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  1. "So Much for Subtlety"? "Just Read the Instructions"
  2. I've got some ideas: Voyager Odyssey Heart of Gold Beagle Enterprise Argo Daedalus Apollo Sun Tzu (why not?) Korolev Wernher von Braun Hermann Oberth Robert Goddard Take your pick.
  3. Your Favorite Anime

    I love the crossovers with Lupin III.
  4. Is eccentricity a vector?

    I just asked a trajectory team manager who works for NASA MSFC, the answer is yes, eccentricity is a vector.
  5. What do I think? Well, optimistically, space manufacturing takes off and lets us build ships in space. Then we can build a mini-mag Orion (doesn't use nukes) and go to Mars or whatever. Maybe some research bases around the Solar System and, if we're lucky, a few million people living and working in orbit.
  6. Aerojet has changed hands before. Sure, the company they operate under may be different, but their experience is valuable.
  7. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Not always. All Along the Watchtower is a famous musical example.
  8. Prospecting the Solar System

    The issue with Pulse Jets was the vibrations, not getting hit by a large force, at least for the Argus models used in the V-1 and the other aircraft they tried to build with them. And that was operating at 43 hertz, whereas an Orion would operate at 1 or less hertz, a Medusa even less, with the impulse being spread over a much larger time by a large system of shock absorbers or just letting a tether out and slowly reeling it back in. At least, that was the idea. We really don't know whether or not it will work. But it would be good to know...
  9. Mars or venus?

    At a specific altitude and latitude. The winds on Venus are pretty quick, and so you could presumably circumnavigate the planet in a dirigible in 48 hours, maybe even less.
  10. Remember that as the payload leaves Earth, it has some of Earth's velocity, including direction it's traveling in.
  11. SpaceX SFR: The Small Falcon Rocket

    For a rocket that has not flown, nor been built. They'd be hard pressed to keep the same mass ratio in practice. Going any farther below will likely reduce the mass ratio.
  12. Declination is angle from the celestial equator. So I guess it's the inclination of the orbit with respect to the celestial equator.
  13. The Probe!

    Well, HarvesteR was once active on the Orbiter forums... :hailprobe:
  14. My Story Ideas (late 2017 edition)

    Yeah, I'm more interested by the space trucker idea. Someone's got to do it. Maybe he's hauling something sensitive, and multiple groups are out to get it. Then it becomes a race to some far off place. The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance!