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  1. Technically, this would be Kerbal TPS. Because it's third person. First person would be seeing from their eyes, not a floating camera. Still, I wanted a mod like this for some time, awesome!
  2. KAS weapons would be AWESOME! I'VE WANTED THEM SO LONG! P.S. Also, I think in some tech-tree mods kerbals show up as parts, so you might not be far off. You might have to dig around for it, though, as I certainly never found it in gamedata.
  3. OOH, what if we had cannons that did very high direct damage but didn't explode, as armor piercing guns?
  4. Based on your comment on density combined with comments I've read about the weight of jet-engines outweighing real life entire planes despite the KSP universe being massively scaled down makes me think a density overhaul is needed.
  5. Grey armor panels would be fairly universal, but green panels are good camo in most places on Kerbin, while deserts do exist....
  6. Well, darn it. Still something to dream about. I wonder if a few included armor plates would be possible, with a fitting ascetic and similar properties to structural plates, but stronger, heavier and more costly?
  7. Hey, question, can you make a "blank" turret with no weapons on it, but an aim mechanic and surface attachment so you can place your weapons or combo of them on and aim them?
  8. Many of the textures, especially for oblong parts, have their textures darkened significantly on one side, at least in the SPH. It may be a result of Active Texture Management. I have rotated the parts to check if it was real shadow, but it proved my view correct that the texture is shaded oddly on one side.
  9. What mods do you have? Have you attempted to re-install? - - - Updated - - - Also, having 30mm ammo boxes with an Oerlikon on the craft makes the engineer report claim you have unused 30mm ammo.
  10. The Oerlikon is a better tank gun than the cannons, it is more ammo efficient, has a better blast radius, much higher rate of fire, and can destroy half the KSC before the basic cannon or abrams can knock out the SPH...and that is why I use it as my tank turret. Cannons need a buff or the Oerlikon needs a nerf....
  11. I'd like a some armored parts, they could just be re-textured structural panels with high crash/heat tolerances, but I'd prefer it if we could have an easier way to armor armored vehicles.
  12. Well...kerbals really made it special, in my opinion. They made some of the small gaps in realism acceptable. It's much harder to accept a billion identical humans than kerbals. Overall, I would find it weird to use humans alongside most KSP contraptions. As mascots and characters, I'd probably like KSP a lot less, and it likely would be missing identity.
  13. Thank you Kerbal Stuff! I use it and the forums for all my mod requirements! Curse is a lousy Ad-platform and unpleasant to use.
  14. I think there was a procedural airships mod with a submarine add-on.
  15. I doubt the demand is high, to be honest.
  16. Deadly Re-entry does it, but that mod has a lot of mechanics no longer needed in 1.0. Also, there are female kerbals now, they are NOT plants.
  17. Well, they have been, but not in piloting. Mostly by killing off competitors and being a political party instead of a space program in some ways...but I'm not saying they aren't made up of many great scientists and engineers, just that some of the administration has been far too political and that caused a lot of bad choices to be made....
  18. I still wish this thread was a mod...besides, as someone noted toward the start, aren't these jet engines unrealistically heavy?
  19. Woah, that's awesome! I want to use that mod and maybe play it for Youtube!
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