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  1. Okay then, thanks for reassuring me... now I know that I don't have a wonky RP-0 setup. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  2. Hey there, quick question regarding the RP-0 Preset for KCT. I'm using RP-1 on 1.3.1, having used CKAN to install nearly everything, and I was wondering if it's normal, with that preset loaded, for a standard V-2-style with 2 upgrade points into the VAB, to take 292 days to construct? Oh, I should also mention that I did tool the parts.
  3. Hello there, folks. I was wondering how I go about finding the configs responsible for the errors I'm seeing reported by Module Manager during the startup process of KSP? I looked through KSP.log and output.log to no avail, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Edit: I think I found the warnings I'm seeing during startup in the output.log. I forgot that they were labeled "warning" rather than "error".
  4. If you haven't already, follow this spreadsheet (titled "The Golden Spreadsheet") when downloading and installing the mods necessary for RO & RSS. The spreadsheet does a darn fine job of holding your hand through the entire process.
  5. I discovered this after fiddling around with KK. Oddly enough, after placing a runway (runway2) and designating it as a launchpad, which is what I guessed was necessary, I wasn't able to select it as a launch site, and when I started my plane to it, their didn't seem to be any colliders. Oh well, I'll have to tinker around more with it. Thanks for the assistance, @Galileo
  6. Are you using RSSVE? RSSVE has the profiles that allow EVE and Scatterer to work with RSS; without it, you won't have much, if any, change from the stock graphics.
  7. Alrighty, good to know! I'll have to give it a go when I get home. Thank you very much for the assistance!
  8. Okay then, that's a relief to know. Does UPFM require a config for a part to work with it, or do parts function out of the box with UPFM?
  9. I didn't even think about taking that route. As far as you know, is there anything out of the ordinary that is needed to make parts built for Kerbal Konstructs work on a real-sized Earth? I've never actually modded anything into the game before (not even a MM patch), so I'm ignorant of the rules and regulations.
  10. @NathanKell I've been playing the very early steps of RP-0 and RO with RSS, and I noticed that in your RP-1 YouTube series you never fly any aircraft. I was wondering if that was a result of the runway in your install being as uneven as it is in my install. Is there any possible way to fix the runway myself, such as with Blender, or should I just stick with rockets until the runway issue is fixed?
  11. Hey there, folks. This mod looks to be a very awesome addition to KSP, and I intend to use it in my GPP install. However, I was wondering if UPFM conflicts with "Test Flight" by Agathorn, seeing as how both mods are similar in function (albeit UPFM is far more refined and realistic with it's partnership with ScrapYard and Stage Recovery). I'd like to use UPFM in my Realism Overhaul/RP-0 install, however RP-0 requires Test Flight, so throwing that mod away in favor of UPFM is a no-go, unfortunately. Any information would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!
  12. Hah, I just installed it (it snuck up on me, as I had just visited the Module Manager earlier today for an update, and it was still at 3.0.2). All is well, now. Thank you for the very quick and inevitably helpful response!
  13. Hey there, folks. I've installed the RP-0 Development branch into a RSS/RO KSP 1.3.1 install, and during Module Manager's patching process, I am receiving 19 errors relating to RP-0/Tree/ECM-Engines.cfg. I was hoping that someone could shed some light onto this error. Here is my output_log. EDIT: This has been solved. Module Manager 3.0.4 had just been posted, and installing it into my GameData solved it. So, yea!
  14. I found the culprit... Test Flight was the mod causing the crashes. It seems that despite using a version of the TestFlight.dll compiled against 1.3.1 it still poses a problem.
  15. @CobaltWolf With only Bluedog and it's dependencies the game starts up fine. I'm going to see if it could be a problem with the RealFuels configs found in the extras folder...