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  1. Moved to Add-On Releases. Congrats on full release!
  2. Mostly it's because we wanted someone to pour us coffee and bring us cookies. Now we have newer moderators so you're off the hook.
  3. The three faces of the Moderation Team, in order: See no Evil Speak no Evil Evil
  4. Whaddya want? Go ask @your mom. I'm busy.
  5. Yes, we play soccer.
  6. Wrong. Be careful, if @Demosthenes_911 shows up we'll be in the endergame.
  7. English. Do you speak it? Translations. Do you provide them? This is the second time I've needed to remind this thread in the past 4 days. Knock it off.
  8. WinkAllKerb" is chasing third base. The dogs in my signature and avatar are actually two different pictures of Flat-Coated Retrievers. The avatar I found online, and I use it because it looks like my dog did. My dog is in my signature, and @adsii1970 did the image work for it. He passed away a few years ago. (The dog, not Adsii.) Ads, want to tell them about the images you make?
  9. No, it's storytime. Back in the day, you had to make Apollo replicas out of I-beams and structural panels. @Mulbin made some of the best ones. @Spaceman.Spiff are you still listening?
  10. Back in the old days, you could only give out reputation 5 times per day! And you needed to spread it around before giving it back to the same person! @NH04 Are you listening?
  11. You're right, @Yukon0009 it is too easy now. Back in the good old days, we had to guess! Come back here and reminisce with me.
  12. Error 404: User not found. Speaking of the Yukon, where's @Yukon0009?
  13. Welcome to the forum, and happy new year!
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