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  1. Hi I am new to the KSP forums!

    Welcome aboard! Moving this to the Welcome Aboard subforum.
  2. Forum devs and moderators :)

    It wouldn't be possible without so many great community members! You guys help make our jobs so much easier.
  3. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Ok, here's the deal: Stay active on the forums for a while, be helpful to other community members, keep a clean infraction record, display unflappability, and pay Badie $1000, and you've got a shot at being a moderator.
  4. Moved to Kerbal Network, as it's about the forum. I have a few people I'm close to on the forum, but in the interests of moderator impartiality I don't think it's wise for me to name them.
  5. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    When a moderator says to move on and stop the personal attacks, it means "move on and stop the personal attacks," not "ignore the moderator and continue on the same track." Accordingly, some posts have been removed from the thread, and other posts have had parts removed. Now, let's move on and stop the personal attacks. Ok?
  6. That's an awesome profile pic! I know a guy who's got one just like it!


    1. TheDog


      Yours looks very nice, too!

  7. Hello Hello!

    It should be possible to configure the setup that way, yes. I don't know for certain, though.
  8. The KSP community in a nutshell:

    That's wrong. Coherent, cognizant reason #1 Coherent, cognizant reason #2 Coherent, cognizant reason #3 Response summarizing the reasons it's wrong Ad hominim parting shot on OP's chart-making skills
  9. Threads of the Month: October

    In summation- throw enough bodies at any problem, and eventually one will stick.
  10. I can't say this enough- NOMINATE THEM! We can only see a limited amount of threads on our own, so just like reporting, nominating a thread for TOTM brings things to our attention that we would have otherwise missed. We've never gotten a bad suggestion!
  11. The ritual sacrifices will continue until morale improves!
  12. Don't Click This

    Due to offensive comments about @Vanamonde, I've been forced to lock the thread. Continued harassment will be met with swift justice.
  13. There once was a Kerb from Nantucket, Who put propane in a bucket, As he lit a fire, The pressure grew higher, And the bucket turned into a rocket!
  14. And now that looks like a very Boffin way to launch a rocket!