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  1. maybe he should c o n s u m b o r g u r
  2. Kopernicus only works on the version it's specifically made for. Kopernicus for 1.3.0 won't work on 1.3.1 and vice versa.
  3. Good idea, but I think a yellow band would make it fit better with the existing mir/salyut parts.
  4. Hay

    [WIP] Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane

    [autistic screeching]
  5. Yep, and it's not only one of the ballsiest, it's actually the most ballsiest SRM ever fired.
  6. Hay

    Computer Upgrade for KSP - please help!

    Even a GTX 1070 is severe overkill for 1080p. I can play the game at 4K@high settings with an R9 290X 4G. For KSP CPU>GPU.