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  1. Staging. Always staging. I don't get it the right order until the first stage is burning and the next spacebar will destroy the vessel.
  2. I am 90% sure you won't be able to leave the flight scene due to being in-atmosphere. But truthfully, I have never experimented with that last few metres of atmos. I'm usually just grateful my ridiculous spaceplane made it to orbit at all
  3. I forget the exact number, but it was the last of the 0.9s (edit: there was only 0.9) before 1.0 changed the aero model and made me throw away all my old designs. Mostly it was the version where KSP was still all about (my personal) discovery, where in later times it was me refining the mods I chose to play with and learning to systematise my approach to all things in order to have high success rates and minimal "wasted" time while exploring various solar systems. Everything I did was new, so it all kind of stuck in my head Had a very intricate and involved mod set going, such that even as my first ever proper career, it still made me take life support supplies into account. Not sure how much evidence of it remains, but I definitely remember leaving a food can in Duna orbit to pick up on the way back, and later thinking about coming home from Eve orbit (absolutely no landing!) and stopping by GIlly on the way because I had way bigger fuel margins than I'd expected. I think I also did a lot of probe exploration - which in hindsight, was a mistake. Later on I restricted myself to not landing probes on vacuum bodies, because indeed that is still very very hard even in 2021 with earth tech!
  4. Honestly, this is my expectation too. In the absence of KSP2, what we actually have with the final KSP version is a solid, stable base that modders can reliably work with and know they won't need to update because things in the game's code have changed. All those times Steam pulled an update and broke your game for 2 weeks? Never again! Whether the player base maintains steady interest is another matter. I would suggest looking at modded Minecraft as a nearest comparison; sure, the base game gets occasional updates, but the modded crowd are still split between the latest, and a version from 3 years ago because that is where all the best mods live. Minecraft did not need to keep updating for those folks to continue playing it. I'm sure there's a very valid argument that new sales of MC are almost entirely looking for the newest and might fizzle if there's a cessation of development, but in this case, we have KSP2 to look forward to! There's no shame in buying KSP now knowing that the next update will be the sequel. If anything, that's really common!
  5. I... I really want to see some pictures of this particular science experiment
  6. When trying to go to space... Your natural instinct for a stable structure is that majority of it's weight should be at the bottom. This is a good instinct for 99.9% of applications in real life. It's one reason why the Eiffel tower is shaped like that. Now throw that instinct away and build a dart. Throw a dart hard enough and it will go to space on ballistics alone. The Eiffel tower would flip out and experience fiery RUD. Which would be a glorious thing to behold and ideally put on youtube, but isn't really very productive if you want to go to space. Also, what happens on Eve, stays on Eve. Literally.
  7. Landing anything interesting on Eve. All the good stuff burns up in the atmosphere... Always compromises between what can survive vs what I want to send. Or just getting to Moho. Little blighter is on a rotten inclination and has a tiny SoI, and you'll think you're on course and then suddenly you aren't
  8. You'll end up in a highly elliptical orbit around the wrong game Of course it's a little sad to see KSP 2 get delayed, however... Rather have it late and polished to a diamond sparkle, than early and glistening like a turd Hopefully our amazing modders will feel no need to park their projects any time soon, expanding the potentials of 1.x.x and helping the player base get even more value for money Everyone who partakes of modded games now knows they have loads of time to try several different setups and they won't become irrelevant OTOH, this won't be the first software company (or even games company) to use c19 as cover for things that were going to be late anyway. At this point, gamers expect delays, and probably most of us are fine with it. See point 1 to 3 above
  9. Mine still do. Every single career
  10. You're very much not wrong and it does indeed solve the problem - at least, if your original Mun vessel has oodles of range and can be refuelled to let you keep doing this. On the other hand... it's a solution to a weird problem that doesn't really feel like it needs to exist at all. Rendezvous is not exploring. Docking is not exploring. Crew transfers are not exploring. They don't involve going to new places and thus don't belong in the "exploration" contracts list. By all means have world's first rewards, and have separate contracts because maybe I like to put a station around every planet, and maybe I could do this as a dual launch if there was incentive. But maybe I just want to go and come home. And I have a strong hunch that the majority of players are in the latter camp, at least some of the time. All my 2p, obviously, but that's what the suggestions forum is for Also your new forum name totally threw me until I saw your signature
  11. I mean, it's all a really good idea ...but I wonder how many players want to go to that bother? Just a hunch, but I suspect that most people would prefer to just launch one big rocket at a time rather than track two simultaneous missions around the system.
  12. Great tip, thank you! Maybe I can look to write a little patch for the dust later
  13. Share and enjoy! (I might be mixing Sirius Corporation with Sirius Cybernetics Corporation...)
  14. Yaaaasss! Thank you to everyone who has been involved! ...the question now is whether I p-p-p-pick up a planet pack and play a new career, or learn how to give Tylo an atmosphere and some dust storms... I feel like a lot of stock bodies would benefit from a hint of sky.
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