to know if you're Captain Haddock!
  14. Moved to Gameplay Questions and Tutorials, which is more appropriate for this gameplay question.