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  1. Could we also get a ring type fairing base for the 6.25m SLA fairing base? For S-II based WW space stations
  2. @CobaltWolf @Zorg Would it be possible to get a ring type 6.25m SLA Fairing Base? Both the regular and SAF versions have this, but the SLA version does not. This would come in very useful if you're launching some type of S-II WW Space Station along with Apollo.
  3. Would it be possible to maintain the old Apollo docking ports? I, and I imagine other people, have used them extensively on things like Gemini Ferry and MOL builds.
  4. I think the issue is the SLA panels are ejected upwards, but I'm not sure. Functionally, they work fine. It's just that they do not seperate like they do IRL. Here is a short clip showing it.
  5. Are there any plans for different S-IC engine mount variants? For example: a 2x/3x engine mount with only 2 shoulder mounts (somewhat like the twin F-1B SLS booster/the Twin-Boar in KSP)
  6. That's fair. I'm mostly interested in a WW S-II for interplanetary journeys etc. anyways, so having to resort to stock/procedural fairings for the Von Braun S-II station is not a big deal for me.
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