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  1. A Martian Oddity After several orbits, it's time for the first two-kerman landing upon the red planet. Distracting Shatner with a selection of cereal bars, Nimoy provides cover while Takei and Doohan climb aboard the Tripod and detach. Even with the Tripod's plethora of parachutes, descent speed is well over 50m/s. Fortunately nobody told Doohan this, and by the time she realised, she was already outside. A blast from the rocket motors ensures a soft touchdown, and the rover is deployed. Refreshed and showered, the crew continues onto the second goal; a long slog towards the vast canyons that scar the side of Mars. We're pretty sure they're actually called the valles marineres, but apparently someone in the print department didn't get the message, so now they're the arean canyons and we all have to live with it. The dust proves more of an annoyance than a hindrance, and after only (!!!) a 40 minute drive, Takei and Doohan are able to plant their flag and take samples. Which makes them realise that there's nothing less exciting than a linear route you have to backtrack. Mission planning apologises and tries to work out a circular path for next time.
  2. Inspired by others to make a video

    A most impressive debut, tbh
  3. Can someone direct me to old KSP versions?

    It's the third pinned post on this forum, entitled "The Earliest Versions of Kerbal Space Program" They are very old though... I wouldn't recommend them anymore, tbh, since so many improvements have been made.
  4. *edit* Didn't realise there was another page of discussion I suspect the massive sunflare will be related to pre-existing installs of EVE, Scatterer or Dimensions... I'll clean all mine out and start fresh with them, see what happens
  5. Weirdly my sunflare is absolutely huge... I have a venusian sun in martian orbit
  6. That's funnier than it has any right to be...
  7. Open your .sfs save file in a text editor (I recommend Notepad++) and change the settings under this section: CAREER { TechTreeUrl = GameData/HideEmptyTechTreeNodes/HETTN.TechTree StartingFunds = 25000 StartingScience = 0 StartingReputation = 0 FundsGainMultiplier = 0.5 RepGainMultiplier = 1 ScienceGainMultiplier = 0.3 FundsLossMultiplier = 1 RepLossMultiplier = 1 RepLossDeclined = 0 } However you may also find this mod useful to get rid of the pointless nodes with nothing in them: (Also, science balloons very very quickly if you have a lab up and make a habit of bringing data back to it. You may not be as far behind on science as you think!)
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Takei and Doohan discovered that Mars needs bathrooms. (Fortunately at this point, I discovered the existence of Bon Voyage recompiled for 1.3, which made the 35 minute drive back pass much more quickly than the outbound run!)
  9. Heh, ok. I just discovered the 1.3 recompile of Bon Voyage, so I might make some "quick" rover trips to see In other news, the fog in the latest Scatterer is a bit... aggressive...
  10. Hey @Galileo, I see a number of anomalies on Mars with the Scansat map - are those real and worth checking out, or are they a funny holdover from the stock solar system?
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Got some big air on Mars... Pilot/driver Takei Kerman describes this rover as a pain in the cloaca. Just 32 more kilometres to go... then we can turn round and come back.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today in KSP I realised that you can press shift to sprint. ...I have had this game for nearly 3 years and never known that. I only discovered it today because I've been playing a lot of Ark Survival and pressed the button instinctively! Oh my gawd, all those wasted hours of watching kerbals waddle slowly around on the surface Also, started a Martian road trip, but that's honestly the less exciting of the two things. Shift to sprint, man, that's... that's life changing. This on the other hand... this never happened. This is a staged mock up for later health and safety instruction manuals.
  13. After several hours designing a spaceplane, finally load a proper cargo on and take it to orbit. Then realised that I'd been doing all my trials with half-full fuel tanks, it doesn't have the range to get to Mun, and can't actually break mach 1 with full fuel... Also I fail to calculate antenna ranges on my probes a lot and have to send relays afterwards to get my data back
  14. Ok, so... I forgot to update this week about 2 weeks of play, and then took a 2 month break because frankly my PC wasn't up to the task. I've now fixed this (I hope!) so it's catchup time! Progress Montage The technological advances created and freely shared by KSC turn out to have some mild consequences for less competent competitors. But we use the money they pay to avoid a massive PR failure and send the first kermanned mission to the Moon! Apparently the boys in engineering overspecced the deorbit stage. We're not complaining, but it does make the publicity photos a bit awkward. On the up side, once the camera is set up, every kerbal gets to take a selfie with Shatner at the same time! Science institutions are soon clamouring for more data and samples, and many roots exchange hands in the short time before the second mission. And third mission. And fourth... etc. Seeing as a few questions have been asked about our qualifications to perform docking manoeuvres... And back to Mars, because it turns out we didn't pack enough solar panels on Aries Station ...and up to date. Next installments: Jupiter! Multi-kerman Mars landing! Exploding on Venus! Possibly not in that order!
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    Jelly We got about 2% coverage here... and it was cloudy. At least we can always come to KSP for a guaranteed regular eclipse