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  1. A page-destroying post has been removed. We have reminded this thread about similar posts before. Stop trying to ruin people's browsers. We anticipate and appreciate your future cooperation.
  2. Looks like it'll stay locked, then. Shame.
  3. Itsa mee, Inigo Montya, yousa killed my father! Yousa gonna die!
  4. Keep your personal issues off of the forum, and keep this thread on-topic. A bunch of posts have been removed or edited.
  5. This thread is on the left.
  6. It's been locked since 2013, silly.
  7. Pretty sure it's been locked since 2013. EDIT: Yeah, there it is
  8. Nope! Only a global moderator can do that (I think). And thankfully, it hasn't come up as an issue during my tenure.
  9. This isn't Discord, there's no reason to ping everyone on the forums. There are, at the time of my writing this, 204,910 unique accounts on the forums. Having the ability to ping all of them, individually, at the same time, could only be abused. If you need to reach everyone like that: Start PMing.
  10. Me! It might be kinetic, though, since I'm already a moderator. Physics class was a while ago. @Tex used to be called Maximus97, IIRC, and he changed it after he became a moderator.