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  1. At the moment I'd say that modular missiles are not as accurate in space as stock missiles. However, you can create a modular missile with rcs and AAM guidance that 'might' be accurate enough to hit a static target in space.
  2. Do you plan to do one part with all the engines? Or just single Raptor Vacuum / SL as 2017 specs?
  3. I already did a BFR (1st stage) flying in RO. (using custom configs for the SpaceX mod)
  4. [KSP 1.3] Physics Range Extender v1.5.0 (16 Sep 2017)

    In this video you can see how I land the first stage of a BFR while the upper stage continues with the gravity turn.
  5. https://github.com/jrodrigv/BDModularMissileParts/wiki/1.-Building-your-first-Modular-Missile
  6. @harpwner with this release you can move the explModelPath and sound to the BDExplosivePart module and it should work.
  7. Regarding the explosion model. Yes, you are right we need to add that the explModelPath field to the ExplosiveModule. I will upload new binaries once it is done. Regarding where the explosion take place, I didn't notice nothing strange (during my infinite number of tests lol) but it can be possible. And the parts into space...well it can happen but I'd expect them to explode almost immediately due to the damage of such explosion.
  8. Not really, however due to the distance the blast damage will likely affect a greater number of vessels and parts (but with a lower pressure)
  9. You have a field called DetonationDistance. This field is used to trigger the detonation, currently the max value is 100 meters but nuclear bombs it might be useful to have max value of 500 meters.
  10. What do you mean with the airburst effect? Maybe, if you are not using Kerbal Joint Reforcement I think with the proper amount of TNT a vessel can be destroyed just due to the forces applied by the blast wave
  11. BTW the blast also has a negative pressure phase that applies sucking forces after the positive phase. This forces are weak compared to the positive phase ( 25% I think)
  12. I have edited my previous post answering the question
  13. Hi @harpwner I have implemented the new blast system. By default ( theoretically) any legacy part mod should work as it is because a backward compatibility code is executed to auto-calculate the tnt mass equivalent for a specific BlastRadius cfg field. That means that the blast power should be enough to apply some damage and forces to the parts inside the blast radius. - Regarding the range and the TNT mass. The range is calculated using this formula: /// <summary> /// Method based on Hopkinson-Cranz Scaling Law /// Z value of 14.8 /// </summary> /// <param name="tntMass"> tnt equivales mass in kg</param> /// <returns>explosive range in meters </returns> public static float CalculateBlastRange(double tntMass) { return (float) (14.8f * Math.Pow(tntMass, 1 / 3f)); } - Regarding the damage and forces: When a explosion is triggered all the parts inside the range sphere will be processed. Only those parts that are on direct line of sight from the center of the explosion and within the angle limit (*) will be affected. The blast wave is travelling at Mach 1 (hardcoded value) so the parts will be damaged and pushed by the explosion when the blast wave hits the part. The force and damage formulas are using realistic/complex formulas. But the parameters involved are: - blast Scaled Distance - Incident impulse: kPa - ms. - Part effective area The damage is based on the average pressure suffered by the part. The force is calculated using the average pressure and the effective part surface.
  14. Regarding 1. We are aware of that and we don't like either but so far we didn't find a way to increase it. On the other hand you can always use armor panels instead. Regarding 2. The blast radius parameter is an auto calculated value depending on the explosive mass of the missile. If you want the flexibility you can always use modular missiles that will allow you to add enough tnt to blow up the entire KSC