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  1. Moved to KSP Discussion.
  2. 6/2(1+2) = (6/1)*(1/(2*(1+2))) = 6*(1/(2*3)) = 6*(1/6) = (6/1)*(1/6) = 1 The problem is confusingly written if you have trouble remembering the order of operations but the answer to it is 1. If you disagree, try plugging it into Desmos.
  3. Since we clearly can't trust the forums not to click, this thread remains locked.
  4. Dman979


    Hey, @Savion, welcome aboard! It took me a bit of time to decide to make an account, but I’m glad I did and I’m happy you did too!
  5. That's really cute! I love it! (Can't answer your question, tho )
  6. Sorry guys, this thread has run its course so I'm locking it.
  7. Some posts have been removed. If you see content on the forums that's potentially rule-breaking, please be sure to report it so that the Moderator Team can take a look. Thank you to everyone who did that. This is an important point, and thank you for bringing it up. Generally speaking, there's no forum rules against sharing other people's add-on content (mods). However, we do require that users follow the add-on's license(s), and they sometimes carry restrictions about who can share it and under what circumstances. Please be sure to check the license that was included with the files, and follow the rules it sets out. At least one release of this mod was licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, which means that it can be redistributed and modified so long as it complies with those terms. In the case of this license, that includes giving credit to the original author, and the redistributed and/or modified files must also be released under the same license.
  8. Thread closed, since it isn't a release thread anymore. Please don't bring non-forum disputes onto the forums. Some posts have been edited.
  9. Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. That’s because inside a dog it’s too dark to read.” —Groucho Marx
  10. Gene therapy designed a tiny vinegar-and-soda boom rather than wear a dress into a dres shop. It expects the kraken to appear before dark. The doctors thought of massive booster shots.
  11. Must have been about metallic hydrogen?
  12. Me and my 978 identical twins refuse to comment on this unsupported allegation.
  13. Hey all, I removed a few posts for getting too far off the topic. Could we get back to discussing the decision to change the release date?
  14. First, you need to find where it's located. If you bought KSP through steam, it's probably located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program. Look for the file called "KSP.log" You can either upload that file to a file-hosting site (such as Google drive) and link it here, or open the file in a text (.txt) document, copy the entire contents, then paste it here in a spoiler box (you can make one by clicking the button that looks like an eye)
  15. Hey, @Weee! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your save. Could you do a few things to make it easier for people to help you? 1. If you're able to list all of the mods you're using, that would be helpful 2. Could you upload your error log to a site like Google drive and link it here so someone can see what's the conflict (or paste it into a spoiler)? I hope you're able to get some help!
  16. what's wrong with small talk?
  17. It’s pronounced “nine-seven-nine,” the “Dman” is silent.
  18. According to Danny2462, they're not bugs, they're features.
  19. Back in the old BBCode forums, you used to be able to add a message when you gave people reputation. It wasn't required, but it was a nice thing to do and I still remember some of them. If there was a way to do that on IPS I'd advocate for it in a heartbeat, but I don't think there is.
  20. Apollo 18 (2011) was a bad spinoff of Apollo 13 (1995).
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