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  1. These forums are about as addicting as KSP itself. Welcome aboard!
  2. Hey, at least we're on HTTPS now.
  3. Some posts have been merged from a separate thread with the same name.
  4. Yes, it is. It's to prevent reputation from too much inflation.
  5. No, we're not randomly chosen. When the mod team decides we need new members, we get together and list candidates, and discuss each one. The users we think are the best choices are invited to become a moderator. We do look for users with clean infraction histories. While an infraction is not an automatic disqualification, most of the moderators had less than 2. Yes. Mine said something almost exactly like that, but I can't share it because @Badie's not online to give me permission. (The rules apply to us, too. In this case, it's 2.2f.) Really, though, it's not a half-bad guess. No! We're an all-volunteer team, with the exception of @Badie, the Community Lead. We don't receive any monetary compensation whatsoever from Squad or Take Two, although there have been the odd gifts of KSP merchandise as a way to say thank you. We don't do this for money, we do it because we love the community and want to contribute to it. We did have to sign non-disclosure agreements before we received moderator permissions. Among other things, the NDAs protect your privacy, by preventing us from sharing personal information, such as email addresses, birthdays, and real names.
  6. Locked at OP request.
  7. Why would we? It's already locked.
  8. I'm gonna ping @Badie for you, because I don't know.
  9. Huh? @Deddly, I guess Sampa hasn't posted.
  10. Welcome aboard, @LordHumungus!
  11. Talk to your science teacher. It's a once-in a lifetime thing, it would be near-criminal not to let you see it. Frame it as a teachable moment, a way to tie the curriculum into real life.
  12. I'm glad you asked! The person who writes the TOTM's is @Tex. If he's not around, though, or doesn't reply, PM @Vanamonde as his punishment for ninja'ing me.
  13. Nice stuff!
  14. Guys, let's cool down a bit here, please.