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  1. Bill Phil

    Atlas Engines

    Which article?
  2. Bill Phil

    The end of NASA

    (Bolded part mine) ISS: 400+ tonnes Tiangong 1 and 2: 8.6 tonnes each, and each one has only had 20 to 30 days of crew occupation. Skylab did better than that, though I'm sure there are plans to create better stations down the line. It should be common knowledge that the Merlin is based on NASA's Fastrac engine concept. Not only that but SpaceX has considerable support from NASA. They've accomplished a lot, but they weren't alone.
  3. Bill Phil

    The end of NASA

    Check for aliens...
  4. Bill Phil

    Best "artsy" photos Titan

    Actual visivle light photos would just show a yellow circle. Maybe some pictures from Huygens when it landed?
  5. Bill Phil

    How about a 1.875 SRB?

    You see, a smaller booster means we can put moar of them on the rocket.
  6. Bill Phil

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    The Hambach pit's continued existence and expansion plans kind of show that, yeah, the forests aren't saved. There's also Garzweiler, though I don't know how much forest was there before the mine started. Then again, those excavators are some pretty amazing machines.
  7. Bill Phil

    How about a 1.875 SRB?

    SRBs/SRMs need an overhaul. Upper stage SRMs are not even present, there aren't any 0.625 meter SRBs, none have thrust vector control, and a 1.875 meter SRB would definitely be great to have.
  8. Bill Phil

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Try FASA. In 1984.
  9. Bill Phil

    what is geo orbit

    Geosynchronous is, I believe, any orbit with a period that is equal to Earth's sidereal day.
  10. Bill Phil

    Are retrograde orbits bad in real life too?

    They're not bad, just a little more costly to get to.
  11. Bill Phil

    Starlite nuclear-blast resistant

    I mean, steel is technically nuclear blast resistant. Depending on distance from the epicenter.
  12. Well, mass drivers could move some big stuff around too, though on a smaller time scale.
  13. Bill Phil

    Space History near you!

    Apparently there are 25 cities, towns, boroughs, and other things named Madison in the United States.
  14. Bill Phil

    Space History near you!

    Nothing's wrong with Madison. Huntsville surrounds Madison. So it's constricted. Meanwhile Madison is growing pretty fast. And there isn't much room to grow...
  15. Bill Phil

    Space History near you!

    Welcome I guess. (UAH?) My problem with Huntsville is that it surrounds Madison... the city, not the county.