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  1. I'm gonna ping @Badie for you, because I don't know.
  2. Huh? @Deddly, I guess Sampa hasn't posted.
  3. Welcome aboard, @LordHumungus!
  4. Talk to your science teacher. It's a once-in a lifetime thing, it would be near-criminal not to let you see it. Frame it as a teachable moment, a way to tie the curriculum into real life.
  5. I'm glad you asked! The person who writes the TOTM's is @Tex. If he's not around, though, or doesn't reply, PM @Vanamonde as his punishment for ninja'ing me.
  6. Unfortunately, this thread is a chat thread, which are prohibited on this forum. Thread locked.
  7. As of 8/12/17, the KSP forums use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. This will increase your security when you log on to the forums. We don't expect there to be any issues, but if there are, please PM @ManeTI to let him know.
  8. As a moderator, I can confirm that I do not have folding wings. I've heard that @Deddly does, though. IR is the mod you'd want to use, I think, though I've never tried it.
  9. "What's that, Lassie? Dman979 fell into a well and broke his leg? Sucks to be him, I'm getting out of here."
  10. Get that blasphemous talk away! Physical copies are amazing! They don't run out of battery! You can write on them! Fold them! Anyway, good on you for doing the research. In practical terms, what does it mean?
  11. I'm with Red Iron Crown here. From what I've seen, most of the Curious George posts are in either Add-on Releases, or Add-on Discussions.
  12. Darn, look at the time! I have to go now, lots of stuff to be doing!
  13. Thread locked at OP request. It's sad to see this one go, but I'm sure that @michal.don will do a fine job of running the new one!