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  1. The problem might be this. I have just gave up my save and reinstall everything, the observatory and telescopes works again. I have not accepted any contract related to search the sky or that.
  2. Figured it out, I was using the outputl.og, not the player.log Here are my logs again after I reinstall Research bodies: Research bodies log: https://pastebin.com/hUdt6hQr What I did, based on scene change: Main menu: Just load in right after reinstall Space center: Load in my current save, clicked on observatory, it works, everything looks normal Tracking station: Switching to my orbiting tarsier space telescope Flight: Flying tarsier space telescope, clicked research bodies button, nothing happens. Main menu: This was an accident, meant to go
  3. Huh, I just noticed that. Both steam & CKAN is telling me I am using 1.8.1 though, so this is weird.
  4. So I have problem with research bodies: Telescope does nothing when clicking on research body button, and entering observatory cause hanging - the soundtrack of observatory continue but I cannot interact with anything else. The weird thing is that earlier in my save I used it normally. Edit: Also, apparently all planets that I haven't found appeared as well. Here are my logs: ResearchBodies.log - https://pastebin.com/gY1NwCS9 And below is the output_log.txt - too big for pastebin [snip]
  5. Virtual alloc remapping is an error that happens when you run out of ram, same thing happens to me if I tried to run KSP along with a ram eater like chrome.
  6. @linuxgurugamer & @zer0Kerbal So I rewrote the MM patch for Remote Tech, restoring the service bay to the drone pod while removing the antenna & giving it passive antenna of 1Mm, also included the drone antenna part in the patch as that has been missing (which is why it didn't work). Module Data Transmitter also have to be removed apparently, and module SPU should be SPU passive (I have no idea why since I copy from another remote tech patch, but it works). //DronePod @PART[DronePod]:NEEDS[RemoteTech]:FOR[OrbitalTug] { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} %MODULE[Module
  7. I actually wrote a patch that somehow works despite basically being a copy of your patch, so it was weird... and might be just interaction with some other mods and/or load order. That said I have been trying to remove the antenna model you added for the drone pod (why disable the super useful service bay for the antenna when you have a separate antenna part already?) to no avail. I am not that good with MM patch and I haven't dare touch the main RT patch in the mod since it is managed by CKAN, so I have been writing a patch for a patch lol. I will now try messing a little bit with th
  8. Digging up this old thread here for a question: The antenna doesn't work with remote tech for some reason. Any one know a reason why?
  9. So since recommendation is possible, I want to recommend the Kurzgesagt soundtracks, they fit perfectly with KSP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgDfzIiPpEHMmpkvRYs7x9w
  10. Thanks for this, I am gonna look into making a module mananger patch for this so it works through updates of NFX until there is something better.
  11. Thanks for figuring this out, I was so confused about this problem for a while. So from what I understand though removing that line doesn't work right now?
  12. Any config for NFX antennas? I don't need the reflectors and feeders to work yet, just the simple dishes and rover antennas.
  13. Somehow missed that part, thanks! I was using Remote Tech, gonna check that.
  14. I have a problem with these antenna: Apparently they do not have any action or module to them that can be seen with right click from catalogue. They also doesn't show any line showing them being able to be used with reflectors. Is this because of new update? I just unlocked these recently and didn't play with them before. Or is it due to remote tech?
  15. Is mars' gravity light enough for a mass driver to lift it off? In 30 years we would probably got that tech down properly for space craft. That way we can just collect rocks and dirt for launch.
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