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  1. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    Oh, yeah, certainly.
  2. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    Why not airships? Well, besides the obvious reasons for why not, a large airship could easily have the necessary volume. I'm not sure about lifting capacity though. 9 m diameter, something like 58 meters long for the booster. Dry mass of something like 275 tonnes. Perhaps a hybrid that combines dynamic and static lift? Maybe carry it in sections...? The ship would be a bit easier to transport, as it is much lighter.
  3. Part observations

    The SM-18? I recommend monoprop thrusters and no LF/O engines. Not much reason to have more than one type of propellant.
  4. Falcon Heavy OST

    -Countdown, by Rush Nice job. I think it's great. How much music have you made?
  5. What makes the service modules useful?

    Mostly replicas. You can stuff fuel into them, or anything, actually...
  6. Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Doing this might be difficult... although maybe you could make an "installer"(can be a simple batch file) for new chapters. All it would do is extract the archive files and copy the persistence file from the previous mission, provided it's possible to create a permanent save. Good luck! I do think this will be quite fun, and definitely hilarious.
  7. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    Yeah, but usually those can't go to space...
  8. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    General Transport Vehicle? He did propose using it in an airline like capacity...
  9. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Funnily enough the Martlet 2, which was fired out of a lengthened battleship gun, managed muzzle velocities around Mach 6, with a range much in excess of 11 km, and altitudes exceeding the Karman Line. I'm not sure which propellant they used, though. Certainly not a light gas gun. Pretty light projectile, too. Well, at least not nearly as heavy as a battleship gun shell. The 20 mm could be depleted uranium, making it much heavier than a convential 20mm shell. Gun could be a light gas gun with a large charge. Depends on how it's portrayed, really.
  10. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame That or some other method of target finding.
  11. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Range is a function of velocity and angle. And some other factors. A long barrel will probably get more velocity, especially if the powder charge is large.
  12. Well, there is targeted advertising these days... in which case they know exactly who you are. They would certainly need to communicate engine performance to customers...
  13. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    Prometheus? It is technically a result of our discovering fire.
  14. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I just had a weird thought: What if memes are the Great Filter?
  15. Woomerang launch site

    It'd be great, but it's a mobile launch pad of the type used in the Mission Builder, meaning that it's going to be minimal.