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  1. I did play a lot of games since I got my first computer (Commodore 64) in the mid-1980s. However, before I got addicted to KSP in late 2013, I played a heavily modded version of Oolite (reaching a rating of "Dangerous"). And before that there was NFS The Run, Far Cry 2 and the likes. Now it's mainly KSP with the occasional round of "Simutrans" or "Tropico 4" in between. Oh, and once in a while I return to the planet "Targ" and enjoy a round of "Mercenary" on my C64.
  2. Yeah, same with me. I thought "Making History" would contain "kerbal style" counterparts to Soyuz, Gemini etc. and was a little disappointed by the final product.
  3. regarding A) in that case, replace "purist" with "stock" regarding B) Yup, you're right. Should've used "russian style pods"
  4. Yesterday, I did find the time to eventually try out the new parts that came with the DLC and I must say that really like the new soyuz russian style pods. Best thing is that there's now a 2 crew pod available (through DLC). So I am curious - do you use the new DLC parts along with stock in your latest creations or do you go for stock-only parts, even with DLC installed?
  5. So, "Kerbol" is now called "the Sun"? How did that happen?! I want Kerbol back!! "It is however extremely important to note that the celestial body is called "The Sun" in the English game, and "Sun" in the game files. There is no such thing as Kerbol outside of the community forums and wiki." oh, never noticed ...
  6. KSP 1.4.1 and Making History on Windows 10, 64 Bit: and Linux Mint 18.3 x86_64 So I started the first of the MH missions, "Dawn of the Space Age" and built the first rocket, launched it and so on. Then I quit the game, started it again and wanted to continue the mission where I left. Unfortunately, this will not work and you are placed in map view with a focus around the "sun" (shouldn't that be Kerbol?) and the date suddenly is: Year 999, Day 499 - 05:59:59. Also there is no way to access the menu in order to leave map view (e.g. select Tracking Station or Space Center).
  7. A new release, a new start (as usual). So this time it's "Mizar Five Corp." on their way to fortune ... or facepalm. We'll see ...
  8. On Linux Mint 18.3 I can't install the DLC because of this error: My KSP Version is 1.4.0 and build version is 02077 while the DLC will only work with build 2080 - is there a way to work around this problem? And why isn't the proper build that is compatible with the DLC in the download area anyway? Okay, 1.4.1 is now available for download. Problem solved.
  9. Yay! Today is the day - if only the servers weren't so busy right now ...
  10. Today I went to Jool. For the first time ever in 3 1/2 years of playing KSP
  11. Oh my, I burst into laughter reading that one ... ... by the way - doesn't it smell like RatSquirrelFish here?!
  12. I returned to playing KSP today after a few months of hiatus. And I even decided to play my career savegame instead of the sandbox one I usually play. Let's see if we can get poor, stranded Alsted a ride back home from LKO.
  13. Well, I'm not a native speaker (I hope this is an acceptable excuse). I corrected the spelling in the original post of mine, but I think you guys got the meaning anyway. On-Topic: looking forward to spend my $15 on this DLC. I think the price is fair enough.
  14. I beg to differ: never give up to educate common folk to use proper wording or else wrong will turn become right someday.
  15. Hopefully that german translation will not lack the humor and ferocity of the english original. But usually, as is the case with a lot of german translations in video games, this hope dies fast so even as a german native speaker, I'd rather stick to the english version (also trains my english reading skills).
  16. Turning older again in a few days from now, I'm taking the time to play some of the video games from the olde days. Games that made an impression and that I still remember fondly. To me this is more or less similar to playing that old record of yours, the one with that one song you used to love so much - and you still like to hear every now and then. Don't get me wrong, this is not something I do out of a sentimental mood. It's like you have this one song from the past in your head and you hum it all day until you finally play it, then you play it louder and then you're jumping around and playing air guitar in your living room. Something like this. So this time it's "Mercenary" by Novagen. Released in 1985 this game was ported to 8-bit and 16-bit computers of the time (most notably the Atari 800 and Commodore 64 as well as the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga). It was the first game (along with Elite, which was released a year earlier in 1984) that offered me, the player, the freedom to explore and act independently in an almost endless world. A virtual world. Of course, there were no hi-res textures, shaders and all the very cool and fantastic technology that today's space related games of make use of. It was simple, transparent wireframe graphics and almost no sound. So what was it all about then? In the game you were stranded on the planet "Targ" after your ship crashed on the planet's surface due to a malfunction of your engines (we all know how it is...). Since you lack the money to buy a new ship right away, you'll have to earn some money. Lucky for you but less so for the Palyars (the species that lives on Targ), the planet has recently been invaded by an alien race called the "Mechanoids" and so you find yourself in the middle of a civil-war. In order to earn money, you'll have to perform various tasks for either the Palyars or Mechanoids. As soon as you have earned 999.999 credits, you may buy a new ship and leave Targ. While there are a lot of interesting buildings in "Central City", the only settlement on the planet's surface, a lot of the action takes place in the underground complexes that both sides have established. There you will find long corridors, storage rooms and a briefing room where jobs are offered to you. There are locked doors that will require a certain key and teleporters that beam you to a different location. There even is a colony craft in orbit that you can visit. There is almost no sound in the game except engine noise, weapon shots and the occasional beep when a message for you arrives. I've never been successful at finishing the game, but it doesn't matter because when I play it I still feel excitement and couriosity. Just wandering around, exploring and maybe shooting the Atari sign is as much fun as finsihing the game would be. For those of you, who don't know what I'm talking about I have found a video (not made by me) on youtube that shows the game in action: Do any of you also remember "Mercenary" and if so, have you played it in later years? I'm currently playing it using the VICE emulator.
  17. KSP for the Pi? That would be a dream come true ...
  18. Same here, the one and only Linux Mint 18 (Xfce Edition)
  19. I played science career twice (0.24 and 0.90) but since 1.0 I only play sandbox. Career mode just isn't what I expected it to be.
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