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  1. eddiew

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Turns out it is... KSP goes from ~30% GPU load to 100% with Scatterer xD
  2. eddiew

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    They could turn it into one of those indoor street-food places, maybe have a waterslide going around the edge Or maybe just a posh hotel. Either way the modern building should be made by the local council; lots of concrete and those nice plastic chairs you get in schools. Or put Scatterer back in... although I'm not 100% sure whether that's CPU or GPU loading.
  3. eddiew

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    V for Vendetta had a point imo. We should demolish that thing, it's just a status symbol for all the old-money millionaires who work in it. Should make them work in something the council built
  4. eddiew

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    In the UK our fireworks celebration (aside from new year) is Guy Fawkes night on Nov 5th. Fireworks are usually on sale in supermarkets by middle of October, and start going off basically the moment they're available. Sometimes at 2 in the afternoon, sometimes at 2 in the morning. There is no reason to it, especially the daylight ones, but that doesn't seem to deter people from doing it. Once someone (seemingly by accident) set off an entire box in the park across the road from my house and a huge column of multicoloured fire went up while the owners picked themselves up off the grass nearby. They looked a bit scorched and I got a good laugh out of it despite being woken up I think we do have limits on the size of fireworks that can be sold, and there's a lot of calls to completely ban them in shops because of this kind of behaviour... (Also I sometimes wonder why we celebrate failing to blow up the houses of parliament...) Oh, interesting thing... I finally swapped my AMD Ryzen for an Intel 8700K and overclocked it to 5ghz. It's um... quite a bit quicker at KSP. I was getting 12.5 "internal fps" on a particular flight, and now it bounces 30-45. That's more improvement than I expected. Yellow clock begone!
  5. Out of interest @Messernacht what did you do?
  6. To be fair, the difference between putting Karborundum on other bodies vs being able to make it from ore is very small Also I think the resources may generate when you start a game... it's possible that you can't just add it later. Maybe.
  7. eddiew

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Soon 8700k at at least 5ghz... Right now 1600X at stock.
  8. I am corrected! But I would still like you to do the math for me so I don't have to Seriously though I am sure you lose players when they hit the dv wall... Most folks don't want to do that in a game. Or ever
  9. I don't have the answer to your specific problem @Messernacht, but I was messing with ways to dodge Karborundum farming last year and can suggest the alternative of 'synthesising' it. This particular config requires 5000ec to produce 1 unit of Karborundum, but you could adapt that, or add a requirement of 50 ore or something like that
  10. eddiew

    Jool Periapsis keeps Changing on its Own

    What version of KSP are you on? This used to be a thing about a year ago but I haven't had it in 1.3+... If 1.4.4 might be time for a bug report.
  11. eddiew

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Plz call it the Wheeliebarrow
  12. eddiew

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Invested an embarrassingly large amount of money in a ridiculously cherry picked, overclocked, delidded CPU and premium motherboard and water cooling to make KSP run better. I must be mad. It is not worth what I paid for the ~20% improvement I will get (It started by thinking I really should buy a little heatsink for my m.2 drive and somehow escalated. I'm actually embarrassed about the effort I've gone to to mitigate KSP's awful lack of threading. Sorry devs, you know it's true. One day, you must work out how to do this stuff on multiple CPU cores.) Cheers I believe it's a combination of Space Y Heavy Lifters (plus SYHL Expanded), and Near Future, but it's possible the panels are MK2 Expansion.
  13. eddiew

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Lol, I actually don't use Principia, I just liked the visuals But maybe pass that config on to the mod thread, let them integrate it for compatibility? ^^
  14. eddiew

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I really need to try this pack in my next run...
  15. eddiew

    Best Planet, IVA and LS Mod

    Well it should be... at this point the question is whether any computer is really up to it, or do we all just put up with various amounts of seconds per frame. Also the other planet pack I was thinking of was Before Kerbin