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  1. It should be added, as an option to make the game more challenging. This way peep that don't want it can turn it off.
  2. The individual SLA panels use the old model bu rescaled, they need a brand new model for saturn Rescale
  3. That'd be absolutely fantastic. The revamped engines look great, and that inflatable-nozzle J-2 sure'll be useful.
  4. I think you didn't get what I meant. Yes, there's a 4x/5x engine mount already, but it has these "lobes" that protrude from it: Hopefully this picture explains what I meant. I'd like to suggest one that's entirely inline, meaning it doesn't extend beyond the 3.125m tank above it, so you can use more than 4 boosters.
  5. I'm loving the new Titan parts, they look absolutely stunning. Really looking forward to Big G too. On the subject of Titan LDC/Barbarian, I'd like to suggest a 4x/5x S1 engine mount but without the engine mount protruding from the sides, so you can build a Titan Barbarian with 5 boosters without them clipping into the mount. This is just a request so feel free to ignore it if you don't feel like making it.
  6. I prefer using KJR, means I don't have to individually autostrut each part, which is annoying and time consuming, especially with larger and complicated vessels. Besides, the new updates haven't added anything significant besides stock color switching.
  7. I'm still on 1.3 since KJR hasn't been updated
  8. Made this thing: Decided to use a Gemini as its payload to stay with the black aesthetics. It's basically just a Peacekeeper, without the 3rd stage and with a Athena second stage.