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  1. Dman979

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    As a moderator, yes please.
  2. Dman979

    Make these two female Kerbals stock

    Out of respect for the legitimate, rule abiding points made in this thread, the moderation team has been reluctant to close this thread down entirely, even after multiple warnings in the thread. We have had to prune or edit more posts than you see here unaltered. Despite our best efforts, the posts in this thread simply can not stay within the boundaries set by the forum rules in respect to politics and personal attacks. As such, this thread is now closed. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Dman979

    Earth Day

    By doing something else in the meantime, like cleaning the solar panels.
  4. Dman979

    Earth Day

    I like Earth, it's the only one we have.
  5. Dman979

    Unhelpful Life Hacks

    Want to send personalized messages to people who put profanity in their posts? Become a moderator!
  6. Dman979

    Unhelpful Life Hacks

    Want a personalized message from a moderator? Put profanity in your forum posts.
  7. Dman979

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    NO! Will Whackjob be next?
  8. Dman979

    Model rocketry

    Since you're asking about mods, I'm moving this to Add-On Discussions.
  9. Dman979

    What I think

    Since this isn't really about a fan project, I'm moving this to the Lounge.
  10. Dman979

    Don't Click This

    Check your notification settings. Oh wait, you can't, because this thread is locked.
  11. Since this isn't really about technical support, I'm going to lock this thread.
  12. Dman979

    Don't Click This

    Roses are red, Violets are violet, I've locked this this thread, Now please all be quiet!
  13. Dman979

    Don't Click This

    No, we'll just doublelock it. Right now it's only singlelocked. Thread locked.