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  1. Dear devs, Shut up and take my money. I'll be in my hibernation pod until it's ready. Thanks.
  2. My own personal inability to start a career that will finish before I burn out. I always go for enormous planet packs and dozens of mods, and I end up getting half way through, and then reality interrupts for a couple of weeks and... I never quite manage to pick it up again until half a year has passed. And then when I come back, it's a new version, and either I have to go back to a now-old version, or start a whole new game
  3. Lamented not having a new Jool-monolith related picture for the upcoming page 2010 So instead I will recycle this oooold one. I'm not sure how visible the album is on imgur anymore because *complicated reasons of imgur internal faffing* but the saga is available at https://imgur.com/a/sJHOT and people are welcome to shout at me if it isn't available.
  4. By the community? Neither. Some people take great pride in waiting 30+ years for the optimal encounter (or in some cases, a flyby that puts their AP/PE in the right place to theoretically get them to a 3rd body, in however many decades). This is a good demo of how minimal space vehicles can be if you have lots of time. Other people take pride in orbital fuel depots, sometimes (but not always) supplied by tanker SSTOs that have no purpose other than to lift fuel to LKO. Others build massive rockets because the game typically overfunds you anyway and maybe you just want to get there inefficiently but quickly because your time matters more than esoteric "how it should be done" criteria None of these things are wrong or frowned on.
  5. First time I've checked these forums since Christmas and the new expansion is barely 2 weeks away? Win.
  6. I feel like I need to know what that bug is so I can judge x)
  7. Looking good @Shadowmage Btw, are you aware that medium wheels have a wobble issue at 3-4x timewarp and high spring+damper ratings? It may be a game-physics problem and beyond your ability to fix. My only workaround was either 2x timewarp, or low ratings, which stopped them wobbling. I think it's about right as-is Unless you could do something that would measure elapsed mission time on the ground and make them dustier as the days pass
  8. Interesting to know, I'd actually missed that... but I insist on many mods, so I suspect it will be years (or never) before it's a viable option for me :<
  9. Minecraft is Java though, it's always going to be slow Absolute travesty that it has not been rewritten into C++. That said, KSP seems to be written in C#, which is somewhere between the two. Easier to code than C++, but also slower.
  10. So after an unexpected break in which I broke a tooth and sighed over Imgur's inexplicable new UI, I finally brought the Pink Cougar's crew back to ground. Ah yes, the Wirliwiz. Because it meets all of the demands to be a stable vehicle under KSP's aero model. Mass and lift are balanced around the central axis, the thrust torque is less than 0.5 kNm, and it flies about as well as anything else with similar wing:mass ratio. At 62 tons on launch, take off speed is a modest 110m/s, although it's better to stay shallow and not try climbing below 250. Design-wise it does have a lot more intakes than it needs, and a mk2 has already been proposed to smooth out the nacelles at the front end. Because aesthetics matters, obviously. Having rescued Sakura from Otho orbit, there are now one more kerbals aboard Pink Cougar than can fit in the command pod, so Yuki - now known for her love of daring EVA hijinx - heads over alone to take up the second seat in the pilot's cabin. Transferring the command pod between Pink Cougar and Wirliwiz is a little fiddly, requiring cooperation from all pilots and having little margin for error, but with only a few scuffs and scrapes the docking ports lock on and the pod is fixed in place. If Wirliwiz has one problem, it's that it is quite hard to stop after re-entry. The angled wing surfaces mean it doesn't like to lose altitude, and the pitch control is adequate, but not generous, leading to a wide turning circle. Nonetheless, there's plenty of fuel left on board - in fact most of the nosecone is still full - and it's easy enough to bring her in for a retrograde landing. Which only bounced three times before coming to a rest. Although one of them was on the grass before the runway, since someone slightly misjudged the rate of descent and minimum flight speeds. And there we have it. Returned a vessel from Otho, Jannah, Hephaestus and Augustus. I think I will try to use this technique for future multi-body explorations, since it saves dragging redundant crew capsules around. Sadly it did not fulfil criteria for rendezvousing vessels in orbit, because I launched the pod atop the main expedition assemblage. Next time I will send the pod to meet the rest in LGO and see if KSP actually tracks the fact that they are separate launches over the duration of the mission.
  11. Now I want to play Subnautica again...
  12. Sadly I suspect that wouldn't fly without some very cheaty engines x) On the other hand this... this went to space, survived re-entry and landed. Carried about 4-600 oxidiser more than it needed, and has a slight tendency to roll to the left, but on the whole it did surprisingly well
  13. Build an ordinary normal and totally functional and flyable spaceplane to get my command pod down from LGO. Then threw it away because that's too dull. This? Still not asymmetric enough... it's better, but it's not THERE yet.
  14. Well, this made me laugh in a public place...