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  1. New release here! https://github.com/jrodrigv/PhysicsRangeExtender/releases/tag/1.19.0 Changelog: = v1.19.0 - Recompiled for KSP 1.9.1 - Fixed critical issue causing KSP to crash when extending terrain in other planets like Moon in RSS. - Fixed NREs issue when extending terrain in orbit around the Sun - Increased Crash Tolerance in landed vessel when loaded to avoid RUDs due to physics.
  2. This looks amazing @pingopete looking forward to give a try! Regarding TUFX and KS3P I think the best option at the moment is to mix both of them.
  3. Thank you for the feedback I'm working on a fix for this issue and some other opened issues
  4. Hi all, This is the current profile I'm using for a realistic Earth view in RSS. I still doing changes because at the end is always a trade-off specially regarding light intensity (Autoexposure/PostExposure are the key values here). This profile is specially tailored for earth-orbit view and ground view. However, other celestial bodies like Moon are a bit darker or brighter depending on its "albedo". Also the Earth view from Moon is much more brighter than in reality but as I said before, it is a trade-off. TUFX_PROFILE { name = Default-Flight // Current profile name. Please make copies of the default profiles and specify new names if you wish to change settings. hdr = False antialiasing = FastApproximateAntialiasing EFFECT { name = AmbientOcclusion Intensity = 4 NoiseFilterTolerance = -5.38364744 BlurTolerance = -5.02830172 UpsampleTolerance = -5.63522005 ThicknessModifier = 0.00999999978 Radius = 1 } EFFECT { name = AutoExposure Filtering = 0,82.5999985 MinLuminance = -3.36037779 MaxLuminance = -5.7 KeyValue = 0.02 EyeAdaption = Progressive } EFFECT { name = Bloom Intensity = 0.200000003 Threshold = 1.5 SoftKnee = 0.709999979 DirtIntensity = 5 } EFFECT { name = ColorGrading GradingMode = HighDefinitionRange Tonemapper = ACES ToneCurveToeStrength = 0 Temperature = 6 HueShift = -6 Saturation = 2.8499999 PostExposure = 4 Contrast = 6 Gain = 1,1,1,-0.5 } EFFECT { name = ChromaticAberration Intensity = 0.0299999993 SpectralLut = KS3P/Textures/SpectralLut_RedBlue } } @Shadowmage I'm using a spectralLut from KS3P but I'm not completely sure if this feature is currently supported. I can't see on the UI if the defined spectrallut is being used (I have created a Fork and I'll investigate it)
  5. That's right. There is no way to keep the tracking windows open when using a different active vessel.
  6. Yes but if you switch you will not be able to see the camera tracking window (this is because the camera tracking window is bound to the vessel that has the camera tracking module)
  7. uhm as you can see on the video. I'm not really controlling the rocket, the rocket is controlled by itself (mechjeb) I'm only acting as an spectator, enjoying a beautiful and success launch.
  8. If a Pull Request is made and it works, of course You will need to tweak the radar to have an increased locking range (I'm using like 2000 km in that video) , you will need to change the camera tracking FOV resolutions to be able to continue zooming , increase the bdarmory settings ranges and attach a weapon manager to the rocket that you want to track. By the way I have plans to create a separate mod to include just a tracking camera for rockets and satellite tracking using the BDArmory camera but without any logic regarding radar locking or anything related with BDArmory.
  9. Do you mean something like this?
  10. Nicely done I'm happy to see someone implementing new things.
  11. - HDR is not working properly with EVE clouds. All the sky is black so I decided to not use HDR for the moment. - I think it not a good idea to mix KS3P and TUFX. I'm using the latest Multi Scale Volumetric occlusion because it has better performance and once tweaked it doesn't look bad
  12. I think the weapon should fire explosive bullets like the 30x173HEBullet and the weapon cfg should have airDetonation = true Regarding the other questions I can't give you an answer without investing few hours sorry. You will have to install Visual Studio, Unity Studio and start debugging the code and profiling to find the root causes and implement the solutions
  13. 2) Thanks for the feedback I guess I did not test to switch the mesh. 3) I know the ideal thing is to include new specific textures for B9 ProcWings but I'm not an expert in creating textures so for the moment I made the decision to just use the ones included in ProceduralParts. 4) If you have the time to add those features/improvements feel free to do Pull Request or even a fork. I only decided to make public the TU support because I did it for my own benefit and a lot of people were begging me to make it public but I don't have plans to make any further improvements. I will do the basic maintenance or bug fixing to keep the mod alive. Thanks, I will include that config as part of the release, cheers.