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  1. May I humbly suggest the IRC chat? http://webchat.esper.net/?nick=Guest.....&channels=kspofficial&prompt=1
  2. Literally unplayable. Broken mess. Would not spend 2,874 hours in-game again.
  3. No, we do delete a significant number of posts. But like any bureaucracy, we make copies in triplicate before deleting them.
  4. Your limericks are really quite clever, But they're an off-topic endeavor. You see, in this thread KSP (as Garg said) Is the subject of our rhymes- forever!
  5. Dman979


    You weren't away very long, honestly- only two months.
  6. Folks, some more content has been removed from the thread. It's not appropriate to make accusations against other users, and fighting isn't OK either. Please report posts that you think need moderator attention (and a big thank you to everyone who did!), but after that it's up to the Moderation Team to handle things. I'm locking this thread temporarily to allow people to calm down. It'll reopen in three hours.
  7. Some more content has been removed. Keep it on-topic, please.
  8. The world will never know. Maybe @Vanamonde can sneak inside his house.
  9. @Fraston My ideal breakfast consists of oatmeal with maple syrup (the real stuff, not corn) and butter, three over easy or poached eggs, buttered toast, cranberry juice, milk, and a fresh, non-infested, peaceful, apolitical, unmodified, non-venerated, non-transmogrifying, tasty normal-sized Russet-variety potato that I can eat without dying or having other health problems, needing to travel, remove from packaging, or having to throw out. What is the worst imitation of a pancake while still managing to be edible?
  10. @OrdinaryKerman No, I've edited all of my questions. I just launched a rocket, but it's RUDing. Anyone know who might care to help?
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