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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Sent some power to Anemone Station. Who's ranium? So that went well... But the good news is, the Anemone is not a bomb! The boffins back home are theorising that the Anemone, now powered and apparently working again, interpreted the radio signals between control and the probe as a request to activate whatever high tech alien wormholey timey wimey transport mechanism it uses. The station team is unharmed except for having to jettison a few pairs of used underwear, and are beginning an analysis of the transmissions and how the Anemone reacted. (Technical details and RP explanations of the Anemone in the spoiler below. They are spoilery.) Yep, that's KSP for you The good news is most of this can be resolved by planning; e.g. ensure your deorbit burn doesn't bring you down in the dark and checking who you've loaded before you launch Eventually it becomes instinctive and stuff works more often. For EVA issues, remember to be very gentle and tap-tap the thrusters only, and space will orient your kerbal to the camera. As for keyboards; anything by Microsoft or Logitech would be my call. That said, the behaviour your describing might be your USB ports. Check under device manager, make sure the box for "Allow the PC to turn off this device to save power" is NOT ticked.
  2. Very random question... but has anyone had a thing where the skybox doesn't rotate when you're landed and timewarping? It's fine in space... May be nothing to do with GPP, but there's so many configs touching different things in here that I thought it worth asking *edit* Of course it's fine in space... the skybox is the one fixed point in an otherwise relative universe. Too late at night, need beer and sleep.
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    With the desert sun barely cresting over the dunes, Eagle Scout's second survey mission is about to begin. First stop, the wholesome Midlands. There is some speculation that these samples will go well with some icing and cinnamon dusting, but we won't know for sure until they've been run through the lab. Reviewing the video feed back home, the boffins raise questions about the possibility of bacteria or algae existing on Niven's parched plains. Possibly there could be an upwelling of water dampening these colourful areas of the soil and allowing mono-cellular life to flourish here... (This mission has been an interesting change vs my typical land-and-rover-it approach, but having tapped out 7 biomes, the Eagle has now probably flown its last. The polar areas are probably inaccessible with just solar power, and, frankly, I'm bored of flying around Niven now That said, 250m/s cruising speed and 4x timewarp really can get you around very effectively. Thor Tech's electric engines are certainly a viable alternative when you don't feel like landing on the same planet over and over to get all the biomes ) Meanwhile, much nearer home the anemone has become an anomaly...
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    More wing, my friend Biplanes/triplanes/quadplanes... none of them are penalised by KSP's aero model and all of them work really well. If it takes off from KSC at 30m/s you're going to have a much easier time landing it on Duna. That or retrorockets. Forward facing vernors can sometimes do the job.
  5. New Runway

    But most planes don't have engines at the back Consider mounting them nearer the middle of the fuselage, like... well anything that isn't a fighter jet, really. Because you're definitely not building a fighter jet Other solutions include smaller wheels at the tail end, which allow the plane to tip back, but prevent the engines hitting the runway.
  6. Share your Making History Ships!

    They/we read the thread complaining about the CoT or CoM or attachment nodes not being aligned correctly on the new parts and decided to wait for it to actually work before paying for it. I know I said I'd happily pay for a bucket of algae with a Squad logo on it, but truthfully, it has to at least be of release quality, even if I personally have minimal interest in the actual content. That aside, the rover amuses me How did you do the paint job? (Or is that part of MH?)
  7. Road to the Mars [Tesla]

    Excellent The dome reminds me of Frontier Elite II... #isold Also how... how do people make things with 5000 parts and still have frames per second instead of seconds per frame? I have a pretty beefy rig and it's suffering beyond 2-300
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Discovered that GPP's Niven is less yellow that it appears... (Also worked out why all my screenshots are dark at the edges and turned it off. The bloom I like so that can stay.) The bickering soon abates once the Eagle Scout is underway (and once there is only one of each class of kerbal on each vessel). With a cruising speed of 250m/s at 8000m altitude, the solar-powered plane proves to be significantly faster than any rover, especially considering that it is largely immune to the rough and varied terrain below. Indeed, it is a shame that we forgot to bring a bio-core-drill (DMagic orbital science) on this vessel, since the boffins back home would have been very, very interested to know what makes the hillside here such a charming shade of green. But we did (forget) and we didn't, so it appears we will never know for sure. On the up side, the Nivanean Trench is a delicious chocolately brown! We commend Leo Gaelan for doing his best to get a taste sample immediately upon landing, but would like to remind all potential kerbonauts that taking one's helmet off on an alien work may have unpredictable side effects. As delicious as it may look, we strongly recommend getting back into your vessel before sampling your sample. And the 'friendly rivalry' between Lyssa and Jay Gaelan continues unabated. At this point it's six of one and half a dozen of the other, and mission control have no plans to intervene. It's all fair game until the other kerbal cries, at which point you're an irredeemable butt and it's your fault. We're not entirely sure whether the nights are brighter on Niven... speculation is that it relates to the thin atmosphere.
  9. Kerbals Conquer Robotics!

    It's very cool... but it's also kind of triggering my arachnophobia...
  10. I'm going to be that guy and ask what the wind tunnel/testing ground will offer that launch/try/revert doesn't...
  11. ^^^ Which I find to be a terribly frustrating response (in an old article, tbh)... Giving stock a delta-v readout is not filling in the crossword for us, it is providing the clues that make it a crossword. Right now we have a grid of white and black squares. I can only imagine how many players drop the game after going to Mun because they can't work out how to plan interplanetary missions.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Yeah It went away after a scene change, I just thought it was funny.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Felt a slight twinge of concern as the moon rose over GSC...
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    With the Niven Expeditionary Force assembled in orbit, the crew perform a final systems check before immediately disassembling everything again. (Rendezvous, dock, crew transfer; the three most annoying world firsts are now all accomplished, so the society can bugger off nagging.) First, the relay satellite, previously used to deliver the Eagle Scout, is banished to a high orbit where it will guarantee a communications uplink for a solid three hours every day. Second, the Eagle Scout itself, now kermanned by Lyssa, Thystle and Leo Gaelan, detaches and uses its disposable descent stage to drop out of orbit and into the heated atmosphere of the planet below. Theoretically capable of indefinite flight as long as it remains in the sunlight, the Eagle Scout takes its time in finding the best available landing zone. Unfortunately it turns out that hilly deserts are hilly. Finally selecting a modest slope with a reasonable run-up as the best of the available candidates, Eagle Scout transmits the coordinates back to Nirvana Lab, indicating a location some 21 degrees south of the equator. Who don't exactly land as planned, but it could be much worse. The lab's resting spot is fractionally slopier than the target, but it's a relatively even slope with multiple (two) viable vectors for the Eagle Scout to land or take off along. Also it's about this point that we notice the Eagle lacks an atmospheric analyser, and that nobody packed any engineering tools so we can't borrow the one from the lab. On a side note, using basic electric engines from Thor Tech to design a plane that can fly around at 250m/s on solar power in Niven's thin, non-oxygen atmosphere turns out to be fairly easy. Designing a plane that can land on Niven was another matter entirely. Eagle Scout is absolutely crammed with lifting surfaces. On Gael, it has an unstick speed of only 30m/s, which translates to about 70m/s here. Which doesn't sound so bad, until you realise that everywhere is angled either up, down, or sideways, and your TWR is a rather feeble 0.5. Meanwhile the low gravity means that landing gear is far, far too springy, and default settings will not only bounce, but outright flip the plane. Lowest spring rating, minimal braking on the front wheel, and a lot of SAS wheels seemed to be the way to go. Even with solar-powered propulsion, Niven is by no means a spaceplaners playground. Still, I was getting too attached to doing rover expeditions, so this will be a nice change
  15. Training Montage Desert Beagle Tellumite Honestly, we're not sure what happened to Tellumite's relay... but despite the reconfiguration even, all its systems continued to work, so mission control continued with the landing anyway. Anemone Station Jets are Useful! With increasing demand for orbital tours, we turned to our engineering team for a more cost effective way of getting wealthy kerbals to orbit. There were sceptical noises at first, but after some thought and mulled wine, opinions began to veer towards the optimistic. And rightly so. It turns out that turbojets and aerospikes are all we need to get a small number of tourists to orbit and back, with zero costs aside from fuel! With the success of the Cloudspike II and the possibilities opened by its impressive orbital range, we issued another challenge to the engineering team; give us something that can retrieve the crew of the Ceticean Institute. Which they did. Sure, it may not win any prizes in the aesthetics category, but Cloudspike III is remarkably competent as a crew transporter within Gael's SoI. But so are rockets On the other hand, if you want to land on a moon rather than just orbit it... that's when you need a rocket.