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  1. Is mars' gravity light enough for a mass driver to lift it off? In 30 years we would probably got that tech down properly for space craft. That way we can just collect rocks and dirt for launch.
  2. If each Samsung galaxy becomes an actual galaxy, and since millions of them have been manufactured on Earth, the combined mass on such a concentrated spot would probably just create a massive mega black hole.
  3. And also for eating disorders: http://io9.com/5989179/a-brain-implant-that-treats-severe-eating-disorders
  4. Hottest in terms of the destination, and fastest in terms of the speed that the space craft will zip through. Article: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/humanity-will-touch-the-sun-with-the-fastest-spacecraft-ever-made NASA mission website:http://solarprobe.jhuapl.edu It sounds so kerbal. 7 Venus fly bys, getting to within 5.9 million km at closet approach to the sun, zipping at ~200km/s. P.S: they call their data download speed "science downlink rate"
  5. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-releases-software-catalog-granting-the-public-free-access-to-technologies-for There are all kinds of neat stuff you can use, whatever field you are in, and it's all free!
  6. South East Asia, not an island country. I wonder if I discovered a new species.
  7. https://vid.me/ijAR It's a rather interesting one. Golden and constantly tapping it's abdomen. Seems to be a hunter type instead of trapper since there is no nearby webs and with how it reacts to approaching ants by tracking them. Didn't see it attacks though. It's in Asia but I can't remember where exactly I took this video.
  8. Rain, I'm SOOOOOOOO sorry about the end of the number war. I created a new one, but if you want me to end it and let the whole thing rest in peace, I'll ask a mod to take it down. again, I'm sorry that the war was ended. Thanks for a wonderful thread. 

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      Well I tried, but Red Iron Crown screwed up my attempt... :(

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      Should have asked first politely and ensure there is a GM team to moderate people before the moderators themselves get in and close shop. It was how the game lasted this long lol. Anyway, thanks for the attempt, but if the moderators already say no then it's hard for them to change their decisions. Maybe bring it to another forum and let the spirit live on. :)

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      well I don't know how to really put it on a new forum..

  9. Rebooting: solving all problems, even the ones you have no idea about.
  10. If you find the system is unfair, you are welcome to PM us about your suggestions and how it can be improved. The rules are not perfect, but it has been tested through many rounds and so far it is what works the best for both the players and the GM team. We are trying to maintain that delicate balance.
  11. As someone who has been in relationships with the internet being my main way of communicating with the other person, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I hate the assumption that I am wasting my mind and my time on the phone. I update myself with the news of places that are further than things I can see around me, I educate myself by searching for information that I am interested in at the very moment I think about it, I keep myself connected with people who matters to me through the internet and texting and always have a presence for them no matter where or when I was. The smartphone is a powerful piece of technology that represents not only an electronic device but an awe-inspiring nexus of knowledge and people available within a touch, and our grand parents can only dream of them when they were young. On the other hand, it's kind of like a third wheel when you are in a moment with someone and it just gets in the way and ruining the mood. But like a lot of things, I think uninvolved people are talking too much about it. What happens between people are for them to deal with. Looking at others and judge is just another way of being pretentious.
  12. Alright thanks, so technically I wasn't making a mistake in one of my poem, saying that things stay in orbit with just Mach 7, lol. Sometimes making scientifically accurate poems are hard.
  13. What is the lowest speed possible to achieve a single orbit around earth?
  14. It only takes a small modification of the astronaut balloon to make it being a kerbalnaut.