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  1. I have done some testing with your new city lights and I have found an issue with the DXT format. The format seems to be DXT10 and KSP is failing to load the textures. I think since KSP 1.8 only DXT1 and 5 are supported. Could you try to convert them to DXT5? Thanks!
  2. This is amazing guys! Thank you for all the improvements to EVE. I'm currently working on setting up my RSSVE setup for KSP 1.10.1. I will upload a video comparing the FPS between my previous KSP 1.9.1 setup.
  3. Hi all, I just did a new recompile of Vessel Mover for KSP 1.10.1 You can download it from here: https://github.com/jrodrigv/VesselMover/releases/tag/v1.10.0 Enjoy!
  4. I think there is an option to trigger stage on proximity that allows to set a distance. Also you can use Smart Parts mod to trigger action groups whenever you want
  5. Yeah it is a tricky scenario that I'd like to improve. I made the decision of switching focus to a landed vessel when is being loaded because otherwise it might be possible that the terrain is not getting loaded and the landed vessel will crash/RUD due to this. I could add a UI option to disable the vessel switching and let the users deal with unfortunate events.
  6. I think it has been implemented that way on purpose. The only thing that matters for heatseekers missiles is infrared emissions = heat emitted by engines . An engine with afterburner active is is emitting more heat than without.
  7. Sure. You need to use some not used Action Groups and trigger fire action for each missile
  8. Thanks.I haven't take a look yet but I will begin soon
  9. No and yes. But there is no tech tree or anything like that
  10. I did recompile Kopernicus for KSP 1.9 sometime ago and so far I haven't seen any blocker issues for my daily usage in RSS.
  11. nice tesseract model

  12. I think this will be an awesome add-on. Cubemaps is the way to go when a high resolution map is needed and Earth is such a case!
  13. Wobbliness near the end is a consequence of the floating precision, every Unity math operation is losing precision due to PRE range is like 2000 km and the target vessel is quite far already (maybe 1000 km or more?) that means everything from Mechjeb to KSP it self will struggle to perform normal operations
  14. It is tricky question to be honest, the good thing is that if you are following me in Youtube you might already know that I might the best the person to answer it My suggestions are: - Try to minimise the max distances to the floating origin as much as you can by for example having a ship loaded at half of the max distance and load a savegame focusing that ship instead. - Having a vessel either landed or flying around using an autopilot mod (bdarmory AI or mechjeb autopilot) is a good idea. This will allow you to always have the terrain properly loaded and you can switch to this vessel before the booster touchdown to ensure the ground is loaded and ready (KSP doesn't like to have multiple vessel loaded at such distances, and PRE terrain extender is a hack that might or might not always work) - At > 500 km and when getting close to 1000 km Mechjeb will really struggle to continue piloting a vessel (I have some videos you can take a look to see what I mean). 500 km will not RUD your vessel but at 1000km a RUD can happen so my suggestion is to switch to your 2nd/3rd stage as soon you have the booster landed. - Finally if you are in orbit I suggest to reduce the loading range to something like 100 km in case that you plan to do a reentry and land a probe close to where the boosters landed, this will avoid a likely RUD of the boosters when they get loaded by PRE.
  15. What Pingopete did was to use EVE to render the Cubemap when orbit altitude is achieved. However, you will not be able to see the 64k textures from ground. To be honest I'm not using the 64k Cubemap because it doesn't make sense to only have 64k in orbit. KSP surface texture maps doesn't support cubemaps or 64k textures so you can only use 32k max.