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  1. Are you using the lastest version of the mod? Which range are you using?
  2. Yes, I recommend to read this: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/wiki/2.1-Building-your-first-Modular-Missile
  3. Then I suspect that you didn't set the stages correctly using the Custom Actions Groups from 1-5.
  4. Modular missiles are just a type of missiles so if Guard Mode is active then missiles will be fired.
  5. I have seen before that if you are hovering with the mouse over the vessel switcher/bda gui then the active vessel will not fire.
  6. Uhm I'm not sure I understood your question. If a non-active vessel is not loaded then that vessel doesn't really exist from a physics point of view. Thus, that vessel will not be able to fly or to move on the ground. The main feature that PRE provides is to allow loading all vessels within the range defined.
  7. You can survive one or two 9's missile impacts with some armor plates covering the key part of your plane using some structural parts as spacers between the part and the armor plate.
  8. uhmm that is strange. If you set the range to 1 km that would make all vessels apart from the active one to get unloaded. I have never seen that effect when there is only one vessel loaded. Maybe you can try to switch to others vessels/debris when the range is set to a low value just to ensure that there are no other vessels loaded.
  9. jrodriguez

    [1.4.X] Destruction Effects v1.8.0 (04/12/18)

    Hi @linuxgurugamer I have seen that behaviour in the past with some mods. If know the parts that are triggering the OnPartJointBreak event you can try to add them to this list PartIgnoreList : https://github.com/jrodrigv/DestructionEffects/blob/master/Distribution/GameData/DestructionEffects/settings.cfg
  10. the "may be hit" I think is equivalent to 10-15% angle between the firetransform and the vessel.Com or vessel root part.
  11. Actually you can change the value from the UI in-grame You don't need to touch that file. You should be fine reducing the range to 50 km.
  12. Hi Cochise I made the decision to remove it because I thought it was something not used. But to be honest if you reduce the range to 20km and click apply it would more or less "stock". Yes, you are right. If you have the default range ( I think it is 200 km?) orbits can be modified by the physics shaking. I suggest to reduce the range until you are happy with the precision.
  13. Sure, the flickering/shaking effect is the result of the lost of floating point precision with the distance There is a great article here: http://davenewson.com/posts/2013/unity-coordinates-and-scales.html You will not notice this in the stock KSP because actually vessels are getting packed/unloaded as soon as they are 2-20km (depending if the vessel is landed or orbiting) from the active vessel.
  14. That is completely expected when you have loaded vessels that are at a great distance. With the latest version of PRE you will notice a massive improvement regarding the flickering effect. I recommend to check if you are using the latest version of PRE.
  15. Reduce the range until you are happy with the flickering effect.