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  1. maybe he should c o n s u m b o r g u r
  2. Will you make the proton light?
  3. Kopernicus only works on the version it's specifically made for. Kopernicus for 1.3.0 won't work on 1.3.1 and vice versa.
  4. Good idea, but I think a yellow band would make it fit better with the existing mir/salyut parts.
  5. Hay

    [WIP] Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane

    [autistic screeching]
  6. Yep, and it's not only one of the ballsiest, it's actually the most ballsiest SRM ever fired.
  7. Hay

    Computer Upgrade for KSP - please help!

    Even a GTX 1070 is severe overkill for 1080p. I can play the game at [email protected] settings with an R9 290X 4G. For KSP CPU>GPU.