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  1. Cheating Rules

    Mostly reserve debug for testing landings and ascents. Occasionally for trying unfamiliar mods to see how they really work All reverted, of course. I see this as the equivalent of a trained team of engineers checking my designs!
  2. Cheers Never tried a resource converter from EC to anything, but I figured out how to turn ore into Argon for my (huge+heavy) Near Future ISRU unit, so I'm hoping it works the same way ^^ To be fair, these will be "ancient" stargates and not parts that will be used in the VAB. I quite like the idea that they just sort of recharge their own karborundum reserves over time. The one at Grannus will "just work", the Ciro gate will need a power supply adding to start its generator. They may also function in much stronger gravity fields, so one might be in the rings of Sarnus... My inner RP is strong today
  3. Yeah, I did spot that and changed it to ElectricCharge, but it ate Karborundum anyway But thank you for maintaining the mod, I look forward to it maturing and stabilising in the new year ^^ Meanwhile, I wonder if I can add some sort of resource converter for my personal stargates that would turn EC into Karborundum... a converter that needs vast amounts of ec/s...
  4. Hi @Booots, loved the idea of this mod when I first saw it, but never got to use it at the time, so good to see it revived Can I ask; is there any config setting that would make jumps free? Or even better, change it to use resource of my choice - electricity, ore, liquid hydrogen, whatever? Also, is there a setting to control how much ec/s the beacon consumes when activated? Reason for asking; I'm setting up a new career with Galileo's planet pack and OPM, which provides 2 star systems to explore. I'm looking to create a pair of stargates that will already exist at the start of the game (just welded parts, really, with the appropriate ESLD modules in the config) to give me a shortcut between the two stars. My inner RP would love to 'encounter' the local stargate and then have to find a way to stick something silly like 2000 ec/s worth of generation onto it to power it up. I mean, I could bluff my way through most of that and cheat the refuelling of them if I really wanted to, but it'll be more fun to play if it's actually got to be done
  5. I mean, if I was designing the pack, it'd be... hottest planet biggest planet furthest planet from the sun skimmable from one of the gas giants' atmosphere homeworld or it's moon(s) Give me 3 months and I'll have figured out how alike we think
  6. Totes on the radiation planet whose name I have apparently forgotten due to PTSD about the whole affair ¬_¬ I guess an alternative is to edit the jump beacons so they don't need complex fuels, but weigh like 1000 tons. Getting a kiloton to Grannus... ouch. Or RP it, place a beacon somewhere in each solar system and not manufacture any more. Ain't gonna lie, that sounds painful Does it at least act like ore in that it's randomly distributed per game, but stays fixed within that game?
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    I paid £400 for my Photoshop at the time. If I was still reliant on it for real work (not just KSP comics), then I would gladly pay again to not have to use Gimp. The time saved in stuff just working in a way you can understand and research is totally worth it if there's any income involved. (Manga Studio is awesome for freehand drawing, but I find it really un-intuitive to do things like... well, modify existing text, for example. It is however 10% the price of PS, and very competent in most areas. As a paid option, it should be high on the list of things to try.)
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Photoshop CS5... it's old, but works. Picked it up several years ago on a 33% discount, and I use(d) it for many other things at the time so totes made sense. I also have Manga Studio, but stupidly I simply can't figure out how to change the colour of existing text so... ironically it's not as good for wording comic pages Maybe look at Paint.net for a free alternative? It's fairly good, and probably does all the basics like layers and text. I've tried Gimp, and it made me realise why I paid so much for Photoshop back when!
  9. Totally random question, but does anyone have experience of using these jump beacons to get to from Gael to Grannus? How hard/costly is it? ( @JadeOfMaar I blame you for this thought! But how cool would it be if it was possible to establish an expensive but fast jump between stars? ) Also, anyone want to tip me off on Karborundum locations, since this beacon system apparently needs it to run? ¬_¬ ...Extraplanetary Launch Pads might be my friend in this playthrough too... /drunkenrambling
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Ooo, explain more please
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Debated spinning up a new career with Gaileo's Planet Pack. I've been enjoying my stock-scale RSS thus far, but looking at Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune... there's a lot of very similar icy moons out there, and I'm not sure how bothered I am about visiting each of them individually. Other than the planets, same mod collection, just with the rule that there shall be no probe landers on vacuum bodies outside the homeworld's SoI. This will preserve some of the mystery and avoid the situation I have now whereby one tiny argon-fuelled rover has basically been everywhere and done anything before any of my kermen got to it. Rather spoiled it for myself Might drop science returns a little further, think I've got them at 40%, but 25 might be better with the plethora of bodies and biomes in GPP. Any suggestions for extra planets that work well with GPP? There's always room for one more...
  12. Rovers are useless

    Try biome hopping on Tylo without ISRU and see why rovers are awesome Also kerbals don't fly well on Duna, Tylo, Laythe or Eve (Vall and Moho are iffy too). Landing within 10km of a biome boundary is a really good time to use a rover. Also there's the contracts that have a bunch of waypoints on the ground just a few km apart. Trivial on Bop, Pol, Minmus, but other bodies benefit from wheels. You could consider this mod to add an autopilot that will trundle your rover from place to place in the background. The only downside is that it's now so easy to explore a planet with a rover, that you may only visit each place once xD
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Spent an unjustifiably large amount of time moving a landed rover 6km closer to KSC... With increasing public pressure to bring the Europa Rover back to ground, it started to make good financial sense to send up a larger version of the Kitty Grabber, first used to deorbit Tinlion after his successful scouting of the saturnian moons. The landing prediction was no more accurate this time around and indeed Rover ended up several kilometres from the landing pad. Unlike Tinlion, he arrives in pretty battered shape, with 3 out of 4 paws wheels inoperable. Normally we'd just drive an engineer out to fix them, but standard operating procedures prevents us from operating a rover on Earth without an engineer aboard - and we just yesterday launched two of our three available engineers into space (pics to follow later... got out of sync, sorry!) With only one left, there seems to be no logical way to bring Rover home, and it looks like it will have to be returned by a third party delivery company. Unless... Never underestimate the power of leaving Doohan Kerman in the design shed overnight when a rover's life depends on it. Her solution turns out to be surprisingly effective, given its total lack of articulation, and the manoeuvre is only complicated by Rover's broken paws wheels causing him to slowly slide down the slope as she approaches. Despite this annoyance, Doohan manages to snare the wayward rover on the third attempt - promptly breaking his last paw wheel in the process. Poor Rover has taken a bit of a beating, but at least he's now on his way back to the vet repair bay. It takes all six of Pupper Fetcher's six-wheel-drive to get the combined weight up the slope to the runway, but soon the valiant rover has been delivered back to KSC, free of charge. After a systems check and decontamination, Rover is transferred to the London Museum, and now lives in the cafe area where he is prodded daily by curious kerbal children who dream of the day when they too can to to Europa and attempt a landing there.
  14. Tis true that an engineer is typically the lowest priority on early Mun missions, but indeed I am happy to have a few at level 3-4 now that I'm starting up a mining op