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  1. I am having the weirdest problem with this mod. Even without any overheat the parts are exploding, not the engines themselves, but whatever is ontop of it explodes!
  2. From the first post I cannot figure out what this mod does :S
  3. Do you know if there's any way to implement the new ppfx edge highlighting into your mod? that would be awesome.
  4. Cool idea and cool mod! I always thought it was kind of silly the way a light bulb explodes the same as a fuel tank! Thanks for making this, I will try it out.
  5. Ehmmm, not really. I installed a new mod (active struts) that needed some chaching, and for some reason when I restarted the clouds disappeared. I will try to re-cache the clouds folder again and see if that fixes it again. This must be the weirdest thing, since one thing has nothing to do with the other. I will keep you posted. Edit: Figured out whats happening, just not how to fix it. It works when I cache the clouds folder and the game enters, but the moment I quit and enter the game again with a pre-cached Clouds folder the clouds are gone again. So the only way right now pretty much is to cache the clouds folder everytime, which is quite time consuming. This thing get weirder and weirder every time.
  6. Re caching the Clouds folder did the trick! It works!! Thank you!
  7. That's great! Should I still re-chache (I am doing that as we speak) the "Clouds" folder for it to work? I tried without doing that and still no clouds so I am hoping the answer is yes I really appreciate all your hard work! I am sure I am not alone.
  8. May I suggest spreading the KAS containers and KAS items around, it would be nice to start using winches and such a little sooner. Don't know if anyone else agrees with me.
  9. Definitely not working, still does the caching of the BouldCo folder after editing the cfg file included to false and/or deleting the OVERRIDE code included.
  10. Still can't get those clouds working, I guess I might not have any other option but to revert to a previous ATM version, although I was cutting my mem usage by entire gig
  11. Any way I can make it so it will skip the Clouds folder? That way I will be using ATM for everything except the clouds textures? I could try doing that.
  12. Did the same thing here and I am having the same problem. Only I forgot to backup :S Let me know if it works with a clean install. Thanks!
  13. I don't see the clouds on Kerbin or Duna or any other planet for that matter, the clouds are from EVE Overhaul and/or the latest Astronomers Visual Pack Interstellar. I do see the City lights from orbit.
  14. I'm in the middle of a playthrough, and the fairing bases and the fairings themselves are all in the same node, there are later nodes that you get size upgrades for them, but you have the fairings from the beginning. Also, I deleted all the fairings from KW for this reason, since they seemed to be quite at the beginning and made the redundant, not complaining, I thought it was a good thing since I use FAR. Overall quite an excellent tech tree, there is a node in rocketry that seems to be quite empty with only a few engines from Klockheed Martian Space Shuttle Engines that I can't remember the name of the tech right now. I also agree when it comes to life support. Apart from that, excellent tree, no other comes near it.
  15. There was a fix that made it so when you selected the crew for a craft and changed a part on said craft; Jeb, Bill and Bob won't take their seats instead. I can't find it right now and don't remember the name of the mod, but sounds useful since this can get annoying when launching a rescue mission or when not wanting to use the kerbal trio and instead use some of the other kerbals.
  16. Anyone knows how to toggle radial/surface attachment on Linux? Thank you in advance!
  17. Oh! I did not know that! It is in fact way better the way it is, it makes a lot more sense and gives more purpose and things to do in EVA! I will of course leave it like it is. Good you made it that way.
  18. I don't know if it is conflicting with another mod, but I can only open and close the doors when in the VAB and not during flight, I right click the part and no toggable options are there, it just shows the number of parts shielded. Anyone else having the same issue?
  19. I realize I may have come across as dismissive of your work, I just wanted to be clear it is quite the contrary. It is the go to mod for colonization after all. I am a sucker for all mods that have that stockalike feel or look and that's what caught my eye when I saw the screens here. While I am at it, I wanted to thank you both for all the work that you've put into these amazing mods!
  20. I have to say I like the looks a lot more than MKS/OKS parts, they seem to fit the game a lot better and have that stocklike feel. Do I need MKS/OKS for this to function?