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  1. Well, there is a path to abilities that some would consider... unnatural. If you have a post that you're willing to sacrifice to the forum gods that is also older than the OP of the thread, it is possible to merge them together, and then the oldest post will be the OP. We don't do that often, though, and it's an irrevocable move.
  2. Sorry guys, but discussing government actions that are completely unrelated to spaceflight is an inherently political topic. Thread locked.
  3. I've said this before, and I'll say this again: they were tied together when I found them. I don't appreciate you spreading rumors about me.
  4. You can use any color phone you want, but if it's not the correct color than we don't answer.
  5. Submit a claim report via registered mail, in triplicate, to Reputation Department C/O KSP Forum Moderators 123 Dead End Road Nowheresville, USA, 24601 When your claim has been received, expect a reply in 2-4 business years.
  6. Technical issues. I'm sorry, but we can't go into detail. Maybe sometime in the far, far future, but I can't promise it.
  7. Yeah, @Dman979 is notorious for this.
  8. Dman979


    That's the correct answer, alright! I should have doublechecked the clues before copy and pasting it. @qzgy, you can post the next riddle.
  9. Dman979


    Sorry, it's not "falcon." That's six letters, not five.