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  1. So I decided to check back on the forums for the first time in about half a year, if not more, and I just have to say I'm super surprised you found this. How'd you end up at this post? Also, I cannot believe it's been 4 years. To think this is 1/4 of my life ago is absurd.
  2. Makes sense. I think there are a few of the older ones that actually are just me. Would those ones be deletable? [Edit]: Scrap that, almost all of them were responded to. I'll just have to live with the garbage that was 2014-2015. Many thanks Vanamonde!
  3. Hello, I've been recently trying to get myself back in the forums but I'd like to have more of a fresh start. I've missed so much that I feel leaving some of the old stuff behind is the only way to move forward. Is there any way some of my old threads could not be locked, but just deleted all together? It would be a huge push for me to come back here. Many thanks, I hope that you've all done fine in the times I've been gone. A lot has happened apparently.
  4. I haven't read this in almost half a year. I think if I'm going to come back to the forums I better start catching up!
  5. Sure as hell did! Your videos are always make me scream at how damn good you are at KSP. That miniature aircraft carrier is amazing too. You should put out that craft file as well, it's those sort of things that we're in short supply of too!
  6. Credit to @Azimech for the ZSU. Is this a sign that I'll be coming back here? Maybe, stay tuned.
  7. This is a damn old thread, that's why! But @Majorjim!, if you have a file lying around I am sure many people would be happy to take this base out again.
  8. DMSP

    Music Thread

    Listened to this one 1,000+ times over the years
  9. I don't know if anyone remembers when I created an all in one Duna base back in 0.25.0 (nobody will remember). I'm redoing it, all stock this time. Gotta remove a few more parts, and then I'm good. Coming soon.
  10. Hmm. Do you have any specifications for this ships? Number of docking ports, DeltaV, crew capacity?
  11. Wonderful! Glad I finally caught along this thread. You guys make some great stuff.
  12. If anyone is wondering, I have gotten back to talking screenshots and coming up with the next chapter. Wifi is down, writing this off my phone so the best I can do is upload it by tommorow evening. I hope everyone is doing well and everyone can excuse my long absence.
  13. In Levels 3 and 4 does the ICBM have to actually be hit by the defense system? Or could a proximity explosive device be acceptable (range of 30 meters or so).